Compact IDEC XA/XW Emergency Stop Switches

January 1, 1970

IDEC Corporation has expanded their line of emergency stop (E-stop) switches with new XA/XW series short body models. These industrial-grade and outdoor-rated models are designed in the space-saving size essential for robotic and industrial equipment applications, with innovative features to meet the increased requirements of international safety standards.

IDEC has designed the XA/XW series to minimize the installation depth behind the mounting surface. Available in industry-standard diameters of 16mm for the XA and 22mm for the XW, these new E-stops now require only an industry-leading 12.6mm of space behind the mounting surface for solder terminal styles, and just 18.0mm for tab terminal styles.

The IDEC XA/XW series is designed to meet the latest safety standards in an industry-leading small form factor rated for challenging environmental conditions. Space saving E-stops are needed for robotics, AGV/AMR, medical device, tabletop machine, and other industrial applications. EV chargers, power generators, outdoor conveyors, and specialty industrial vehicles all need robust E-stops that are easily installed in limited spaces. As designers are increasingly using wireless controllers and detachable pendants for these applications, the active/inactive capability of associated E-stops is a key requirement.

The IDEC portfolio of E-stop switches is ideal for providing technical performance and regulation-compliant capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

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