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Gears and Bearings July 9, 2024

XMiner Industrial Gear Units

SEW-EURODRIVE's XMiner Industrial Gear Units are specifically designed for the rigorous demands of mining and aggregates applications including conveyor systems, crushers, and apron feeders. Built on the trusted X.e series platform, the XMiner units are now available with local engineering, stocking, and assembly, ensuring quick and reliable support for North American customers. The alignment-free plug-and-play design simplifies installation, while the Taconite heavy-duty sealing system for abrasive environments like mining and cement, features grease purge-able labyrinth seals and laminar rings to prevent debris from entering the gear unit. The XMiner features gear ratios ranging from 6.3 – 450 in 2, 3, and 4-stage configurations with output torque to 1,637,389 lb-in in multiple finely-stepped frame sizes. Large industrial gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE combine world-class quality with local availability and support, making them an excellent choice for mining and heavy industrial operations requiring reliable and robust gear solutions.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance July 3, 2024

VibWorks LT

Ludeca's VibWorks LT is a cutting-edge, entry-level data collector for industrial maintenance. Featuring advanced AI for real-time data collection and analysis, VibWorks LT enhances maintenance decision-making with minimal setup and training. Its robust design and customizable reporting ensure comprehensive monitoring and easy documentation.

Compressed Air June 27, 2024

Stainless Steel Super Air Knife

EXAIR, a leader in engineered compressed air solutions and static elimination, and BETE, a renowned engineered spray nozzle and spraying systems manufacturer, are excited to announce a definitive merger agreement under which EXAIR has acquired BETE. This landmark combination promises to do what both companies have been doing for decades – create something that has never existed before – and to do it with an unprecedented market appeal. The EXAIR/BETE merger will allow both companies to significantly enhance product offerings and customer engagement. The combined market reach and engineering capacity will drive innovation and product value to a worldwide network of customers, distributors, resellers and OEM’s.

Safety & PPE June 25, 2024

MRT-18-LED Rechargeable Magnetic Retrieving Tool

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the MRT-18-LED, a rechargeable LED light up magnetic retrieving tool. This tool strengthens electric safety work practices by illuminating the exact location of a lost screw, nut, or tool that might have fallen inside a panel. By doing so, it eliminates the need for professionals to carry a light on their heads, in their mouths, or in their hands.  The MRT-18-LED features an 18” flexible shaft that combines a strong magnetized tip with a rechargeable LED light at the tip.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment June 24, 2024

Soft-close and self-close hinges

Grass America, an industry-leading supplier of functional cabinet hardware, highlights TEC Soft-close and Self-close hinges. Packed with features and serving as an industry standard for quality and performance, TEC hinges are backed by the exceptional service and support offered by Grass America.    In a market where many products are perceived as interchangeable, Grass America distinguishes itself by offering domestically produced, high-quality hinges.

Grass America
Industrial PCs June 15, 2024


Designed for use in the smallest of spaces, ICP Germany is launching the NRU-154PoE and the NRU-156U3, two embedded systems with a flattop cooling design. The cooling design enables use in particularly confined spaces, such as in mobile vehicles. Thanks to the special design, the heat of the embedded system is dissipated to the vehicle housing.

ICP Deutschland GmbH
Mechanical & Electrical May 22, 2024

ATS Remote Annunciator

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, introduces its new ATS Remote Annunciator (RTS-RA), a powerful accessory that brings together data from multiple Automatic Transfer Switches into a single display. The remote annunciator is designed to be configured by the customer. It allows monitoring of the position and status of up to eight Russelectric ATS types RTSCD and RPTCS, as well as viewing power data for each ATS and accessing current alarms and logged historical alarms. Users can initiate load tests and set timers remotely using the RS-422/485 Protocol to ATS.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Lubrication May 21, 2024

FloodStream Liquid Nozzle

For spraying processes where space is at a premium, EXAIR now offers the new 1/8 NPT FloodStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle. Producing a deflected flat fan pattern, the FloodStream provides a consistent and proficient spray for precise coverage in close quarters. Manufactured from 303 stainless steel, common applications include washing/wetting, dust suppression, lubrication, part cooling and more. Like all EXAIR spray nozzles, the FloodStream is versatile, and efficient.

Pumps May 17, 2024

IMO LB6D 3-screw pumps for LACT boost operations

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, announces its new IMO LB6D 3-screw pumps, ideal for use in oil and gas industry lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications. Built to last for LACT boost operations, the IMO LB6D pumps are engineered for maximum functional performance and the minimum of operating expenses. With IMO LB6D three-screw pumps, LACT system builders and oil drillers have a pump they can rely on despite challenging crude oil viscosities and oil contaminants prevalent in harsh field conditions. The screw pumps offer high-pressure boost advantages, with boost oil pressure better than typical gear pump solutions.

Circor International
Process Safety May 14, 2024

Sole clean low-moisture automated footwear sanitizing pan

Meritech, the leader in automated hygiene technology, highlights its innovative Sole Clean Low-Moisture Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan, setting a new standard for footwear hygiene in dry manufacturing environments, providing unmatched efficacy, convenience, and compliance with food safety regulations. This groundbreaking solution attaches to the CleanTech EVO Automated Handwashing Stations, effectively sanitizing any style of footwear in just 12 seconds, with a fast-drying footwear sanitizer specifically catering to dry or semi-dry production facilities. Proper footwear cleaning is a crucial aspect of any food safety program within a facility. Pathogens like Listeria and Salmonella can easily spread and contaminate surfaces due to inadequate footwear hygiene practices.

Pumps May 13, 2024

EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac

EXAIR’s EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac simplifies the filter change process when switching from vacuuming a dry material to a liquid or vice versa. Utilizing minimal compressed air, the EasySwitch is a powerful pneumatic vacuum that is ideal for any application - wet, dry, light and heavy. The fast and tool-less conversion to vacuuming liquids is done by releasing one latch, removing the filter element and securing the latch. Simply reinstall the filter into the lid assembly for dry materials.

HVAC April 29, 2024

ATEX Cabinet Cooler Systems

EXAIR’s new 316 Stainless Steel ATEX Cabinet Cooler Systems are the latest solution for protecting sensitive electronics in ATEX classified areas. This low cost and reliable product is UL tested, CE compliant, and meets the stringent requirements for use upon classified purged and pressurized electrical enclosures within Zones 2 and 22. With cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr., it’s an ideal answer for protecting electrical enclosures with problematic overheating in areas with explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors. EXAIR ATEX Cabinet Coolers produce and circulate cold air inside enclosures to prevent overheating, high temperature faults and costly shutdowns.

Mechanical & Electrical April 24, 2024

A-Bus Round Pur Chain

With its new round ASi bus cable, HELUKABEL can provide customers with a solution that is capable of being inserted into a drag chain with other round cables and hoses. Under part number 11009063 the A-BUS ROUND PUR CHAIN cable has four polypropylene (PP)-insulated conductors that are twisted into a star quad configuration. This type of construction enables better resistance to EMC interference when compared to other round ASi bus cables with four conductors, and therefore minimizes communication errors due to electrical noise or “cross-talk” generated from the power conductors.

Machinery and Equipment April 23, 2024

Grit washing solution for abrasive particles

Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the PISTA TURBO Grit Washer, an advanced grit washing solution designed to effectively remove abrasive particles, extend the lifespan of downstream treatment plant equipment, and reduce maintenance expenses. This cutting-edge grit washer technology utilizes proven techniques to optimize grit separation, meeting rigorous environmental standards.

Smith & Loveless
Safety & PPE April 19, 2024

EVO Automated Handwashing Stations

Meritech highlights their CleanTech Automated Handwashing Stations called EVO. CleanTech EVO Stations continue to use patented automated hand washing technology from Meritech that has revolutionized hand hygiene for the past 35 years. The next evolution of CleanTech includes intuitive sensors, state-of-the-art solution cartridges and a full-color interactive display to help enhance the perfect automated hand wash that is effective, easy to use, and environmentally sustainable. The CleanTech EVO line consists of four systems that are all produced at Meritech's Colorado HQ: the EVO One which is a free-standing single station system, the EVO Wall which is a wall mounted system, the EVO Three which is a high-throughput triple-station system and the EVO In-Counter which is a system that fits into an existing countertop.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance April 18, 2024

Coriolis Meters

Coriolis flow meters directly measure mass flow, making these meters more resilient against variations in temperature, pressure, and fluid density. Coriolis meters serve a wide range of industrial applications, including measuring chemical reactions, by combining high accuracy, versatility, direct mass measurement, and minimal maintenance requirements.   By measuring mass flow, Coriolis meters eliminate the need to make assumptions when measuring typical mass based chemical reactions. Coriolis mass meters help cut out calculations and assumptions since mass is conserved in chemical reactions while volume is not.   Coriolis meters further mitigate the risk of error by combining mass flow with inline-density and temperature measurements taken directly from the meter in real time. This means that a single installation point yields multiple useful and accurate measurements.

Mechanical & Electrical April 12, 2024

XRL260 food waste grinder

Focused on improving the waste-handling capabilities of the food industry, animal processing, and related waste-handling facilities, Vogelsang USA is bringing its largest format grinding system, the RedUnit XRL260, to North America. Nicknamed “Big Red,” Vogelsang’s largest hopper-fed grinder to date is designed specifically to reduce large quantities of solid waste material quickly. The RedUnit XRL260 features two 50hp geared motors capable of handling up to 130 cubic yards of solid waste per hour (100 m3/h). The 5’ x 2’ inlet handles whole hogs and higher volumes of waste material.

Machine Safety April 11, 2024

PRO XSDV X-ray Machine

Eagle Product Inspection Highlights the Tall PRO XSDV X-ray Machine Cutting-edge Technology Revolutionizes the Inspection Process for Rigid Containers    The Tall PRO XSDV x-ray machine, a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the inspection process for rigid containers. Designed for tall, upright packaged products such as cans, PET bottles, glass jars, and more, it is ideal for use in the food and beverage, dairy, poultry, seafood, red meat, and fruit & vegetable industries. The Tall PRO XSDV ensures unparalleled inspection accuracy and product integrity.    Equipped with high-performance dual-view x-ray technology, the Tall PRO XSDV offers 100% inspection coverage for contaminants in rigid containers, delivering peace of mind to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Eagle Product Inspection
Pumps April 4, 2024

8511Z pressure reducing valve series

The AGF Commercial RiserPACK Model 8511Z is meticulously crafted in the USA using high-quality schedule 10 pipe, ensuring superior durability and performance. This assembly incorporates the AGF Model 2511 TESTanDRAIN valve with a pressure relief valve and drain trim, flow switch, pressure gauge, and AGF Universal 3-way gauge valve, along with a 2 ½” hose valve. The 8511Z manifold was designed specifically for floor control applications where a downstream drain outlet, capable of full flow is required for Pressure Reducing Valve acceptance testing and future inspection and testing requirements. The integration of the Zurn ZW5004 Valve adds another layer of functionality and versatility to the AGF solution.

AGF Manufacturing
Material Handling April 4, 2024

M Series 2-Post Mechanical Lifts

PFlow Industries, the founders of the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry, highlights its M Series 2-Post Mechanical Material Lifts that are ideal for almost any material lifting application. The PFlow M Series moves materials faster and more safely than forklifts, with standard travel speed of 25 feet per minute (FPM), and up to 400 FPM available. With its ability to lift up to 10,000 pounds, reach an unlimited number of floor levels, and perform under even the most demanding continuous use applications, the M Series is a perfect lifting solution for high-speed / high-cycle and automated material handling applications.

PFlow Industries
Pumps April 3, 2024

Sanipit 24 GR CB

SFA Saniflo has announced the launch of its Sanipit 24 GR CB pre-assembled, one horse-power, grinder pump system. Like its recently introduced counterpart for retrofit applications, the Sanipit 24 GR, the new Sanipit 24 GR CB provides the most reliable and hassle-free grinder pump kit on the market — but now contained within a heavy-duty, HDPE basin that measures 24 inches in diameter and 24 inches in depth. As before, the Sanipit 24 GR CB is fully packaged and pre-assembled with a built-in 1 HP grinder motor, air-pressure mechanism, and an external control and alarm system.

Safety & PPE April 2, 2024

KIRA B 50 Autonomous Scrubber

The Kärcher KIRA B 50 autonomous floor scrubber is a practical addition to any cleaning team. Intelligently, autonomously and with the functionality of a floor scrubber, it takes on cleaning for medium to large areas efficiently and with consistent cleaning results, therefore relieving pressure on the cleaning team, who can instead focus on more higher value tasks. Intuitive user guidance with a large touch display allows the robot to be set up quickly, without the need for any expert knowledge. The optional docking station facilitates fully autonomous working, including filling with fresh water, emptying dirty water, rinsing the tank and charging the long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery.

Karcher North America
Gears and Bearings April 1, 2024

Welded Fan Wheel Modernization For Oven

International Thermal Systems offers an upgrade to a contemporary fan wheel with air fins welded rather than riveted to improve equipment performance and lifespan. The benefits of a welded fan wheel: Triples the life of the fan wheel Reduced maintenance/replacement requirements Cost savings over the oven life Improved wheel balance which increases performance Robust construction delivers better heat resilience & decreased ramp Up-time Identical airflow and power requirements as the riveted wheel for a seamless transition without modifying system controls.

International Thermal Systems
Mechanical & Electrical April 1, 2024

D64 RP410 ground fault relay

The D64RP410 ground fault relay cost-effectively reduces risk and operating costs by providing advanced notification of potential and developing earth faults.

Eaton Corporation
Energy Efficiency & Management March 30, 2024

Light industrial touchscreen PC more than doubles CPU performance

KS101-EHL Product Key Communication Message High Performance and Cost Efficiency The KS101-EHL, equipped with Intel Atom X series processors designed for energy efficiency, is ideal for prolonged operation and cost-effective energy usage. The quad-core Intel ATOM Processor x6413E and x6425E deliver multitasking performance for light industrial applications. Compared to the previous KS101-BT model (featuring Intel Celeron Processor J1900), the KS101-EHL (featuring Intel Atom Processor x6413E) achieves an impressive 235% CPU processing performance improvement— all at a competitive price.   Rugged Design The KS101-EHL supports ten-point touch, allowing users to operate the screen with different material gloves and in wet conditions.

Compressed Air March 27, 2024

Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty HEPA Vac attaches to an ordinary open top drum to turn it into a powerful, HEPA quality, industrial vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is designed to move more material with less wear. In addition, this vacuum has been engineered to filter contaminants to HEPA requirements in dusty environments requiring frequent cleaning.

Pumps March 26, 2024

EVERLAST Recessed Pump Station with Dual Hatch Entry

LENEXA, Kan. – Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the EVERLAST Rectangular Recessed Pump Station, a semi-recessed climate-controlled wastewater pump station that continues the S&L tradition of high efficiency, long service life, operator ease and safety, and low operation and maintenance costs.

Smith & Loveless
Safety & PPE March 26, 2024

UltraLite Series Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Developed after years of first-hand market research, the UltraLite Series garments are designed for use by qualified persons trained in proper arc flash safety in any situation where the risk of exposure to an arc flash is present. The updated line of garments now features a standard color gray, which reflects sunlight for heat reduction in outdoor applications. Additionally, the gray garments allow for easier identification of contamination, as well as of any dirt or debris that may compromise the safety of the garment. The 11- and 12-cal/cm2 UltraLite garments include a balaclava-hooded long-sleeve t-shirt and simple high-waisted pants, made to fit comfortably over daily-wear clothing. With kits available that include gloves, a helmet and face shield, and a basic tool kit, UltraLite Task Wear ensures that technicians are completely safe and prepared for the job. The breakthrough technology used to create the 40 cal/cm2 UltraLite joins two different materials to produce highly protective garments that are 37% lighter than typical 40 cal/cm2 garments, while maintaining premium comfort, durability, and wearability.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Pumps March 26, 2024

Hardide Coated HVOF Copper Nozzles

Hardide Coatings, the provider of advanced surface coating technology, has launched the first in a new range of ready coated and enhanced components with a JP-5000 4” copper nozzle used in High-Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coating. The tungsten/tungsten carbide-based Hardide chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coating is proven to extend the operational life of HVOF thermal spray copper nozzles by 5 to 40 times when spraying carbide or metallic-based powders. The ready coated nozzles include O-rings suitable to withstand the higher temperatures generated in longer periods of service. This is an extremely exciting new product development which offers significant performance, cost and environmental advantages to users of HVOF equipment. By Hardide coating the internal diameter of copper nozzles used in thermal spraying, our enhanced component offers superior wear resistance and reduced pickup.

Hardide Coatings
Compressed Air March 25, 2024

GA 11-30 FLX

Atlas Copco is launching GA 11-30 FLX, their first dual-speed compressor. Thanks to the dual-speed technology, the start-up peak, unload power and transient losses are significantly lower than the ones in their other fixed-speed compressors. This means that up to 20% less energy is needed compared to Atlas Copco's traditional fixed-speed models, making the GA FLX their most energy efficient fixed-speed product.

Atlas Copco
Compressed Air March 21, 2024

Super Air Knife Digital Catalog

EXAIR’s catalog offers readers an incredible source of innovative solutions for common industrial problems like conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static buildup. To make this useful resource more readily available, has now launched a fully digital and interactive version of Catalog 35 for easy browsing and added accessibility. Customers will now be able to view, download, print and save either the full catalog, or specific pages and sections. The new digital catalog offers a great number of easy-to-use tools to make finding a specific product easier than ever before.

Commercial and Electric Vehicles March 20, 2024

Factory-fitted 2D and 3D-ready semi-automated excavator control solutions

The solutions - known as INTELLIGRADE - will be available initially on the JCB 220X tracked excavator in the United Kingdom before being offered across the whole JCB X Series range in additional regions. Leica Geosystems 2D and 3D-ready machine control solutions are available with semi-auto configuration to enhance productivity, accuracy, and safety by automating functions such as boom, bucket and tilt rotator control, and to reduce human error in construction operations. Working to predetermined site plans, the 2D machine control system provides real-time guidance and accuracy for tasks such as grading and levelling, ensuring the excavator's bucket or blade achieves the desired slope or elevation. This solution is ideal for projects that involve simple terrain or require basic grading. Customers looking for even greater accuracy, more precision and additional semi-auto functionality on earthmoving applications can choose the 3D-ready option to retain the flexibility of upgrading to 3D in the future. To upgrade the factory solution to a 3D version, customers can contact their local Leica Geosystems sales office or dealer, who will support with calibration and installation at the JCB dealership or at the customer’s premises. Visit:

Machinery and Equipment March 15, 2024

Zinc plated screw anchor

CONFAST is a full line authorized distributor for the Simpson Strong-Tie product line, and now carries the popular Titen HD Screw Anchor in a variety of head styles and material types. One main feature of the Titen HD is the serrated threads on the tip of the screw. This offers low installation torque and outstanding performance. The screw anchor is easy to remove when used in temporary applications such as bracing and formwork, or when a fixture needs to be relocated. All Titen HD anchor screws are designed for use in cracked and un-cracked concrete, as well as un-cracked masonry. The Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor is available in zinc-plated carbon steel, mechanically galvanized, and stainless-steel types 304 and 316 The Washer Head Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor is available in zinc-plated carbon steel and mechanically galvanized. The Countersunk Head Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor is available in zinc-plated carbon steel and 316 stainless-steel.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Pumps March 13, 2024

PFP Drum Pumps for Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

Finish Thompson Inc. (FTI), an international leader in the corrosive chemical transfer industry, highlights its PFP drum pump, a cost-effective pump designed for container-to-container transfer of acids, corrosives, and chemicals. Featuring multiple material options and connections, the PFP drum pump offers quick and effective fluid transfer with a unique double suction impeller that provides high flow and high head.

Finish Thompson
Material Handling March 12, 2024

Fusion F07 Performance-Enhanced FKM

Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions and engineered components, announces the introduction of Fusion F07, a performance-enhanced fluoroelastomer. Developed by Greene Tweed material scientists and application engineers, Fusion F07 is specifically crafted to withstand common Etch and CVD oxygen/fluorine based gases in semiconductor processing subfab lines, at temperatures up to 355°F (180°C).   With an expected lifetime of at least 6 months, Fusion F07 lasts longer than standard FKM in subfab vacuum system lines. As a result, the new performance enhanced FKM extends the time between planned maintenance activities.

Greene Tweed
Electrical, Power March 5, 2024

High-performance plastic junction boxes for demanding environments

The TM Series plastic junction boxes, compliant with the international standard IEC 60670, ensure strict adherence to quality and safety regulations. The housing is made of halogen-free thermoplastic and comes in a gray RAL 7012 color to blend in with various environments. They feature 5 mm thick enclosure walls with surface indentations to help end users position and punch holes.

Mencom Corporation
Lubrication March 4, 2024

Machine Vitals sensing technology

Trico Corporation, a pioneer in lubrication management, unveiled Machine Vitals, a groundbreaking sensor technology within its Sensei IIoT network, aimed at revolutionizing industrial maintenance. This technology offers superior monitoring and predictive maintenance for oil-lubricated machinery, such as pumps and gearboxes. Jim Jung, Trico's President, emphasized the innovation's alignment with the company's vision to proactively prevent operational issues using data and analytics. Machine Vitals integrates seamlessly into machinery, employing dual-sensor sets to monitor internal and external conditions, including pressure, temperature, and humidity, alongside vibration and acoustic analyses for early issue detection.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 26, 2024

Augmented Reality Web Application

EXAIR provides customers with confidence when selecting the right product for their process. To continue facilitating a high-quality user experience, has upgraded the resources available to users by adding Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities while visiting the site on a mobile device. Customers will now have the ability to not only view a 3D version of their selected product, but view a true-to-scale version of the product in their application.

Machinery and Equipment February 23, 2024

Small crimping tool for wire end ferrules

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions, headquartered in Richmond, Va., has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules. In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules. On average, 90% of these connections are in a cross-section range of AWG 14 (2.5 mm2) and smaller. A focus on this cross-section range makes the PZ 2.5 extremely compact and ergonomic – the small handle width and the opening angle, as well as the weight, make the tool easy to use without incurring fatigue in the hand, wrist or arm.

Sensors, Actuators February 21, 2024

Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters

KROHNE Highlights Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters    Beverly, MA:  KROHNE, Inc. highlights its family of leading electromagnetic flowmeters, which achieve highly accurate flow measurement for all applications with conductive liquids. Whether it be basic custody transfer or demanding safety-related applications, these products always perform with pristine accuracy.

Machinery and Equipment February 20, 2024

Screw jack configuration and selection tool

Thomson, a leading global provider of linear motion control solutions, has added a unique screw jack configuration and selection tool to its online engineering toolset. The new Thomson screw jack product selector helps design engineers optimize and specify screw jacks for applications involving loads of up to 100 tons. “Screw jacks are increasingly replacing hydraulic cylinders in many ultra-heavy, low duty-cycle applications, and there are hundreds of thousands of possible configurations. Our new product selector helps design engineers find the fastest path to a screw jack that is expertly engineered to meet their needs,” said Mitch Katona, Product Line Specialist – Screw Jacks at Thomson. Intuitive interface Design engineers using the new tool will configure their screw jack via an intuitive online interface that prompts them to enter load, speed, travel, duty cycle and other motion parameters.

Safety & PPE February 15, 2024

Pack 320 PRO X-ray Machine

Eagle Product Inspection's Pack 320 PRO brings the power of x-ray analysis to the Food, Pet Food, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries. The Pack 320 PRO is ideal for inspecting small to mid-sized packaged products in cartons, pouches, cups and trays where inspection performance is critical. The Pack 320 PRO can simultaneously perform multiple quality control checks in a single pass with precision and accuracy, including contamination detection, mass measurement, package integrity and component counts. Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape, or location within a product. The state-of-the-art x-ray inspection system provides 331 mm (13”) of inspection coverage at the belt and high-speed imaging up to 119 meters per minute (390 FPM). Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology provides an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality and prevent product giveaway.

Eagle Product Inspection
Project Management February 15, 2024

Construction planning software platform

Management Analytics significantly expands the analytics capabilities in Touchplan’s popular real-time construction planning software platform, which is used in many data center construction projects. Management Analytics collects a vast volume of detailed planning data from all active projects, creating a single, integrated, real-time knowledge base to provide the analytical information and visualizations all project stakeholders need. The cloud-based software allows all stakeholders to anticipate, view, collaborate, and quickly act upon critical construction schedule, labor, and cost issues for one, some or all projects.

Electrical, Power February 15, 2024

100% solid-state polymer electrolytes for non-flammable batteries

Solid-state polymer electrolytes developed by Nuvvon as a safe alternative to liquid electrolytes in the manufacture of non-flammable batteries are UL certified to DOT standard SP20798. This allows Nuvvon prototype cells to be approved as safe for global air shipment.  To gain certification, Nuvvon solid-state pouch cells passed independent abuse testing by UL that included overcharge and over discharge cycling. Nuvvon solid polymer electrolytes address challenges of liquid electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries that can explode when overheated or overcharged.

Process Manufacturing February 14, 2024

PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber

Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber, featuring a versatile chamber design that brings S&L's industry-leading grit removal performance to tight spaces with unique layout requirements. The innovative design of the PISTA VIO, which stands for Variable Inlet Outlet, provides the ability to arrange the inlet and outlet channels at any angle up to the full 360° of the chamber. The PISTA VIO achieves 95% grit removal efficiency of particles down to 100 microns in size, across all flow conditions.

Smith & Loveless
Safety & PPE February 13, 2024

Tailstock Repair-Rebuild

Riten Industries, Inc., is the largest domestic manufacturer of live centers, dead centers, and face drivers in the work holding industry. A growing part of their re-engineering platform, Riten is at the forefront of leveraging solutions to eliminate costly machine downtime due to tailstock failure. The fact is that a lot of machinery becomes obsolete before its time, and the original OEM may not exist anymore to provide timely replacements.

Method Media LLC
Machinery and Equipment February 6, 2024

Lifting systems increase cabinet accessibility

Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, highlights its Kinvaro lifter systems. This innovative line heightens cabinet accessibility by lifting doors up and away, providing complete access to its contents. Kinvaro lifters offer a contemporary look and improved functionality over traditional swinging doors in applications where the door swing is limited, obtrusive, or in hard-to-reach areas.

Grass America
Mechanical & Electrical February 1, 2024

Direct current miniature circuit breakers

A new line of direct current (DC) miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), specifically designed for higher voltage applications with DC currents. The new line of Series 1110 DC MCBs feature an industry-best rating of 250V DC per-pole, far greater than the highest per-pole ratings currently available from comparable DC MCBs, which top out at 125V DC. Available in one- to four-pole constructions for circuit protection up to 1000V DC, with current ratings from 0.5A to 63A, the robust devices provide the most efficient short circuit and overload protection available, affording end-users significant cost, space and time savings. They are UL 489B listed for photovoltaic renewable energy system applications. Additional target applications include EV charging stations, energy transmission and distribution networks and industrial control, such as powering the large motors used in robotic, automation and material conveyance installations.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance February 1, 2024

Intelligent Valve

The Intelligent Valve is a high-performance delta-T energy measuring and self-optimizing valve with pressure independent flow control for network integration with BACnet IP. The valve is a dynamic two-way control valve with an adaptive flow optimizer. Assembly includes a standard normally open or normally closed 2.5"- 5" flanged high-close off ANSI 125 valve body with a fail-in place actuator.   Easy integration into Siemens building management systems allows for data collection, actionable insights for energy monitoring, and troubleshooting.   The Intelligent Valve's components can be installed separately, making it ideal for compact spaces. Flexible installation, coupled with commissioning using ABT Go or the Climatix mobile app, makes it the smart choice for optimizing energy usage and reducing operating costs.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Process Manufacturing February 1, 2024

Self-Clean Package Retrofit

Lead Oxide reduces the equipment’s ability to dry and requires increased temperatures to perform to specifications. By returning the conveyor belt through the bottom of the lower supply duct with this retrofit, the duct remains clean and clear of lead oxide build up. This also eliminates the need to physically clean the lower duct doors individually.   ITS’ simple Self-Cleaning Retrofit for Existing conveyor belt ovens and Flashdrying Ovens is safer, saves time, money, and energy. The Retrofit Package Includes: ·     Reduction in oven temperatures by up to 60°F ·     Reduces facility energy and maintenance costs ·     Quality of production improved due to consistency of temperature ·     Conveyor belt returned below the oven ·     Reduces energy consumption ·     Reduces the time required to perform maintenance ·     Enhanced Employee Safety ·     Reduction in airborne lead oxide particles with optional vacuum connection ·     Custom Engineered Kit ensures existing system architecture and operation are retained.

International Thermal Systems
Mechanical & Electrical January 31, 2024

VDRM Series

The VDRM Series is an axial-leaded, high voltage diode line that offers industry standard performance and high reliability. VDRM units range from 2.5 to 16kV, 50 to 125mA, and have a maximum reverse recovery time of 200nS. These diodes are best suited for low to medium power, small form-factor applications.

Dean Technology, Inc.
Plumbing, Pumping January 30, 2024

Electric Valve Actuator Ensures Accurate Process Control

Emerson has introduced the Fisher easy-Drive 200R Electric Actuator for use on Fisher butterfly and ball valves. When paired with these valves, the new actuator performs accurately and reliably under the extreme conditions found in many heavy industries, particularly oil and gas installations in cold remote locations. These actuator/valve assemblies increase uptime, improve performance, and reduce the risk of emissions posed by gas-operated systems locations.   Many pneumatic valve actuators installed in remote locations are operated using natural gas, but this technology releases atmospheric emissions every time the valve is actuated.

Emerson Systems
Machinery and Equipment January 29, 2024

Ion air gun to remove static electricity

EXAIR’s Gen4 Ion Air Gun removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from parts prior to labeling, assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. This engineered product has undergone independent laboratory tests to certify it meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the USA, European Union and Canada that are required to attain the CE and UL marks. It is also RoHS compliant.

Oil and Gas January 23, 2024

Pipeline Integrity Remote Monitoring Solution

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, a leading manufacturer of industrial wireless telemetry products, is partnering with Axess-Corrosion, a UK provider of corrosion monitoring sensors, in integrating its RANGER cellular transmitter in a new pipeline corrosion monitoring solution. Monitoring pipeline corrosion is important to determine the ongoing degradation of pipes and prevent leaks, process challenges, and failures. The new pipeline corrosion monitoring solution from Axess-Corrosion combines the RANGER IoT transmitter with a sacrificial sensing probe to provide data and alarms on pipeline corrosion levels. In operation, the probe, which is inserted into the pipe, is equipped with a depleting “sacrificial” membrane and can detect corrosion or erosion of the membrane as finite as 0.0001”. By measuring depletion rate, the probe provides feedback on the predicted rate of corrosion on the pipeline wall. It is critically important to oil producers to receive feedback about the performance of the expensive, corrosion-inhibiting chemicals and if the dosage rate is optimal. Utilizing the latest cellular LTE CAT M1 with MQTT/SparkPlugB technology for remote locations, the battery-powered RANGER cellular transmitter powers the corrosion sensors, then gathers and transmits data from the sacrificial probe to the cloud for remote monitoring control, and alarm from any web browser including mobile devices. By publishing over cellular networks using MQTT and TLS security, the RANGER Io.

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry
Plant Automation January 23, 2024

Machine vision camera for factory automation

The Dragonfly S is a first of its kind, practical option for industries ranging from life science instrumentation to factory automation. The modular, compact, and lightweight design accelerates the inception stage of imaging application development for at-scale manufacturing, volume-based applications and multi-camera systems. Paired with sensor options from Sony, onsemi and Teledyne e2v, Dragonfly S is ideal for embedded or handheld device applications such as biometrics kiosk solutions, ophthalmoscopy, 3D scanning, automated optical inspection and more.

Teledyne FLIR
Safety & PPE January 17, 2024

OPTISWITCH 6500 for Food and Beverage Industries

KROHNE, Inc. highlights the advanced hygienic applications of the OPTISWITCH 6500 to the food and beverage industries. This capacitance level switch provides a minimally invasive solution for point level detection of liquids, liquid-liquid interfaces, and solids.

Pumps January 17, 2024

Zenith Series PEP-II Precision Gear Pumps

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, announces its Zenith PEP-II Series precision gear pump, ideal for blown film extrusion processes used to manufacture lithium battery separators, as well as other pump models for lithium battery additive, coating, sealant, and adhesives applications. Featuring low pulse polymer metering and dosing, Zenith PEP-II pumps offer extremely precise repeatable metering, as well as near-constant flow without the need for expensive flow meters and control systems. When used as a high-pressure extruder pump, Zenith reduces extruder pulse at the die. Zenith PEP-II Series pumps are manufactured in Monroe, NC, and are highly accurate, significantly reducing downtime. Their low pulsation and accurate flow enhance product quality.

Circor International
Safety & PPE January 17, 2024

Feature Series of Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Feature Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE, designed for those seeking the next level of comfort, safety, durability, and protection. With the focus on safety and usability, the Cementex Feature Series is made with USA labor and materials to ensure the highest quality arc flash protection. The Feature Series clothing is made with Indura Ultra Soft FR treated cotton and meets current ASTM F1506 and F1959/1959M-99 standards.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Engineered Materials January 17, 2024

Batch anodizing line

Lorin Industries, Inc., the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, announces it will launch a new batch anodizing line at the beginning of 2024. This capability, combined with the long history of anodized coil processing, will allow Lorin to satisfy the needs of its current coil to coil customers with batch anodized parts. New customers requiring batch anodizing specifically will also now be able to access Lorin’s premier coil anodizing process.

Lorin Industries
Mechanical & Electrical January 11, 2024

TTape detecting platform

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, is excited to introduce TTape, a groundbreaking overtemperature detection platform designed to transform the management of Li-ion battery systems. With its innovative features and unparalleled benefits, TTape helps vehicle systems manage premature cell aging effectively while reducing the risks associated with thermal runaway incidents.

Pumps January 10, 2024

EVERLAST Series 4000 Pump Station

Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the EVERLAST Series 4000 Pump Station, an above-ground wastewater pump station that continues the S&L tradition of high efficiency, long service life, operator ease and safety, and low operation and maintenance costs. The EV Series 4000 pump station comes as a complete, factory-built and tested system that is fast and simple to install in both new installations and replacements of submersible pumps.

