American 316 Stainless Steel Thunderstud Anchors

April 1, 2022

Products Features  MADE IN AMERICA:   Assures top quality and meets most Made in America requirements  PATENTED UNIVERSAL CLIP:   Anchor does not spin in the hole which makes each fastening faster and more secure  PARTIAL THREADS:   Assures proper anchor length is used to meet minimum embedment depths  LENGTH I. D. STAMPED ON EACH ANCHOR:   Provides for a fast easy inspection of embedment depth  316 STAINLESS STEEL:   Highest rust resistance of any wedge anchor specifications  BIT SIZE 1/4″ BOX QTY 100 MINIMUM EMBEDMENT 1-1/8″ WRENCH SIZE FOR NUT 7/16″ PRIMARY Concrete only THREAD TYPE 1/4″ – 20 MINIMUM EDGE DISTANCE 1-1/4″ MAXIMUM FIXTURE THICKNESS 3/16″ MINIMUM FIXTURE HOLE DIAMETER (IN PLACE) 5/16″ MINIMUM FIXTURE HOLE DIAMETER (HOLE SPOTTED) 1/4″ LENGTH ID CODE A BRAND NAME ThunderStud MINIMUM SPACING 2-1/2″ MAXIMUM TORQUE 5 – 10 ft./lbs. COUNTRY American Made THREAD LENGTH 7/8″ 2000 PSI CONCRETE – PULL-OUT (LBS.) * 1170 2000 PSI CONCRETE – SHEAR (LBS.) * 1443 LENGTH MEASUREMENT End to End DIAMETER 1/4″ LENGTH 1-3/4″ MATERIAL 316 Stainless Steel ENVIRONMENT Submerged/Chemicals TYPE Male * Values shown are average ultimate values and are offered only as a guide and are not guaranteed. A safety factor of 4:1 or 25% is generally accepted as a safe working load

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