Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands

March 16, 2022

Bimed Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added BPA series split-frame and BRM series solid-frame cable entry systems and cable glands from Bimed. Cable entry systems provide safe installation into enclosures or electrical equipment, securing cables and providing strain relief while maintaining enclosure sealing requirements. The BPA series cable entry system allows cables to be installed through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface without requiring disassembly of connectors from pre-made or terminated cables and without compromising environmental protections. The BRM series allows for a high density of non-terminated cables to be installed through a small area of an enclosure or other bulkhead surface while maintaining environmental ratings. New cable glands include EMC-rated models available in National Pipe Thread (NPT), Panzer-Gewinde (PG), and metric threads. EMC cable glands maintain shielded cable integrity, allowing entry without compromising the cable shield’s protection from electromagnetic interference.A selection of hygienic cable glands is also available in NPT and metric threads. Hygienic stainless-steel glands have a smooth finish with no threads exposed to prevent the buildup of contaminants, ideal for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and any industry requiring cleanroom technology. A combination hygienic-EMC cable gland is also available. The new Bimed cable glands start at $22.75 (set of 5 EMC

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