Smith & Loveless
Machinery and Equipment January 10, 2024

Flexible control cables for control and power applications

AutomationDirect has added the versatile and highly flexible Helukabel TRAYCONTROL 600V control cable that is ideal for industrial control, power, and instrumentation applications. The individual bare copper conductors are stranded for flexibility and are covered with a black PVC/nylon insulation with white numbering for easy identification. A green with yellow stripe ground conductor is also included with cables containing more than two conductors. The special PVC outer jacket is free from cadmium, silicone and substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers and paints, making these cables a great choice for painting, plating, and coating applications as well.

Wireless January 3, 2024

WIO Wireless Signaling

What is the Wireless Control System   The WIO Wireless Control System is a Bluetooth enabled system which allows for remote indication and monitoring. Working as a pair, the transmitter and receiver combination allows an operator to trigger a light with an alarm and notify personnel from up to 400 meters (with a built-in relay function). Serving as a gateway, WIO offers a user-friendly configuration to alert your personnel without physical limitations.

Machinery and Equipment January 2, 2024

Abrasion-resistant rotary batch mini mixer

A new abrasion-resistant Rotary Batch Mini Mixer model MX-10-AR blends up to 10 cubic feet (283 ℓ) of aggregates, metal powders, pigments, sand, chemicals, reinforced thermoplastics and other abrasive materials, with or without liquid additions, in ratios down to one part per million with total uniformity in two to three minutes. The unit is equally efficient down to 15 percent (1.0 cubic feet / 28 ℓ) of rated capacity, regardless of disparities in bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics, making it suitable for laboratory testing, pilot production or documenting of outcomes when scaling up to larger rotary batch mixers. High-wear internal surfaces are of abrasion-resistant steel, including proprietary mixing flights welded to the rotating drum. The flights gently tumble, turn, cut and fold the material, achieving homogeneous blends with no shear, while directing the entire batch toward and through a stationary plug gate valve with no residual waste or product segregation. Equipped with a large access door and swing-away intake chute, the mixer is available powered by a worm-reducer to a chain and sprocket drive with enclosed drive guards as standard. Six rotary batch mini mixer models are offered in maximum batch capacities of 0.25 to 15 cubic feet (7 to 425 ℓ). Large-scale, in-line rotary batch mixers are available in maximum batch capacities of 5 to 600 cubic feet (142 ℓ to 17 m3).

Munson Machinery Company, Inc.
Machine Safety December 23, 2023

Nylon cure-tape for rubber hoses and roller covers

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, announces the availability of nylon cure-tape for rubber hose and roller cover applications. The tapes are being manufactured in both preshrunk/heat set and Teflon-treated versions. BRM offers both plain and twill weave cure-tapes in three styles: 210 denier warp/plain weave is available in 1-inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.75 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch sizes; 210 denier warp/twill weave is offered in 3 inch widths; and 420 denier warp/210 denier filling can be provided in 3 inch widths.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Compressed Air December 22, 2023

Cold Gun

In addition to producing a cold, quiet stream of air to reduce heat buildup on machining operations, EXAIR’s Cold Gun Aircoolant System has also met the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in order to attain the CE mark. The Cold Gun is a low cost alternative to expensive mist systems. It eliminates the ongoing costs associated with the purchase, filtration and disposal of liquid coolants.

Pumps December 19, 2023

VicFlex Series GH1 Flexible Fitting

The Victaulic VicFlex Series GH1 is a grooved-end flexible fitting designed for quick installation around obstacles and offsets. This FM-Approved and UL-Listed braided hose is available in 24”, 36” and 48” lengths and comes in a variety of diameters ranging from 1¼ – 4”. The Series GH1 also offers a 1” IGS option that includes captured couplings on both ends of the hose and comes in 25”, 30”, 42”, 54” and 66” lengths.

Machinery and Equipment December 19, 2023

Coating to protect from UV light exposure

Bedford Reinforced Plastics has developed a new proprietary coating to protect its fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) products from the potentially negative effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Known as ReadyShield, the UV-resistant protective coating will be applied to all safety yellow PROForms structural shapes. The coating will also be used for ReadySeries pre-engineered structures, including ReadyPlatform, ReadyRail, ReadyLadder and ReadyStair. Bedford’s new proprietary, UV-resistant coating protects against the negative effects of UV degradation and the potential for fiber bloom. The uniquely formulated compound withstands harsh weather exposure, extreme heat and humidity without changes to surface appearance or structural integrity. ReadyShield strengthens the durability and performance of FRP structures while also increasing overall safety in facilities where the structures are used. When treated with ReadyShield coating, ReadySeries and PROForms products are able to withstand constant UV ray and harsh weather exposure without changes to structural integrity, visual appeal or safety performance. All ReadyShield-coated materials meet or exceed OSHA requirements with pigmented OSHA-compliant safety yellow. ReadyShield ensures the longest life possible for ReadySeries and PROForms FRP products, with both safety and performance at the forefront of this newest development.

Performance Marketing
Safety & PPE December 14, 2023

Arc flash PPE task wear

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE, a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety. While still using premium USA labor and materials, Cementex offers Arc Flash Task Wear with reliable, classic protection for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment. The Contractor Series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits that include hood, hard hat, coats, pants, coveralls, ear canal hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles, as well as optional gloves and hard hat liners or balaclavas as needed. The Contractor Series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits that include hood, hard hat, coats, pants, coveralls, ear canal hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles, as well as optional gloves and hard hat liners or balaclavas as needed.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Pumps December 14, 2023

Emergency stock pump service

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, proudly announces that its Allweiler brand is launching a new Emergency Stock Pump Service at the CIRCOR Allweiler site in Norway. This service is tailored to meet the critical needs of the maritime industry, ensuring the swift restoration of operations with minimal downtime. The cornerstone of this service is the dedicated stock of heavy-duty pumps, strategically located at the Allweiler site in Norway.

Circor International
Machinery and Equipment December 14, 2023

Measuring wheels in three different sizes

Sisco Measuring Wheels offers measuring wheels in three different sizes for different applications. The Sisco 5/6/12 Inches Measuring Wheels is engineered to be rugged, yet versatile, compact and dependable. It makes measuring distances and computing area simple. Measuring wheel records distances in feet as fast as you can walk and subtract distance when direction is reversed. Sisco 12 Inch Digital Distance Measuring Wheels With Carrying Bag are perfect for estimating distance, landscaping, fencing, irrigation, surveying and more.

Sisco Measuring Wheels
Machinery and Equipment December 13, 2023

Industrial screwdrivers, pliers, crimpers, wire strippers and cutters

AutomationDirect is pleased to announce the addition of world-renowned Wiha tools to our vast selection of industrial tools. The new Wiha tool offering includes various types of standard, insulated and miniature/precision screwdrivers; multi-bit, hex, and impact bit drivers; general purpose, insulated, cutting, crimping and precision pliers; cable shears and many tool set choices. Wiha tools are built with top-quality materials, ergonomically designed, and engineered with safety in mind to ensure long-lasting, reliable, and safe operation.

Switchgear December 12, 2023

Load switch ICs for electronic devices

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected and safer world, announced the latest release of five versatile load switch devices in the protection ICs product line. These new Load Switch ICs are ultra-efficient, 2 and 4 A-rated load switches with integrated true reverse current blocking (TRCB) and slew rate control. Their best-in-class efficiency makes them ideal for mobile and wearable consumer electronics. They support the industry's lowest quiescent current (IQ), low RON, and shutdown current (ISD), helping designers reduce parasitic leakage current, improve system efficiency, and increase overall battery lifetime. View the video. The latest load switch ICs are ideal for use in a wide range of electronics designs, including: Handheld devices. Wearables. Internet of Things. SSD storage. Building automation. Consumer electronics. “The new Load Switch IC Series supports an extended battery lifetime for mobile and wearable products by providing low power consumption and power savings with easy-to-power on/off control,” said Bernie Hsieh, Assistant Product Manager of the Protection Semiconductor Business team at Littelfuse.

Mechanical & Electrical December 11, 2023

OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks with SNAP IN Technology

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial automation and connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., is pleased to introduce the new OMNIMATE 4.0 PCB Terminal Blocks in the MTS 5 product series. These innovative terminal blocks mark an exciting expansion of the company’s PCB product portfolio. Featuring Weidmuller’s innovative SNAP IN technology, the OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks provide the most efficient wiring and signal transmission in many industrial sectors. With this new technology, a wide variety of conductors can be connected quickly without the need for tools and wire-end ferrules, making OMNIMATE ideal for the full spectrum of automated processes. Some industry-leading features of the new OMNIMATE 4.0 Terminal Blocks include: Pitch 5.00mm, vertical and horizontal orientations in 2 through 12 positions.

Safety & PPE December 1, 2023

1106-PEEK super air nozzle

When working with surfaces and equipment that are sensitive to scuffing or abrasion, it’s important to employ tools that ensure protection from what could be costly downtime and repairs. EXAIR’s new PEEK 1/2 NPT Super Air Nozzle has been engineered to produce powerful blowoff without damage to expensive equipment. A PEEK plastic construction provides non-marring protection to production items and excellent resistance to damage from harsh chemicals and temperatures up to 320 °F (160 °C).

Machinery and Equipment December 1, 2023

K- and L-coded overmolded cable

binder USA expanded its 823/824 product series with K- and L-coded overmolded cable components that meet the UL 2238 standard for North America. The transmission of electrical power via compact M12 interfaces has become a fundamental requirement. The new components provide reliable power transmission to field devices, such as sensors, wireless transmitters, and Fieldbus devices.

binder USA
Mechanical & Electrical November 29, 2023

Compact data and signal surge protection devices

AutomationDirect has added BLITZDUCTORconnect yellow/line compact data and signal surge protectors to their growing lineup of surge protective devices. These surge protectors feature a modular, compact design for system protection in industrial environments, information technology signal interfaces, and automation or measuring and control systems. The integrated LifeCheck monitoring function helps ensure the arrester can protect equipment from lightning strikes and surges. Several protection module types are available to configure a system, including units that protect low-voltage, analog, and communication circuits.

Digital Twins November 16, 2023

Digital process twins for proactive maintenance and improved plant performance

The TrendMiner 2023.R3 release delivers actionable insights for enhancing event-based condition monitoring. Conditional formatting in Gantt chart or grid display: The latest version allows users to apply conditional formatting to context-based views in either a Gantt chart or grid display mode. Different colors can be set to represent the status of an event, which gives operational experts greater awareness and the ability to create proactive, actionable monitors. This feature expands batch analytics and condition-monitoring capabilities.

Plumbing, Pumping November 15, 2023

Stainless steel plumbing kits for air knives

EXAIR’s Stainless Steel Plumbing Kits simplify installation of the Stainless Steel Super Air Knife by including all of the proper fittings and tube for hooking up to a compressed air supply. They also eliminate poor performance attributed to undersized fittings and compressed air supply lines. Stainless Steel Plumbing Kits can also be fully assembled and installed on a Super Air Knife at the factory to further reduce unproductive time and effort.

Machinery and Equipment November 15, 2023

Food line spherical roller bearings

SKF's new Explorer class spherical roller bearings are specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. These bearings come with high-efficiency food grade seals (FDA approved) and high-performance food grade grease to enhance food safety. You can count on these bearings for an average of 3x longer service life compared to open bearings, resulting in more efficient production and less maintenance.

Mechanical & Electrical November 6, 2023

Inch 10 and 15 series

Adding to its robust aluminum framing product portfolio metric series, Bosch Rexroth is expanding its offering in North America to include the Inch 10 and 15 series. With 9 strut profiles and over 100 components to choose from, Bosch Rexroth continues its commitment to provide unbeatable flexibility for the design of your assembly line. Our new Inch series is backed by our over 40 years of experience continuously enhancing aluminum extrusion and providing high-quality and versatile final products. With the new Inch 10 and 15 series, build anything from worktables, machine bases, industrial guarding, and tool racks to robot stands, workstations, carts, display units, and more! When built, the end result is a strong, yet lightweight structure that’s as function as it is attractive.

Bosch Rexroth
Machinery and Equipment November 2, 2023


Specifications Model LA12000R (RED) Magnetic Sheave Alignment System Laser: Class II (2) Power Out: <1mW Laser Wavelength: 635 - 670 mm Sheave Diameters: 2.5" (60mm) to 2.5’ 770 mm) Operating Distance: 32 feet (10 meters) Battery Power: 2 ea Size "AAA" Batteries (8 hrs) Magnetic Pulley Alignment Tool: W x L x D: 1-3/4" x 6-11/16" x 5/8" (45mm x 170mm x 16mm) Magnetic Target Dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter x 1-1/8" length (32mm x 28mm) Housing / Target: High Grade Anodized Aluminum Magnets: Nickel Plated Rare Earth Magnetic Targets: Qty - 4 (one extra spare target) adjustable over 5/8" (16mm) Accuracy: .05° Case Dimensions: W x L x D: 8-14’’ x 10-7/16’’ x 3-1/8’’ (210mm x 265mm x 80mm) Total System Weight: 2 pounds (.9kg) Warranty: One Year.

Machinery and Equipment November 2, 2023


Specifications Model LA12000G (GREEN) Magnetic Sheave Alignment System Laser class: II (2) Power out: <1mW Laser Wavelength: Green Laser 532 nm Sheave Diameters: 2.5" (60 mm) to 2.5' (770 mm) Operating Distance: 32 feet (10 meters) Battery Power: Green Laser 2 ea size "AAA Batteries" (4 hrs +) Magnetic Pulley Alignment Tool: W x L x D: 1-3/4" x 6-11/16" x 5/8" (45 mm x 170 mm x 16 mm) Magnetic Target Dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter x 1-1/8" length (32mm x 28mm) Housing / Target: High Grade Anodized Aluminum Magnets: Nickel Plated Rare Earth Magnetic Targets: Qty - 4 (one extra spare target) adjustable over 5/8" (16mm) Accuracy: .05° Case Dimensions: W x L x D: 8-14’’ x 10-7/16’’ x 3-1/8’’ (210mm x 265mm x 80mm) Total System Weight: 2 pounds (.9 kg) Warranty: One Year.

Safety & PPE November 1, 2023

Patlite NE Series Visual and Audible-Visual Signaling Beacons

Patlite NE Series Visual and Audible-Visual Signaling Beacons from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added Patlite NE series visual and audible-visual signaling beacons to their portfolio of industrial signaling devices. These signaling devices are offered as visual-only beacons or as combination devices with a buzzer or selectable tone alarm (8 different tones) and signal beacon.   Mono-color beacons are available in red, yellow, green, blue, or clear models. Multi-color versions support 7 selectable colors allowing users to signal numerous different equipment conditions with one device.

Motors & Drives November 1, 2023

Toshiba EQP Global SD Severe Duty Motors

Toshiba EQP Global SD Severe Duty Motors from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect recently added the EQP Global SD severe duty motors from Toshiba. The Toshiba EQP SD series motors are designed to withstand the most severe conditions. Since most AC motor failures are a result of failed bearings, these inverter-duty motors feature oversized 300-series bearings for maximum motor longevity.   The Toshiba EQP SD series motors are available in 230/460 VAC voltages, sizes from ¼ hp up to 100 hp, and speeds of 1200, 1800, and 3600 rpm.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules November 1, 2023

M12 K- and L-Coded Panel Mount Parts

binder USA announced the addition of K- and L-coded panel mount parts that meet the UL 2237 standard for North American power applications. The new parts are available within binder’s 824/823 product series. This includes 5-pin male and female panel mount parts featuring screw locking with a protection level of IP68.   Power supply components used in control cabinets in North America must meet UL 2237 standards, which specify testing guidelines for connectors, cables, cable glands, and fuse elements.

binder USA
Plumbing, Pumping November 1, 2023

RG3400 Roll Grooving Tool

The new RG3400 Roll Grooving Tool is Victaulic’s best-in-class roll grooving tool for 1-12” OGS and 1” IGS. It incorporates all the necessary components to groove various pipe sizes and schedules into a single package for field and shop fabrication. The plug-and-play design includes an integrated motor, pipe stand, roll set package, pipe tape, and storage bag with accessories.

Safety & PPE October 31, 2023

HollowStream 1/8 NPT Liquid Nozzle

Exair's 1/8 NPT HollowStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle is the latest addition to Exair's line of Liquid Atomizing Nozzle. Providing a hollow cone spray pattern, the HollowStream features a tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a ring pattern with medium to large droplets to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. With HollowStream nozzles, the liquid is supplied into the body of the nozzle creating a swirling action within a vortex chamber. This vortex produces the spray pattern when the machined nozzle breaks the liquid surface tension as it exits the orifice and into a controlled spray angle.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 25, 2023

Plantweb Insight Valve Health Application

Emerson has announced the Plantweb Insight Valve Health Application, a powerful software tool that combines Fisher control valve expertise with advanced analytic algorithms. The new app makes it possible for users to visualize an entire connected fleet of valves, while prioritizing actions based on the health index of each valve. This helps plant personnel optimize valve repair activities, resulting in faster and better maintenance decisions, leading to reduced downtime.   The Plantweb Insight Valve Health Application speeds and simplifies this control valve monitoring task by providing a user-friendly interface, with easy-to-understand and intuitive graphics.

Emerson Systems
Machinery and Equipment October 24, 2023

Hose series expanded with general fluid transfer applications

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions announces that Bredel hose pumps has expanded its range of hoses by releasing the new and versatile Bredel NR Transfer hose for general fluid transfer applications at pressures up to 12 bar (174 psi). The Bredel NR (Natural Rubber) Transfer hose can be used for handling sludge with a high solid content, food and beverage waste and abrasive slurries. This solution complements the Bredel NR metering hose, which is designed for heavier duties with pressure capability up to 16 bar (232 psi), already available from Bredel hose pumps. Bredel is now the only manufacturer to offer optimized NR hose properties for different customer needs, be it metering, transfer, low, medium or heavy duty.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
Compressed Air October 23, 2023

KROF Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The KROF two-stage oil-free rotary screw air compressor represents Kaishan’s commitment to catering to the growing demand for oil-free air across various industries. The KROF is designed to provide uncontaminated, highly efficient, reliable air with a reduced environmental footprint. As industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and electronics manufacturing increasingly require pure air, oil-free air solutions have become more critical.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Mechanical & Electrical October 21, 2023

PS ESB001 Inrush Current Limiter

The CAMTEC Power Supplies' ESB001 inrush-current limiter series is by far world’s smallest of its performance class. It requires just 1 TE (17.5mm) space on the top-hat rail, which commonly is only the dimension of a single-phase circuit breaker. The ESB001 series is developed and produced by CAMTEC Power Supplies GmbH in Germany. The acknowledged specialists for particularly robust capacitive loads and laboratory power supplies are releasing the new series in two versions: The ESB001.LED.230VAC aims at traditional LED lighting in buildings, street lighting and tunnel lighting.

Camtec Power Supplies GmbH
Gears and Bearings October 18, 2023

Extensive line of metric spur gears

KHK USA Inc. announces its extensive line of metric spur gears. Over 8,000 configurations of off-the-shelf KHK Spur Gears are available in many materials, configurations, modules, and numbers of teeth. The KHK SS Series Spur Gears are minimum plain bore spur gears made from 1045 carbon steel.

Machinery and Equipment October 17, 2023

T-Handle tools, including hex wrenches, 6-point socket wrenches and drivers

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including Hex Head Wrenches, 6-Point Socket Wrenches, and Drives. All of the T-Handle tools incorporate the superior Cementex 2-layer insulation system and solid core handle to distribute pressure evenly through the gloved hand. Made in the USA featuring hardened American steel, the T-Handle tools rigid construction prevents twisting and flexing while providing the quality customers rely on from Cementex as the industry leader. The T-Handle Hex Wrenches are available in multiple shaft lengths and a range of combinations in order to meet each application’s unique insulated hand tool needs.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Safety & PPE October 17, 2023

G6 Single-Gas Detector

G6 is a connected single-gas detector that uses instant cloud connectivity and location technology to help companies better protect their workers in industrial environments where exposure to toxic gases and hazards are common risks. G6 now features the same real-time connectivity as the company’s G7 product line. Additional new features include an emergency SOS that workers can trigger in critical situations to get help, and an expanded suite of data and reporting analytics. The device also supports indoor location technology.

Blackline Safety
Mechanical & Electrical October 17, 2023

Portable 12000A Enclosed Common Bus

A 12000-A common bus enclosed in a NEMA-3R enclosure to facilitate power distribution from multiple paralleled generators used to support large-scale events and facilitate industrial facility maintenance and service outages. The new enclosed single common bus design provides up to 64 600MCM termination points per phase and neutral and 32 600MCM termination points per ground. It's perfect for distributing power across large construction sites.

Lubrication October 16, 2023


Intelli-Lube is the premier automatic, single-point lubricator that effortlessly extends the life of your bearings by replacing your manual lubrication process that streamlines maintenance, lowering costs and improving safety with the right grease, volume, and interval every single time. It's easy to set up and empowers you to work smarter, not harder. The lubricator features an electro-mechanical drive unit for consistent and hands-free grease delivery, simple product selection through PT Wizard to choose the best cartridge size and dispense settings, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for seamless connection with OPTIFY, the Dodge condition monitoring platform, for remote health monitoring and plant-wide inventory management.

Dodge Construction Network
Energy Efficiency & Management October 12, 2023

DBL 1903-14 line of battery charging computers

Deutronic has developed a powerful and versatile new line of charging computers to supply reliable power to the 12V board net in EV or gas powered vehicles in multiple environments in the North American market. Company executives will preview the capabilities of the DBL 1903-14 charger at the upcoming AAPEX automotive aftermarket show, October 31- November 2 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. At 120 amps, the DBL 1903-14 line is the highest capacity power supply available in the market. A single phase device with touchscreen controls, it is ideal for both original equipment production line charging applications, assembly rework areas, and aftermarket dealer service and showroom environments.

The Drucker Group
Machinery and Equipment October 12, 2023

TwinCAT three CNC milling base

Well known for flexible and powerful CNC solutions, Beckhoff now provides a comprehensive package of different cycles for triple-axis milling and drilling. TwinCAT 3 CNC Milling Base helps engineers speed up programming, increasing speed to market and customization. With numerous new function blocks, the software update encapsulates the required processes in parameterizable and reusable modules. The new TwinCAT CNC cycle package supports a variety of different drilling strategies, ranging from simple centering and deep hole drilling to tapping, helical and thread milling.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Mechanical & Electrical October 11, 2023

M23 19-Pole Field Wireable Connectors

Mencom M23 Field wireable (attachable) connectors are flexible passive devices used for a wide variety of industrial signal and control applications. The “Crimp and Poke” method of wire termination provides a quick solution where pre-molded cordsets are not readily available, or where cabling needs to be repaired. The improved pin and insert designs make using these connectors even more effective and efficient. A simple change to the way the pin is captivated in the insert makes wiring, and re-wiring, if necessary, a quick and easy task. Gone is the old retention clip that could possibly be damaged when re-wiring or repairing. A simple extraction tool can now be used to quickly remove any contact. The pins and sockets for the M23 19-pole products accept a wire gauge range of 24-18 AWG. Mencom M23 19-pole field wireable connectors offer rugged and reliable connections with error-free field installation.  The universal design also provides a means for shielding the cable if needed. As a convenience, Mencom also offers a crimp tool (CCPZ-MIL) a locator tool (MCTP-V19) and the extraction tool (MCV19ES) to assist with assembly and disassembly, as well as MCV-001 to assist with the assembly of the female threaded connector.

Mencom Corporation
Plant Automation October 10, 2023

PolarP IXTY2P50PA P-Channel MOSFET

IXTY2P50PA, the first automotive-grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET. This innovative product design meets the demanding requirements of automotive applications, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 10, 2023

Digital Valve Controller

Emerson has announced the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller, a new design improving upon 30 years of field-proven innovation. The DVC7K features Advice at the Device technology with embedded computing and analytics that convert raw data into actionable information locally with Bluetooth capability, within the device. This means maintenance personnel can receive the data via their phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly without having to be in a control room at the plant location.

Emerson Systems
Machinery and Equipment October 9, 2023

Prism ISP SDK processing software

Teledyne FLIR released version 1.0 of its Prism ISP, a highly optimized image signal processing software development kit for embedded systems designed to maximize performance in thermal and multispectral applications. Designed to run on low-power GPUs from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, Prism ISP includes image-enhancing functionality for: Noise reduction Super-resolution Electronic image stabilization Infrared and electro-optical video fusion Turbulence mitigation Locally adaptive tone mapping The Prism ISP libraries enable integrators in the defense, commercial, and industrial markets to dramatically enhance imaging quality as part of artificial intelligence (AI) data capture at the edge, improving performance, lowering development costs, and shortening time to market. Developers, data scientists and perception engineers can utilize Prism ISP with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cores, including Boson, Tau 2, Hadron and Neutrino. In addition to Prism ISP, Teledyne FLIR has also enhanced Prism AI. This powerful, efficient perception software enables classification, object detection and object tracking in thermal and visible light spectrums.

Teledyne FLIR
Mechanical & Electrical October 5, 2023

Single-channel fastener and hanger for the construction market

In 2017 Gripple introduced its UniGrip single-channel fastener/hanger to the construction market, with the UniGrip 2, 3, and 4 having the highest safe working loads of any comparable Gripple Cable Hangers to date€”120 lbs, 240 lbs, and 550 lbs, respectively. Now with the introduction of the UniGrip 6, Gripple has the only single-channel cable fastener on the market capable of accommodating 6mm (1/4") cable, and boasting a hefty 800 lb safe working load per hanger. This opens the door for the trapezing of large heavy-duty ductwork and multi-tier piping runs with easier, faster, safer cable hangers instead of threaded rod.

Gripple Inc.
Warehousing October 4, 2023

iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System

The iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System, is a first -of-its-kind operator assist technology, that has been designed to provide alerts to operators and mangers, and limit truck functionality if an operator is not properly secured. The iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System features a smart tether that communicates with the lift truck, via iWAREHOUSE telematics and offers audio and visual notifications to the operator of tether status, and changes the behavior of the truck based on an operators harness connection to the self-retracting lanyard (SRL) — connected or disconnected. For facilities with mixed fleets or without Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE Telematics, the system offers unique value and shares audio and visual alerts to operators if connection has not been properly detected. In addition to controlling lift truck functionality, the system offers reporting capabilities through iWAREHOUSE and iMONITOR Telematics, allowing managers to simplify workforce management and training by providing data and metrics on operator connection histories, system involvements and more. The fully integrated wireless solution is compatible with Raymond® lift trucks, systems like these offer valuable data-gathering capabilities that can improve working conditions by helping operator’s complete tasks securely, enhance confidence, and reinforce best practices.

The Raymond Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical October 3, 2023

800 volt, N-channel depletion mode MOSFET

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the launch of CPC3981Z, an 800 V, 100 mA, 45 Ohm, small power N-Channel depletion mode MOSFET. Compared to a standard SOT-223 package, this new product's SOT-223-2L package features a removed middle pin. That increases the drain-gate pin spacing from 1.386 millimeters to more than four millimeters. The extended creepage distance is beneficial in higher voltage applications such as switch mode power supplies or power factor correction startup circuits because designers can avoid the need for costly conformal coating or potting. The key differentiator of the CPC3981Z is its modified SOT-223-2L package which enables designers to meet the required extended creepage distance for higher voltage applications with a small discrete device.

Mechanical & Electrical October 1, 2023

Push-in Technology for Electrical Connections

Eaton's push-in technology is a unique advancement in electrical connections. This innovative solution is set to simplify and enhance the way professionals in various industries connect electrical wires, making installations faster, safer, and more efficient. Eaton's push-in technology offers a cutting-edge approach to electrical connections, ensuring a secure and reliable fit while significantly reducing installation time. Unlike traditional methods that require stripping wires and using screws or clamps, this technology simplifies the process with its straightforward design. Key benefits of Eaton's push-in technology include: Speedy Installation: Push-in technology allows for quick and tool-free wire insertion, reducing labor time and costs, while also minimizing the risk of errors during installation. Enhanced Safety: The technology offers a secure connection, reducing the risk of loose or improperly tightened connections that can lead to electrical hazards or equipment failure. Space Efficiency: With its compact design, push-in technology saves valuable space in control panels, making it ideal for applications with limited room. Versatility: Eaton's push-in technology is compatible with a wide range of wire types and sizes, making it suitable for various applications across industries such as industrial automation, construction, and more.

Eaton Corporation
Machinery and Equipment September 27, 2023

SSP safety switches

AutomationDirect has added SSP magnetic locking RFID non-contact safety switches to their portfolio of safety products. The SSP safety switches monitor and lock machine guards, doors, windows or other machinery. These safety switches combine both magnetic locking and RFID technology to provide tamper-proof protection using coded actuators. Contact is not required between the switch and actuator, which allows for a degree of misalignment.

Machinery and Equipment September 21, 2023

Combo head screwdriver for electrical applications

Cementex, the safety tool specialist and double-insulated tool supplier, highlights its combo head screwdriver. This specialty tool is designed for maximum contact with the combination head screws predominantly found on electrical devices such as terminals, plugs and sockets, making it an essential tool for electricians and electrical technicians working with these devices and fittings. Cementex’s Cushion Grip handle is designed for maximum comfort during long days in the field. Its cushioned handle provides strong grip and maximum torque power.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment September 21, 2023

Fleet line software for integrated equipment management

HCSS, a provider of innovative software helping heavy civil construction businesses streamline their operations, highlights its line of software products specifically designed for fleet operations. The HCSS Fleet product offerings include Equipment360, HCSS Telematics and FuelerPlus. This suite of software and hardware offerings integrates with existing field equipment to provide accurate, real-time data for informed decision-making in the field and office. Equipment360 was created to solve the industry’s most pressing equipment management and maintenance pain points while also enabling automated preventive maintenance.

Safety & PPE September 20, 2023

ThreadChecker with Inspection Capabilities for the Fastener Industry

This line of non-contact application-specific sensors provides rugged, reliable verification of thread presence or absence in nearly any electrically conductive material. The ThreadChecker is a teachable eddy current inspection tool, widely used for thread detection, material sorting, plating presence, and absence of heat treatment, as examples. Any physical property difference that relates to material conductivity is readily detected.

Kaman Precision Products
Electrical, Power September 20, 2023

Iboco wire duct options

AutomationDirect has added more Iboco wire ducts which provide an easy, efficient and safe way to organize wires and cables routed inside an electrical enclosure or cabinet. Our new shorter-length (1 meter) Iboco T1 series wide-finger-wall wire ducts and T1E series narrow-finger-wall wire ducts add more options for installation convenience in smaller projects. In addition, T1E series wire duct is now available in 2m self-adhesive versions that help reduce installation errors by temporarily holding the duct in position while being secured with screws. Iboco wire ducts are rugged UL recognized products made of a UL94V-0 flammability-rated PVC material and include two predetermined break lines on the sidewalls that allow easy removal of a single finger or a full segment from the base.

Mechanical & Electrical September 19, 2023

Safety and power configurable 19 inch power distribution unit

Vent Electric PLC, a provider of connection and protection solutions, announced the addition of common North American voltages to the rack safety plus line of modular safety and power distribution units designed to protect and connect electronics enclosed within 19 inch cabinets. Designed in collaboration with test and measurement customers, these 19 inch slide-in units provide power entry, power distribution and safety features that are required for operating semi- and fully automated test systems. Key features of rack safety plus include configurable power outlets, input connectors and safety functions, such as an emergency power button. Updates to the new North American versions include compatibility with 120VAC or 208/240VAC input power, configurable NEMA Type 5 outlets and c(UL)us listing. .

Mechanical & Electrical September 18, 2023

Wiring devices slim GFCI receptacle

Featuring one of the slimmest depths on the market with updated features and a modern look, the next generation Arrow Hart Slim GFCI receptacles have been redesigned, allowing for quick, easy installation and simple intuitive use for the end user. The devices are offered in a variety of models — standard, tamper resistant, weather resistant and controlled and in numerous colors to meet and compliment any décor for new construction and retrofit projects.  Other features include: A 1.03 inch depth in the box provides for more room for quick and easy wiring. External backwire clamp allows visual confirmation of secure wire termination, increasing safety while saving installation time. Wider TEST/RESET buttons make it easier to test and reset. Intuitive large reset indicator light allows the user to easily identify a trip incident, and quickly reset the device, eliminating unnecessary call backs. In case of a unit failure, an end-of-life indicator light flashes red for easy identification of a device failure. Tamper resistant shutter system allows for easy plug insertion and are black to disappear, adding to the clean, modern look. Minimal top housing markings are debossed and neutrally positioned for easy reading. Tested to the highest standards to help ensure safety, Eaton’s Arrow Hart Slim GFCI Receptacles provide code-compliant protection from electrical shock.

Eaton Wiring Devices
Machinery and Equipment September 15, 2023

PBC15 power bayonet connector

binder USA’s new PBC15 power bayonet connector is designed for power supply and signal linking of devices via a single cable. The connector’s size corresponds to an M15 thread, effectively bridging the gap between M12 and M23 for power supply applications. The PBC15 is also designed for easy wiring and installation with a quick-locking system. The compact PBC15 is ideal for power supply to three-phase motors or frequency converters.

binder USA
Mechanical & Electrical September 14, 2023

AA3100 Electric Cylinders

Beckhoff is adding more devices to its scalable AA3000 electric cylinder series to extend the significant advantages in total cost of ownership, footprint, energy efficiency and sustainability to more applications. The new AA3100 devices offer the necessary force, dynamics and compactness needed for linear motion applications. However, this direct-drive solution delivers all the advantages of servo technology, including controlled positioning, safe holding at a standstill and high efficiency. The AA3100 series is designed as a drop-in replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Machinery and Equipment September 14, 2023

Threaded rod anchors

CONFAST is committed to satisfying its valued customers by offering competitive pricing for high quality products. As part of CONFASTs continued commitment to providing a wider variety of products, the CONFAST Threaded Rod Anchor has been added to its extensive line of fasteners. Features include Easy to install Can be used close to edges Are easily removed and replaced  The stress is evenly spread across the length of the anchor Made from carbon steel with zinc plating for indoor, dry environments Threaded rod anchors can be used in a variety of base materials such as concrete, brick, block and stone. The applications where threaded anchors can be used include ventilation systems, lighting, air conditioning, cable trays, suspended ceilings and overhead utilities.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Mechanical & Electrical September 13, 2023

Gladiator GECP series modular circuit protectors

AutomationDirect has added Gladiator GECP series modular 12/24 VDC circuit protectors to their selection of electronic circuit protection devices. The GECP series offers both fixed trip current versions and a version with an adjustable trip current range and adjustable trip characteristics. LED signaling with output alarms allows real-time status monitoring.

