Automatic Stacker

July 4, 2022

Automatic Stacker available breadth: 1400-2200mm Specification: Frequency conversion motor auto down stacker Applicable to be production line whose max speed is 180m/min Max sheet length: 3500mm, max stacking height: 1500mm Connected with production management system, it can read order and change order, which make the orders apart correct and fast. it also can work by itself. Stacking of multi orders Conveyer belt was separated to be four sections, driven by ac frequency conversion motor, running synchronized with the production line, it brings the suitable stack proportion according to the sheet length, which make paper board stack in good order. Transducer control the frequency conversion motor to drive the roller running, speed up and down stably, board come out easily, hard to be overturn Transducer control the brake motor to drive the elevator, with counterbalance, speed up and down stably, speed counterchanges reasonably, make stacking more free and get rid of the paper board crease, improved the life of machine. Rolls forms close, and lift with elevator, to reduce the waste

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