igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantries

September 21, 2022

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantriesfrom AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added linear slide actuators from igus. These lead screw-driven and belt-driven linear slide actuators can be used as single-axis slides or can provide an economical means of creating high-performance XY or XYZ gantry systems.  The SAW series lead-screw driven actuators offer a low-cost linear motion solution with travel distances from 50 to 750 mm, widths of 74 and 108 mm, and a 25mm pitch screw. ZLW series belt-drive actuators provide a longer travel axis with lengths from 200 to 1000 mm and widths of 74 and 90 mm, driven by a 70mm pitch belt.  Drive couplings and mounting accessories are available to fit small NEMA framed motors and AutomationDirect’s SureServo motors.  The new igus linear slide actuators start at $355.00. All actuator components carry a one-year warranty.

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