Mechanical & Electrical September 13, 2023

LUTZE type HAR/MTW wire

AutomationDirect has added 300V to 750V rated LUTZE type harmonized European standard/machine tool wire that meets National Electrical Code  and NFPA Standard 79 requirements and is commonly used for appliance wiring, control cabinets and machine tool applications in Europe. These wires consist of a tinned copper single conductor covered with a color-coded polyvinyl chloride outer jacket and are available in sizes ranging from 0.75 mm2 (19AWG) to 4.0 mm2 (12 AWG). Striped versions are also available in various colors including blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe and green with yellow stripe.

Machinery and Equipment September 7, 2023

PowerLine 200 gen 2

The PowerLine 200 Gen 2 is the next generation of the direct-connect PowerLine 200 driverless tape light. Offering ETL listed custom lengths in 12-inch increments for continuous runs up to 164 feet, the tape light provides the same high-quality performance, reliability and compatibility provided by the popular PowerLine family. The PowerLine 200 Gen 2 is available for both 120-volt driverless hard-wire and plug-in installations and features one of the broadest selections of configuration options on the market. The tape light’s tight diode pitch reduces hot spots and provides up to 272 lumens per foot based on the selected color temperature (2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4200K).

Alloy LED
Motors & Drives September 7, 2023

OCB belt driven linear stage

TPA ONB series belt driven linear module adopts an integrated design combining servo motor and belt with semi-closed design, which converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, precisely controls the speed, position and thrust of the slider and realizes high precision automatic control. The semi-closed belt-drives linear actuator, and the belt width is large and the profile is open. To some extent, the belt is used instead of the cover plate to prevent foreign objects from entering the modules.

TPA Robot
Machinery and Equipment September 6, 2023

Shaft alignment system for machinery alignment

The AT-400 shaft alignment system is a state-of-the-art solution for precision machinery alignment. With 2-axis PSD alignment sensors, dual sweep, and dual multipoint methods, it ensures accurate alignment over a 65 feet (20 meter) measuring distance. Featuring the user-friendly GuideU interface, cloud connectivity and a lifetime warranty, the AT-400 is Acoem’s most comprehensive and user-centric alignment system.

Mechanical & Electrical September 5, 2023

656 and 658 series fuse blocks

Littelfuse, Inc announced the latest release of the 656 and 658 Series Fuse Blocks product line. These fuse blocks offer a higher amperage rating, giving electronics engineers and designers more options depending on their specific application requirements. The key differentiator of these high-resistance fuse blocks is their ability to support a higher amperage rating available in PCB-mounted (656) and surface-mounted (658) options. While the current versions are rated up to 16 A, Littelfuse is now offering versions rated at 20 A and 30 A.

Manufacturing IT, MES September 2, 2023


The Solumina platform by iBase-t improves manufacturing, maintenance and repair, and overall productivity, quality and compliance. iBase-t solutions help customers to simplify complex, highly engineered manufacturing, quality, and sustainment operations. Solumina is a comprehensive digital operations suite for more intelligent manufacturing.

Networking and Security September 1, 2023

MXview one central manager software

With MXview One Central Manager software from Moxa, network administrators and OT engineers can automatically consolidate the status and events of all local MXview one sites to a single centralized platform for complete visibility of the network no matter the size or location of the sites. Users leverage the information-packed dashboard, interactive map, reports and event intelligence to monitor the status of multiple sites, helping them to quickly pinpoint issues, improve uptime and maximize efficiency.

Safety & PPE September 1, 2023

RollSeal Oven Door

Cutting-edge solutions offer enhanced efficiency and sustainability for manufacturing processes. International Thermal Systems, a global leader in thermal processing solutions, proudly announces the use of groundbreaking RollSeal Door technology in their ovens. This innovative solution is set to transform industrial manufacturing processes by significantly improving efficiency, sustainability, and overall performance. The ITS RollSeal  Door retrofit brings a compact, energy efficient, and safe design to batch and conveyor style thermal processing units of all shapes and sizes. The safety and efficiency of this design has been proven on a variety of equipment types in multiple industries around the world.

International Thermal Systems
Wireless August 30, 2023

Quabbin cut-to-length Ethernet cables

AutomationDirect has added more Quabbin DataMax industrial and commercial Ethernet cable gauge sizes and styles to their cut-to-length cable offering. New Quabbin DataMax Extreme industrial Ethernet cable additions include Cat6/6a cable in 26 and 24 AWG with 4-twisted pairs and 7-stranded tinned copper conductors. These cables are available with a black polyurethane jacket.

Machinery and Equipment August 25, 2023

Perforated coil anodized aluminum

Lorin Industries, Inc., a leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, highlights its coil anodized aluminum for perforated aluminum projects in architectural, construction and industrial applications. Perforated anodized aluminum delivers functionality, superior durability and excellent aesthetics. The cost-effective coil anodizing process, pioneered by Lorin, protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability. Architectural applications of the Lorin’s perforated aluminum include perforated stair in-fill panels, ceiling panels, fencing/screening and more.

Lorin Industries
Sensors, Actuators August 25, 2023

SUP-LUGB Vortex flowmeter wafer installation

SUP-LUGB Vortex flowmeter work on the principle of generated vortex and relation between vortex and flow by theory of Karman and Strouhal, which specialize in measurement of steam, gas and liquid of lower viscosity.

Supmea Automation
Machinery and Equipment August 23, 2023

Hammond enclosure products

AutomationDirect now offers more enclosures and accessories to cover a wider range of needs. These new additions from Hammond Manufacturing include carbon and stainless steel junction boxes in various sizes, with NEMA 3/4/12 ratings and screw covers. Polycarbonate and ABS miniature cases with screw covers and NEMA 4/4X/6/6P/12/13 ratings expand the line even further, as well as a variety of carbon and stainless steel wiring troughs, rated NEMA 1/4/4X/12. Along with the new enclosures, numerous accessories have been added, including mounting feet for C3SC and C4XSC enclosures, more latching options, and carbon steel / stainless steel plinth options for Hammond workstation consoles.  .

Safety & PPE August 23, 2023

SUP-LDG Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter for food processing

Electromagnetic flowmeter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid, which is wide used in water supply, sewage water measuring, industry chemical measuring etc. The remote type is with high IP protection class and can be installed in different locations for the transmitter and converter. Output signal can pulse,4-20mA or with RS485 communication.

Supmea Automation
Machinery and Equipment August 21, 2023

Sanitary flange line vac

EXAIR’s Sanitary Flange Line Vac air operated conveyors convey materials through systems that require frequent or mandatory cleaning. The ISO 2852 compatible sanitary flanges limit areas where bacteria can grow and help prevent contamination. Made from type 316 stainless steel to provide maximum hygiene and corrosion resistance, these Line Vacs are available in 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" and 3" flange sizes.

Engineered Materials August 18, 2023

Anodized aluminum for architectural applications

Lorin Industries, Inc., the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, highlights its anodized aluminum for architectural applications. Lorin’s coil anodizing process builds an anodic layer from the aluminum, bonding it to the surface at the molecular level, thus protecting the aluminum from the elements. The anodized aluminum will not chip, flake, peel, or corrode and also resists scratching.

Auto-Chlor System
Gears and Bearings August 17, 2023

Custom gear production capabilities

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the KHK® brand of metric gears, announces its capacity to supply custom, made-to-print metric gears, manufactured to the quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. KHK offers over 26,000 configurations of stock metric gearing and has the capacity to produce custom gears for a wide range of applications including packaging equipment, food handling equipment, robotics and industrial automation applications. KHK can supply custom metric spur gears, helical gears, internal ring gears, gear racks, bevel gears and worm gear pairs in various materials including: 4115, 4140, 4135, 8620 & 1045 Carbon steel 303, 304, 416 & 420 Stainless steel MC 901 & MC907 Nylon Acetal/POM Bronze alloy Brass Aluminum alloy Aluminum Bronze alloy Cast iron PEEK These products can be produced within the following parameters: Module 0.5 to Module 14 Spur, helical and internal gears up to 700mm in diameter Gear racks in lengths up to 2000mm Hardened gears racks in lengths up to 1000mm Plastic gear racks in lengths up to 1000mm Gleason bevel gears up to 270mm in diameter Worms up to 200mm in diameter Minimum bore of 6mm Gear quality grades JIS N5~JIS N12 (AGMA Equivalent 11~5).

Machinery and Equipment August 16, 2023

Cutting, crimping and wire stripping tools

AutomationDirect is pleased to announce the addition of more wire and cable cutting, stripping and crimping tools to serve your application needs. Our new crimping tool additions include a fixed crimping tool with indent profile, more tools with oval and trapezoid crimp profiles, a crimper model with a color-coded connector reference, and a new square profile rotatable self-adjusting crimping tool. In addition, AutomationDirect has added a pistol grip automatic cutting/stripping tool that provides stress-free operation, and a versatile cable dismantling/stripping tool that allows circular, lengthwise, and spiral stripping of all cable sizes and insulation types.  .

Compressed Air August 16, 2023

Metal work syntesi air prep components

AutomationDirect has added new Metal Work Syntesi air prep components to their pneumatic components category. This value-packed addition offers a full selection of combination pre-assembled air prep systems including manual shut-off, filter/regulator, and lubricator assemblies; filter/regulator and lubricator assemblies; filter and lubricator assemblies; and filter and coalescing filter assemblies. Also available are individual components including filter/regulators, filters, regulators, shut-off valves, soft start valves, lubricators, modular pressure switches, air distribution blocks and dial gauges. All assemblies and components are available in two body sizes as well as a selection of port sizes ranging from 1/8” NPT to 1” NPT.

Manufacturing IT August 15, 2023

Catalog 35 technical guide for manufacturers

The demands of the average manufacturing process are constantly evolving, and it becomes increasingly important to understand how to best provide safety and efficiency to unique environments. It’s for this reason that EXAIR is delighted to present the new Catalog 35; a full-color technical guide offering innovative solutions to common industrial conveying, cooling, cleaning, blow-off, drying, coating and static electricity problems. The expanded Catalog 35 houses new products, guides, research, certifications and other tools to assist customers. Catalog 35 provides detailed tables and descriptions on each product, and highlights EXAIR’s newest additions.

Safety & PPE August 15, 2023

Cooling towel and helmet liner with nape cover

The chemical-free cooling helmet liner with a nape cover and cooling towel from STUDSON are designed to shield wearers from harmful sun rays and sweltering heat. They are simply activated with water. The innovative helmet liner with nape cover and cooling towel, developed with Mission, features long-lasting, chemical-free cooling technology with UPF-50 sun protection. Workers simply wet the garments with water thoroughly, wring out excess water, then snap or wave them to activate, helping workers stay cooler for up to two hours per rinse.

Machinery and Equipment August 14, 2023

Dynapro 2D undermount slide

Grass America, a supplier of functional hardware for the cabinet industry, is bringing back its Dynapro 2D undermount slide. This undermount slide combines unmatched synchronization with precise adjustment and superb gliding action. The innovative, concealed undermount slide brings together elegance and comfort in a precision-engineered system. The Dynapro 2D's seamless operating motion exemplifies the excellent engineering behind its unique design.

Grass America
Compressed Air August 11, 2023

P400HRP centrifugal compressor

Built upon the success of our P400 model, the P400HPR has advanced features and superior performance to meet any high-pressure application while ensuring energy efficiency and reliability. P400 features and benefits include: Low-pressure bearings provide extended bearing life. Simple, practical design with minimal rotating and wearing parts. Straight-through intercooler tube accommodates periodic cleaning, rather than replacement. Full-capacity auxiliary oil pump continues normal, safe operation in the event of a main oil pump failure. R1000 control system featuring a 9" full touch-screen display efficiently manages plant load and maximizes energy savings. Horizontally split gear case and internal components are integral features of the only truly field-serviceable gear box in the industry. ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, 100% oil-free air minimizes downtime from oil contamination in the production line and eliminates the need for off-site condensate disposal. Engineered coatings designed for extreme conditions provide extended service life of internal and external surfaces, reduced maintenance, and corrosion prevention.

Mechanical & Electrical August 4, 2023

Littelfuse Unveils SZSMF4L Automotive Grade 400-Watt TVS Diodes in Surface Mount Package

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the release of its new SZSMF4L 400 W TVS Diode Series. As automotive electronics continue increasing in volume and sophistication, all these components require protection from high voltage, high energy transients.   The SZSMF4L TVS Diodes protect these sensitive systems with fast response time, low Zener impedance, high surge handling, and excellent clamping capabilities.

Safety & PPE August 2, 2023

Swagelok Ammonia Sampler

The Swagelok ammonia sampler makes anhydrous ammonia sampling safer by minimizing operators’ exposure to liquid and vaporized ammonia. It also introduces consistency into the sampling operation, significantly expedites the sampling process, and eliminates the need to transport ammonia samples within the facility. Anhydrous ammonia is used in the production of fertilizers, plastics, textiles, petroleum, and more. To avoid ammonia stress corrosion cracking in storage tanks and product quality concerns, the product must be regularly sampled to verify a water content of 0.2% to 0.5%.

Swagelok Company
Machinery and Equipment August 1, 2023

Plastic ribbed wall anchor kit with pan head self tapping screws

CONFAST plastic ribbed wall anchor kit with pan head self tapping screws. This kit comes with five different-sized anchors and screws, all of which are stored in a durable see-through organizer case. The case features size compartments for both anchors and screws and has a snap-tight lid for easy storage. Versatile: Five anchor sizes for fastening most light and medium items to drywall, gypsum or plaster surfaces Bits included: The kit contains drill bits for each of the anchor sizes Clean, flush look: Once installed, the anchors maintain a clean, flush look with the installed surface Handy case: The clear case helps to easily identify the anchors when being stored.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Machinery and Equipment July 27, 2023

VariBlast precision safety air gun

Safety and efficiency are coupled with ergonomic design and engineered air nozzle technology to produce the VariBlast® Precision Safety Air Gun - an essential tool for processes needing a handheld and effective blowoff solution. The VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun provides a focused blast of air capable of handling tough jobs with remarkable ease. This lightweight air gun employs an engineered, variable flow trigger to produce a range of force values for different applications.

Machinery and Equipment July 26, 2023

Cabinet cooler systems calculator

EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler® Systems provide a rugged, industrial duty solution for cooling and purging electronic cabinets and are available in sizes up to 5,600 Btu/hr. There is a large selection of CE compliant cabinet cooler systems including NEMA 12, 4, and 4X models (UL Listed), hazardous location models (UL Classified) for use with purge systems and new ATEX models (ATEX approved) for explosive environments in Zones 2 and 22. By providing certain information like size of the enclosure, NEMA rating needed and environmental conditions, our new calculator will sort through our large selection of ready-to-ship cabinet cooler systems and provide instant feedback on the best model number for any applicable electrical enclosure. Taking the guess work out of the equation, EXAIR’s Calculator ensures the customer that they can be confident in selecting the correct product for their unique specifications. EXAIR’s complete line of cabinet cooler systems include 120V AC, 240V AC and 24V DC thermostat voltage, continuous operation, type 316 stainless steel and high temperature models – all of which are selectable with the new calculator.

Mechanical & Electrical July 25, 2023

Integrated protection IC for Type-C ports

This new eFuse protective integrated circuit's (IC) innovative design protects USB Type-C ports against short circuits, overvoltage, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The LS05006VPQ33 is a highly integrated protection IC for Type-C PD Vbus short to CC/SBU with 28 V max and 8 KV IEC-61000-4-2 ESD capability. The eFuse LS05006VPQ33 protection ICs are ideal for use in a wide range of USB Type-C applications, including: Notebooks Desktops Monitors Industrial PCs Point of sales Smartphones Tablets USB Type-C PD docking stations. "The LS05006VPQ33 is an extension of the Littelfuse eFuse protection IC solutions, and it is our first eFuse to support 20 V short, overvoltage, and system ESD protection for signal pins," said Bernie Hsieh, APM of Protection Semiconductor Business at Littelfuse. "The LS05006VPQ33 provides better reliability, longer life, lower repair costs and compact product size.

Machinery and Equipment July 25, 2023

PF7 and PF7+ benchtop peristaltic filling machine

With repeatable, precision filling from micro-volume quantities, the PF7 benchtop filling range offers a reliable, flexible and scalable filling solution for sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments. As you look to introduce levels of automation into your filling process, the PF7 range’s intelligent user interface, regulatory validation and simple operation combine to safeguard and drive efficiencies. The PF7+ benchtop peristaltic filling machine further enhances process performance by reducing the risk of costly product loss with zero-waste start-up and 100% in-process weight checking features. The PF7+ electronic batch reporting feature provides audit confidence in batch traceability and further reduces contamination risks with Ethernet enabled audit trails to reduce the need for operators to access cleanroom environments.  .

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
Industrial Networking July 24, 2023

Size 21.21 metal hoods with M25 angled cable entry

The wide range of 21.21 rectangular connectors offers a number of advantages for modern industrial applications. They provide a secure and reliable connection for power and signal transmission, with high resistance to environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and vibration. In addition, their compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment. The new size 21.21 metal hood with angled M25 cable entry can accommodate large-diameter cables or wire bundles while eliminating torsional stress on the locking lever of the mating enclosure.

Mencom Corporation
Buildings July 19, 2023

Nut driver selection

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights their expert designed Nut Driver selection. This includes the leading extra long cushion grip ND120CGXL, the metric standard cushion grip ND10MM-CG, the composite CND916-CG, bare headed ND380-CG-BH and the angled ND120A.  Along with the double insulated protection customers have come to expect from Cementex, these Nut Drivers offer exceptional functionality. Cementex Nut Drivers enable access to tighter spaces more than any other Nut Driver available on the market.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment July 18, 2023

PVC coated reducing bushings with sealing sleeves

Introducing our patent-pending PVC coated reducing bushings with sealing sleeves – an innovative solution for threaded rigid conduit raceway systems. Designed to address the challenges of connecting larger trade size PVC coated conduit bodies to smaller conduits, these reducing bushings redefine the standards of connection integrity and protection against moisture ingress and crevice corrosion. The reducing bushings feature an integrally molded connection ring that snugly fits over the female conduit entry, ensuring a tight and secure seal at connection points. The integral PVC sealing sleeve on the reducing bushing enhances the overall performance of the system, significantly reducing the risk of moisture ingress and damage caused by crevice corrosion.

Robroy Industries Raceway Division
Boilers, Chillers July 14, 2023

Coil anodized aluminum for consumer and commercial appliances

Coil anodized aluminum from Lorin is ideal for consumer and commercial appliance products. Lorin’s coil anodized aluminum offers significant benefits of increased strength and durability at a lower weight and cost than competing materials. The cost-effective coil anodizing process, pioneered by Lorin, protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability. Many uncoated natural metal surfaces used in appliances require continuous cleaning due to the natural oxidation that occurs.

Lorin Industries
Mechanical & Electrical July 14, 2023

Power Pedestal

Ideal for remote locations and event applications where electricity is metered upstream. Available in multiple configurations with allowances for up to 16 circuits. NEMA TYPE 3R Rated and UL 508A Listed.

July 12, 2023

IO-link control cable and insulation options

AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SUPERFLEX control cable that is well suited for short to medium length articulated drag chain (C-tracks) installations requiring moderate to high performance. The High Glide TPE insulation and PVC outer jacket provide resistance to sunlight, oil and moisture penetration. This makes the cable suitable for indoor wet and dry applications or outdoor installations.

Plant Automation July 11, 2023

IRB robot series for energy saving

ABB expands large robot family with four energy saving models, 22 variants Four new robots with 22 variants offer greater choice for customers in automotive, EV and a wide range of sectors Enhanced range delivers superior performance and up to 20% energy savings Class-leading repeatability with a minimum of 0.03mm deviation to improve production quality ABB Robotics is expanding its large robot range with four new models and 22 variants offering more choice increased coverage and greater performance. The next generation models include the IRB 6710, IRB 6720, IRB 6730 and IRB 6740, suitable for payloads ranging from 150kg to 310kg, with a reach from 2.5m to 3.2m, offering customers greater choice and significant performance and energy efficiency improvements. “Sustainable production is a major priority of automotive manufacturers, with 78 percent of companies identifying it as important to their business and a further 77 percent identifying it as a priority for their customers” said Marc Segura, President of ABB’s Robotics Division. “ABB’s four new robots offer 22 variants and energy savings of up to 20 percent, responding to our customer’s needs; offering more choice and greater flexibility for more sustainable production.

Motors & Drives July 9, 2023

HNR Series Electric Ball Screw Linear Actuators

Ball screw linear actuator is a kind of small equipment which combines servo motors, ball screws and guide rails. The transmission structure is converted into linear motion through the rotary motion of the motor as to realize high-precision, high-speed and high-load linear operation. HNR series ball screw linear actuator adopts flat design, the overall weight is lighter and it adopts high-rigidity one-piece aluminum material, which has a stable and durable structure. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of various automation equipment for payload, speed, stroke and accuracy, TPA ROBOT provides up to 20 options on the HNR series. The maintenance of the HNR series linear modules is very simple. There are oil injection holes on both sides of the actuator.

TPA Robot
Plant Automation July 5, 2023

AEC-Q200 Rev E Qualified Fuses

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected and safer world, announced the release of its AEC-Q200 Rev E Qualified Fuses, specifically designed for the demanding circuit protection needs of compact automotive electronics and electric vehicle (EV) applications. The new product portfolio includes a range of thin film fuses, Nano2® fuses, PICO® fuses and cartridge fuses, all certified to meet the AEC-Q200 Rev E qualifications for fuses to ensure the long-term reliability of components used in harsh automotive environments.

Compressed Air July 5, 2023

NxD110 Single-Stage, Fixed-Speed Rotary Compressor

Unveiling the FS-Curtis NxD110, our latest single-stage, fixed-speed air compressor. Engineered for peak performance, this cutting-edge design showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence. Key features include: eCOOL Technology: Guards components, extending life and minimizing downtime. dBA Shield Noise Reduction: Boasts extra-thick insulation for whisper-quiet operation. Energy Efficiency & Quality Components: Showcases premium efficiency motors, NEMA-1 electric panel, Wye-Delta motor starter, and a hi-efficiency air/oil separator. 100% Continuous Duty Cycle: Delivers pulsation-free air for uninterrupted operation. Ease of Maintenance: Offers accessible components, washable pre-filter, and intelligent controller alerts. This compressor ensures a winning combination of reliability, quietness, efficiency, and easy maintenance, establishing the NxD110 as a solution that prioritizes both long-term durability and peak performance.

Networking and Security July 1, 2023

MXview One

Moxa’s MXview One next-generation network management software is designed for monitoring and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks. MXview One provides an integrated management platform that can discover networking devices and SNMP/IP devices installed on subnets. All selected network components can be managed via a web browser from a local site or through remote access—anytime and anywhere. In addition, MXview One supports the optional MXview Wireless and MXview Power add-on modules.

Compressed Air June 29, 2023

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

EXAIR’s Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD), a hand-held instrument engineered to help locate the source of costly leaks in a compressed air system, has received an upgrade in look and function. Up to 30% of the compressed air generated in industrial plants is wasted through leaks that go undetected. The EXAIR ULD can play a major role to identify and pinpoint these costly leaks, allowing quick repair and cost savings.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules June 29, 2023

MDMA-MDMB Connector Series

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the availability of its latest C&K product – the MDMA Micro-D Connector with removable crimp contacts. This unique design innovation allows end users to easily create custom cable harnesses, a feature not currently offered by any other Micro-D connectors on the market.

Machinery and Equipment June 28, 2023

MIK-MP-A Ultrasonic level transmitter

MIK-MP-A ultrasonic level transmitter takes the advantages of various level measuring instruments and is a universal one characterized by total digitalized and humanized design. It has level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication. Features Measure range:0 ~ 30mBlind zone:0.35mAccuracy:0.5%F.SPower supply: (14~28) VDC Backup and recovery parameter set Free adjustment of the range of analog output Custom serial port data format Optional increment/difference distance measurement to measure air space or liquid level 1-15 transmitted pulse intensity depending on working conditions.

Meacon Automation
Asset Management June 27, 2023

AMS Device Manager Data Server

AMS Device Manager Data Server securely extends intelligent field device data to outside systems to make it easier for reliability and maintenance teams to further capitalize on modern advanced analytics software, providing a step change in operational efficiency and smart manufacturing. For decades, process manufacturers have relied on asset management software to carefully deploy and monitor plant production assets – like measurement and analytical instrumentation, digital valve controllers, wireless gateways, and others – both within a single plant and across the enterprise. As plants have evolved, they’ve grown their technology stack to adopt a wide range of analytics, historians, machine learning, and advanced modelling to exploit and benefit from historically underused or inaccessible datasets from around the plant. AMS Device Manager Data Server publishes intelligent field device data nearly instantaneously to industrial software analytics solutions already in use by customers, eliminating the need for complex custom data integration and manual workarounds that often cause delayed results and siloed data.

Emerson Systems
Mechanical & Electrical June 27, 2023

Advanced pro wire tracers

The Fluke 2052 Advanced and 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracers accurately and safely troubleshoot energized and de-energized wires in residential, commercial and industrial environments up to CAT IV 600 V — the highest protection available on any wire tracer. The Fluke Wire Tracers feature different modes and functions to give electricians the flexibility to troubleshoot a wide range of electrical wiring and circuitry problems. They are designed to protect electricians from the most dangerous levels of transient overvoltage — spikes up to 8,000 V — that can occur in industrial and utility environments like industrial plants, factories and hospitals where critical equipment cannot be taken offline. The patented Smart Sensor™ technology (available only on the Fluke 2062) makes wire tracing faster and easier. It locates and displays energized wires within walls, floors and ceilings on a high-resolution 3.5-inch color display.

Fluke Corporation
Gears and Bearings June 26, 2023

GP42, GP56 and GP80 series – High-Torque Gearboxes

With the GP42, GP56 and GP80 series, Nanotec now offers high-torque planetary gearboxes in three different sizes. The compact modules are easy to adapt to individual requirements and have a long service life. The gearboxes are available in one- and two-stage designs. All gears are straight-cut and made of hardened steel, thus achieving a significantly higher rated torque – ranging from 1.8 to 47.85 Nm, depending on the gearbox size. In all three variants (42/56/80mm flange), the sun gear is mounted on the motor shaft.

Nanotec Electronic
Arc Flash & Electrical Safety June 26, 2023

Klippon Protect Enclosures and Glands

The flexible Klippon Protect enclosure system is the perfect addition to our Klippon Connect range of modular terminal blocks. Rely on our enclosures that are optimized for your requirements and provide excellent protection. With Klippon Protect, you can choose from a wide range of universal and application-specific enclosures.

Remote Monitoring June 22, 2023

Micropilot 80 GHz radar

Endress+Hauser has launched its new generation of Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensors: FMR60B, FMR62B, FMR63B, FMR66B and FMR67B. The new generation provides solutions across all industries and applications. The sensors are suited for challenges when measuring points aren’t easily accessible, located in dusty areas and harsh environments with extreme process temperatures and process conditions.

Energy Efficiency & Management June 21, 2023

Auto-Chlor A4 WaterSaver Single Rack

The A4 WaterSaver™ is a single rack in-line low-temperature dishwashing machine, equipped with an environmentally safe sanitizing solution that offers the lowest water and chemical use per cycle. The low temperature method fully meets all regulatory criteria at only 120°F, while reducing the energy required to heat the water used during the cleaning and sanitizing process. Combined with Auto-Chlor’s System’s WaterSaver™ design, the A4 dishwasher provides an energy efficient and water conserving solution. Also offered is the A5 model, which contains all the features of the A4, with a compact corner design that optimizes space without compromising efficiency.

Auto-Chlor System
Power June 21, 2023

KBVS008 and KBVW010 Modules

Helping to address the evolving power needs of 5G equipment, ABB Power Conversion recently introduced additions to its low-power Barracuda-series of DC/DC converters, its KBVS008 and KBVW010 modules. The 1/16th-brick converters offer high power density and efficiency in a compact footprint that aligns with an industry shift from 1/8th brick solutions to 1/16th brick isolated DC/DC bus converters. The KBVS008A0B641-HZ provides 100-watt (W) output power and features a 30-60-volt (V) input range. The KBVW010 is available in two versions, one with a heat plate (KBVW010A0B641-HZ) and one with an open-frame design (KBVW010A0B641Z).

ABB Power Conversion
Buildings June 20, 2023

Multi-color, multi-tier IO-Link signal tower

PATLITE U.S.A. Corporation, a leading provider of visual and audible signaling, is thrilled to announce the release of its new IO-Link-compatible stack light, the LB6 Series with 20 multi-color signaling segments. This new signaling solution transforms how industries communicate and enhances operational efficiency. The LB6 Series is a cutting-edge solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features.

Safety & PPE June 19, 2023

High Temperature Cabinet Cooler Systems

EXAIR’s High Temperature Cabinet Coolers purge and cool overheated electrical control panels in harsh environments up to 200ºF. The Cabinet Coolers have no moving parts to wear out and require no maintenance. Internal components can withstand high temperatures (like those near furnaces, ovens, etc.).

Plumbing, Pumping June 19, 2023

MIK-P300G High temperature pressure transmitter

MIK-P300G is a piezoresistive pressure sensor with compact design and stainless steel body SS304 and SS316L diaphragm , can work in the non-causticity environment, with 4-20mA signal output.

Meacon Automation
Sensors, Actuators June 19, 2023

MIK-P350K Hygienic pressure transmitter

MIK-P350K is a piezoresistive pressure sensor with compact design and stainless steel body SS304 and SS316L diaphragm , can work in the non-causticity environment, with 4-20mA signal output.

Meacon Automation
Machinery and Equipment June 19, 2023

Diamond plate anti fatigue mat

Long-lasting traction in slippery environments. TuffGrit coating is durable and abrasion resistant; lasts up to 11x longer than the leading competitor's grit coating in dry environments, and up to 7x longer under oily conditions. It exceeds ANSI standards for high slip resistance, providing extreme traction even in wet areas or applications with overspray or oily drips (not for use in standing water/oil.) Raised diamond plate texture adds a second level of slip resistance.

New Pig
Machinery and Equipment June 14, 2023

Megapro Multi-Bit Drivers from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added new multi-bit drivers from Megapro. These bit drivers are versatile screwdrivers designed to house a set of common or specialized screwdriver bits for a variety of industrial applications. Megapro bit drivers are available with various double-ended industrial grade S2 steel bits and have an alloy shaft that also serves as a ¼” hex nut driver.

Engineered Materials June 14, 2023

Black Anodized T-slotted Rails

Black Anodized T-slotted Rails from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added the 10 (1 inch), 15 (1.5 inches), and 40 (40mm) series of SureFrame rails, in standard and light weights. These new rails are offered with a UV-resistant black anodized finish, which provides a new aesthetic option in addition to the standard clear anodized finish that is available for all series and weights of SureFrame T-slotted rails.   SureFrame rails are used to build sturdy, custom-made structural frames and are warranted from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.   The new black anodized SureFrame rails can be ordered in cut-to-length sections starting at $0.37/inch.     Learn more by visiting:

Machinery and Equipment June 13, 2023

Nut Driver Selection

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights their expert designed Nut Driver selection including the leading extra long cushion grip ND120CGXL, the metric standard cushion grip ND10MM-CG, the composite CND916-CG, bare headed ND380-CG-BH, and the angled ND120A. Cementex prides itself on its commitment to safety and function.   Along with the double insulated protection customers have come to expect from Cementex, these Nut Drivers offer exceptional functionality. Cementex Nut Drivers enable access to tighter spaces more than any other Nut Driver available on the market.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Lubrication June 8, 2023

SUP-LWGY Turbine flowmeter flange connection

SUP-LWGY series liquid turbine flowmeter is a kind of speed instrument, which has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. It is used to measure the volume flow of low viscosity liquid in closed pipe. It can be used in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply, paper and other industries with a range of applications.

Asmik Sensors Technology Co., Ltd.
Machinery and Equipment June 8, 2023

Galvo Scanning Heads

Amada Weld Tech US announces a range of galvo scan heads for precision laser welding applications. Common usages for these scanning heads include point-to-point positioning for multi-point welding, shape welding for hermetic seams, and beam weaving to increase weld width. Point-to-point positioning is frequently employed where multiple welds are needed over a small area, for example, electronic connector leads. The jump speed is nearly instantaneous compared to either traditional motion stages or robotic motion and can decrease cycle times. Contour welding: galvo scanning heads are adept at steering the laser beam in an XY plane to create a seam weld of any programmed shape. This is commonly used for electronic package welding, where a specific motion is necessary to create a hermetic seal, and for lap welding configurations where additional weld contact is required.

Amada Weld Tech America
Mechanical & Electrical June 7, 2023

Bryant Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks

AutomationDirect has added Bryant pin and sleeve mechanical interlocks to their lineup of motor disconnects and controllers. These interlocks use pin and sleeve technology to connect and disconnect mobile equipment safely. By using matching Bryant pin and sleeve connectors with keyways, these interlocks safeguard against connecting devices of different amperage and voltage ratings together.

Electrical, Power June 7, 2023

SUP-LDG Carbon steel electromagnetic flow meter

SUP-LDG Electromagnetic meters are a leading choice to deliver the performance and precision your applications require. These meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries and many others. Typical applications are monitoring of liquids, filling, dosing and precise measurement in custody transfer.

