FBP Control Cable

October 12, 2022

More LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP (Food & Beverage rated) Control Cable

from AutomationDirect

 AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable options to their existing cut-to-length cable lineup. More 20, 18, 14, and 12 AWG shielded and unshielded cables, an additional 16AWG shielded cable, and a new 10AWG shielded cable option are now available.

 LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable is specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in food and beverage facilities. The patent-pending food-safe design of these cables has been evaluated by third-party tester Ecolab for resistance to commonly used cleaning agents and a reduction of contamination risk. The Phthalate-free jacket is also resistant to oils and fats that are common to food processing.

 With the new additions, this cable is now available in sizes ranging from 20AWG to 10AWG with shielded and unshielded versions (10 AWG is available in the shielded version only).

 The SILFLEX® FBP cables can be ordered cut to length in 1-foot increments with a 20 ft. minimum, starting at $0.75/ft with free shipping on orders over $49.00.

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