Hottap Flowmeter

May 25, 2023

EXAIR’s Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters allow installation when compressed air piping is under pressure. By eliminating the need to isolate and remove pressure from the pipe, these compressed air flowmeters reduce installation time while maintaining safety. Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters incorporate two valves that the measuring probes pass through. A sound muffler that also collects chips from the drilling process eliminates installation debris from entering the airstream and minimizes noise exposure. Measuring compressed air is the first step toward identifying high compressed air use areas, compressed air leaks and optimizing air use.

Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters for schedule 40 iron pipe are available for sizes 2″ through 8″ and for Type L Copper are available in sizes 2″ through 6″. Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters are available with a data logger to record data flow rates automatically. Wireless models are also available.

EXAIR offers a large selection of Digital Flowmeters to choose from, allowing you to monitor compressed air use and locate waste. They are CE and RoHS compliant.

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