Asmik Sensors Technology Co., Ltd.
Oil and Gas June 6, 2023

Keco CO2 Analyzer

As companies take measures to become more environmentally friendly, they must be aware of their carbon footprint that impacts global warming. KECO offers the CarbonHound CO2 Gas Analyzer as an accurate, cost-effective, and low maintenance method to detect and measure carbon dioxide (CO2) in natural gas pipelines, biogas plants, and landfills. The online process analyzer is ideal for use in chemical and biogas plants, gas processing facilities and landfill industries that need an accurate, dependable, and cost-effective CO2 microprocess-based analyzer as part of quality and process controls. KECO’s CarbonHound CO2 Gas Analyzer continuously quantifies the amount of carbon dioxide in sample streams in real time using a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) method of measurement. Once introduced with a sample, the infrared detection element provides an output proportional to the concentration of carbon dioxide. The signal is digitized as a 4-20 mA output, relay alarms, RS-485, or TCP/IP Ethernet to work in different process control systems. The CarbonHound features a large color touch screen HMI with LCD display that provides the current reading, previous reading, alarm conditions, historical and real-time charts, procedure prompts, and failure indicators.

Analytical Systems Keco
Mechanical & Electrical June 6, 2023

Wire connecting solution replaces manual splicing processes

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected and safe world, announced the C&K SpaceSplice™ Series wire connecting solution, designed to replace manual splicing processes in harsh environments. These connectors provide a standardized, easy-to-use, high-reliability solution manufactured to the highest standards. The SpaceSplice connectors are a unique solution to wire-to-wire connection, designed to replace hand splice processes with a standardized solution that reduces labor time and is easy to use. It allows the connection of two wires using a D*MA crimpable and removable contact technology.

Safety & PPE June 5, 2023

SHK-1 Full-Brim Safety Helmet

The STUDSON SHK-1 Full-Brim safety helmet is designed to prevent traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), featuring technologies to absorb impacts from fall-related injuries on any jobsite. It is the only full-brim safety helmet that complies with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1 Type I and II safety standards, meaning it is designed to reduce force as a result of impacts to the front, back, sides, and the top of the head. The SHK-1 Full-Brim safety helmet is an extension of the leading SHK-1 safety helmet, providing the industry with the safest helmet style yet, to better protect workers from the elements, offering more shade from the sun and redirecting rainfall away from the face and neck. It is designed in conjunction with existing safety technology from the SHK-1 helmet model, including Koroyd welded tube polymer for absorbing impact. The Koroyd material also improves heat dissipation and venting via its cellular-structure design in comparison to traditional EPS foam which helps combat heat stress.

Safety & PPE May 31, 2023

V-TYPE Lever Series

Mencom introduces the innovative V-TYPE lever for rectangular connectors in response to the increasingly diverse and specialized performance requirements for securing the connections against severe vibration in harsh manufacturing environments. The V-TYPE lever distinguishes itself from other types of levers due to its unique closing mechanism consisting of two hinged elements that are pivoted on the housing. This composite movement allows the levers to move over the pins on the housing with an initial rotational movement and push down to engage the locking mechanism, which results in a tight seal with a high degree of protection (IP66/IP67/IP69 according to EN 60529). Constructed of stainless steel, the V-TYPE lever features a secure latch to prevent unintentional release, and the lack of plastic parts provides several benefits including increased durability against impact, corrosion from oil, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Mencom Corporation
Compressed Air May 31, 2023

CCASS Certification for Compressed Air System

EXAIR offers a great number of tools to assist customers in better understanding the path to improving their processes. Utilizing years of experience working with unique processes and their requirements, EXAIR Application Engineers work directly with customers to diagnose problems and offer guidance on improving their efficiency. With this goal in mind, EXAIR is proud to announce that Application Engineer Russell Bowman has earned a CCASS (Certified Compressed Air System Specialist) certification, accrediting his understanding of how to best utilize and optimize compressed air systems and products. The CAGI CCASS is a professional credential offered by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) to represent mastery in all things compressed air system-related, such as system design, compressed air supply and distribution, energy efficiency, system components and more.

Lighting May 31, 2023

WERMA eSIGN Series LED Signal Towers

AutomationDirect has added new WERMA eSIGN series LED signal towers to their lineup of pre-assembled stacklights. These new signal towers, available in 9- and 15-tier models, feature a variety of customizable operating modes and lighting effects. eSIGN signal towers provide full-surface signaling with electronic modularity and can operate as a traditional stacklight or be used for variable filling level indications. They can be easily configured via a USB connection and the free configuration software; select models can also be configured via IO-Link. These signal towers are available with or without a 105dB, selectable 10-tone audible alarm and can be base, wall, or tube mounted (mounting accessories sold separately). WERMA eSIGN signal towers are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety May 31, 2023

Shock Block SB5080 and SB5100

The Industrial Shock Block SB5000 series is a personnel protection device designed to meet the requirements for special-purpose GFCIs defined by UL 943C. This standard outlines GFCI classes specifically designed for use in industrial facilities. Class C GFCIs are intended to be used on three-phase systems where the line-to-line voltage is 480 V or less with a trip level of 20 mA, while Class D GFCIs are intended to be used on 600 V systems.

Littelfuse, Inc.
Arc Flash & Electrical Safety May 30, 2023

LTKAK2-L Series High Power TVS Diodes

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the release of its latest product, the LTKAK2-L Series High Power TVS Diodes. This surface mount solution addresses the market demand for automated PCB assembly process-compatible TVS diodes with a high surge rating. By using one LTKAK2-L in place of either four or eight 15KPA or 30KPA axial-leaded TVS diodes, electronics designers can save 60% and 80% of PCB space respectively. View the video. The LTKAK2-L Series TVS Diodes offer a compact, surface mount package compatible with automated PCB assembly processes.

Compressed Air May 25, 2023

Hottap Flowmeter

EXAIR's Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters allow installation when compressed air piping is under pressure. By eliminating the need to isolate and remove pressure from the pipe, these compressed air flowmeters reduce installation time while maintaining safety. Hot Tap Digital Flowmeters incorporate two valves that the measuring probes pass through.

Vision and Discrete Sensors May 23, 2023

ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager with MecQ Mode

Inspecting large conveyor systems to troubleshoot potential issues can be an inefficient and complex task. The Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager with the new MecQ Mode allows maintenance technicians to quickly scan large areas and visually pinpoint technical issues before they become critical. With the Fluke ii910, technicians can now see what they can’t hear to easily identify problems across large conveyor systems. Traditional methods such as vibration and airborne ultrasound may be complex and overwhelming.

Fluke Corporation
Arc Flash & Electrical Safety May 23, 2023

DM286 Infrared Guided Measurement Multimeter

The DM286 is designed to enable electricians to pinpoint hot spots and other problem areas faster, safer, and more efficiently. It features 160 × 120 thermal resolution from the embedded Lepton thermal micro-camera along with an embedded visible-light camera and bright LED work light to operate MSX in low light. MSX is additive in that the visible light edge details are displayed on top of the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal detail or resolution. The multimeter can also store up to 30,000 radiometric thermal images and log files and includes longer battery life for inspectors to capture images and log files all day long.

Teledyne FLIR
Safety & PPE May 23, 2023

Cementex AFS-180 Rated Face Shield with Hard Hat

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex 17 Cal/cm2 Arc Rated Face Shield (AFS-180) with hard hat. The AFS-180 features a molded shape to provide minimal distortion with exceptional Visible Light Transfer (VLT). This face shield will be included in the Category 2 Contractor, UltraLite and Feature Series PPE kits.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Manufacturing IT May 23, 2023


KROHNE, a manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation, announces the release of its OPTISWITCH 6700, their newest Capacitance Level Switch. The OPTISWITCH 6700 offers the same point-level detection of liquids and solids as their previous models, now with 10-Link communication. Offering high- and low-level detection, the OPTISWITCH 6700 is ideal for overfill and dry-level protection. The OPTISWITCH 6700’s double output can be individually programmed to monitor different processes or media, making it an ideal solution for adhesives and difficult products, as detection is not affected by product build-up, foam, or condensation.

Plumbing, Pumping May 22, 2023

SUP-LDG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The SUP-LDG electromagnetic flowmeter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid, which is widely used in water supply, sewage water measuring, industry chemical measuring, etc. The remote type is with high IP protection class and can be installed in different locations for the transmitter and converter. The output signal can pulse,4-20mA, or with RS485 communication.

Supmea Automation
I/O Systems, I/O Modules May 22, 2023

Klippon Connect A Series Terminal Block with Side PUSH IN Connection Technology

Decentralized systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components must be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. This leads to new wiring challenges. The Klippon Connect terminal blocks with lateral PUSH IN connection combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology.

Pumps May 16, 2023

Eliminator High Capacity Bladder Pump

Q.E.D Environmental Systems announces the new Eliminator high capacity bladder pump, designed to handle light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) and dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs), as well as viscous contaminants, including crude oil. Available for 2-inch (50 millimeter) or 4-inch (100 mm) wells or larger, the Eliminator pumpoffers 100 percent air-powered operation, no contact between drive air and contaminated fluids, and simple flow optimization. The Eliminator pump uses a bladder made of PTFE or elastomer to isolate the pump air supply from pumped liquid, so there is no contact between the air and the contaminated fluids inside the bladder. Featuring reliable top-inlet skimming or bottom-inlet pumping, the Eliminator is powered by compressed air that requires an external timer-based controller to control the air cycling ON and OFF switch to the bladder pump.

QED Environmental Systems
Remote Monitoring May 16, 2023

AI-based analysis and response engine

Vantage IQ is the first AI-based analysis and response engine designed to quickly address security gaps and resource limitations in mission-critical operational infrastructure. It provides users with AI-powered insights, in which alerts are automatically correlated, prioritized, and supported with root cause information for more efficient remediation. It also allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their environment using natural language queries that answer common questions about vulnerabilities, network assets, and other environmental details.

Nozomi Networks
Mechanical & Electrical May 9, 2023

150520 Inline Fuse Holder Series

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the latest release of the 150520 Series Inline Fuse Holders product line.   The latest 150520 Series Inline Fuse Holders are rated 600 Vac/Vdc voltage at 20 amps in a 5x20 mm size. These convenient inline fuses are ideal for applications requiring supplemental circuit protection, including data centers, industrial HVAC, and power supplies.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules May 5, 2023

MELSEC iQ-R Series CIP Safety Module

The MELSEC iQ-R CIP Safety module is compatible with both Ethernet/IP and CIP Safety protocols (Common Industrial Protocol), allowing it to transmit both standard and safety signals. CIP Safety defines a set of rules and mechanisms for exchanging safety-related information between devices in a network. The module occupies a dual slot on the iQ-R Safety PLC, is dual protocol compatible, and has safety signal transmission and efficient safety management.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Plant Automation May 4, 2023

Full Spectrum Simulator (FSS) Compact Driving Simulator

VI-grade's new COMPACT FSS Driving Simulator addresses the automotive industry’s unmet need for complete ride motion, vibration and sound evaluation in a single, small footprint driving simulator. By providing full-spectrum, multi-attribute simulation from 0.5Hz to 20kHz, VI-grade's ground-breaking COMPACT FSS Simulator allows evaluators to experience both primary and secondary driving motion, vibration and sound all at once, combining vehicle dynamics and NVH applications in a single, compact simulator. Suitable for ride comfort evaluation, motorsport applications, seat evaluation and overall vehicle refinement characterization, the COMPACT FSS provides a more affordable option over a traditional hexapod simulator.  .

Info Management May 3, 2023

Epson LabelWorks Portable Label Printers

AutomationDirect has added Epson LabelWorks portable label printers for your wire marking needs. The Epson PX series label printers are available in four different models and support 3 to 36mm [1/8 to 1-1/2 in] labels. The LW-PX300 is a low-cost, compact wire-marking, bar code, and general-identification label printer. The LW-PX400 printer is a portable, wireless industrial labeling and wire-marking printer that is Bluetooth™ compatible and works with iOS™ or Android™ mobile devices.

Mechanical & Electrical May 2, 2023

3425L Series SMD Resettable PPTCs Series

The latest 3425L Series SMD PPTCs is an extension of the Littelfuse PolySwitch® family of resettable overcurrent protection devices, which provides resettable, high-voltage overcurrent protection in a compact, surface-mounted 8763 mm (3425 mils) size. The new 3425L series is ideal for use in many applications, including: Consumer electronics, such as power tools and televisions Computing equipment and servers Industrial robotics Data center and telecom equipment. “Adding the 3425L Series to the PolySwitch product line delivers another clear performance advantage for electronics designers and their latest innovations,” said Stephen Li, a Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “These new surface-mounted PPTC devices offer resettable high-voltage overcurrent protection, thereby reducing product warranty, service, and repair costs.” The 3425L Series SMD PPTCs offer the following key benefits: Resettable overcurrent protection with operational voltages ranging from 36 V to 60 V. Compatible with high-volume electronics assembly, providing a compact 3.4 x 2.5 mils size surface mountable footprint. Environmentally friendly with RoHS compliance and halogen-free manufacturing.  .

Gears and Bearings April 26, 2023

Zenith C9000

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, announces its Zenith C9000 Series precision metering gear pump, ideal for use in hydrogen fuel cell MEA gasketing sealants and adhesive applications. Zenith C9000 metering pumps deliver accurate and repeatable flow of metering additives, sealants, or chemicals in a compact and efficient design. The pumps offer near constant flow without the need for expensive flow meters and control systems. The Zenith C9000 pumps feature an extended mean time between failure (MTBF). In addition to their precision and reliability, the Zenith C9000 pumps are available with an innovative magnetic drive (mag-drive) sealing option, which eliminates shaft leakage of fluids, improving plant safety while reducing VOC emissions and seal failures.

Circor International
Machinery and Equipment April 26, 2023

Swivellink Mounting Systems

Swivellink Mounting Systems from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added Swivellink Standard series device mounting systems to their Barcode/RFID/Vision product category. Device mounting systems are assembled using several components and can be configured to mount vision cameras, lights, sensors, and scanners. They allow for precise adjustment and ease of equipment installation. These mounting systems are modular, and components are selected individually to suit the needs of the application.

Safety & PPE April 25, 2023

NEMA 4 Cabinet Coolers

EXAIR products are engineered to improve efficiency while increasing facility safety in the process. This ongoing focus on standards and personnel safety has earned EXAIR NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler Systems an upgraded CE certification under their latest safety directives. Performed by an independent laboratory, this new certification not only provides added utility in processes that adhere to the highest industry standards, but is also a testament to EXAIR's commitment to continuous improvement and quality standards compliance. The NEMA 4 (IP66) Cabinet Coolers are constructed from durable aluminum and designed to cool dust-tight, oil-tight, splash-resistant, indoor/outdoor enclosures.

Mechanical & Electrical April 20, 2023


Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware for the cabinet industry, highlights its Dynapro product, the premier undermount slide for drawer applications. This synchronized, soft-close, full extension slide moves with a slight pull and gentle push, providing an efficient, effective, and concealed solution for various cabinetry needs. Grass engineering has taken every aspect of the slide’s operating motion into account. Dynapro, known for its smooth running performance and quiet kinematics, utilizes an integrated rack and pinion system.

Grass America
Motors & Drives April 19, 2023

Rolled Steel Motors

WEG Rolled Steel Motors from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect is proud to announce the addition of WEG brand motors to their existing motor portfolio. With this launch, several general-purpose 1- and 3-phase motors from ¼ to 3hp have been added, as well as certain high-performance inverter duty motors from ½ to 1hp, motors certified for hazardous locations (Class I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C,D) up to 3hp, and 3-phase brake motors from ¼ to 2hp. These new motors come with a TEFC or TENV IP55 enclosure and offer speeds of 1200, 1800, or 3600 RPM (depending on model). Brake motors come with a spring set, solenoid actuated AC brake with a manual brake release lever. All new WEG rolled steel motors come with an 18-month warranty and start at $193.00. Learn more by visiting:

Safety & PPE April 18, 2023

Canted Coil MSE Sealing Solution

Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions and engineered components, introduces the new Canted Coil MSE (metal spring energized) sealing solution, designed to further reduce power loss and improve precision movement without sacrificing leakage control or durability. The seals offer broad chemical compatibility and resistance to extreme temperatures, pressure, and wear.  Greene Tweed devoted two years of design development and in-house testing in an attempt to lead the industry in not only friction reduction but also sealing in the most challenging low temperature applications. Benchmark testing against some of the top performing spring energized seals highlighted the compromise in performance at extreme temperatures.

Greene Tweed
I/O Systems, I/O Modules April 13, 2023

Anybus Wireless Bolt II

The Anybus Wireless Bolt II is a durable Wi-Fi access point and client designed for industrial environments that demand ruggedness and reliability. Its support for Wireless Distribution System (WDS) allows it to bridge industrial protocols making it ideal for replacing cables in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. With innovative hole-mounted design, the Bolt can be installed seamlessly on cabinets and equipment, blending in as part of the installation.

HMS Industrial Networks
Arc Flash & Electrical Safety April 12, 2023

Bare Headed Nut Driver

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights their bare headed nut driver options, offering unparalleled reach and access to tight spaces. Designed specifically for electricians, maintenance operators, linesmen and technicians, this offering of bare headed nut driver options permits access to equipment with limited clearances such as terminal blocks, bus bars and beyond. This tool is a great addition to customers’ toolkits when one of Cementex’ s standard nut drivers will not fit.  The Bare Headed Nut Driver Options come equipped with the double insulated shaft protection, which customers have come to expect from Cementex.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Pumps April 10, 2023

VFD 900 Series Check Valve AKA “The Jellyfish”

Metraflex has once again reengineered a traditional and long ignored hydronic component to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. The new VFD Check Valve improves the Cv 38% for a 4” check valve operating at 6 FPS.   The increase in flow is due to reshaping the disk, just by examining the new disk design it is obvious why this product is more Hydrodynamic. In addition to the increase in Cv, the new Hydrodynamic disk is specifically designed to provide superior functionality in low flow conditions common with VFD drives.   The VFD Check Valve is the latest in product innovation from Metraflex and follows up the revolutionary LPD Y-Strainer.

Metraflex Company
Pumps April 6, 2023

AW-Lake Flow Meters

AW-Lake Flow Meters ensure ultraprecise metering of chemicals used to create foams utilized in commercial, industrial, and marine applications. When used in professional spray polyurethane foam (SPF) equipment, AW-Lake JVM Series Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters offer a consistent and ultraprecise method for dispensing chemicals that create the foam for smaller commercial projects such as taxidermy, boat manufacturing, and sound insulation products. In operation, an SPF machine pumps chemicals from two multi-gallon drums through hoses to the nozzle of a spray gun to form the polyurethane foam. A pump within the spray foam equipment is not reliable enough to dispense accurate amounts of chemical. Unlike pumps, the AW-Lake JVM Series Positive Displacement Flow Meters are not prone to drift, overspin, or media slippage under pulsation that results in ultra-precise chemical batching for the SPF machine over time. To ensure longevity and chemical compatibility, the positive displacement flow meter features a ball bearing design that works well in non-lubricating media, such as the chemicals used in this application. City Fireboats Use AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meter to Measure Fire Retardant Foam In another application, city fireboats are using AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters and Transmitters to measure fire-retardant foam for extinguishing fires. Fitted on foam lines, the AW-Lake TRG Turbine Meters provide feedback to the PLC on actual flow rate volumes. AW-Lake’s RT-30 Flow Trans.

AW-LAKE Company
Safety & PPE April 6, 2023

PetroPad Smart Polymer Spill Pad

Justrite PetroPad Smart Polymer Spill Pads are uniquely designed to absorb and permanently solidify hydrocarbons like oil, diesel and gas. The exclusive blend of polymers found in the PetroPad safely transform hazardous hydrocarbons from incidental spills and leaks into a non-hazardous solid. The medium PetroPad 83984 measures 27.2 in W x .63 in D x 35.4 in H (69 cm W x 1.6 cm D x 90 cm H) with a capacity of up to 2.8 gal (10.5 l). Reusable, portable, washable and easy to dispose, the PetroPad is the most flexible and cost-efficient solution for the safe handling and the disposal of hazardous hydrocarbon waste.

Oil and Gas April 4, 2023

G-Series Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

The Teledyne FLIR G-Series is a family of high-tech, cooled-core optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras that can help leak detection and repair (LDAR) professionals seamlessly locate and document harmful gas emissions. The G-Series is designed to empower everyday users in the oil and gas, manufacturing, steel, and utility industries to spend more time prioritizing leak repairs, and less time documenting them while gaining better insight into the severity of the emission. The G-Series features seven camera models. All models are available with wireless connectivity to allow operators to automatically upload and store saved images and videos to FLIR Ignite cloud software while in the field.

Teledyne FLIR
Machinery and Equipment April 1, 2023

Cable tray system with easy installation

The KwikRail cable tray system is designed to make the process of installing cable tray significantly faster and easier. With a tab-and-lock trapeze system and innovative I-beam side rail splice retention groove, the solution allows installers to easily guide the splice in place with just 2 bolts, saving up to 80% on hardware and 75% on installation time. Unlike conduit, the KwikRail cable tray system allows for rapid field modification.

Machinery and Equipment March 30, 2023

Standoff Insulators

Mar-Bal, Inc. (Mar-Bal: Chagrin Falls, OH), previously named for two consecutive years by Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies, is the largest manufacturer of BMC molded Standoff Insulators in North America.

Mar-Bal, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment March 30, 2023

Riten Live/Dead Center and Face Driver Repair Program

Established in 1969, Riten Industries, Inc., is the largest domestic manufacturer of live centers, dead centers, and face drivers in the work holding industry. In response to this dilemma, Riten continues to expand its nationally recognized repair and trade-in exchange service programs. Exclusive to the North American market for complete restoration, these programs deliver fast and economical solutions to extending end-users’ investment far beyond the normal life of average centers to achieve maximum uptime. Notably, Riten can repair/restore to “like new” condition their standard centers and face drivers (as well as industry competitor’s products) for a fraction of the cost of new tools.

Riten Industries
Plumbing, Pumping March 28, 2023

Rosemount 219 Flushing Ring

Today Emerson introduced the Rosemount 319 Flushing Ring with valve-integrated design, ensuring accurate differential pressure measurement and lower maintenance suitable for a wide range of differential pressure applications.   Available in Traditional and Compact options, the new Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings provide a process-to-seal connection and allow for faster diaphragm seal maintenance without disconnecting them from process flanges. Both versions of the Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings come pre-assembled including the flushing ring, matching valves, and connections, allowing technicians to commission devices faster by eliminating the need to procure and assemble components onsite. Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings are factory leak-tested so users can mount products to vessels right out of the box. When installed, diaphragm seal maintenance is significantly faster without compromising safety while reducing stocked inventory and management of multiple vendor piece-parts.   “Rosemount 319 Flushing Rings with integrated valve assemblies are designed to eliminate procurement and onsite labor cost,” said Nicole Meidl, product manager, Emerson.

Emerson Systems
Machinery and Equipment March 23, 2023

Liquid Atomizing Nozzle

EXAIR’s new 1/2 NPT HollowStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a hollow cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. They are applied to solve many problems including cooling, cleaning, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. The tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging and work well with liquids containing particulate.

Plumbing, Pumping March 23, 2023

UCR Glass Washer

Auto-Chlor System, a national leading supplier of commercial dishmachines and chemical solutions for restaurant and bar operations, highlights the UCR Glass Washer, a fast, water-efficient, and energy-efficient machine that accommodates all glass sizes and shapes. The UCR Glass Washer is ideal for high volume glass applications in pubs, bars, cocktail lounges, wineries, breweries and more. The complete wash cycle is a fast 60 seconds. A three compartment, rotating rack allows washing to occur in one section while soiled items are simultaneously loaded into a second section and cleaned items are ready for removal from the third section. The large 11.5 inch cavity height accepts full size mugs, stemware, pitchers, carafes, and more.

Auto-Chlor System
Safety & PPE March 23, 2023

LNMP – Food Grade

The UL-listed, flexible liquidtight, nonmetallic conduit Type LNMP-Food Grade now has an improved antimicrobial jacketing that offers a wider temperature range and is made with a new food processing blue jacketing. Type LNMP is made of flexible PVC with a nylon reinforcing braid and is ideal for continuous flexing applications as it does not contain a metal core that could fatigue with repeated flexing. Liquatite Food Grade electrical conduits now include Type LNMP-Food Grade, LAFG, LSSFG, and NMFG and are ideally suited for food processing, pharmaceutical, bottling equipment and clean room installations.

Electri-Flex Company
Machinery and Equipment March 22, 2023

Slotted Rail Hardware Components

AutomationDirect has added more FATH hardware components to their selection of T-slotted rail products. These components easily install in SureFrame rails, as well as many other brands, and include roll-in T-slot nuts with spring loaded ball, slide-in T-slot nuts, screw and miter connectors, 1- and 2-slot pivot joints, extended swivel bases, foot consoles, leveling casters, magnetic catches, sensor mounting blocks, protection profiles, profile sliders, roller elements, and much more. Also added is a 4-axis workstation and workstation components which allow PC monitors and peripherals to be mounted near the equipment. Components include swivel monitor mounts, monitor mounting joints, multi-axis mounting supports, and many other accessories. New panel holders and panel mounting blocks are also available for wire mesh or solid machine guarding.

Machinery and Equipment March 21, 2023

Cold-rolled titanium

As wide as 17.5” and as thin as 2µm (0.00008”) with controlled, consistent quality Rochester, NY: Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation (“Arnold”), a subsidiary of Compass Diversified (NYSE: CODI) and leading global manufacturer of high-performance magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals and highly loaded composites, announces its range of titanium foils and alloys. Arnold offers thin cold-rolled titanium in a variety of CP Grades and alloys and an exceptionally broad range of thicknesses and widths for many vehicle-related applications that require a strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant material that is highly workable, ductile, and weldable.  As the global leader in ultra-thin cold-rolled metal strip and foil, Arnold achieves unmatched thinness while maintaining controlled, consistent mechanical and physical quality. Arnold’s “Ultra Thin Gauge” foil is available in thickness down to 2 µm (0.00008“), in addition to the “Thin Gauge” options (0.020” – 0.0005“). Widths are available up to 17.5”, depending on thickness.

Arnold Magnetics
Buildings March 20, 2023

IP69 rated signal tower

PATLITE U.S.A., a global leader in visual and audible machine signaling, announced the addition of IP69K-rated options to its renowned product collection. This new IP69K-rated line includes alternatives to its popular and flagship LR signal towers series and its compact NE signal beacons line. These IP69K products meet the most stringent IP69K intrusion protection rating that is dustproof and waterproof to high-temperature, high-pressure and steam-jet washdowns. PATLITE’s new IP69K-rated products excel in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where stricter hygiene controls are required in environments where equipment must be carefully sanitized to function correctly.

Pumps March 15, 2023

KRSV Industrial Vacuum Pump

Positive displacement pumps create a vacuum by drawing the air or gas from a chamber through the intermeshing rotary screws and discharging back into the atmosphere. This continuous process flow moves gas constantly, making it a stable and reliable choice for many industrial applications. KRSV industrial vacuum pumps are highly reliable and efficient, produce low noise, and some types can be used in harsh environments.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Compressed Air March 14, 2023

Industrial Housekeeping Vacuums

Exair's broad selection of pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners offer cleanup solutions for jobs wet, dry, dusty, abrasive, light or heavy duty. Our industrial vacuums have no moving parts and require no electricity. They offer powerful cleanup with added safety for employees with lower noise levels and no electrical hazard when in the presence of liquids.

Safety & PPE March 13, 2023

Grass America Highlights Roller Slides

Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, highlights its Epoxy side mount slides, a partial extension, side mount, roller drawer slide. Ideal for large cabinetry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and stock cabinetry builders, Epoxy slides are a durable and adaptable solution for a range of products, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and architectural woodwork. Made in the USA, and crafted from a single piece of 70% recycled American steel, Epoxy slides are produced using a progressive stamping process at Grass’ Kernersville manufacturing facility. Epoxy slides have an integrated double stop system that prevents the drawer from falling out while being extended.

Grass America
Pumps March 9, 2023

SIHI Boost UltraPLUS Dry-Running Vacuum Pump

Flowserve Corporation, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, announced the release of the SIHI Boost UltraPLUS dry-running vacuum pump. The new unit is designed to reduce cycle times for batch processes by up to 50 percent or more. SIHI Boost UltraPLUS vacuum pumps raise the industry standard by delivering the fastest pump-down and cycle times available for load lock applications.

Air Quality March 7, 2023

BAER Belt Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan

GREENHECK INTRODUCES BAER BELT DRIVE SIDEWALL PROPELLER FAN Offers expanded performance and improved efficiency Greenheck’s new model BAER belt drive sidewall propeller fan is designed for expanded performance and improved efficiency in wall-mounted clean air applications. The BAER features cast aluminum airfoil blades and hubs, an AC induction motor, and an automatic belt-tensioning system that minimizes regular maintenance of the fan belt. The automatic belt-tensioner will adjust tension as the belt wears, easily doubling the life of the belt while maximizing the life of the fan and motor.

Semiconductors March 7, 2023

eFuse Protection

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the latest release of four versatile circuit protection devices in the eFuse Protection ICs product line. The latest eFuse Protection ICs utilize an innovative design ideal for a wide range of power inputs (3.3V to 28V) with highly integrated protection.

Material Handling March 7, 2023

Laser profiler for 3D measurement

Ready to use the Z-Trak LP2C 4K Series is factory calibrated and combines high scanning speeds with easy-to-use software tools to deliver highly repeatable and accurate 3D measurements and inspection results. It is ideal for applications in battery, automotive, factory automation, and logistics markets. With its 4096 samples per profile, the Z-Trak LP2C 4K delivers more than just profile data and features inline real-time profile enhancement capabilities.

Teledyne Dalsa
Machinery and Equipment March 6, 2023

clipx WIRE assist

Control cabinet and panel builders can increase wire processing productivity and quality with the new clipx WIRE assist system from Phoenix Contact. The customizable system includes a software program and an optional, adjustable workbench with a variety of accessories. The clipx WIRE assist software increases wire processing productivity and improves consistency. The software controls the wire cutting and labeling devices, guiding the user through clear onscreen instructions on a laptop or touchscreen.

Phoenix Contact
Machinery and Equipment March 3, 2023

P9 – Dome Style, Sealed, Momentary Action Pushbutton

The P9 from OTTO Controls is a sealed, dome style, momentary, standard and low force, double break snap action switch. These quality precision switches are designed for use in panels, control grips, computers, instruments, heavy equipment and other demanding applications where attractive, rugged pushbutton switches are required.   Flush and raised dome button styles in gloss or matte finish Small bezel option Mechanical life is 1.25 million cycles Double break or shorting bar, momentary action All plastic housing & button construction Threaded body or snap-in panel mounting Withstands extreme shock & vibration Positive tactile feedback contact transfer on snap-action models Solder, PC Pin & 0.110” Quick Connect terminal styles Moistureproof & dusttight to IP64 or watertight to IP68S and IP69K UL recognized RoHS compliant  .

Plumbing, Pumping March 3, 2023

Worcester 51/52 Series Reduced Port Flanged Ball Valves

DALLAS, March 3, 2023 — Flowserve Corporation (NYSE: FLS), a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, announced today the release of the Worcester 51/52 Series Reduced Port Flanged Ball Valves. These quarter-turn, floating ball valves have been reengineered for global availability by standardizing  design, materials, construction and product certifications. Target applications for the valves include controlling the flow of liquids or gases in the following industries: chemical processing, petrochemicals, energy, defense, food and beverage, industrial gases, pharmaceuticals and water. The bubble-tight shutoff design and robust, live-loading packing in these valves minimize fugitive emissions, enhance safety, and maximize regulatory and standards compliance. Featuring a redesigned end plug, the valves ensure positive retention and greatly reduce blowout risk. “These products offer superior reliability and exceptional leakage resistance due to improved live-loaded stem sealing,” said Daniel Dillon, global product leader, Flowserve.

Safety & PPE March 3, 2023

K1S Triple Throw Rocker Switch

OTTO Controls' K1S, the industry's smallest ON-ON-ON triple throw rocker, is ideal as a Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR) switch. Or choose from 72 other standard legends with both normal and large-size rocker top styles for various operator functions. Its short-behind-panel, snap-in design easily fits in operator grips or panels, and it has a 1M cycle life even when working in the most demanding environments.

Sensors, Actuators March 1, 2023

200 HS Antenna

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, highlights the 200 MHz (200 HS) antenna, part of the GS Series, GSSI’s next-generation family of high-performance antennas targeting applications that require deeper penetration depths. The GS Series is ideal for geophysical, geotechnical, or environmental applications that require high reliability under challenging survey conditions, including water table mapping, bedrock profiling, bathymetry, and sinkhole areas, as well as stratigraphy, deeper utility detection, and archaeological investigations.   This rugged digital wireless low frequency system features a 200 MHz center frequency and uses GSSI’s proprietary HyperStacking technology, which improves signal to noise performance and increases depth penetration under all soil conditions. With HyperStacking, the 200 HS antenna provides clearer data, from superficial features to deeper characteristics, and can achieve nearly double the depth penetration of conventional GPR antenna designs.   Users can identify geophysical characteristics easily with the wireless 200 HS and HS Module, which incorporates system electronics, an internal GPS, and connectivity ports in an IP-65 rated water-resistant housing that withstands dust.

Mechanical & Electrical February 26, 2023

Insulation Resistance Tester

Sisco digital insulation resistance tester is used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical circuits and equipment. The insulation resistance is a measure of how well the electrical insulation material in a device or circuit is working, and it is important because it helps to prevent electrical shock, damage to equipment, and fire hazards. There are 4 jacks on our Sisco insulation resistance tester panel.

Sisco Test & Measurement Equipment
Material Handling February 23, 2023

Bluebacker corrugated board belt

Nextwire Introduces New Bluebacker Belt for Corrugated Industry   Star City, AR – Nextwire, LLC, partnered with GKD, is now offering its industrial customers another innovative solution for optimizing production processes - the GKD Bluebacker corrugated board belt. This innovative new belt for the double facer is equipped with proven Conducto® technology which ensures constant electrostatic dissipation and prevents the corrugated board from adhering to the belt.   The Bluebacker is the two-in-one solution for corrugated board production and consists of a robust and open mesh design with 135 CFM. Manufacturers can potentially see energy savings of up to 40%, depending on the specific conditions.

Nextwire LLC
Machinery and Equipment February 22, 2023

Atomizing Spray Nozzles

EXAIR’s Atomizing Spray Nozzles create a fine liquid mist perfect for washing, coating, cooling, dust control and more. These nozzles offer an assortment of flow rates and patterns including flat fan, round and hollow cone patterns and are highly effective with a wide range of liquids making them a perfect tool for a variety of industries. To better illustrate their utility as well as the various styles, EXAIR has created a quick video demonstrating how Atomizing Nozzles can assist in a myriad of processes. Combining liquid and compressed air, atomizing nozzles create a fine atomization for superior coverage and can be easily adjusted to fit the application’s demands. EXAIR Air Atomizing Nozzles come in three distinct styles including internal mix, external mix and siphon fed.

