Coating to protect from UV light exposure

December 19, 2023

Bedford Reinforced Plastics has developed a new proprietary coating to protect its fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) products from the potentially negative effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

Known as ReadyShield, the UV-resistant protective coating will be applied to all safety yellow PROForms structural shapes. The coating will also be used for ReadySeries pre-engineered structures, including ReadyPlatformReadyRailReadyLadder and ReadyStair.

Bedford’s new proprietary, UV-resistant coating protects against the negative effects of UV degradation and the potential for fiber bloom. The uniquely formulated compound withstands harsh weather exposure, extreme heat and humidity without changes to surface appearance or structural integrity.

ReadyShield strengthens the durability and performance of FRP structures while also increasing overall safety in facilities where the structures are used.

When treated with ReadyShield coating, ReadySeries and PROForms products are able to withstand constant UV ray and harsh weather exposure without changes to structural integrity, visual appeal or safety performance.

All ReadyShield-coated materials meet or exceed OSHA requirements with pigmented OSHA-compliant safety yellow. ReadyShield ensures the longest life possible for ReadySeries and PROForms FRP products, with both safety and performance at the forefront of this newest development.

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