EVERLAST Recessed Pump Station with Dual Hatch Entry

March 26, 2024

LENEXA, Kan. – Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the EVERLAST Rectangular Recessed Pump Station, a semi-recessed climate-controlled wastewater pump station that continues the S&L tradition of high efficiency, long service life, operator ease and safety, and low operation and maintenance costs. The EV R2 pump station comes as a complete, factory-built and tested system that is simple to install in both new installations and replacements of submersible pump stations. This state-of-the-art packaged pump station incorporates premium efficient motors designed exclusively for solids-handling pumps, resulting in reduced energy consumption costs and a smaller carbon footprint. 


Unlike submersible pump stations, all mechanical equipment, including pumps and valves, are housed in a spacious, prefabricated workspace that is semi-recessed into the ground, allowing immediate grade level access while maintaining a low profile. The earth insulated interior is climate controlled, dry, and designed for continuous human occupancy just a few feet underground, making it ideal for operation and maintenance in colder winter climates. Moreover, the EV R2 pump station enclosure features two independent covers with air-shocked hood lift assists, providing easy access. 


To read and learn more about the operational efficiencies of EVERLAST pump stations, visit www.SmithAndLoveless.com.

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