Engineered Materials February 20, 2023

HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Spray

EXAIR’s HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle won two 2022 New Product Awards from Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection in their Dust Control and Pollution Control categories. EXAIR’s HollowStream Spray Nozzles provide a hollow cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. They are applied to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. The tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a ring pattern with medium to large droplets.

Maintenance Strategy February 7, 2023

Model 204 PermaStream Process Analyzer

KECO introduces the Model 204 PermaStream Process Analyzer that provides real-time measurement of VOC leaks in clean or dirty water. More economical and accurate than lab analyzers prone to analytical errors, the KECO 204 precisely measures total VOCs including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons without false high readings or high alarms associated with UV fluorescence methods.    Requiring no filters or liquid sample conditioning, the 204 PermaStream strips hydrocarbons as water samples continuously flows through it. Carrier air sweeps hydrocarbons at a rate of 200 ml/min to an advanced VOC sensor for quantitative analysis in ppb, ppm, or “up to” saturation levels. KECO’s PermaStream membrane technology creates an ultra-clean sample for the VOC sensor that has an average life of 5 to 10 years. No costly consumables are needed for analysis.

Analytical Systems Keco
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance February 6, 2023

optimyze condition monitoring

optimyze is a modular condition monitoring solution that uses predictive analysis and features periodic monitoring of system vibration, temperature and pressure of rotating and fixed assets, such as pumps, motors, heat exchangers and steam traps, to ensure system health and reliability.  .

Pumps February 6, 2023

Electronic Pressure Independent Valve

New Electronic Pressure Independent Valve - An Advance HVAC Performance Solution for True Flow Belimo Americas is pleased to announce the release of the new ½" to 2" Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (EPIV) assemblies. These assemblies utilize an integrated electronic flow meter with a robust control algorithm. The EPIV integrated control signal maintains a flow set point regardless of system pressure variations with its robust algorithm modulating the valve based on its measured true flow.

Pumps February 6, 2023

e-1510 pump with Hydrovar

Featuring built-in intelligence and embedded IoT connectivity, this new integrated motor and variable speed drive solution paired with the e-1510 extends pump lifecycle and reduces the cost of ownership, all in a compact, lightweight design with ratings up to 30HP (22kW) and delivering IE5 ultra-premium efficiency. Sustainability is top of mind with Xylem’s permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor technology that uses a sustainable permanent magnet material without environmentally damaging rare earth metals. Other differentiators include an intuitive color interface, flexible assembly process and mobile application for optimal efficiency and convenience.  .

Pumps February 3, 2023

YORK® CYK Water-to-Water Compound Centrifugal Heat Pump

The next-generation YORK® CYK Water-to-Water Compound Centrifugal Heat Pump will soon add a 400-ton model that will deliver space heating electrification to a wider range of commercial buildings.

Johnson Controls
Mechanical & Electrical February 1, 2023

M12 Hybrid Single-Cable Solutions

Recent additions to binder USA’s M12 portfolio offer new combinations of features – pin count, termination style, locking system, housing materials, and shielding. The company is also developing new M12-threaded products with outer push-pull locking. The variety of options allows users to optimize their solution for specific applications, including factory and process automation, industrial metrology and controls, and autonomous robots and cobots. binder also introduced its own single-cable hybrid solution, which combines 7 signal contacts with 2 power contacts to allow power and signal supply in a single connector.

binder USA
Material Handling February 1, 2023

Socomec Modular Midget & CC Fuse Holders

Socomec Modular Midget & CC Fuse Holders from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new Socomec modular Midget and CC Class fuse holders to aid with the completion of overcurrent protection circuits in industrial systems. These finger-safe, DIN-rail mounted fuse holders are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-pole versions with a blown fuse LED indicator on select models. They are offered with up to a 30A capacity and a 200kA interrupt rating for CC Class fuse holders, and a 100kA interrupt rating for Midget Class fuse holders. Socomec modular fuse holders come with a 1-year warranty and are UL listed, CSA approved, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. The new Socomec modular fuse holders start at $4.50. Learn more by visiting:

Safety & PPE February 1, 2023

Safety Vest Fluorescent Green – Large

Looking for a safety vest that will make you highly visible in even the darkest conditions? Look no further than our green fluorescent safety vest! This vest is perfect for construction workers, road crews, and anyone else who needs to be visible in low-light or dark conditions. Made from high-quality materials, our safety vest is comfortable to wear and will protect you from the elements. The fluorescent green color is highly visible, even in dim lighting, making it perfect for safety applications. Additionally, the reflective striping on the vest ensures that you will be seen by oncoming traffic, even at night. So if you need a safety vest that will keep you visible and protected, order our green fluorescent safety vest today! You won't be disappointed.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Mechanical & Electrical January 31, 2023

Program 1056 180° Screw-on hinge without hinge pin

Designed to provide the same performance as the existing EMKA 1056 hinge but at reduced cost and enabling lift off door operation. This novel approach to simplification of design suits flush mounted doors and may be interchanged with the existing 1056 design with no need to modify drawings or production.   The screw-on hinge does not need the usual hinge pin by virtue of its novel design which incorporates the pin into the two separate leaves of the hinge in such a way that they can be inserted at the 270° position then become securely interlocked when the hinge is closed to 180°. This feature also enables simple door removal when required.   On the one hand, this results in significant cost advantages compared to conventional screw-on hinges with hinge pins.

Machinery and Equipment January 31, 2023

Pressure reducing valve for industrial water lines

The new Zurn Wilkins 4 inch 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve works effectively for industrial water lines and commercial systems with high-flow rate capacity and low falloff. The Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 delivers pressure without requiring larger-capacity pipes or additional lines. The patented venturi technology enables the valve to have best-in-class flow performance of any direct acting PRV, with the flattest flow curve on the market, allowing for value engineered design optimization.

Compressed Air January 30, 2023

Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle

EXAIR’s new Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle is the latest solution for static elimination in sensitive processes. Like the Intellistat Ion Air Gun, this new Nozzle provides a lightweight solution rated Class 5 for clean rooms and controlled environments per ISO 14644-1. The Ion Air Nozzle comes equipped with a mounting bracket to assist with remote mounting or benchtop assembly for hands-free use.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules January 25, 2023

RHINO Pro DC-to-DC Converters

New RHINO Pro DC-to-DC Converters  from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new RHINO Pro DC-to-DC converters that are designed for harsh industrial environments and provide high EMC immunity, shock/vibration resistance, and thermal shock resistance. This line offers models with 150W outputs at 12, 15, 24, or 48 VDC, and ultra-wide input voltage ranges of 9.5-36 VDC or 18-75 VDC. They provide protection against overtemperature, overload, short circuit, reverse input, overvoltage, and input undervoltage lock-out, and deliver a constant current output at 100% load, making them ideal for battery charging applications. The new RHINO Pro DC-to-DC converters offer a 3-year warranty, are UL recognized, CE marked and RoHS compliant, and start at $190.00. Learn more by visiting:

Plant Automation January 18, 2023

Intellistat Ion Air Gun

EXAIR’s Intellistat Ion Air Gun won the 2021 Silver Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award from the Mechanical Category and also won the Occupation Health and Safety 2021 New Product of the Year Award in the Lab Safety Category. EXAIR's patented Intellistat Ion Air Gun is a handheld and lightweight solution to static elimination in clean processes or sensitive assembly work such as scientific and electronic test facilities, laboratories and clean rooms. The Intellistat was designed to consume minimal compressed air while simultaneously delivering precise blow-off, and exceptional static decay rates capable of reducing 1000 volts to less than 100 in less than a second at up to 24” away. The Intellistat is activated with a comfortable, ergonomic short throw trigger which requires minimal effort. Constructed with a low voltage transformer converting 120V to 24V, it was designed to ensure user safety, in addition to using an EXAIR engineered air nozzle to maximize efficiency and meet OSHA requirements for sound level and dead-end pressure.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance January 17, 2023

Fluke Calibration 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator

Calibration technicians are facing increasing workloads with devices that require even more accuracy. The new Fluke Calibration 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator meets the demands of modern workloads by enabling technicians to calibrate more devices with a single calibrator and at a greater accuracy — up to 6.5 digits — than ever before. The 5560A, along with the new 5550A and 5540A calibrators, defines an entirely new class of multi-product electrical calibrator that provides the broadest electrical workload coverage.   The 5560A features a new 17.8 centimeter (7-inch) graphical user interface with intuitive menus that are easy to navigate and read.

Fluke Corporation
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance January 12, 2023

831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Misalignment causes at least half of all damage to rotating machinery, but instead of fixing the problem, teams often just treat the symptoms of misalignment by replacing bearings, couplings, and seals because they think alignment takes too long. The new Fluke 831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool makes shaft alignment easy with an intuitive guided user interface that enables quick and complete shaft alignment without advanced training or complicated programs.   While it’s easy to use, the Fluke 831 is still powerful enough for the skilled technician, letting them cover more machines with all the functionality needed on the plant floor — from thermal growth calculations to user defined tolerances and more.   The Fluke 831 features:   • High performance and precise results • Quick setup and intuitive user interface  • Adaptive Alignment • Share data via the cloud .

Fluke Corporation
HMI, OI January 12, 2023

Low-Profile Joystick

APEM announces expanded availability of the XS Series low-profile joystick/thumbstick, ideal for robust applications requiring precise control of industrial equipment, construction vehicles, and marine vessels. Many of the most challenging industrial, commercial, and marine applications incorporate extensive operator control interfaces, via wired or wireless consoles, armrests, belly boxes, and pendants. Users need responsive multi axis devices supporting precise control, designed to survive the harsh environment. Because these installations have limited space, APEM has developed the XS Series with these manufacturers, OEMs, and end users in mind. XS Series joysticks are three axis—X, Y, plus Z center tap—with a minimized yet very usable height.

Mechanical & Electrical January 12, 2023

Solid Core CTs

UL-listed, high accuracy solid core 5A secondary CT models, compatible with EIG’s many meters, and are suited for use in electrical load monitoring, network equipment, control systems, and “Go Green” initiatives. The CTs are in stock and will ship in 24 hours from the time the online order is placed, to meet customer needs for fast service. Ratios available are 50:5A, 100:5A, 200:5A, 400:5A, and 600:5A.  .

Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG)
Plumbing, Pumping January 11, 2023

QEn Core Sampler for Airtight Soil Sample Collection and Sealing

Dexter, MI – Q.E.D Environmental Systems highlights the En Core Sampler, which collects, stores, and delivers soil samples within a single, easy-to-use device. This disposable volumetric sampling device was developed to empower field personnel to take soil samples with minimal handling and maximum accuracy.   This one-use, self-contained, inert composite polymer sampling cassette is ideal for airtight sample collection and sealing. The airtight sealing cap prevents the loss of volatiles as the sampler becomes its own self-contained package.

QED Environmental Systems
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 10, 2023

Online 3D CAD Configurator for Pneumatic Actuators and Accessories

Festo continues to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to lower engineering and purchasing overhead and bring machines to market faster with the company’s new online 3D CAD Configurator for pneumatic actuators and associated accessories such as fittings, lengths of tubing, and sensors. The tool is intuitive and easy to use. Once the actuator is selected from a choice of either cylinder, drive with guides, or semi rotary drive, the engineer simply points and clicks on accessory hot spots to identify and select each accessory. The configurator ensures compatibility between actuator and accessory and eliminates any possible error in type code. Knowing that customers rely on assured component availability, this new productivity tool focuses exclusively on the in-stock and quick-ship core range of Festo pneumatic actuators and accessories.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 5, 2023

SmartBug 2.0

The InvenSense SmartBug 2.0 has various new and exciting features for consumer and IoT applications as a smart remote data-collection module for IoT following the success of the original SmartBug in 2019. This out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution offers accurate and remote monitoring, data collection, and specific IoT sensor application outputs via Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi. The sensor module also provides autonomous SD Card data logging for applications deriving value from large data volumes.

Machinery and Equipment January 1, 2023

Belt hog

The Belt Hog is the go-to tool for belt alignment jobs. Using the pulley groove as the reference, the Belt Hog allows users to achieve a precise belt alignment for reducing wear, bearing failures, and vibration.

Safety & PPE December 22, 2022

Packaging Industry Barcode Label Maker

Software makes different barcodes to fulfill the needs of distribution industries. Industrial Barcode Label Maker generates barcode labels, stickers and coupons with the help of various customization tools. Barcode labels contain many packaging details like shipping address, product size and weight etc.

Trade Label Software
Compressed Air December 20, 2022

High Power Cold Gun

EXAIR’s High Power Cold Gun produces a stream of 20ºF air to reduce heat build up from laser cutting and a wide variety of machining operations. It has twice the cooling capability of an ordinary Cold Gun and is suitable for continuous use without the possibility of freezing up. The High Power Cold Gun System incorporates a stainless steel vortex tube that converts an ordinary supply of compressed air into cold air. A flexible ball and socket hose that holds its position is used to direct the cold air to the point where the heat is generated.

Safety & PPE December 16, 2022

Unisoft Soft-Close Adapters

Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware for the cabinet industry, highlights its UniSoft soft-close adapters. Mounted on the upper corner of a cabinet, UniSoft provides a soft, smooth and quiet soft-closing action that eliminates harsh, unwelcome noises that often occur when cabinet doors are shut. With seamless installation for both heavy and light doors, UniSoft provides an ideal solution for any cabinet door application. It can be installed at multiple stages of a cabinet’s lifecycle, including the production process, the time of installation, or after the cabinet is installed to retrofit existing cabinetry. UniSoft’s wide ranging applications include door overlays for face frame cabinets and frameless cabinets on full overlay doors.

Grass America
Compressed Air December 15, 2022

VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun

EXAIR’s VariBlast® Precision Safety Air Gun provide a focused blast of air capable of handling tough jobs with remarkable strength while minimizing air consumption and noise. This OSHA safe air gun employs an engineered, full finger, variable flow trigger able to produce varying force upon a target simply by pulling the trigger. The VariBlast is available with a standard, 12" or 20" extension which can also be outfitted with type 316 stainless steel or PEEK thermoplastic air nozzles for non-marring applications.

Ethernet December 14, 2022

Quabbin Communication Cable Options

  More Quabbin Communication Cable Options from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new communication cables from Quabbin, providing even more options for reliable Ethernet and Profinet communication. New continuous flexing 26AWG Cat5e or Cat6/6a shielded industrial Ethernet cable is available with two or four twisted pairs. Cable jacket options include Zero Halogen Flame Retardant (ZHFR), Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer (FR-TPE), and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This cable can be ordered cut to length in 1-foot increments with a 20 or 25ft.

Gears and Bearings December 14, 2022

Custom Deburring Systems

James Engineering has launched its new line of deburring and chamfering machines, which can process an unlimited variety of gear types: spur, bevel, spiral bevel, rings & pinions, cluster gears, splines, internal gearing blind bores, threading, and much more. The new line of equipment is much faster than before, with less than 3 seconds between cycles, and changes from one part type to another in as little as 5 seconds. This second-generation series of the MAX System delivers a refined and proven line of technology the company has been advancing for more than 35 years.

James Engineering
Hydraulics December 14, 2022

Peninsular Hydraulic Cylinders

AutomationDirect's Peninsular hydraulic cylinders are interchangeable with other popular brands of NFPA hydraulic cylinders, are offered with bore sizes from 1-1/2 to 4 inches, stroke lengths up to 24 inches, and tapped end caps for mounting accessories. Available accessories include mounting brackets and hardware to ensure a perfect fit as a replacement cylinder on existing equipment. The new Peninsular hydraulic cylinders are made in the USA from the highest quality materials, come with a one-year warranty. Learn more by visiting:

Mechanical & Electrical December 14, 2022

Automated Gear Tooth Grinder

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., a leader in the power transmission industry,  has added an Automated Gear Tooth Grinder to their gear hobbing department. This new equipment offers a range of benefits that improve product quality and increase production capacity. This unique machine frees up capacity on four other machines, improves the quality of gear geometry, improves the cycle time, and effectively grinds spur and helical gears.

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
Safety & PPE December 14, 2022

New Cementex Arc Rated Face Shields

Updated face shield provide classic, reliable arc flash protection  Burlington, NJ – Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex 17 Cal/cm2 Arc Rated Face Shield (AFS-180) with hard hat. The AFS-180 features a molded shape to provide minimal distortion with exceptional Visible Light Transfer (VLT). This face shield will be included in the Category 2 Contractor, UltraLite and Feature Series PPE kits.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Commercial and Electric Vehicles December 14, 2022

Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit (ITS-12B-AES), a great base of insulated tools for use with hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as troubleshooting and repair to EV charging stations. Stored in a standard tool box, this tool kit includes Cementex double-insulated Diagonal Cutting, Needle Nose, Slip Joint, Crimping, and Water Pump Pliers, as well as a variety of double-insulated Cushion Grip screwdrivers. Cementex double-insulated tools are Made in the U.S.A.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Safety & PPE December 14, 2022

AFS-180 Arc-Rated Face Shields

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex 17 Cal/cm2 Arc Rated Face Shield (AFS-180) with hard hat. The AFS-180 features a molded shape to provide minimal distortion with exceptional Visible Light Transfer (VLT). This face shield will be included in the Category 2 Contractor, UltraLite and Feature Series PPE kits.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment December 13, 2022

Pneumatic Belt Sander

The 360-313 and 360-418 Pneumatic Belt Sanders—engineered to make quick work of material removal and deliver smooth finishes. Whether removing spot welds, rust, deposits, or burrs; or fine-tuning a finished surface, these tools get the job done fast with a 0.6HP motor - 20% more than the leading competitor. Increase your productivity with tool-free belt changes (either 3/8" x 13", or 1/2" x 18") that make switching from one abrasive to the next quick and convenient, as well as a tool-free articulating arm that ensures every nook and cranny is easily reached.

Ingersoll Rand
Remote Monitoring December 12, 2022


The latest Intel processor generation Alder Lake-S can be operated on the newly introduced ATX motherboard IMBA-R680 from ICP Germany. The IMBA-R680 is equipped with the R680E chipset and supports thirteenth and twelfth generation Intel Core I, Pentium, or Celeron processors. With its four 288-pin DDR5 SDRAM sockets, the IMBA-R680 can accommodate up to 128GB of memory in dual-channel with or without ECC. For mass storage, the IMBA-R680 has four SATA interfaces supporting RAID configurations RAID 0/1/5/10 and two M.2 2242/2280 (NGFF) M Key slots for NVME x4 SSDs. The IMBA-R680 has numerous interfaces.

ICP Deutschland GmbH
Mechanical & Electrical December 9, 2022

SHD 200 Loop-Powered Control Unit

KROHNE’s SHD 200 provides a second 4…20mA current output for any HART available. This means that each HART dynamic variable from any attached HART field device can be mapped on the second current output. The second current output is also usable as a power supply for white backlight and 5 high-brightness LEDs that allow for NAMUR NE107 signalization.  The SHD 200 contains 2 solid state relays for process control.

Safety & PPE December 8, 2022

Cementex Arc Rated Face Shields

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex 17 Cal/cm2 Arc Rated Face Shield (AFS-180) with hard hat. The AFS-180 features a molded shape to provide minimal distortion with exceptional Visible Light Transfer (VLT). This face shield will be included in the Category 2 Contractor, UltraLite and Feature Series PPE kits.

Circor International
I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 7, 2022

Murrplastik Cable Entry System Components

Additional and FDA-Compliant Murrplastik Cable Entry System Components from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new cable entry system options to their Murrplastik product line. Murrplastik cable entry systems easily allow installation of non-terminated or pre-made /terminated cables through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface. The new KDP/R series offers a general-purpose, round, one-piece frame available in two different sizes, capable of holding up to 46 non-terminated cables in a single frame. The new KDL/H-VA-FDA series FDA-compliant stainless-steel split frames, available in three sizes, use FDA approved grommets and can hold up to 12 pre-made or terminated cables. Also added is the KDP series FDA Cablequick® system, a one-piece stainless-steel frame that can hold up to 48 non-terminated cables.

Engineered Materials December 6, 2022

Industrial Fabrics

Specialty fibers used for cure wrap, structural reinforcement, and stress/strain measurement Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, offers unique fabrics from specialty fibers ideal for industrial applications in the engineered rubber industry.  BRM’s specialty fabrics, available in a wide variety of fiber combinations and weave structures, are used in the engineered rubber industry for the manufacture of rubber belting, rubber hoses, and other specialty rubber applications. Proprietary BRM fabrics are available for cure wrap for hoses to hold the rubber in place during the curing process, internal reinforcements to improve tensile resistance, and belting, in which layers of rubber sheet and fabric are combined to increase strength and elongation resistance. Also available are proprietary E-WEBBINGS smart technology fabrics, which is integrated into structural reinforcement for engineered rubber products. The textile is used to optimize the interface between the sensor and rubber substrate for translational stress and strain measurement.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Robotics December 1, 2022

Dual Robotic Singulation and Induction

Capable of processing up to 2,800 parcels per hour at its peak with a typical range of 1,900-2,500 parcels per hour, this space-efficient solution combines advanced robotic technologies to identify and pick from bulk infeed, and place singulated packages in a proper orientation with speed, accuracy and efficiency. The picking process is powered by vision software, machine learning algorithms and state-of-the-art computer vision, allowing for seamless fusion of 2D and 3D data with low latency times. The robots’ gripping system uses vacuum-based end effectors to handle a variety of common packaging materials and types, including corrugate cases, polybags, flats and envelopes.

Material Handling Systems, Inc.
Safety & PPE December 1, 2022


Performing Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) safely requires the answer to one question; is there voltage? NFPA 70E/CSAZ462 requires an absence of voltage test to verify an electrically safe work condition. The traditional process poses arc flash and shock hazards to comply with NFPA 70E Article 120.5: Process for Establishing and Verifying an Electrically Safe Work. The ChekVolt allows you to test absence of voltage and provides voltage presence indication; all without opening the enclosure door. Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD) users report LOTO procedure time reductions of 35-40 minutes.

Grace Technologies
Mechanical & Electrical December 1, 2022

Automatic Transfer Switches with Manual Bypass/Isolation

The Russelectric RTS-30 Series and Russelectric RTS-03 Series transfer switches provide all the functions of a Russelectric automatic transfer switch plus the ability to bypass power from a live source to load in the event the transfer switch is disabled.  Russelectric automatic transfer switches with manual bypass/isolation are the most complete line of 480 Vac 30-cycle and 3-cycle UL tested switches available today. They have been fully tested, listed, and labeled for 30-cycle and 3-cycle closing and withstand ratings under UL-1008. Full draw-out construction allows safe and easy removal of the transfer switch, eliminating the need to make any electrical or mechanical disconnections. Built rugged for long life, minimum maintenance, and trouble-free service, the RTS-30 Series features contact assemblies designed to handle the rigors of 30-cycle closing and withstand performance and offer exceptional arc- and track-resistance.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Industrial Networking December 1, 2022

Waterproof Connectors and Adapters

Introducing the Johnson waterproof interconnect family consisting of a rugged design for harsh environments. All products meet industry-leading IP68 standards. The parts are designed with internal gaskets along with an outer gasket.

Vision and Discrete Sensors November 30, 2022

Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors

NEW Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added new stainless-steel specialty inductive proximity sensors from Contrinex. These new proximity sensors are designed for extreme environments and are offered in 3mm to 50mm diameters with protection ratings up to IP69K. Select models are rated for high-temperature applications up to 230°C [446°F] and high-pressure applications up to 500 bar [7251 psi]. Other models feature metal chip immunity which eliminates the risk of false switching due to metal debris.

Environmental Health November 22, 2022

Environmental Sensor Option

CAMI Research Inc. (Acton, MA), manufacturer of the CableEye automation-ready cable and harness test system, has released an environmental sensor option incorporating the Dracal PTH200 sensor. Of particular interest to medical and defense applications, this option provides automatic measurement and reporting of environmental test conditions (temperature, relative humidity, pressure) alongside electrical function data for the cable, harness or backplane under test.

CAMI Research
Compressed Air November 21, 2022

Super Air Knife

EXAIR has expanded Stainless Steel long Super Air Knives to include a maximum length of 108″ (2743mm) and is manufacturing all air knives 60″ (1524mm) and longer, which used to be two pieces, in one piece construction which eases installation and saves space. The corrosion resistant design ensures seamless airflow and withstands temperatures up to 800°F (427°C). Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool large surfaces up to 108″ wide.

Pumps November 21, 2022

Zenith Pump

CIRCOR's Zenith Drum Metering System is a precise and concise system that drastically reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) while eliminating sealing costs and maintenance. This metering system is ideal for the application of adhesives in the automotive market. Sealing issues are the most common problems that lead to failure mode in pumps.

Circor International
Machinery and Equipment November 21, 2022

Anemometers and Current Transformer Testers

Founded in 2010, Sisco Anemometers is a leading national factory-authorized distributor for a select group of prominent manufacturers of equipment, tools and instruments. There are also further classification standards for specific measuring machines like output signal, power supply, water speed range, salinity range, input voltage, control box and so on. We have elaborately classify the products so that you can easily choose test measurement suitable for you. In short, Sisco Anemometers provides comprehensive measurement equiment. Featured products like Anemometers and Current Transformer Testers have received high praise and had a good performance on market. have received high praise and had a good performance on market. The values we stand for: Exceeding customer expectations, Trust, respect and integrity in all of our relationships, Continuous improvement and embracing changes, Teamwork and open, honest communication, Each employee's responsibility for contributing to the company's success, Creating a safe, productive and rewarding work environment, Preserving and protecting the global environment, Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to doing more business with you!.
Machinery and Equipment November 16, 2022

More SureFrame T-Slotted Rail Profiles

More SureFrame T-Slotted Rail Profiles from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added additional profiles of SureFrame t-slotted rails. The new 30mm x 60mm and 60mm x 60mm profiles added to the 30 Series lineup allow for greater project flexibility. These new profiles offer the same durability as existing SureFrame rails and are compatible with slotted rails/hardware from most other manufacturers.   SureFrame t-slotted rails can be ordered cut to length and are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.   The new SureFrame T-slotted Rail Profiles start at $0.21/inch.     Learn more by visiting:

Material Handling November 15, 2022

HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle

EXAIR’s new 3/8 NPT HollowStream™ liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a hollow cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. They are applied to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. The tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging and works well with liquids containing particulate.

Pumps November 15, 2022

SFS Drum Pump

Finish Thompson's SFS Drum Pump is a sealless, high-performance drum/barrel pump with rugged 316 stainless steel construction. The new pump joins the Finish Thompson SF Series of high-performance drum pumps and is ideal for harsh applications involving flammables, solvents, mineral oils, and high-temperature applications, and has versions manufactured from FDA-compliant materials. The new pump features a 1.6” (40 mm) diameter tube to accommodate both standard and smaller bung openings. Two impeller options provide either high flow or high head.

Finish Thompson
Mechanical & Electrical November 15, 2022

IL-BRID Locking Lever

Lightweight construction is one of the most important factors in recent manufacturing trends. In addition to replacing metal with lightweight materials, lightweight structures use a combination of different materials to maximize advantages and minimize disadvantages. Mencom introduces the innovative IL-BRID lever available for all standard-size rectangular enclosures.

Mencom Corporation
Pumps November 14, 2022

ATO Diaphragm Pump

When you purchase ATO Diaphragm Pumps, you’re getting so much more than just an ATO Diaphragm Pump. You’re getting the support from a team of experts throughout the process, from selecting the pump to purchasing and providing post-sales support. Assured quality, technical expertise and application experience is what you can expect.

ATO Diaphragm Pump
Safety & PPE November 14, 2022

Safe-Test Point 1000V

The latest edition to our Safe-Test Point PESD family is rated for use on equipment up to 1000 VAC/VDC. This PESD allows qualified workers to perform a safer and more productive absence of voltage tests than ever before on equipment with a higher voltage range. Safely test the line side, load side, or both by inserting multimeter-insulated probes into any two test point jacks to take a voltage reading.

Grace Technologies
Process Safety November 9, 2022

Fume Hood Blowers

FUME HOOD BLOWERS Complete line of belt and direct drive exhaust blowers which are chemical resistant and available in standard and explosion proof models. HEMCO blowers are designed to operate effectively and efficiently to remove hazardous fumes from a fume hood. Blowers are epoxy coated steel, belt or direct drive blowers with adjustable discharge and weather covers from 250 cfm to 2000 cfm.

HEMCO Corporation
Wireless November 9, 2022

RP450 Power System

ABB Power Conversion is helping to energize the rollout of 5G repeaters with solutions like its new RP450 power system. The all-in-one solution meets the power density, footprint, and availability needs of 5G repeaters, helping to extend network coverage. The pole-mounted RP450 power system is specifically designed for 5G repeater application, with its integrated design housing a rectifier, distribution equipment, a surge protector, and a service-entrance-rated AC input breaker within a single enclosure.

ABB Power Conversion
Power Systems November 8, 2022

Power Relays

CUI Devices’ Relays Group today announced its continued product expansion with the addition of a new line of power relays. Ideal for high-level current switching in a range of industrial applications, measurement and control equipment, and safety systems, CUI Devices’ power relays boast industry-best lead times and offer max switching currents from 5 A up to 40 A.   The PR family of power relays features SPST (1 Form A), SPDT (1 Form C), DPST (2 Form A), or DPDT (2 Form C) contact forms, a variety of contact ratings, and Ag Alloy overlay contact material. Housed in through hole packages, the models carry max switching voltages up to 440 Vac or 120 Vdc, coil power ratings from 200 to 900 mW, and coil voltages of 5, 12, or 24 Vdc.   CUI Devices’ power relays are available immediately with prices starting at $0.70 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution.

CUI Devices
Machinery and Equipment November 8, 2022

135MAX Heavy Duty Air Hammer

When maximum power is a priority, the Ingersoll Rand 135MAX Heavy Duty Air Hammer makes quick work of tough tasks including exhaust and front-end jobs, cutting stubborn bolts and building or de-constructing control and knuckle assemblies. Weighing in at 4.5 pounds (2.03 kg), the 135MAX HD Air Hammer delivers a best-in-class 2,600 blows per minute (BPM), with a 3” piston stroke. Ideal for vehicle, truck, bus and heavy machinery repair, the tool is also well suited for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO).

Ingersoll Rand
Mechanical & Electrical November 2, 2022

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added Bryant pin and sleeve wiring devices to their current offering of low-cost wiring solutions. These devices include non-conductive electrical plugs, connectors, receptacles, and inlets designed to withstand heavy-duty industrial environments and maintain a reliable watertight connection resistant to accidental disconnection. Bryant pin and sleeve devices are designed to meet IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 international regulations for easy-to-use standardized configurations and safeguarding against connecting devices of different amperage and voltage ratings together. In addition, accessories for these pin and sleeve devices are available to provide various optional mounting methods and watertight seals when not in use. The new Bryant pin and sleeve devices start at $74.00, and accessories start at $16.00.

Mechanical & Electrical November 1, 2022

ArcBlok(TM) 2500

ArcBlok is a line side arc prevention and isolation technology for low voltage motor control centers and switchboards. It is an innovative technology that provides enhanced safety by protecting people and electrical equipment from the effects of arc flash incidents.

Schneider Electric
Engineered Materials November 1, 2022

Lorin Industries Perforated Aluminum

Lorin Industries highlights its perforated anodized aluminum that delivers functionality, superior durability, and excellent aesthetics. The cost-effective coil anodizing process, pioneered by Lorin, protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability. The perforated aluminum promotes airflow without the addition of mechanical ventilation systems. Perforated anodized aluminum is gaining in popularity for its aesthetic qualities and other functional benefits, like screening sunlight, particulates, and noise.

Lorin Industries
Mechanical & Electrical November 1, 2022

DL2 Series Loading Dock Arm with Integrated LEDs

The DL2 Series is a family of loading dock lights reimagined and designed to resolve a wide range of challenges endured with traditional dock lights.  Flagship "IL" products feature the introduction of Integrated LED technology into the actual arms themselves. This patented technology eliminates the need for light heads, making the lights lighter, safer and easier to use, with less glare. The patented curved arm fits around door tracks without the need for additional joints or tubing, and the rectangular profile reduced material and weight while significantly increasing the strength and weight capacity compared to traditional dock arms.

Tri Lite
Commercial and Electric Vehicles October 31, 2022

T8090 Dual Absolute Leak Tester

A world leader in leak testing solutions, FORTEST, has launched Dual Absolute T8090, a new revolutionary instrument to solve the testing problems in electric cars equipment’s for improving their performance, reliability, and efficiency. Many parts of an electric car such as a battery, circuits, cooling systems, and packs, are prone to leaking. To prevent user dissatisfaction and potentially severe loss, these parts must be leak-proof.

Material Handling October 28, 2022

Raymond High Capacity Orderpicker

The Raymond High Capacity Orderpicker is the first-of-its-kind forklift that delivers market-leading capacity at all heights and reduces annual cost per pallet stored by 19% compared with competitors. Designed to facilitate order picking a full rack higher than models currently on the market, the new orderpicker features an industry-leading elevated height of 456 inches, which allows for increased rack storage access to 11% more pick slots. The increased elevated height enables operators to optimize storage capacity for more usable space and improved SKU count without increasing a facility’s overall footprint.

The Raymond Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical October 27, 2022

ARIA Series Actuated Control Valves

Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, announces its new ARIA Series electrically actuated, modulating, globe control valves. The valves are ideally suited for challenging, modulating, industrial processes that require electric actuation with the actuation speed and reliability of pneumatics.   Warren Controls launched the ARIA as an upgraded version of its AmurAct. The newly improved actuator is designed for 1.5 million cycles and can withstand ambient temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, with travel speeds at 12 seconds per inch.

Warren Controls
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 25, 2022

140EP Engraving Pen

The pneumatic Ingersoll Rand 140EP Engraving Pen is easy on the hands, with a slender, ergonomic shape and soft rubber grip that makes it ideal for long periods of use. Designed with durability in mind, the 140EP pen legibly engraves hard surfaces, from alloys to brittle ceramics, with ease and accuracy. Operators can comfortably and clearly make marks and labels for long-lasting identification.

