Diablo’s Demo Demon Spade Bits

February 1, 2022

Diablo’s Demo Demon Spade Bits provide one of the most durable, effortless, and longest lasting hole drilling solutions on the market for nail-embedded wood. The DEMO-Edge dual cutting edges coupled with a self-feeding Dura-Tip power through nail hits for a smooth drilling experience and up to 60X longer life. An optimized curved paddle design enhances the chip evacuation process for more holes per charge. This range is Impact Strong for increased shank stability and durability in cordless and corded impact and drill drivers. Up to 60X longer life in nail-embedded wood versus standard spade bits in nail-embedded wood applications Ultra-sharp DEMO-Edge cutting edge design delivers extreme durability and longer life Dura-Tip withstands nail hits while effortlessly pulling bit through wood Optimized curved paddle design quickly removes chip build-up and withstands nail hits for more holes per charge Impact Strong increases shank stability and durability Maximum performance in cordless and corded impact and drill drivers

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