Gluer Machine For Corrugator Line

July 4, 2022

The designed maximum operating speed is 220 m/min;2. The glue roller and meter roller adopt modular and built-in design, they can be installed and removed from the operation side to facilitate repair and maintenance. A pressure arm locking mechanism is provided to ensure stable and reliable operation performance of paper pressing roller (touch pressing plate) under high-speed operation state. The gap between the glue roller and the meter roller can be automatically adjusted according to the speed, paper material and flute type. The touch pressing mechanism for glue application is a paper pressing roller, and the gap between the paper pressing roller and the glue roller can be adjusted electrically to facilitate rapid changeover for processing cardboards with different flute types. The glue pan is lifted pneumatically to facilitate cleaning. There are glue blocking plates installed at both ends of the glue pan to well prevent glue from splashing from the shaft ends during high-speed operation of the glue roller and meter roller. Layered independent frequency conversion motor, synchronous belt transmission and relatively independent control are used.

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