Ingersoll Rand
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 25, 2022

320PG Pencil Grinder

The Ingersoll Rand 320PG Pencil Grinder has countless capabilities to complete more tasks with one single pneumatic tool. Use it for precision grinding in small spaces, final cleaning, polishing dies and flash removal applications. This tiny tool can do it all and is compatible with carbide burrs and mounted points. A slip resistant, custom thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grip helps technicians work precisely for extended periods of time.

Ingersoll Rand
Material Handling October 25, 2022


EXAIR’s new TurboBlast Safety Air Gun is the latest addition to the EXAIR line of Safety Air Guns. This dynamic air gun is capable of producing up to 23 pounds of force with a simple press of a button trigger and is the ideal solution for blowoff applications requiring maximum force such as removing stubborn or heavy debris like slag and flash, part drying or cooling from a distance, as well as heavy duty cleanup in busy facilities. The TurboBlast features a cast aluminum handle with a rugged elastomer grip that’s not only comfortable, but UV resistant, chemical resistant and insulated from heat or cold. The light touch activation trigger creates a powerful blast of air and also includes a “Dead Man’s” grip that turns air off if the air gun is dropped.

Power Generation October 25, 2022

Kaman Air Gap Tool

Offering simple, accurate measuring and data storage for hydroelectric turbines and more, the Air Gap Tool is designed specifically for static alignment of rotor/stator in large scale hydro generators. It is an ideal tool for measuring air gaps in the field and can be used for initial installation and during re-assembly after maintenance procedures. The new Air Gap Tool from Kaman can measure and store data with the tap of a finger – no power cords, no pens, no paper.

Kaman Precision Products
Lubrication October 24, 2022

HE Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm HE heat transfer fluid is an economical, highly-refined, mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid formulated for service in closed-loop heat transfer systems to 600°. Key Features: Economical workhorse formulation Hight purity NSF HT-1 food grade heat transfer fluid High flash/boiling points  .

Safety & PPE October 23, 2022

Blackline Safety G6 Personal Gas Detector

The all-new G6 personal gas detector wearable transforms single-gas detection, offering fast incident response time and a more efficient way to manage safety and compliance. What makes G6 truly unique is its long-lasting connectivity, which outlasts the competition. This means industrial organizations can fully harness real-time vital safety data for the first time in scenarios where disposable, traditional beep-and-flash detectors are commonly used.

Blackline Safety
Asset Management October 19, 2022

New Seifert Enclosure Thermal Management Products

New Seifert Enclosure Thermal Management Products from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added new quality Seifert products to their existing enclosure thermal management lineup. The SlimLine series of enclosure air conditioners is designed for indoor and outdoor use, operating with an internal closed loop system to protect from dust, oil, and water intrusion. These air conditioners offer up to 4,900 BTU/H, high-performance fans, and are constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel.

Mechanical & Electrical October 19, 2022

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added more control and signal cables from Quabbin. These signal cables are available in shielded or unshielded versions, with conductor sizes from 24AWG to 16AWG, and with various conductor counts ranging from 2 to 25 conductors depending on cable size. Twisted pair or twisted triad options are also available. Individual conductors are stranded tinned copper with color-coded insulation for easy identification; all cables include a PVC chrome gray jacket. These 150-, 300- or 600-volt rated cables are ideal for low-voltage control signals and audio applications. The new Quabbin control and signal cables are UL and CSA approved, proudly made in the USA, and can be ordered cut to your specified lengths in 1-foot increments with a 30-ft. minimum starting at $0.23 per foot.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety October 19, 2022

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added more intrinsically safe isolation barriers from STAHL. These modules ensure only a safe amount of energy resides in an electrical circuit, installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere, so that no sources of ignition are created.   More digital, analog, and temperature modules, new frequency transmitter isolators, and a Zener Barrier for thermocouple signals have been added.   Additional accessories include a configuration kit for the temperature and frequency modules and replacement fuse kits for the Zener Barrier.   The new STAHL intrinsically safe isolation barrier modules start at $189.00 and come with a one-year warranty.   Learn more by visiting:

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 18, 2022

AT-200 shaft alignment

The AT-200 is your sidekick for both horizontal and vertical shaft alignment jobs. Coupled with two wireless laser sensors, the included rugged tablet comes pre-loaded with two applications that will seamlessly guide individuals through the alignment process. Additionally, the Feet Lock and Target Value features offer enhanced control for correcting misalignment.

Machinery and Equipment October 17, 2022

ATO Relays

ATO Relays is a leading manufacture that specializes in relays, including thermal overload relays, electromagnetic relays, timer relays, solid state relays, dc signal relays, monitoring relays. For more than 10 years, ATO Relays has provided a wide range of customized relays that address complex engineering requirements to help customers solve difficult challenges. ATO Relays' success is largely built upon its commitment to maintain close business partnerships with suppliers and customers, coupled with the strength of its commercial and technical competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle. ATO Relays is globally integrated, supported by one IT infrastructure which provides real time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Whether you're searching for parts, looking to get your products on our shelves, or want to join our growing team, please get in touch – we're here to help. We have products like: Thermal Overload Relays, Electromagnetic Relays, Timer Relays, Solid State Relays, DC Signal Relays, Monitoring Relays.

ATO Relays
Mechanical & Electrical October 13, 2022

5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series

— Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected and safer world, announced the new 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series. The high-reliability TVS diodes are designed, manufactured and screened to provide robust overvoltage protection, with low early failures and zero degradation over continuous surge events.

Energy Efficiency & Management October 12, 2022

Solar Transition Box

Integra Enclosures' TB4-2 Solar Transition Box is UL 1741 listed for use in the U.S. and Canada. Designed to safely transition and combine up to 4 photovoltaic (PV) strings into standard household wire.

Integra Enclosures
Material Handling October 12, 2022

FBP Control Cable

More LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP (Food & Beverage rated) Control Cable from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable options to their existing cut-to-length cable lineup. More 20, 18, 14, and 12 AWG shielded and unshielded cables, an additional 16AWG shielded cable, and a new 10AWG shielded cable option are now available.  LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable is specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in food and beverage facilities.

Machinery and Equipment October 10, 2022

Stream Liquid Spray Nozzles

EXAIR’s Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzles require no air to operate. They produce droplets by spinning the liquid and breaking its surface tension through a precision orifice or by impacting the liquid on to a surface of the nozzle. Compared to EXAIR’s Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles, liquid atomizing spray nozzles generate more liquid volume and produce a coarse spray pattern.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 6, 2022

Nylon Cure-Tape for Rubber Hoses and Roller Covers

Manufacturing mill producing both preshrunk/heat set and Teflon®-treated tapesBally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, announces the availability of nylon cure-tape for rubber hose and roller cover applications. The tapes are being manufactured in both preshrunk/heat set and Teflon-treated versions. BRM offers both plain and twill weave cure-tapes in three styles: 210 denier warp/plain weave is available in 1-inch, 1.5”-inch, 2-inch, 2.75-inch, 3-inch, 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sizes; 210 denier warp/twill weave is offered in 3-inch widths; and 420 denier warp/210 denier filling can be provided in 3-inch widths.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Mechanical & Electrical October 4, 2022

Hygienic Design Pushbutton Enclosures and Accessories

Hygienic Design Pushbutton Enclosures and Accessories designed specifically for the high hygiene zone in food and beverage facilities.   Five sizes are available in the hygienic design (HD) pushbutton enclosure line including one-, two-, three-, four-, and six-hole enclosure options that fit standard 22.5 mm pushbuttons and switches. To meet strict food safety regulations and help maintain the highest level of protection, the HD pushbutton enclosures feature:   3° slope on all sides to prevent accumulation of liquids 304 brushed grain, stainless steel Zinc-plated sheet steel mounting bracket IP 66 and IP 69 rated UL Type 4X rated To round off Rittal’s hygienic line of accessories, a viewing window, pressure release plug, new alternative cam lock option, and key lockable t-handle have been added. These new accessories increase the versatility for users in the production area, helping to ensure work areas retain hygienic standards.

Machinery and Equipment October 4, 2022

ST40 mV Meter in Enclosure

The ST40 compact DIN-rail energy and power quality meter has been updated to provide a 0.333 V current input for mV applications. It has also been placed in a UL rated, pre-wired NEMA1 enclosure that adds metering capability without time consuming and expensive redesign. The enclosure is only 7.40 inches wide, allowing it to be used where space is limited.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG)
Mechanical & Electrical September 29, 2022

Rectangular Connector

Industrial electrical connectors have consistently faced the challenge of being ‘smaller, faster, safer, and easier’ in the modern manufacturing era. Those four keywords have been one of the manufacturing trends in the automation industry with the following implicit requirement, ‘The components and connectors are required to be small and compact while being waterproof and resistant to vibration to withstand in rugged environments.’ Mencom offers the new compact enclosure series engineered for ease of assembly and simplicity in mind. These fully metallic enclosures are available in size 32.13 exclusively and their hoods are designed in one piece for any wiring combination with a robust stainless-steel lever.

Mencom Corporation
Motors & Drives September 28, 2022


JKF Americas Inc, a subsidiary of JK Fenner (India) Ltd., has introduced their extensive Top Drive line of power transmission products to the North, Central and South American markets. The launch of the Top Drive brand is especially timely for businesses that have seen delays and shortages in the supply chain, within the context of the emerging sourcing model across the world. “The parent company has been at the forefront of nearly every advancement in drive belts and power transmission products for decades, serving industries around the globe,” said Mohan Seshadri, business head – industrial and automotive products & exports.

GAIN Aftermarket
Process Manufacturing September 28, 2022

WR 600 Thermoplastic Composite

WR®600, a carbon-fiber-reinforced, PFA-based composite featuring outstanding chemical, impact, and thermal shock resistance. The WR®600 thermoplastic composite can withstand continuous service temperatures up to  500°F (260°C) and is ideal for stationary wear rings for static applications; pump applications in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and water treatment plants; as well as all types of centrifugal pumps.  WR® 600 withstands the strongest acids, bases, halogens, and solvents. Its non-galling properties facilitate extended periods of dry running during upset conditions.

Greene Tweed
Motors & Drives September 28, 2022

250 kW and 12 kW AccuDyne four-quadrant AC dynamometers

System will be used to test effectiveness of new alloys SAKOR Technologies Inc., a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, announces that it recently provided Carpenter Technology Corp (CTC) with a dynamometer test system that will be used to test the effectiveness of new alloys being used for electric motor components and inverters. The system features both a 250 kilowatt (kW) and a 12 kW AccuDyne four quadrant AC dynamometer, which covers a wide range of electric motor testing capability. The test system also includes a 250 kW, 800 VDC, ±500 amp battery simulator.

Pumps September 28, 2022

AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme Pump

The exclusive self-cleaning vortex action and proprietary finish on internal components dramatically extends service life between cleanings Dexter, MI (DATE) – Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), announces the new AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme pump for the most extreme landfill and remediation pumping applications.

QED Environmental Systems
Mobility September 27, 2022

Victaulic SpoolTracker App

The Victaulic SpoolTracker App bridges the communication gap between the fabrication shop and on-site installation. It features easy tracking and reporting on pipe spool status utilizing unique QR codes and a centralized location for project data. It integrates automatically with Victaulic Tools for Revit, optimizing the entire project lifecycle – saving users time and money.

Mechanical & Electrical September 26, 2022

Heatsink solutions for ICS electronics housings

Phoenix Contact has increased the breadth and depth of its popular Industrial Case System (ICS) housing family to include both customizable passive heatsinks and heatsink fillers. Advanced components combined with tighter spaces have put increasing thermal demands on electronic housings. New heatsink solutions from Phoenix Contact now allow design engineers to choose from a wide range of thermal management solutions to keep their components from over-heating.

Phoenix Contact
Vision and Discrete Sensors September 24, 2022

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors for Space-Limited Applications from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added ProSense miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors to their inventory of almost 4,000 sensors and encoders. The new ProSense RW mini photoelectric sensors provide an affordable solution for small applications with very limited space.

Compressed Air September 22, 2022

PH 45-690 HE Heatless Adsorption Dryers with Structured Desiccant

The Pneumatech PH HE adsorption dryer has always earned its High-Efficiency label. Its new models with structured desiccant take these energy savings to a new level. In fact, thanks to their groundbreaking solides desiccant, the newest additions to the PH HE range offer the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

Motors & Drives September 21, 2022

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantries

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantriesfrom AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added linear slide actuators from igus. These lead screw-driven and belt-driven linear slide actuators can be used as single-axis slides or can provide an economical means of creating high-performance XY or XYZ gantry systems.

Hydraulics September 20, 2022

Piping Packages

Piping Packages are pre-assembled piping systems that make installation effortless by reducing several connections, which minimizes the chance for error and cuts costs, time and labor in half. Product selection is fast and easy utilizing HIT with filters and calculators that quickly select the right piping package for your application. The valves and actuators offered come in the most popular standard pipe sizes and types from 1/2 inch to 2-inch ball, globe and pressure independent control valves. The valves have NPT connections and a choice of 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch stainless-steel hose lengths.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Material Handling September 20, 2022

Sanitary Flange Air Conveyors

EXAIR’s Sanitary Flange Line Vac air operated conveyors are the best way to convey materials through systems which require frequent or mandatory cleaning. The ISO 2852 compatible sanitary flanges limit areas where bacteria can grow and help prevent contamination. Made from type 316 stainless steel to provide maximum hygiene and corrosion resistance, these Line Vacs are available in 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" and 3" flange sizes.

Safety & PPE September 19, 2022

Foothold by SLIPNOT

Foothold by SLIPNOT is a powerful water-based cleaner and degreaser for further reducing safety incidents in wet, greasy, and oily areas in food and beverage, industrial and chemical manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, and other building environments. While specially formulated for use with SLIPNOT products, Foothold is an all-purpose cleaner for areas of buildings with slip and fall hazards. Foothold puts worker safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Safety & PPE September 12, 2022


Product Overview: Keyence Corp of America has released the next evolution of safety door interlocks. Building on the features found in the GS Series interlocks, the GS-M’s innovative hybrid style combines the safety of a locking type interlock (500/900 N locking force) and the simplicity of a non-contact interlock, with the bonus of a built-in magnetic catch. Alignment Benefits: The GS-M Series is designed specifically to address the most frustrating issues related to door interlocks, including misalignment due to door sag and machine vibration. Its flush design, large actuator, and built-in spring combine to provide a level of forgiveness and flexibility not seen in conventional interlocks. Furthermore, dedicated units for sliding and hinged doors (from small access panels to full body doors) further ensure alignment and simplify mounting. Additional Features: With its highly visible indicator lights and small footprint, the physical design of the GS-M clearly stands out among other door interlocks on the market today.

Safety & PPE September 12, 2022

GS-M Series safety door interlocks

Keyence Corp of America has released the next evolution of safety door interlocks. Building on the features found in the GS Series interlocks, the GS-M’s innovative hybrid style combines the safety of a locking type interlock and the simplicity of a non-contact interlock. With the hybrid technology of the GS-M Series, users can choose whether the safety signals are being sent when the door is closed or closed and locked. The unique design offers the option to be a locking type (500/900 N locking force) or a simple non-contact interlock with the bonus of a built-in magnetic catch.The GS-M Series is designed specifically to address the most frustrating issues related to door interlocks, including misalignment due to door sag and machine vibration.

Mechanical & Electrical September 12, 2022

Curve Top Safety Disconnect Switch with Inform Technology

Leviton’s Curve Top Safety Disconnect Switch with Inform Technology is the latest of Leviton’s Powerswitch and Inform solutions. The curve top design pushes water and debris off the sides of the device, leaving less area for buildup and liquid accumulation. Embedded with Inform technology, LEDs provide indication of the device’s operating status and signals device failure or liquid build.

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Power Systems September 6, 2022

XQ2280 power module

The Cat® XQ2280 power module is the industry’s first single-engine mobile power solution above 560 kW that is U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final compliant. Now available for 60-Hz applications from Cat dealers throughout North America, the Cat XQ2280 power module provides up to 2 MW of standby power or 1825 kW of prime power. Its essential components are all packaged in a weather-resistant 48-foot container that streamlines transport and deployment while offering exceptional sound attenuation. The Cat XQ2280 is ideal for data centers, healthcare facilities, municipal infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants and other utilities, mining and quarry sites, and other large-scale applications.      .

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance September 1, 2022

Dynamic Stability System

The Hyster Dynamic Stability System is a maintenance-free forklift stability control system designed to help reduce the likelihood of forwards and sideways tip overs by continually monitoring the truck’s center of gravity and automatically implementing measures to support stable travel when certain unsafe conditions are detected. The technology includes four different sub-systems, which help to reduce truck lean in turns, limit truck speed, tilt speed and tilt range when carrying elevated loads raised above a certain height and smoothly decelerate the truck when traveling around corners. The system also reinforces proper forklift operating behavior through the use of visual and audible alerts that communicate the cause of the automatic performance adjustments to the operator.

Hyster Company
Oil and Gas September 1, 2022

S-Series SNAP IN terminal block

The Weidmuller S-Series SNAP IN terminal blocks are extremely easy to use. Stripped fine-stranded conductors just need to be inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted.

Asset Management September 1, 2022

Advanced industrial predictive analytics software

KPI 360 is a solution that helps companies get a single view of all operations using real-time data from any multitude of data sources. It lets any type of user quickly set up monitoring for their key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time through alerts, notifications, flexible visualizations and a range of different advanced analytics out of the box. With KPI 360, there is no need for a large project to aggregate data, define KPIs, build visualizations, or configure dashboards.

SymphonyAI Industrial
Sensors, Actuators August 15, 2022

Torsional flow valve

The ProFlex 710TT has been engineered and developed to be the most efficient and specifiable valve ensuring 100% mixing capability in potable water and sewage reservoir/storage tanks. Under U.S. Patent No.

Proco Products, Inc.
Asset Management August 11, 2022

Automated asset performance management platform

Shoreline delivers an off-the-shelf, fully automated, end-to-end solution that makes it simple to unlock and process operational data from millions of machines. This easy to use and deploy asset performance management platform monitors industrial assets 24x7 to deliver the real-time actionable knowledge required to stabilize operating performance, extend machine economic useful life and realize maximum return on these capital investments. It's offered as a cost effective, single SaaS subscription that includes everything a customer needs—sensors and solution—with zero Capex.  .

Pumps August 3, 2022

ALD7 ultrahigh-purity diaphragm valve

Swagelok, a leading provider of fluid system products, assemblies, and related services, has announced the release of the Swagelok ALD7 ultrahigh-purity (UHP) diaphragm valve—a product capable of delivering the consistency and long service life necessary for semiconductor fabricators to improve chip yields. Compared to Swagelok’s current top-of-the-line ALD6 valve, the ALD7 provides better flow consistency, flow capacity, and actuator speed. It also offers the performance at high temperatures necessary to allow chip fabricators to overcome limitations in current production processes and keep up with demand. ALD7 valves can be integrated into either new tools or legacy equipment to provide improved flow capacity (up to 0.7 Cv) in the same 1.5-inch (38.1mm) footprint as existing valves, helping fabricators keep up with the strong global demand for chips that power advanced technology.

Asset Management August 1, 2022

Smart manufacturing platform

BorgConnect Signature Analysis converts old machinery (legacy machines), that are largely prevalent in small-medium manufacturers (SMM), into digitalized "smart machines" at low cost. Using high-frequency signatures of the electric current drawn by the machine during operation and an AI-based pattern recognition algorithm, the innovation predicts the states of a machine/process (e.g., run time, idle time, loading/unloading time, downtime, availability, throughput, OEE) in real-time on a web-based or mobile visualization dashboard. A 98% accuracy in discovering machine operational states has been observed.

5G Energy Ltd.
Vision and Discrete Sensors July 27, 2022

Winters Pressure Accessories

Winters Pressure Accessories from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new pressure sensing accessories from Winters. These accessories will protect delicate pressure measurement equipment from damage caused by pressure surges, superheated media, and more.  Included in the new product release are siphons that protect pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches from the effects of high-temperature media such as steam.

HMI, OI July 25, 2022

HMI screen cover

Patent-pending Stahlin SolarShield HMI Covers offer innovative, durable, non-metallic HMI covers for use with all enclosure material types. They are ideal for protecting HMI screens from UV and harsh environmental conditions and are non-metallic with side shields. Ideal for demanding applications in non-hazardous industrial and commercial markets, Stahlin SolarShield HMI Covers fit standard 10- by 8-in.

Robroy Industries
Motors & Drives July 22, 2022

DURApulse GS10 Micro AC Drives

DURApulse GS10 Micro ac Drives from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added the DURApulse GS10 series as their newest and most affordable line of micro AC drives. GS10 drives are available in a variety of voltage and horsepower ratings, including single-phase 120VAC models in sizes from ¼ to 1 hp, single-phase 230 Vac models from ¼ to 3hp, three-phase 230 Vac models from ¼ to 7.5 hp, and 460VAC three-phase units from ½ to 10 hp. Even with the low price, these drives offer advanced features such as sensorless vector control, PID control, multiple motor support for induction motors, as well as the ability to control permanent magnet motors.

Engineered Materials July 21, 2022

Nylon Cure-Tape

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, announces the availability of nylon cure-tape for rubber hose and roller cover applications. The tapes are being manufactured in both preshrunk/heat set and Teflon-treated versions. BRM offers both plain and twill weave cure-tapes in three styles: 210 denier warp/plain weave is available in 1-inch, 1.5”-inch, 2-inch, 2.75-inch, 3-inch, 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sizes; 210 denier warp/twill weave is offered in 3-inch widths; and 420 denier warp/210 denier filling can be provided in 3-inch widths.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Compressed Air July 21, 2022

CPVS PM 40-50 Variable Speed Compressors with iPM Motor

Your air compressor powers a significant part of your daily operation. You simply can’t afford an air system that doesn’t work for you. Chicago Pneumatic’s brand-new CPVS (40-50) PM delivers the reliable and cost-efficient performance that will give you that necessary peace of mind.

Chicago Pneumatic Compressors
Mechanical & Electrical July 19, 2022

Power Express Two- and Four-Circuit Combiners

Like their eight-circuit predecessor, ABB’s two- and four-circuit combiners receive and combine multiple 100-volt-ampere (VA) NEC Class 2 power circuits into a bulk -48V nominal output circuit with a smaller form factor that opens the door for users to better tailor power solutions to their specific load and budgetary needs. At just 6 inches wide and 1RU high, the Power Express two- and four-circuit options are half the width of the eight-circuit Power Express combiner, offering a space-conscious solution to users whose power needs fall between 150  and 300W. The innovative builds of the Power Express Combiners avoid connecting circuits in parallel without galvanic isolation, offering peace of mind that NEC requirements are met when powering larger loads.

ABB Power Conversion
Energy Efficiency & Management July 18, 2022

HazLoc Cabinet Coolers

Exair's Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler Systems have been set apart from the competition by achieving the UL classified designation for Div #1 environments. They have been tested by UL and passed their stringent requirements for use upon classified purged and pressurized electrical enclosures within Class I Div 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II Div 1, Groups E, F and G – and Class III environments. The cooling capacity of up to 5,600 Btu/hr.

Gears and Bearings July 18, 2022

Miter gear series

KHK USA Inc.'s miter gears are available in high precision grades to perform at demanding torques and speeds, and they are also available in commercial grades for economical applications. Miter gears are bevel gears with two rotational axes that intersect at 90° and with a 1:1 gear ratio. They are shaped as a right circular cone and their set of gear teeth intersects at the pitch apex of each gear.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Forming Fabric For Paper Machine

Forming fabric include: Single layer forming wire, Double layer forming wire, 2.5 layer forming wire, SSB forming fabric, Cresent Former Forming Fabric With many years of experience in production single layer forming fabric, Huatao can supply a wide range of single layer forming fabric. single layer forming fabric can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about single layer forming fabric. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique single layer forming fabric according to your specific needs.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Press Felt For Paper Machine

Paper making felt include: Press felt, BOM felt, MG felt, Pick up felt, Shoe press felt, Combi Press Felt, Seamed felt.  The paper making felt are of good adaptability, smooth surface, low steam consumption, long life and a fine water-filtering performance, which make the paper a superfine surface. In the press section of a paper machine, water is removed from the newly formed sheet.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Dryer Screen For Paper Machine

Dryer screen can be classified depending on weaving struction can be devided into WOVEN type and SPIRAL type. Huatao has developed a wide range of spiral dryer screen to meet each client's needs helping to reduce operation cost through energy efficient solution. Also called as Spiral link dryer fabric or SLDF, spiral dryer screen is assembled with spiral loops linked by a pin yarn inserted in the adjacent holes.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

High Consistency Cleaner For Paper Machine

High Consistency Cleaner can eliminate heavy impurities larger than 3mm in diameter from recycled paper stock. As a coarse screening equipment, it is usually a downstream equipment of hydrapulper. It can also be installed as an important equipment to ensure the operation of downstream processing equipments.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Low Consistency Cleaner For Paper Machine

HT series low consistency cleaner is suitable for cleaning fiber suspension with the consistency of 0.4 to 1.2%. It can efficiently remove light impurities, hot melt impurities, heavy impurities, pulp rejects etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastics, chips fragments, ink particles and air efficiently, which results in purifying stock in the approach system prior to paper machine.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Type D Hydrapulper For Paper Machine

Used in paper and pulp industry for breaking waste paper and wet-strength paper. This equipment is fitted with P.S. Vokes rotor, which can strengthen hydraulic cycle and fiber defiberizing and also perform continuous breaking with lower energy consumption.

Machinery and Equipment July 17, 2022

Cylinder Mould For Paper Machine

Stainless Steel Cylinder Mould for paper machine, including spindles, grids, spokes and spacers, with spokes equally spaced on the main shaft, with wire racks mounted on the spokes, stainless steel spokes mounted at equal intervals between the spokes on the main shaft, replacing part of the spokes. The stainless steel support ring is embedded at the outer end of the support bar, and the grid is installed along the outer edge of the support steel ring and the spoke, and is tightly wound with stainless steel wire. The paper machine Cylinder Mould is light in weight, corrosion-resistant and reduces energy consumption.

Asset Management July 15, 2022

Shoreline Asset Performance Management Platform

Shoreline delivers the industry first, off-the-shelf, fully automated, end-to-end solution that makes it simple to unlock and process operational data for millions of machines. This easy to use and deploy asset performance management platform remotely monitors industrial assets 24x7 to deliver real-time actionable knowledge required to stabilize operating performance, extend machine economic useful life and realize maximum return on these capital investments. It's offered as a cost effective, single SaaS subscription that provides everything a customer needs, including the sensors and solution with zero Capex.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety July 14, 2022

Double-Insulated 9-inch Universal Pliers

Cementex double-insulated 9-inch Universal Pliers are designed for safe use in Arc Flash environments. The 9-inch pliers are an integral part of any technician’s tool kit. Cementex 9-inch Universal Pliers feature innovative Cementex double insulation technology.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Mechanical & Electrical July 13, 2022

Phase and Voltage Monitoring Relays

AutomationDirect has added new phase and voltage monitoring relays from ProSense. The PMRU-2C series true RMS phase monitor relays protect 3-phase equipment from damage that can occur when there is a phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, undervoltage, or overvoltage condition. These relays are designed to provide protection for most generator systems and applications that use non-sinusoidal waveforms.

Safety & PPE July 8, 2022

RS-2 heavy-duty safety control

The Model RS is a heavy-duty safety control ("stop switch" or "e-stop" or "emergency stop" or "cable pull switch") that provides a positive shut off of dangerous equipment in an emergency. A cable pulled by endangered personnel actuates the control. The output contacts of the Model RS-2 can control up to two separate circuits, one for machinery shutdown and one for an alarm.

Conveyor Components Company
Energy, Power July 5, 2022

F2780Y001L-02X CAT6a Dataline and EMI Filters

ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has introduced a new and improved version of its signature series of Data Line and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters. The company’s F2780Y001L-02X Series offer enhanced performance over a lower frequency spectrum. In addition, an input-side keystone jack helps make them easier to install and integrate.

ITG Electronics
Safety & PPE July 4, 2022

Corrugator Belt

Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge is a consistent development based on the proven woven high speed corrugator belt range. Also is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed, even load systems and frequently changing paper widths. Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge -FeaturesSuitable as top belt with high speed (above 150 m/min) productionHeat and super tear resistanceInwoven Aramid edge to reinforce the belts, reduce wear substantially and ensure a long lifetime.Particularly for frequent changes of board width.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Machinery and Equipment July 4, 2022

Corrugating Roll for Single Facer

Corrugating Rolls of Single Facer Machine are highly efficient as they symbolize the most advanced technological development of the Automatic Corrugation Machine Lines. The combination of High Precision Grinding and Cobalt Tungsten Coating enhances the life of the rollers and is economically viable on the production frontier.Peripheral Heating Corrugated Roll is made of high-quality alloy steel& it is a new technology comes recently. It's made by high precision CNC corrugated roll griding machine from the USA.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Machinery and Equipment July 4, 2022

Double Facer Belt

Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge is a consistent development based on the proven woven high speed corrugator belt range. Also is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed, even load systems and frequently changing paper widths.Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge -FeaturesSuitable as top belt with high speed (above 150 m/min) productionHeat and super tear resistance. Inwoven Aramid edge to reinforce the belts, reduce wear substantially and ensure a long lifetime.Particularly for frequent changes of board width.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical July 4, 2022

Corrugating Roll

The Corrugator belts are suitable for universal use on all corrugators with all kinds of pressure systems. The corrugator belts can be used at all production speeds and were specially developed for usage in corrugators. Excellent moisture management ability.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Spray Humidifier For Corrugated Cardboard Production

The spray humidifier can be installed on the different position of the corrugator line to replenish the moisture lost in the production process, making the corrugated card board can maintain the appropriate moisture content 12 to 15%. It works well on board corrugators. Install Position 1) The double-sided machine sprays lining paper at the entrance to add moisture to the lining paper before the paperboard is formed, and solves the problems of bending of the paperboard and burst lines of the lining paper.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Spray Humidification

The spray humidifier can be installed on the different position of the corrugator line to replenish the moisture lost in the production process, making the corrugated card board can maintain the appropriate moisture content 12% to 15%. It works well on board corrugators. Install Position 1) The double-sided machine sprays lining paper at the entrance to add moisture to the lining paper before the paperboard is formed, and solves the problems of bending of the paperboard and burst lines of the lining paper.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Roll Stand

Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand/Corrugated Cardboard Mill Roll Stand/Paperboard Mill Roll Stand: Symmetrical structure, can carry two craft paper at one time, which can work without brake. Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition operated by hydraulic pressure. feeding craft / reel paper quickly.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Huatao Roll Stand

Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand/Corrugated Cardboard Mill Roll Stand/Paperboard Mill Roll Stand: Symmetrical structure, can carry two craft paper at one time, which can work without brake. Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition operated by hydraulic pressure, feeding craft/reel paper quickly. Function Of Mill Roll Stand: *Each arm setup four directions button, it is easy to operate*It can be loading two paper rolls at the same time, without stopping the machine for changing paper roll*The whole machine uses 6 cylinders fully hydraulic controlled, hydraulic control arm lift and down, clamping and open, left and right moving*Tension control: multipoint pneumatic brakes, brakes good performance, loses heat fast*The chuck adopts inner expansion type or teeth type, reduce the destruction of the paper core.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Single Facer

Cassette type single facer provides convenient maintenance and provides quick flute change. The corrugating rolls changing can be accomplished within 10 minutes utilizing a motorized cassette trolley, by which cassette is delivered into the machine and fixed on the base of the machine. Maximum mechanical speed is 250m/min.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Material Handling July 4, 2022

Single Facer Machine

Cassette type single facer provides convenient maintenance and provides quick flute change. The corrugating rolls changing can be accomplished within 10 minutes utilizing a motorized cassette trolley, by which cassette is delivered into the machine and fixed on the base of the machine. Maximum mechanical speed is 250m/min.

Hebei Lover Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd
Plant Automation July 4, 2022

Automatic Stacker

Automatic Stacker available breadth: 1400-2200mm Specification: Frequency conversion motor auto down stacker Applicable to be production line whose max speed is 180m/min Max sheet length: 3500mm, max stacking height: 1500mm Connected with production management system, it can read order and change order, which make the orders apart correct and fast. it also can work by itself. Stacking of multi orders Conveyer belt was separated to be four sections, driven by ac frequency conversion motor, running synchronized with the production line, it brings the suitable stack proportion according to the sheet length, which make paper board stack in good order.

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Material Handling July 4, 2022

Angle Stacker

Automatic Stacker available breadth: 1400-2200mm Specification: Frequency conversion motor auto down stacker Applicable to be production line whose max speed is 180m/min Max sheet length: 3500mm, max stacking height: 1500mm Connected with production management system, it can read order and change order, which make the orders apart correct and fast. it also can work by itself Stacking of multi orders Conveyer belt was separated to be 4 sections, driven by ac frequency conversion motor, running synchronized with the production line, it brings the suitable stack proportion according to the sheet length, which make paper board stack in good order. Transducer control the frequency conversion motor to drive the roller running, speed up and down stably, board come out easily, hard to be overturn Transducer control the brake motor to drive the elevator, with counterbalance, speed up and down stably, speed counterchanges reasonably, make stacking more free and get rid of the paper board crease, improved the life of machine Rolls forms close, and lift with elevator, to reduce the waste.

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Plant Automation July 4, 2022

Auto Splicer

The Auto Splicer functions as a central element for smooth, continuous operation, fast and helps to increase production output and saving production cost during the corrugated cardboard production process. Auto Corrugated Plant Automatic Splicer Function: No paper tail connecting, reduce the loss of the base paper(the overlap of the base paper about 40mm width). When the paper truck remove, automatically transferred out, vacuum-adsorbed, easy to operate, and fully automatic tension control, paper-connecting zero error.

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Material Handling July 4, 2022

Corrugator Auto Splicer

The Auto Splicer functions as a central element for smooth, continuous operation, fast and helps to increase production output and saving production cost during the corrugated cardboard production process. Auto Corrugated Plant Automatic Splicer Function: No paper tail connecting, reduce the loss of the base paper(the overlap of the base paper about 40mm width). When the paper truck remove, automatically transferred out, vacuum-adsorbed, easy to operate, and fully automatic tension control, paper-connecting zero error.

