Huatao Corrugator Belt

June 23, 2022         www(dot)    maple(at) 133 8311 0583WhatsApp:0086 133 8311 0583    Corrugator belts In woven Aramid Edge Mostly used for all Corrugating Production Lines. Corrugator belts In woven Aramid Edge- Specification Product Corrugator Belt In woven Aramid EdgeThickness8mm-10mmWidth range1000mm – 3200mmLength80 metersHeat-resistance 240℃ (the kevlar edge upto 350℃)Tensile strength70MpaCoefficient of friction≥ 0.40µWeight per unit(7.5±0.3)kg/㎡Air-permeability 40mm water Column2.0m³/㎡ minSeamHot JAW lacing/Clipper with rubber coatedEdge100mm or 200mm in woven aramid edge reinforcement (kevlar)Suitable position Top beltLifetime50-70 million meter Used on all corrugators high tearing resistance Long life time running High abrasion resistance Moisture absorption Heat resistance Low noise Corrugator Belts with Silicone Coating Tec

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