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Material Handling July 4, 2022

Gluer Machine For Corrugator Line

The designed maximum operating speed is 220 m/min;2. The glue roller and meter roller adopt modular and built-in design, they can be installed and removed from the operation side to facilitate repair and maintenance. A pressure arm locking mechanism is provided to ensure stable and reliable operation performance of paper pressing roller (touch pressing plate) under high-speed operation state.

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Material Handling July 4, 2022

Slitter Blades

Slitting Knife For Corrugated Board Used in Corrugated Carton Making Machine used for corrugated carton slitter scorer machine, cardboard slotting machine, carton printing machine etc.They can be made by tungsten carbide with long life working time. We have all standard size and also can customized as customers' requirements.

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Material Handling July 4, 2022

Slitter Knives

Slitting Knife For Corrugated Board Used in Corrugated Carton Making Machine used for corrugated carton slitter scorer machine, cardboard slotting machine, carton printing machine etc.They can be made by tungsten carbide with long life working time. We have all standard size and also can customized as customers' requirements.

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Motors & Drives June 30, 2022

Series Motors

Windings latest innovation for downhole tooling, DuraCORE Motors with GORE Magnet Wire, which increases durability through the capability to operate at 260⁰ C, 34Kpsi, with an increased resistance to hydrolysis. GORE is a trademark of W. L.

Windings Inc.
Machinery and Equipment June 27, 2022

2955 Series Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand® 2955 Series 1½" square drive Impact Wrench delivers heavy duty power, durability, and productivity at an unmatched economic value. The 2955 Impact Wrench produces a competition-leading 4,500 foot-pounds of max reverse torque powered by a finely-tuned, warm-forged twin-hammer impact mechanism. Steel hammer case with aluminum motor housing and handle provide durability, while steel endplates resist wear.

Ingersoll Rand
Plumbing, Pumping June 24, 2022

Line Vac Special

EXAIR’s Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors provide an efficient method of converting ordinary pipe, hose or tubes into powerful in-line conveyors. To accommodate the wide variety of unique problems manufacturers face, EXAIR has the ability to customize and tailor Line Vacs to different specifications. Certain processes may require customizations like unique sizes, shapes and materials in order for the product to be a perfect fit for their system.

Material Handling June 23, 2022

Cassette Single Facer For Corrugated Cardboard Production

Cassette type single facer provides convenient maintenance and provides quick flute change. The corrugating rolls changing can be accomplished within 10 minutes utilizing a motorized cassette trolley, by which cassette is delivered into the machine and fixed on the base of the machine. Maximum mechanical speed is 250m/min.

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Material Handling June 23, 2022

Auto Splicer For Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

The Auto Splicer functions as a central element for smooth, continuous operation, fast and helps to increase production output and saving production cost during the corrugated cardboard production process. No paper tail connecting, reduce the loss of the base paper(the overlap of the base paper about 40mm width).2. When the paper truck remove, automatically transferred out, vacuum-adsorbed, easy to operate, and fully automatic tension control, paper-connecting zero error.3.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import and Export Co., Ltd
Material Handling June 23, 2022

Gluer Machine For Corrugator Line

Gluer Machine Applicable Paper Width: 1,400-2,300 mm Configuration. The designed maximum operating speed is 220 m/min. The glue roller and meter roller adopt modular and built-in design, they can be installed and removed from the operation side to facilitate repair and maintenance.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import and Export Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical June 23, 2022

Automatic Stacker

Automatic Stacker available breadth: 1400-2200mm Specification: Frequency conversion motor auto down stacker Applicable to be production line whose max speed is 180m/min Max sheet length: 3500mm, max stacking height: 1500mm Connected with production management system, it can read order and change order, which make the orders apart correct and fast. It also can work by itself. Conveyer belt was separated to be 4 sections, driven by ac frequency conversion motor, running synchronized with the production line, it brings the suitable stack proportion according to the sheet length, which make paper board stack in good order Transducer control the frequency conversion motor to drive the roller running, speed up and down stably, board come out easily, hard to be overturn Transducer control the brake motor to drive the elevator, with counterbalance, speed up and down stably, speed counterchanges reasonably, make stacking more free and get rid of the paper board crease, improving the life of machine.

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Material Handling June 23, 2022

Huatao Corrugator Belt         www(dot)    maple(at) 133 8311 0583WhatsApp:0086 133 8311 0583    Corrugator belts In woven Aramid Edge Mostly used for all Corrugating Production Lines. Corrugator belts In woven Aramid Edge- Specification Product Corrugator Belt In woven Aramid EdgeThickness8mm-10mmWidth range1000mm - 3200mmLength80 metersHeat-resistance 240℃ (the kevlar edge upto 350℃)Tensile strength70MpaCoefficient of friction≥ 0.40µWeight per unit(7.5±0.3)kg/㎡Air-permeability 40mm water Column2.0m³/㎡ minSeamHot JAW lacing/Clipper with rubber coatedEdge100mm or 200mm in woven aramid edge reinforcement (kevlar)Suitable position Top beltLifetime50-70 million meter Used on all corrugators high tearing resistance Long life time running High abrasion resistance Moisture absorption Heat resistance Low noise Corrugator Belts with Silicone Coating Tec.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import and Export Co., Ltd
Compressed Air June 23, 2022

Variable Speed Drive air compressors

The Doosan D50vsd and D100vsd are oil-flooded, variable speed drive (VSD) compressors for industrial manufacturing operations. Doosan VSD models adjust their motor speeds in real time to match facility demands, which reduces their energy consumption to industry-low levels.Doosan Industrial Air backs its products with strong aftermarket support, starting with an industry-leading, five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all purchases of new D50vsd and D100vsd compressors. Parts for the compressors are available and ready-to-ship, and a network of technicians are trained and supported by the Doosan Industrial Air factory in Statesville, N.C., U.S.A.

Doosan Industrial Air
Energy Efficiency & Management June 22, 2022

FlexView Dual field-of-View (DFOV) Camera Lens

Teledyne FLIR's FlexView dual field-of-view (DFOV) lens attachment for FLIR Axxx and Txxx Series thermography cameras is designed to improve operational efficiency, safety, and accuracy from building sites, to switchyards to the plant floor. With a single form factor just 6mm longer than the standard single-lens setup, operators now can have two lenses without adding weight while enjoying a smoother experience operating the camera and reducing inspection time in the field. FlexView also offers fully radiometric performance and imaging quality, resulting in the ability to measure and record the temperature of every pixel in the scene for improved decision support.

Teledyne FLIR
Plant Automation June 22, 2022

Fandis Filter Fans

AutomationDirect has added a new line of enclosure filter fans to their inventory of thermal management devices. The Fandis Virdis series filter fans provide a low-cost thermal management solution for applications where the surrounding cooler air can be used to reduce the internal temperature of an enclosure. The Virdis series fans are available in both NEMA 12 and 3R models.

Switchgear June 22, 2022

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new Captron Caneo Series10 and Series41 pushbuttons to expand their offering of capacitive pushbutton switches. Capacitive pushbuttons utilize touch control and are activated without pressure when a hand or body part nears the device's surface. Series10 switches, suitable for a wide range applications, feature 360° visibility and are available in standard, stainless steel, and hygienic EHEDG-certified models.  Series41 switches offer a large 2.36” diameter touch surface, a 7-segment display, and are ideal for applications requiring an intuitive and clearly visible status display.

Machinery and Equipment June 21, 2022

Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer

Specification:Main technical parameters of Multi-deck Vibrating Stack SizerDimensions: Width 1500mmX Length 4892mmX4142mmMachine weight: about 4 tonsScreening area: 7.3㎡Screening inclination: 17.5°Screening efficiency: 85~90%Amplitude: 0.8~2mmMaximum Capacity: 45T/h -120 T/hScreen Panel Aperture: Minimum 0.043mm - 10mmDecks : 1-deck stack sizer, 2-deck stack sizer , 3-deck stack sizer , 4-deck stack sizer, 5-deck stack sizerDescription:1. The main body of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is riveted with rivets, which ensures the reliability and stability of the long-term operation of the equipment, and reduces the number of maintenance and labor.2. The surface of the Multi-deck Vibrating Stack Sizer is treated with polyurea spraying technology as a whole, which increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.3.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd
Machinery and Equipment June 21, 2022

Vibrating Screen

Specification:The vibrating screen uses the exciting force generated by the exciter.The screen body periodically reciprocates along the direction of the exciting force.  The material bounces around the screen surface. The screen surface is collected and transported to the designated area to achieve the purpose of grading or de-intermediation. The amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the weight of the eccentric block. generally divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen .Description:Vibrating screen is an important equipment for solid physical classification and is widely used in mining, building materials, coal preparation, energy, chemical and other industries.The vibrating screen uses the exciting force generated by the exciter.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd
Sustainability June 21, 2022

Companies Engineering Solutions to Optimize Fintoil Biorefinery Operations for More Efficient, Sustainable Production

Fintoil, together with Neste Engineering Solutions, has selected Emerson’s (NYSE: EMR) automation software and technologies to maximize the operational performance of its biorefinery being constructed in the port of Hamina-Kotka, Finland. The plant will be the third-largest crude tall oil (CTO) biorefinery in the world and produce advanced biofuel and biochemical feedstocks that help lower emissions and reduce reliance on fossil-based fuels.  The plant will refine CTO, a by-product of the wood pulping process, to produce a sustainable feedstock for renewable second-generation diesel, as well as rosin, sterol pitch and turpentine used in the chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.

Emerson Systems
Material Handling June 16, 2022

Corrugator Belt   0086 133 8311 05830086 133 8311 0583 Corrugator Inwoven8mm-10mm1000mm - 3200mm240℃(350℃)70Mpa≥ 0.40µ(7.5±0.3)kg/㎡40mm2.0m³Hot JAW Clipper100mm-200mm.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import and Export Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical June 16, 2022

Company Announces New Ferrule and Crimping Tool Product Line

IDEC Corporation has released a complete product line of S3TL series ferrules, wire strippers, crimpers, and screwdrivers. Properly installed ferrules provide dependable wire terminations to both screw and push-in terminals, but installers and technicians need suitably rated parts and associated tools for making these connections, which are provided by this new line of products. A ferrule is a metal tube crimped over the end of a stripped stranded wire to secure the strands together, preventing stray strands, increasing conductivity, and decreasing resistivity. Ferrules provide improved mechanical and electrical connections as opposed to using just bare wire.

Mechanical & Electrical June 14, 2022

SCT5564 ring-type current transformer

With the SCT5564 ring-type current transformer, Beckhoff offers a universal current-sensitive measurement system for AC and DC differential currents in conformance with the EN/IEC 62020-1 standard. Its use in machine monitoring ensures, among other things, increased system availability and minimized maintenance costs through the early detection of insulation faults. Crucial advantages and added value with PC-based controlFault currents can also occur during normal operation, e.g. due to the magnetizing of an electric motor during startup.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Switchgear June 14, 2022

Russelectric Commercial Duty Transfer Switches in NEMA 4X Enclosures

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, announces its cost-effective RTSCD commercial duty transfer switches are available in NEMA 4X enclosures for reliable outdoor operation and for resistance to corrosive environments. Educational campuses, high-rise complexes, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities can rely on the RTSCD to provide emergency power needed to keep critical operations online. Built to the same exacting standards around reliability and ease of operation for which Russelectric is well known throughout the industry, the RTSCD commercial duty transfer switch offers a superior product at an attractive price point. The RTSCD is currently available in 100A, 200A, 260A and 400A rated models. The NEMA 4X enclosures offering is available in either 304 grade stainless or 316 grade stainless.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Safety & PPE June 14, 2022

Feature Series Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Feature Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE, designed for those seeking the next level of comfort, safety, durability, and protection. With the focus on safety and usability, the Cementex Feature Series is made with USA labor and materials to ensure the highest quality arc flash protection.The Feature Series clothing is made with Indura Ultra Soft FR treated cotton and meets current ASTM F1506 and F1959/1959M-99 standards. FR Velcro front closures provide a secure closure, easy access, and rapid removal in the event of arc flash exposure.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Lean Maintenance June 12, 2022

Aflex FaBLINE hose for Food and Beverage Processing

Food and beverage plants can now maximize production line profitability with FaBLINE, a new food-grade flexible hose from Aflex, part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS). Developed to meet the latest hygiene standards, the patented PTFE-lined hose with standard 316 stainless steel braid ensures efficient product transfer and handling while simultaneously offering longer life than rubber hose alternatives. In addition to the benefits such as increased service life, reduced maintenance, less CIP downtime and lower processing costs, FaBLINE offers excellent liner flexibility in a kink-resistant design that requires less force to bend than competitor smooth bore products. Furthermore, the product carries up to twice the flow of similar-sized convoluted delivery hoses, providing a faster, more efficient processing solution. Operating performance is also elevated.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
Engineered Materials June 10, 2022

Industrial Fabrics That Solve Filtration Manufacturing Challenges

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, offers specialty fabrics constructed of specialty polymer fibers that help achieve filtration application manufacturing challenges, including reducing environmental impacts of manufacturing and energy production. Specialty fabric polymer selection is determined by the type of gas or air being filtered. Fabrics used are composed of either polyester or polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) for applications in which greater heat and acid resistance is required.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Safety & PPE June 6, 2022

Immersive Field Simulator

Honeywell's new version of its Immersive Field Simulator (IFS) offering, a virtual reality (VR) and mixed-reality-based training tool that incorporates a digital twin of physical plant operations to provide targeted, on-demand, skill-based training for workers. With IFS technology, plants can simulate scenarios such as primary failure and switchovers, and cable and power supply failures, that train and test personnel on their skills. The IFS – R120 – incorporates a simulation engine that enables customers to build field operator training lessons without having to link to a larger panel operator simulator. This provides more flexibility in how they conduct training and alleviates the need to pull multiple operators off shift for sessions.

Honeywell Process Solutions
Asset Management June 6, 2022

Sakor Technologies Provides New Dynamometer

Provides New Dynamometer System To Nexteer Automotive For Testing Electric Vehicle Motors And InvertersSystem will be used to test new line of electric vehicle propulsion systemsSAKOR Technologies Inc., a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, announces that it recently provided Nexteer Automotive with a dynamometer test system designed to test high speed motors and inverters in hybrid and electric vehicle designs. Nexteer, a multibillion-dollar global steering and driveline business, will use the dynamometer system to test its new line of complete electric vehicle propulsion systems.The system will feature a 164 kilowatt (kW) AccuDyne™ four quadrant AC dynamometer to provide the required torque and maximum speed of 12,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The test system also includes a 175 kW, ±500 Vdc, 500 amp battery simulator.

Asset Management June 1, 2022

Azzier Operators Application

The Azzier Operator’s Application (Ops App) connects your operations department with your maintenance department. It can connect to ANY modern CMMS, to ensure that messages and work requests don't get lost in emails or voice messages. When equipment operators or other staff need to alert your maintenance department to an issue with any of your assets, the Ops App provides real-time notification, including images, documents, data and other information to immediately inform your maintenance department.

Tero Consulting
Mechanical & Electrical May 30, 2022


With the NV1, ICP Germany offers a Network Video Recorder (NVR), which is equipped with the power-saving mobile Intel® processors of the 11th generation Core-I (Tiger-Lake) and the iRIS® Xe graphics unit. The NV1 is offered with the Intel® CeleronTM 6305E, Intel® Core-i3-1115G4E, Intel® Core-i5-1145G7E and Intel® Core-i7-1185G7E processors. A maximum of 64GB DDR4 RAM can be installed on the two SO-DIMM slots.

ICP Deutschland GmbH
PLCs, PACs May 26, 2022

Compact Controllers

This new family of compact PACs helps original equipment manufacturers (OEM) successfully meet customer requirements by minimizing the need for specialized software engineering talent. CPE 200 controllers will deliver large programmable logic controller (PLC) capability in a small, cost-effective, IIoT-ready form factor so machine manufacturers do not need to sacrifice performance for price. To stay competitive, today’s OEM machine builders must provide equipment that is ready to support analytics and give end users competitive advantage through increased efficiency, speed and quality. However, as builders develop innovative solutions for material handling, life sciences and more, they can struggle to program and deliver machine control systems on time and within budget with the performance, security and flexible connectivity customers require.

Emerson Systems
Switchgear May 25, 2022

IP67 Rated Tactile Switches

CUI Devices’ Switches Group today announced the addition of IP67 rated models to its line of tactile switches. Ideal for applications subject to moisture and environmental contaminants, the TS03, TS05, TS08, and TS19 series with their industry-best lead times feature compact footprints as small as 3 x 2 x 0.6 mm as well as lifecycle ratings up to 300,000 cycles. Housed in surface mount or through hole packages with gull wing or long crimped terminations, these IP67 rated tactile switches offer operating forces from 70 up to 260 gf, actuator heights of 0.6, 4.3, 5, 7, 8, or 9.5 mm, and operating temperature ranges from -30 up to 85°C. All models carry SPST circuits, 12 Vdc rated voltages, and 50 mA current ratings. The TS03, TS05, TS08, and TS19 series are available immediately with prices starting at $0.15 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution.

CUI Devices
Material Handling May 24, 2022

VpCI®-126 Shrink Film

The Standard Shrink Wrap ConceptVpCI®-126 Shrink Film is typically used for heavy duty packaging of industrial equipment and assets being prepared for shipping or storage. An Exciting Step Forward for Metals PackagingCortec’s customization of VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for heat shrink and heat seal tunnels is an exciting advance in the field of metals packaging. Combining the benefit of corrosion inhibiting film with automated heat tunnels streamlines the packaging and quality assurance process so end users can receive metal parts ready-to-use in compact packages without even having to worry about corrosion.

Cortec Corporation
Machinery and Equipment May 24, 2022

Dynapro2.0 Slide System

Grass America’s new slide system expands the industry leading Dynapro product line Kernersville, N.C.: Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, announces the new Dynapro2.0, a slide system that packs the best features of the Dynapro into a 2D version. The Dynapro2.0 has a full extension undermount and is synchronized for smooth-running action with a high load-carrying capacity. Dynapro is the most reliable and popular drawer slide system that is used by cabinet manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, and cabinet shops across the globe.

Grass America
Mechanical & Electrical May 23, 2022

Battery pole and busbar connectors

New battery pole and busbar connectors make it safer for workers to install energy storage systems (ESS). Both types of connectors from Phoenix Contact are touch-proof and pluggable, with ratings up to 1,500 V DC and 350 A. While most of today’s ESS do not require 1,500 V capability, these high-voltage connectors will meet future demands.

Phoenix Contact
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance May 21, 2022

Portable O3 Gas Detector

Specification:SKU: ATO-GAS-O3Sampling Method: Pump suction type, flow rate can be up to 750ml/minDetection Principle: ElectrochemistryGas: Ozone (O3)Range (Optional): 0 to 10 ppm, 0 to 20 ppm, 0 to 50 ppm, 0 to 100 ppm, 0 to 500 ppm, 0 to 1000 ppmResolution: 0.01ppm (0-10/20/50/100ppm), 0.1ppm (0-500ppm), 1ppm (0-1000ppm)Accuracy: ≤±3% F.S.ATO Gas Detector is a company who focuses on online sales of electronic automation products. Here, you can choose portable ozone gas detector, hydrogen gas detector, combustible gas detector and more. We promise that all products in the store are brand new, shipped directly from the Chinese factory, and have a comprehensive warranty service that can help customers save costs to the greatest extent.

ATO Gas Detector
Machinery and Equipment May 20, 2022

Soft-Close and Sensomatic Grass Opening Systems

Both systems provide supreme technology for gentle opening and soft-closing of drawers Kernersville, N.C.: Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the drawer and cabinet industries, features its Tipmatic Soft-Close and Sensomatic opening systems. Both systems are designed for ease of opening and closing drawers with a handle-free design, allowing drawers to open with just one touch anywhere on the drawer front. The Tipmatic Soft-Close system is mechanical, while the Sensomatic is an electronically-assisted opening mechanism.The Tipmatic Soft-Close opening system from Grass America is compatible with Grass America’s Dynapro, Vionaro, or Nova Pro Scala drawer systems.

Grass America
Power Systems May 19, 2022

UPS Inverter 2000W 12V/24V/48V

Our UPS Inverters, solutions, and professional services can help you address your AC power needs of working outside, camping, traveling or encountering emergency. Inverter is your online shop to buy 12V/24V/48V UPS Inverters. Our sales team operates nationwide in conjunction with our comprehensive web shop allowing ordering 24hours a day.

Electrical, Power May 18, 2022

ATO DC-DC Converter 12V to 48V

ATO DC-DC Converter can convert dc voltage from 12V to 48V. The voltage regulation is ±1%. Working temperature is -40 ~ +80℃.

Power Systems May 18, 2022

Drive Isolation Transformers

HPS Drive Isolation Transformers from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added drive isolation transformers from Hammond Power Solutions to their growing lineup of transformers. Their rugged design allows them to withstand the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions, and heating associated with motor drives.  In addition to all the benefits of a line reactor, they also provide isolation, common-mode noise and transient suppression, and prevent drive-induced ground currents from being passed upstream.

Process Manufacturing May 17, 2022

PM Tubing

PM aluminum pneumatic tubing offers a weld-spatter resistant solution in welding cells that by every consideration outperforms both laminated and steel pneumatic tubing. Festo PM tubing is ideal for new welding cells as well as for cost-and-time efficient retrofit solutions for existing systems.PM aluminum tubing can be located closer to the welding process than laminated tubing, creating a more efficient pneumatic setup without the worry of burn through. There are no clearance issues with PM tubing as it has a nominal outside diameter, unlike some laminated options.

Material Handling May 17, 2022

Industrial Fabrics for Polymer Manufacturing and Rolled Raw Material Processing

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, offers specialty fabrics constructed of specialty polymer fibers ideal for polymer manufacturing and break bands for rolled raw material processing.BRM’s proprietary narrow fabrics feature woven structures with finished woven structural edges that provide a strong belting material. Able to withstand flex-fatigue caused by bending motions, the fabric’s fiber structure withstands wear surface abrasion from manufacturing processes and offers resistance to wear caused by the movement and interaction with material being processed.BRM also manufactures narrow fabrics that are used as break bands in the industrial processing of rolled raw materials, like weaving yarns and metallic wire processing equipment, where manufacturing efficiency requires tight control of the process and input volumes. With low elongation, high strength, and resistance to surface wear, BRM’s proprietary fabrics are ideal for manufacturing polymer fiber or metallic wire.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Lubrication May 13, 2022

Paratherm NF Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm NF heat transfer fluid is an ultra-pure mineral oil with high naphtehnic content. Min Startup Temp: 24°F | -4°C Max Operating Temp: 630°F | 332°C. Other features include: Premium NSF HT-1 food grade heat transfer fluid Best-in-class thermal stability Non-fouling, ultra pure formulation.  .

Safety & PPE May 13, 2022

DX+ Technology

Magid has taken coreless cut protection to the next level with DX+ Technology® (“DX Plus Technology”). Building on the groundbreaking advances of Magid’s 2018 DX Technology®, DX+ is even lighter and gives workers higher cut protection, up to ANSI Level A6, without sacrificing comfort. What makes Magid’s DX+ Technology one-of-a kind? ·        Extreme comfort that’s 30% lighter than traditional gloves of the same cut level  ·        Highest coreless cut protection without fiberglass or steel core discomfort  ·        Cool to the touch, which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable while working Magid offers two new safety gloves that feature DX+ Technology: the DXPG52 (ANSI Cut Level A5) and DXPG62 (ANSI Cut Level A6) both include a polyurethane palm coating which maintains dexterity while delivering excellent grip; making the gloves useful in industries like Appliance Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, Glass Handling, Machining, Metal Handling, Metal Stamping, and Paper Production where laceration hazards may be present.

Magid Glove & Safety
Plant Automation May 11, 2022

FATH T-Slotted Rail Hardware

FATH T-Slotted Rail Hardware from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added additional sizes and styles of FATH T-slotted rail hardware. Several new types of fasters have been added including socket head cap screws, flanged button head socket cap Torx head screws, flat head socket cap screws, self-tapping screws, and reducer bushings.  Additional sizes of button head socket cap head screws, roll-in T-slot nuts, hammer nuts, economy nuts, caster adapter plates, and transport base/plates have also been added.  All FATH T-slotted hardware components are compatible with many brands of extruded aluminum rail including AutomationDirect’s SureFrame cut-to-length T-slotted rail.

Automation, Controls May 10, 2022

MIB-300A and MIB-600A AC Inverter Welding Power Supplies

The MIB-300A and MIB-600A AC Inverter Welding Power Supplies offer increased control resulting in more exact heat input and better quality welds as compared to traditional AC weld controls.The AC inverter uses inverter technology with pulse width modulation (PWM) to produce and simulate an AC waveform. Unlike AC welders that use line frequency and depend on well-regulated facility power, the AC inverter can produce an AC frequency from 50 Hz to 500 Hz allowing more precise energy delivery in less time, is not affected by line voltage fluctuation, and provides a balanced three phase load.The MIB-300A and MIB-600A feature secondary constant current control, up to 20 pulses per weld and the ability to set upslope, downslope and weld interrupt. Up and downslope improve energy input into the welded material and interrupt stops the flow of current if displacement breaches a set level, preventing over welding.MIB-300A and MIB-600A may be used with the same transformers and weld heads as standard AC welders.

Amada Weld Tech America
Mechanical & Electrical May 9, 2022

Toolless Rectangular Connectors for 10,000 Mating Cycles

There are industrial applications that require frequent mating cycles throughout life such as measuring/controlling drawer-mounted equipment, molding control equipment, and replaceable tools. Since the connectors of these applications need to be connected and disconnected several times a day, failing to install high-performance connectors with a sufficient mating cycle rating could result in unstable connections with lower reliability, which will cost more in the long run.Mencom offers the new Squich HNM (High Number of Mating) inserts designed to maximize ease of use while minimizing maintenance downtime. These rectangular inserts feature special contacts with galvanic high-performance gold plating and lubrication, which allow up to 10,000 mechanical mating cycles when installed in compatible HNM enclosures.

Mencom Corporation
Safety & PPE May 6, 2022

Cementex Service Tech Pack Kits with Double-Insulated Hand Tools

The Service Tech Kit utilizes the Veto Pro Pac® Tech Pac® to store and transport a carefully-selected combination of top-quality insulated tools. This kit includes a pack with 56 tool pockets of varying sizes and two separate storage bays. With storage pockets for a manifold gauge, hose, and cable, as well as 9 D-rings, the pack accommodates a range of tools and accessories.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Mechanical & Electrical May 5, 2022

ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT Terminal

The new ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT measurement terminal from Beckhoff delivers high-voltage measurement functionality for batteries, generators and motors. This feature-filled I/O terminal supports the four measurement ranges of ±60, ±120, ±500 and ±1,000 V, respectively, and is particularly suitable for applications in the fields of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy.In the renewable energy market, the ELM3002-0205 supports, for example, efficiency increases for wind turbines via direct converter control. A prerequisite for this is voltage measurement in the 1,000 V range directly on the generator.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance May 5, 2022

Sensoteq KAPPA X

The Sensoteq Kappa X is an evolution of wireless continuous health monitoring for a wide range of machinery. Built-in partnership with industry vibration experts, the Kappa X is a triaxial vibration sensor with a market-leading 10kHz Fmax enabling earlier fault warning and increased diagnostic capabilities. The Kappa X wireless vibration sensor features a small footprint, IP69 ingress protection, and a user-replaceable battery.

Gears and Bearings May 3, 2022

Metric Helical Gears

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the market leading KHK® brand of metric gears, announces its extensive line of helical gears, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. KHK’s large selection of stock helical gears are suitable wherever high-speed rotation is required, including in machine tools, speed reducers and other industrial machinery.Helical gears are cylindrical disks which have involute-shaped teeth cut into their face at a helix angle. By slanting the teeth, helical gears can obtain a large contact ratio and the gradual change to the contact surface load which give helical gears their characteristic of smooth transmission of rotation.

Electrical Systems May 2, 2022

A32 Power Circuit Breakers

NOARK Electric is proud to offer its A32 family of Power Circuit Breakers, Non-Automatic Disconnect Switches, and accessories. Our A32 products are optimized for OEMs and are manufactured under world-class quality systems in our ISO accredited factories. Like all NOARK products, these breakers are designed to deliver high quality, superior performance, and outstanding value.A32 Power Circuit Breakers are available up to 3200 amps and are capable of IC ratings up to 100kA at 635 Volts.

NOARK Electric
Machinery and Equipment April 28, 2022

Company broadens its mobile calibration services

Endress+Hauser expanded its on-site calibration offerings by adding three additional mobile calibration rigs to the existing fleet, making a total of 19 rigs that service Endress+Hauser and third-party instrumentation including flow, pressure, and temperature. All Endress+Hauser authorized sales and service representatives across the U.S. are equipped with mobile calibration capabilities, with over 60 trained and certified calibration technicians.Flexibility that provides customer-driven solutions “Endress+Hauser’s network of experienced and certified technicians, along with our mobile rigs, enable our customers to work with a local partner who knows you and what you need,” said Lory Stobart, National Service Operations Manager, Endress+Hauser.

Boilers, Chillers April 28, 2022

Cooling tower, boiler controller

The Intuition-6 has a large color touch screen display and a rugged enclosure. It features graphing capabilities, six virtual outputs and six virtual inputs. It also includes the redundant sensor type as well as the 4 to 20 mA flowmeter analog input type, plus other features that make Intuition-6 simple to set up and operate.

Machine Safety April 27, 2022

GP-146 filters

Dollinger series GP-146 high efficiency filters from Celeros Flow Technology are designed to remove dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process air and other gases. Acting as the last line of defence against particulates that could contaminate the end product or damage expensive equipment, the Dollinger GP-146 is equipped to deliver reliable filtration over extended periods while lowering total cost of ownership.At the heart of the GP-146 unit is an efficient radial fin filter element that provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. It offers operational integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid as standard, with special designs available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities.Dollinger GP-146 filters come in an extensive range of synthetic and natural fiber filter media suitable for use with most process fluids.

Celeros Flow Technology
Machine Safety April 27, 2022

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added additional safety mats, edges, and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions. These safety products protect people and machinery from harm. Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment. Starting at $170.00, the new ASO safety mats include five additional sizes of the standard black mats with straight or tapered edges, and four new mats in safety yellow.

Process Manufacturing April 27, 2022

NextGen 2022.R1

TrendMiner, a Software AG company, has launched the next generation production client for industrial analytics in process manufacturing. TrendMiner NextGen, the 2022.R1 release, provides a seamless user experience. It enables an extended pool of operational experts to make data-driven decisions and optimizes the performance of their operations to meet business, environmental, and safety ambitions. It offers: State-of-the-art, vendor-agnostic production client boosts productivity for operators, engineers, and data engineers at each analytics maturity level ‘Advanced analytics for all’ mission drives user-centric innovation to support a wider range of analytics use cases New ‘Secure by Default’ backbone meets today’s security requirements for every deployment type: on-premises, cloud, SaaS, or hybrid.

Mechanical & Electrical April 27, 2022

DENIOS Lithium-Ion Battery Stations

DENIOS, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of storage containers for hazardous materials, introduces Lithium-Ion Stations. Designed specifically for storing lithium-ion batteries, they are ideal for storing new, questionable, damaged, defective, or End-of-Life lithium-ion batteries typically found in small handheld devices. Available in two standard sizes, they allow the storage storing and transportation of batteries from 1 KG to 10KG up to 100W, which are typically used in power tools, e-bikes, medical devices, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, forklifts, cars, and more. With 2 hours of fire resistance, and integrated forklift pockets for easy relocation, these purpose-built containers protect against fire hazards due to thermal runaway, deep discharge, mechanical deformation, or chemical reaction. Each unit includes thermo-dissipative media (class D fire), and visual identification on all sides to alert emergency personnel of contents and hazards. These Li-Ion Battery Stations protect employees, facilities, and the environment. They follow guidelines within NFPA 704, IFC 608, FM 5-55 and applicable EPA regulations. DENIOS Lithium-Ion Battery Stations are ideal for manufacturers incorporating Li-ion batteries into their products, as well as facilities using them.

Wahl Marketing Communications
Pumps April 26, 2022

Certa Pump Parts

WMFTS is now fitting newly-designed components to its class-leading range of MasoSine Certa pumps, benefiting companies with COP (clean-out-of-place) or post-CIP (clean-in-place) inspection requirements. Already cleaner than any lobe or circumferential piston pump, Certa pumps featuring the new parts — which include a new O-ring seal system, hexagonal locking screw and weld-on hinge — elevate ease-of-use, hygiene and safety to even higher levels.In combination with optimal process efficiency and minimal TCO (total cost of ownership), Certa pumps meet the highest standards in hygiene and cleanability. Designed primarily for CIP processes, Certa pumps do not require stripping down to component level for cleaning between batches or before use. However, some customer processes stipulate regular strip-downs regardless, either to clean the pump as part of a COP requirement, or to check for cleanliness after a CIP cycle.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical April 25, 2022

Contender 4/4X Series

AppletonT Contender 4/4X Series control stations and tumbler switches feature a superior gasketed design offering Type 4, 4X, 12 and IP66 ingress protection, bringing more cost-efficiency, performance, and reliability to oil and gas, wastewater, grain milling, and other processing industries operating in harsh environments including Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2, Class II, and Class III locations.

Emerson Automation Solutions
Sensors, Actuators April 25, 2022

WAVE 2022

Analyze noise and vibration measurements according to standards. The new NVH software WAVE 2022 Test & Measurement presents WAVE 2022 - the powerful software for standard-compliant noise and vibration analysis with data acquisition systems. Consisting of four analyzers, it offers a comprehensive range of analysis functions for sound pressure and sound power measurement, structural analysis and the analysis of vibrations and of rotating machines.

Energy Efficiency & Management April 20, 2022

Atlas Copco expands, enhances PSA nitrogen generation offer

Atlas Copco’s NGP+ nitrogen generator range is getting bigger and even better. Building on the success of its premium PSA nitrogen solution, Atlas Copco is introducing two new models to its NGP+ line-up. Along with launching the NGP 160+ and NGP 200+, Atlas Copco has also added advanced features to the entire midsize NGP+ range to give customers more flexibility, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Atlas Copco Compressors
Inventory April 19, 2022

RexPro™ engineered steel chain (ESC)

The new RexPro™ engineered steel chain (ESC) from Regal Rexnord offers the strength and durability of engineered steel chain with our exclusive field connection link, which makes assembling and maintaining engineered steel chain safer, faster, easier, and more cost effective than other chains. With RexPro ESC, a single worker can easily assemble the chain with the proper interference fit to ensure optimum performance and maximum wear life using tools available to every mechanic or maintenance worker eliminating the need for cumbersome existing methods or other homegrown solutions. RexPro ESC is ideal for chain bucket elevator applications in cement, fertilizer and other bulk material handling operations.  Assuring the proper fit of chain components is critical to the strength of the chain.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 April 19, 2022

Sensata IQ IIoT Platform

The new Sensata IQ IIoT Platform is a cost effective, easy-to-install solution that enables factory managers and maintenance engineers to intuitively monitor all their assets from anywhere, including on a smartphone, PC, or tablet.  .

Machinery and Equipment April 14, 2022

AR1 & AR HT Materials

The AR®1 & AR®HT Composite Materials are now NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified. You can view Greene Tweed’s certification here. This certification ensures that your product will meet regulatory requirements for the U.S. and Canada and often meets or exceeds requirements for other countries.

Greene Tweed
Material Handling April 14, 2022

Yale Reliant

Yale Reliant is a suite of technologies designed to help support lift truck safety best practices that limit the risk of incidents like crashes or tip overs by enhancing operator awareness and reaction time. Warehouses can configure the system to automatically adjust truck performance like speed or lift based on truck stability, facility rules and proximity to obstacles, people and other trucks. Operators remain in control of the truck.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation
Machinery and Equipment April 13, 2022

Cut-to-Length Food and Beverage Rated Control Cable

Cut-to-Length Food and Beverage Rated Control Cable from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP control cables, specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in Food and Beverage facilities. The patent-pending food-safe design of these cables has been evaluated by third-party tester Ecolab for resistance to commonly used cleaning agents and reduction of contamination risk.  LUTZE SILFLEX® cables are available in sizes ranging from 20AWG to 12AWG and in shielded and unshielded versions.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance April 13, 2022

1800N Series Valves

Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, highlights its 1800N series heavy-duty globe valves. These valves can be supplied in conformance with a variety of MIL-V-18030 service applications, including high pressure differentials, corrosive materials, liquids, gasses, steam, and seawater. The 1800N series provides either modulating or on/off control in either 2-way or 3-way mixing.

Warren Controls
Machinery and Equipment April 12, 2022

Stainless steel continuous/piano hinges

Now available from the FDB Online store are their stainless steel continuous/piano hinges in 1800mm lengths with 30 mm and 25 mm widths to provide full height support for heavy panels. Because they are fixed along the whole length of a door, they augment the rigidity of large panels and distribute the weight evenly into the frame while providing additional security, owing to their tamper-proof design.  These hinges are especially suitable for simple sheet panels and can be particularly effective on top edges of large flaps, doors and access panels.

FDB Panel Fittings Ltd
Compressed Air April 12, 2022

ProFlex Series 730 Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Proco Products, Inc. is excited to announce a new addition to our Rubber Check Valve product line! The ProFlex Series 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffusers - a sought after pollution control technology used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent/sewage treatment. A coarse bubble diffuser is used to ensure that sewage and Hi SG (specific gravity) content is properly “agitated,” or diffused to ensure proper mixing.

Proco Products, Inc.
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance April 9, 2022

Trane Connected Services

With Tracer SC+ and Symbio controls now integrated with a variety of Trane products, you can leverage the power of connectivity and remote access to your equipment. Our connected services help you gather data around the performance of equipment to help optimize your system, manage indoor environments, provide proactive check-ins, and diagnose issues if they arise. Pair your connected controls with a customized Trane Connected Service that is uniquely in line with your needs, priorities and budget.

Trane Technologies
Mobility April 9, 2022

Connected services for remote access

With Tracer SC+ and Symbio controls now integrated with a variety of Trane products, users can leverage the power of connectivity and remote access to their equipment. Trane’s connected services help gather data around the performance of equipment to help optimize a user’s system, manage indoor environments, provide proactive check-ins and diagnose issues if they arise. Users can pair connected controls with a customized Trane Connected Service that is uniquely in line with their needs, priorities and budget.

Trane Technologies
Machinery and Equipment April 1, 2022

American 316 Stainless Steel Thunderstud Anchors

Products Features  MADE IN AMERICA:   Assures top quality and meets most Made in America requirements  PATENTED UNIVERSAL CLIP:   Anchor does not spin in the hole which makes each fastening faster and more secure  PARTIAL THREADS:   Assures proper anchor length is used to meet minimum embedment depths  LENGTH I. D. STAMPED ON EACH ANCHOR:   Provides for a fast easy inspection of embedment depth  316 STAINLESS STEEL:   Highest rust resistance of any wedge anchor specifications  BIT SIZE 1/4" BOX QTY 100 MINIMUM EMBEDMENT 1-1/8" WRENCH SIZE FOR NUT 7/16" PRIMARY Concrete only THREAD TYPE 1/4" - 20 MINIMUM EDGE DISTANCE 1-1/4" MAXIMUM FIXTURE THICKNESS 3/16" MINIMUM FIXTURE HOLE DIAMETER (IN PLACE) 5/16" MINIMUM FIXTURE HOLE DIAMETER (HOLE SPOTTED) 1/4" LENGTH ID CODE A BRAND NAME ThunderStud MINIMUM SPACING 2-1/2" MAXIMUM TORQUE 5 - 10 ft./lbs. COUNTRY American Made THREAD LENGTH 7/8" 2000 PSI CONCRETE - PULL-OUT (LBS.) * 1170 2000 PSI CONCRETE - SHEAR (LBS.) * 1443 LENGTH MEASUREMENT End to End DIAMETER 1/4" LENGTH 1-3/4" MATERIAL 316 Stainless Steel ENVIRONMENT Submerged/Chemicals TYPE Male * Values shown are average ultimate values and are offered only as a guide and are not guaranteed.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Safety & PPE April 1, 2022

PIG Microbial Oil Stain Remover

Break down and eliminate oil and fuel stains with our stormwater-safe solution. Environmentally friendly formula requires no containment or cleanup. Gradually remove oil and fuel stains from pavement and concrete to eliminate rain runoff and sheen emissions.

New Pig
HMI, OI March 31, 2022

FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) HMI V13

FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) HMI V13 software delivers new features along with simplified licensing and a lower-cost pricing modelV13 introduces more options for what data is displayed and how it is presented to operators. Collected data can now be displayed in a tabular format with data grid, and plot two sets of production data against one another in a new XY plot.This release also improves system extensibility through .NET object support, server-side scripting, and client-specific tags that allow functionality specific to each client/user session in a distributed system.New tools for application maintenance add value by providing better interaction with devices and servers in a system. The new system status portal provides a web-based overview of all FactoryTalk® application servers and their status.

Rockwell Automation
Power Systems March 30, 2022

Transformers and Buck-Boost Transformers

Acme Electric Encapsulated Core General Purpose Transformersand Buck-Boost Transformers from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new 1-phase encapsulated core general purpose transformers and buck-boost transformers from Acme Electric.  These general-purpose transformers use electrical grade silica and resin compounds to completely enclose the core and coil to prevent corrosion and insulation deterioration. They are available in various voltages and sizes from 0.25 to 25 kVA. In addition, the new encapsulated buck-boost transformers provide a low-cost and reliable option to correct off-standard voltages.

Machinery and Equipment March 24, 2022

KP04 Illuminated surface mount pushbutton

The newest addition to one of NKK Switches most popular series, the KP04 is a surface mount option for those in need of a long-life illuminated pushbutton switch able to mount on a PCB with minimal drilling. Customization: Caps: Flat, sculptured or home key square caps in three common sizes for design flexibility in diverse applications. Colors: RGB LED dispenses a vibrant full color spectrum in unlimited color combinations. RGB with white option aids in reducing variations in color tones for white illumination, administering stable and consistent color. Actuation: Choice of nontactile or tactile/audible actuation. Legends: Custom legends available.  .

NKK Switches
Vision and Discrete Sensors March 23, 2022

Inclination Sensors

AutomationDirect has added Gefran inclination sensors to their growing lineup of position transducers. Gefran sensors use cutting-edge MEMS technology (micro-electromechanical devices integrated onto a single silicon chip) to provide reliable and precise tilt angle measurement with respect to gravity.  The Gefran sensors are rugged and suitable for the harshest environments. They come in an encapsulated, thermoplastic housing with a high IP67/69K rating and are available with an integrated cable or M12 quick-disconnect; M12 quick-disconnect models are fully redundant, having two sensors in one housing.  Gefran inclination sensors start at $189.00, are CE marked and RoHs compliant, and come with a 3-year warranty.  Learn more by visiting:

Electrical Systems March 23, 2022

Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers

New Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakersfrom AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added Gladiator GCB series molded case circuit breakers to their lineup of circuit protection devices. Gladiator MCCBs are designed to reliably protect circuits and equipment from thermal overloads, short circuits, and ground faults. Available in two or three-pole configurations, these high-performance circuit breakers are offered in seven frame sizes up to 1200A with a selection of trip units and up to a 100kA interrupting capacity.  A variety of accessories provides connection to external disconnect handles and offer auxiliary functions such as status monitoring and shunt or undervoltage trip.  The Gladiator GCB Series breakers start at $154.00, are UL listed, CE approved, RoHS compliant, and come with a 2-year warranty.

Maintenance Strategy March 22, 2022

Measuring ThreadChecker

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. announces the availability of its improved ThreadChecker. This line of non-contact application-specific sensors provides rugged, reliable verification of thread presence or absence in nearly any electrically conductive material.

Kaman Precision Products
Machinery and Equipment March 21, 2022

5100 Series Random Orbital Sander

Ingersoll Rand's latest addition to its sanding portfolio is the Ingersoll Rand® 5100 Series Random Orbital Sander. Harnessing a 0.3 horsepower motor, the 5100 Series is more powerful than its predecessors and produces a fine, swirl-free finish while removing material faster, saving technicians time and increasing their productivity. The 5100 Series generates an impressive maximum free speed of 12,000 revolutions per minute. Its randomized orbits tackle a range of applications including removing heavy material to fine finishing.

Ingersoll Rand
Energy, Power March 21, 2022

Mega Power High Current Flat Wire Inductors

ITG Electronics Introduces High-Voltage Flat Wire Inductors Series features industry-leading voltage ratings ideal for industrial & automotive applications.  Elmsford, NY – ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has introduced a line of Mega Power High Current Flat Wire Inductors for industrial and rugged environments, including automotive applications. Offering a vastly superior power rating – higher inductance and current – compared with conventional flat wire inductors, the next-generation box-shaped item features denser magnetic materials allowing custom-level power in a standardized product.

ITG Electronics
Control Systems March 21, 2022

Machine control for water, wastewater

With the Micro850 and Micro870 2080-Lx0E controllers, users can design smarter and more efficient machines. Packed with numerous capabilities from expanded protocol connectivity to improved security protection, the 2080-Lx0E controllers can help meet challenging application requirements, specifically in the water and wastewater industry. Users can also boost productivity with the improved controller execution and I/O response performance.

Rockwell Automation
Power March 21, 2022

Control station

Crouse-Hinds series MLLA, DLLA and PLLA Linear LED fixtures for non-hazardous, hazardous and wet environments are available with enhanced features that help improve performance and application flexibility. With improved lumen output: 130 to 134 efficacy lm/W and additional driver space, the solution provides more room for wiring while simplifying installation. The pendant mount is integral to the fixture and mounting kits are shipped with the fixture based on the mounting type selected within the catalog structure. Eaton

Switchgear March 16, 2022

EDS-(G)4000 Series Industrial DIN Rail Switches

While OT/IT convergence is accelerating, enhanced network security, high performance, strong reliability, and advanced usability become paramount to building next-generation industrial networks that strengthen operational resilience.l  Industry-leading Network Security: The EDS-4000/G4000 Series was the world's first IEC 62443-4-2 certified Ethernet switches to be certified by IECEE. Along with Moxa’s extensive network security portfolio, Moxa helps create a secure network foundation to safeguard and futureproof industrial operations.l  Unprecedented Performance for Mass Deployments: As the number of connected devices in industrial operations grows, the EDS-4000/G4000 Series provides multiple interface combinations with up to 14 ports and a range of options including fast Ethernet, Gigabit, 2.5GbE uplinks, SFP, and IEEE 802.3bt PoE connectivity. l  Multiple Industrial Certifications: The EDS-4000/G4000 Series is certified for NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4, IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613, DNV, ATEX Zone 2, Class I Division 2, to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications.

Mechanical & Electrical March 16, 2022

Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands

Bimed Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added BPA series split-frame and BRM series solid-frame cable entry systems and cable glands from Bimed. Cable entry systems provide safe installation into enclosures or electrical equipment, securing cables and providing strain relief while maintaining enclosure sealing requirements. The BPA series cable entry system allows cables to be installed through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface without requiring disassembly of connectors from pre-made or terminated cables and without compromising environmental protections. The BRM series allows for a high density of non-terminated cables to be installed through a small area of an enclosure or other bulkhead surface while maintaining environmental ratings. New cable glands include EMC-rated models available in National Pipe Thread (NPT), Panzer-Gewinde (PG), and metric threads. EMC cable glands maintain shielded cable integrity, allowing entry without compromising the cable shield’s protection from electromagnetic interference.A selection of hygienic cable glands is also available in NPT and metric threads.

Electrical, Power March 16, 2022

Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters

New WAGO Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters from AutomationDirect . AutomationDirect has added WAGO Pro2 power supplies to their growing lineup of performance power products. These high-efficiency power supplies reduce losses, save cabinet space, and increase energy savings.

Machinery and Equipment March 14, 2022

Clip-on style gasket profiles

As manufacturers of “everything but the enclosure” EMKA focus carefully on each aspect of industrial enclosure design – nowhere more so than in the production of gasket sections which are absolutely vital in the provision of effective door seals. Exclusion of fingers, tools, dust and water are essential features for all electrical and electronic cabinet installations so EMKA now offer a full range of clip-on style extruded rubber section seals. Also recognised as “P” type or “bubble” gaskets EMKA sections are a simple push fit onto the frame edge of an enclosure or vehicle body and are available with factory joined corners which provide complete integrity around the door periphery while saving time in assembly at the factory.Clip-on gaskets include a spring steel spine within the moulding to provide a strong fixing to the frame edge of the enclosure or larger cabinet.

Motors & Drives March 11, 2022

Pull-Tight Gearmotor

The Bison Pull-Tight gear motor enclosure is ideal for demanding outdoor applications subjected to occasional underwater submersion. Originally designed for electric pool covers, the Pull-Tight has proven its exceptional durability in agriculture and many other environments exposed to harsh weather conditions, including flooding. This innovative solution developed by the Bison team of more than 50 engineers in St. Charles, IL, received US Patent 10,320,259 for the design of the enclosure.

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
Asset Management March 10, 2022

OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Solution

OTAC Tracker to Safely and Wirelessly Charges Asset Trackers.  A first-of-its-kind solution, the new and award-winning Sensata | Xirgo OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Solution is ideal for fleet operators and large retailers who have shipping yards and distribution centers that can benefit from streamlining temporary asset tracking.

Material Handling March 9, 2022

Chip Vac

EXAIR’s Chip Vac offers a fast, effective way to clean chips or other dry materials from fixtures, floors and work surfaces of machining centers, lathes, saws, mills and other industrial equipment. It can easily be moved from drum to drum to keep different materials separate for recycling. Dusty materials, such as absorbents are trapped by the 0.1 micron filter bag to keep the surrounding area clean.

Commercial and Electric Vehicles March 8, 2022

EV1K Series Fuse for Next-Gen Passenger Cars and Commercial EVs

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, today announced the new EV1K Series Fuses, the first Automotive Grade fuse with a rating of 1000 Vdc. They are designed and tested to meet the overcurrent circuit protection needs of the eMoblilty market, specifically Electric Vehicle (EV) applications. The EV1K provides overcurrent protection in EV high-voltage power supply applications, including: On-board chargers (OBCs) Battery distribution units (BDUs) Battery packs DC/DC converter Traction motor inverter Auxiliary loads Rated for 1000 Vdc with interrupting rating of 30,000 A and 60−125 A nominal amperage ratings. Compact body size of 25 x 73 mm with end caps incorporating integrated bolt-down terminals is durable against mechanical vibration and shock, which increases product life and longevity.

Mechanical & Electrical March 8, 2022

Hazardous Location Connectors

Mencom Hazardous Location Connectors series is designed to meet stringent electrical requirements for protection under Class I Division 2 environments and certified by Underwriters' Laboratories (UL). ‘Class I’ is defined as a hazardous location in which flammable gas or vapor may be present in sufficient quantities to be considered ignitable or explosive. ‘Division 2’ is defined as an area that is not likely to contain dangerous concentrations of flammable substances in closed containers.

Mencom Corporation
Engineered Materials March 8, 2022

Industrial Fabrics

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, offers unique fabrics from specialty fibers ideal for composite bearings and bushing liners in farm and industrial equipment. BRM’s proprietary fabric bearing and bushing liner imparts an abrasion resistant polymer on the wear surface between the bearing and the rotating shaft in small motors, farm equipment, construction equipment, and scissor lifts. They are also a good choice for applications where the bearing is either molded within a polymer housing, must withstand very high stress loads, or is chosen over metallic roller bearings because composite bearings are virtually maintenance-free.BRM’s composite fabric contains two to three inherently different fibers to take advantage of each fiber’s unique properties.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Motors & Drives March 8, 2022

Premium Gearboxes

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the market leading KHK brand of metric gears, announces its extensive line of right-angle metric gearboxes, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. KHK’s large selection of right-angle gearboxes are very quiet, provide smooth transmission of power, and are suitable for a very wide range of applications where speed reduction and a change in orientation is required. KHK right-angle gearboxes are available with either a plastic housing for light-duty applications, an aluminum housing for medium-duty application, and cast-iron housing for heavy-duty applications.

Material Handling March 6, 2022

125 ESD Shrink Film (HP-UV)

New Revolutionary EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 ESD Shrink Film (HP-UV) Multi-Metal Corrosion Protection withStrong Static Dissipative Properties! New EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 ESD Shrink Film (HP-UV) combines the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. This revolutionary ESD shrink film is mixture of high (UV) and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology.  This film is unique in its ability to prevent corrosion and ESD damage.

Cortec Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical March 1, 2022

Series 423 M16 Connectors

binder USA announced a new short version of its popular series 423 M16 connector. These compact shieldable cable plugs and sockets, each with cable clamp, are available in 10 solder and 5 crimp male and female versions to suit various pin counts. They are ideal for applications where space is tight and IP67-level protection is required, such as sensor and actuator technology, test and measurement, automation and industrial controls, and process technology.Solder versions are designed for maximum wire gauges of 0.75 mm2 or AWG 18 (2 to 8 pins), and 0.25 mm2 or AWG 24 (12 to 19 pins).

binder USA
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2022

Generation 2 engine monitoring

Senzit Generation 2 is the smart engine monitoring solution for heavy-duty equipment. Senzit's AI driven predictive analytics helps fleet managers and owners significantly lower costs by reducing unplanned downtime and scheduling maintenance on a "when needed" basis instead of time based. Senzit can alert you to potential problems before the OEM alert light goes on, which is often too late.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance February 27, 2022

IM-S wafer gas regulator

The IM-S pilot-operated gas regulator range offers high levels of performance with an axial flow design for process gases. The wafer-type body fits between PN10 - PN100 and ANSI Class 150 - 600 flanges, significantly simplifying procurement and maintenance. The patented, compact construction significantly reduces weight and the need for expensive lifting equipment during installation and maintenance.Check out other Oxford Flow products in the IM series gas regulator range.

Oxford Flow
Compressed Air February 23, 2022

Custom Air Knives

EXAIR’s Air Knives are an efficient and highly effective tool for blowoff, cooling, cleaning and drying in a myriad of manufacturing processes. To accommodate the wide variety of unique problems manufacturers face, EXAIR has the ability to customize and tailor Air Knives to different specifications. These Air Knife customizations can range from size, to shape, to material, custom mounting holes and dimensions.

Sensors, Actuators February 22, 2022

Pressure Sensors

CUI Devices’ Sensors Group today announced the addition of pressure sensors to its product portfolio. Offering absolute, gauge, and sealed gauge pressure types, these pressure sensors based on piezo technology feature analog or digital I2C outputs and pressure ranges from 0 kPa up to 100 MPa. All PS series models are temperature compensated and housed in stainless steel construction with an O-ring seal, making them ideal for a variety of applications, including industrial, scientific, medical, white goods, and more.

CUI Devices
Mechanical & Electrical February 22, 2022

SPxxR6 TVS Diode Arrays

CHICAGO, February 22, 2022 — Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the new SPxxR6, a series of four-channel, low capacitance (0.2pF) TVS diode arrays. These robust diodes provide extremely low breakdown/turn-on voltages, making them ideal protectors of high-speed data lines with low voltage (-0.3 to +0.3V).

Process Manufacturing February 21, 2022

OPTIWAVE Radar Level Transmitters

KROHNE, Inc. announces the addition of three 24 GHz and three 80 GHz OPTIWAVE Radar Level transmitters to its product line, which complement the existing 10 GHz devices. The entire range of OPTIWAVE 2-wire loop-powered FMCW radar level transmitters for liquids and solids is ideally suited to industries from chemical and petrochemical to mining, minerals and metals processing and cover liquid and solid applications.

Courtesy: CFE Media
Power February 21, 2022

PowerLogic PFC Smart Capacitor Bank

This is a 'smart' capacitor bank for correcting power factor. What sets this device apart is the fact that it self monitors and sends alerts and notifications if maintenance is required or if a component of the capacitor bank is not working correctly. Therefore, the user will be alerted and can fix the issues before the capacitor bank fails and results in power factor penalties from the utility.

Schneider Electric
Pumps February 18, 2022

PROFINET-enabled peristaltic pumps

WMFTG is extending its industrial Ethernet control offer by making PROFINET available on its 530, 630 and 730 series of cased peristaltic pumps. This additional communication capability allows customers to access fast, accurate performance data and seamless connectivity with modern PLC control systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) using either EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET®. Industry’s transition to digitalization is emanating from the need to improve process performance, reduce operating costs and minimize downtime.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
Plant Automation February 17, 2022

Heavy Duty HEPA Vacuum

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is a powerful, HEPA quality, industrial vacuum cleaner that works with 30, 55 or 110 gallon open top drums. This allows you to choose the vac that best suits your applications. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is designed to move more material with less wear.

Plant Automation February 15, 2022

Raymond Automated Transtacker (Automated TRT)

Designed to keep you moving, the new Automated TRT offers dual-mode operation: automated mode for full pallet moves and manual mode for case picking. With no need for operator breaks, this means more hours on the floor and more pallets moved per shift, increasing productivity. The Automated TRT’s Order Manager software fully integrates with your warehouse management system (WMS) to optimize performance and eliminate errors.

The Raymond Corporation
Automation, Controls February 15, 2022

CO2 MiniPack Controller

Small-format food retail stores now have the ability to implement CO2 refrigeration systems without excess first cost investments. Danfoss’ CO2 MiniPack Controller provides a complete pack solution that makes CO2 approachable for small-format food retailers who would like to harness its benefits, even those with little CO2 experience. With the functionality of a dedicated CO₂ controller, minimal complexity and unique ease-of-use at competitive pricing, the MiniPack Controller is a flexible and accessible tool for even the most budget-conscious food retail operation. CO2 refrigeration systems play a key role in in the fight to reduce global warming and mitigate our global climate crisis by reducing the number refrigeration systems that use HFC refrigerants.

Sensors, Actuators February 15, 2022

HAR Series Displacement Sensors for Turbines

Power plants have very precise control schemes for valve position for maximized operating efficiency. Because a typical power plant can contain hundreds of valves that control the flow of steam, gas and water in conjunction with different control systems, plant operators must always know their position. NewTek LVDT Position Sensors enable precise monitoring and control of valves so turbines operate efficiently with minimal wasted energy.   While some power plant applications only monitor if a valve is open or closed at start up and shut down, some operations need to know the exact position to ensure valves are opened or closed to the right degree. For example, certain power generation operations might require that governor and throttle valves be open by 25 or 40 percent.

NewTek Sensor Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical February 11, 2022

Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit

NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit.

Advantech Corporation
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance February 11, 2022

GSSI Unveils New PaveScan® MDM – Essential Tool for QA/QC Labs

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces the new PaveScan® Mix Design Module (MDM), which transform’s GSSI’s industry-leading PaveScan® RDM system into a powerful new quality control tool for asphalt density assessment. By helping to avoid premature road failures such as raveling, cracking and deterioration along poorly compacted joints, PaveScan technology builds better quality longer lasting roads. PaveScan MDM is sensitive to subtle changes in aggregate, mix, and moisture, and can be used to immediately alert paving contractors to inadvertent changes in the aggregate mix.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 10, 2022

APEX 200

The APEX 200, an IoT solution, provides continuous temperature monitoring, hot spot detection, and automated alerting capabilities, which helps organizations ensure machines are operating at full capacity. Designed to be compact, yet robust, the APEX 200 is ideal for tough to reach applications such as vents, man-holes, and electrical equipment. The camera offers multiple interface protocols and is suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) integrations.

Infrared Cameras Inc.
Vision and Discrete Sensors February 9, 2022

Tire Pressure Monitoring Soltion

Specifically designed for the commercial vehicle market, Sensata’s TPMS solution is a complete system consisting of wireless sensors, receivers and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that communicates with the vehicle over the Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus). The system provides tire pressure and temperature monitoring that meets regional legislation requirements and helps to reduce roadside tire events, automate tire checks, improve tire life and increase vehicle fuel economy. A proprietary auto-location function enables the automated identification of the sensor’s position on the vehicle which reduces the need for additional tools and time required to program sensors during tire changes and maintenance for commercial vehicle operators.

Machinery and Equipment February 9, 2022

Blast Cabinet with Handling Bars

Over two years in development, Titan’s patent-pending, heavy-duty blast cabinet delivers high performance, reduced operating costs and improved productivity — all in a user-friendly design.   Every Titan blast cabinet - made of rugged 12-gauge all-welded steel frame that won’t bend, fold, or twist - comes standard with two rigid, steel channel, double-panel doors with knife edge. Lift-off hinges allow for fast on-off door removal, eliminating the troublesome welded hinges of the past. Full-opening doors maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading of larger parts.

Titan Abrasive Systems LLC
Energy Efficiency & Management February 8, 2022

groov RIO EMU (Energy Monitoring Unit)

The GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3 is a groov RIO energy management unit (EMU) designed as an intelligent, distributed energy monitoring module. With built-in web-based configuration, commissioning, and flow logic software—plus support for multiple OT and IT protocols—the groov RIO EMU offers the flexibility to fit into either IIoT projects, especially those that require energy data acquisition or communications, or traditional energy management control systems. The groov RIO EMU simultaneously measures volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS on Category III wye (up to 400 VAC) or delta (up to 600 VAC) circuits.

Opto 22
Oil and Gas February 8, 2022

Ingersoll Rand Arctic Range Blowout Preventer (B.O.P.) Handling System

The Ingersoll Rand® Arctic Range Blowout Preventor (B.O.P.) Handling System safely transports and handles B.O.P. stacks in ultra-low temperatures. This specially designed system can operate at temperatures as low as -45º C while handling a working load weighing from 20 to 40 metric tons. Ingersoll Rand designed the Arctic Range B.O.P. Handling System for the specific needs of rig operators in the Arctic, giving them powerful and reliable equipment in hazardous, cold weather environments," said Gus Caldera, Global Leader, Business Development for Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand
Safety & PPE February 8, 2022

Contractor Series Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, highlights the Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE, a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety. While still using premium USA labor and materials, Cementex offers Arc Flash Task Wear with reliable, classic protection for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment. The Contractor Series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits that include hood, hard hat, coats, pants, coveralls, ear canal hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles, as well as optional gloves and hard hat liners or balaclavas as needed.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Electrical Systems February 8, 2022

HV Recloser up to 72.5kV

The Viper®-HV Recloser up to 72.5kV is the market’s first high-voltage pole top recloser that supports faster overcurrent protection through fault isolation and automatic restoration for temporary faults on overhead sub-transmission lines. Uniquely designed as a self-contained system featuring three-in-one capabilities of a recloser, CTs, and integrated internal voltage sensors, the Viper-HV provides utilities improved performance on a pole to automatically clear any temporary faults and isolate only that section of the grid to protect additional lines from going down and preventing an entire region from losing power. The Viper-HV offers utilities installation flexibility through a variety of configurations, including phase-over-phase and cross-arm versions to match existing line infrastructure.

G&W Electric
Gears and Bearings February 7, 2022

Metric Screw Gears

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the market leading KHK® brand of metric gears, announces its extensive line of metric screw gears, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. KHK’s large selection of screw gears are suitable for a very wide range of applications, including conveyors with light loads and are offered in many materials, modules and numbers of teeth. KHK stock screw gears are available in economical S45C carbon steel, as well as rust-resistant SUS303 stainless steel suitable for food machinery.

Plant Automation February 4, 2022

Modular GROB-NET 4 Industry Web Applications

GROB Systems, a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, announces its new modular GROB-NET 4 Industry web applications, enabling manufacturers to network and digitalize production processes across all plants to increase facility efficiency. Offering an all-round package for modern production in the Industry 4.0 era, GROB provides 12 modules ranging from planning to engineering to maintenance. Each GROB-NET 4 Industry module is designed to increase productivity.

Grob Systems
Pumps February 1, 2022

Medium Range Pumps

Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced a new size range of Design Envelope Permanent Magnet pumps that are engineered to deliver 20% lower operating costs than variable speed pumps with standard induction motors. The new pumps are available with motors ranging from15 hp to 50 hp, and operate at NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency levels that exceed the efficiency targets of both the US Department of Energy and the European Union.

Armstrong Fluid Technology
Electrical Systems February 1, 2022

IP68 Enclosures

Mencom offers a range of IP68 series rectangular enclosures that provide the highest level of protection against dust and complete continuous submersion in water. These IP68 series enclosures have also successfully passed the tests required for the IPX6 degree of protection (tightness to powerful water jets) and for the IPX9 degree of protection (high pressure and temperature water jets), thanks to the dual O-ring seal design. Therefore, their official overall protection rating is IP66/IP68/IP69.The IP68 enclosures except size 44.27 are made of corrosion-proof foundry grade aluminum alloy and they are coated with oven-cured thermosetting paint with epoxy power, which makes the enclosures highly resistant to scratch, shock, seawater, and chemicals.

Mencom Corporation
Pumps February 1, 2022

Heat2O® Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat2O® is an all-electric, cold-climate Heat Pump Water Heater designed to reduce the environmental impact of high-volume Domestic Hot Water (DHW) through energy-efficient operation and using CO2 refrigerant. CO2, a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) of one and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero, helps commercial facilities qualify for rigorous sustainability criteria and certifications such as passive house status. Using Heat2O reduces on-site carbon emissions in the production of DHW. Heat2O is an engineered solution with comprehensive technical support.

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC (METUS)
Machinery and Equipment February 1, 2022

Diablo’s Demo Demon Spade Bits

Diablo’s Demo Demon Spade Bits provide one of the most durable, effortless, and longest lasting hole drilling solutions on the market for nail-embedded wood. The DEMO-Edge dual cutting edges coupled with a self-feeding Dura-Tip power through nail hits for a smooth drilling experience and up to 60X longer life. An optimized curved paddle design enhances the chip evacuation process for more holes per charge.

Diablo Tools
Networking and Security January 31, 2022


Panduit Corp. announces the launch of its new RapidID™ Network Mapping System, an offering designed to reduce the time and cost of patch cord documentation by up to 50%*. By using pre-labeled Panduit patch cords and the RapidID Bluetooth-enabled handheld scanner, network engineers can quickly, easily, and more accurately place and trace cables.

Panduit Corp
Commercial and Electric Vehicles January 31, 2022

30/60 XD Li-Ion Tractor

The all-new, fully electric, lithium-ion-powered Tiger Tow Tractors consists of two vehicle models – the Tiger 30/60 and the Tiger 30/60 XD. The Tiger 30/60 Li-Ion, the newest in the lineup, is manufactured with a 100 percent steel body-on-frame with bolt-on chassis components. This familiar design offers capabilities, operations, and serviceability that’s familiar and proven in the ground support equipment space, providing a seamless experience for operators looking to electrify their established fleets with next-gen tractors.

Commercial and Electric Vehicles January 31, 2022

Li-Ion electric utility vehicles

Bigfoot electric utility vehicles are industry-leading mainstays because of their range of up to 60 miles, load capacity of up to 3,000 lbs and towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs and are often used indoors and throughout closed campuses like airports, corporate campuses and convention centers. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are now available for all three Bigfoot models – Bigfoot 48V, Bigfoot XL and Bigfoot 3000. Li-ion-powered Bigfoot utility vehicles provide customers with the same load and towing capacity, as well as a comfortable operator’s compartment, with two-person seating, tilted steering and adjustable seats.

Motors & Drives January 25, 2022

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ

The new SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ makes it easier to identify power cell issues before they can cause a drive to trip. In a major leap forward in the digitalization of drive systems, Siemens has developed digital technology enabling real-time cell monitoring capability. This technology makes it possible to pinpoint an issue down to a specific cell, thanks to the placement of sensors on individual cells to collect data on performance and environmental conditions, including: Ambient temperature individual cells,  IGBT substrate temperature, humidity and dew point, pressure monitoring, cell capacitance, cell DC bus voltage and cell AC voltage.

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Motors & Drives January 20, 2022

Medallion Series Motors 6811, 6813, 8010 & 8012 Frames

The new SIMOTICS Medallion Series motors combine flexibility and performance to meet or exceed basic application requirements. With 4 newly designed frame sizes (6811, 6813, 8010, & 8012) and 3 freshly designed enclosures (WPII, TEAAC & TEWAC), this motor series is configured with all necessary features and options to power even the most stringent industrial applications such as large compressors, blowers, test stands and pumps among many others.  With an industry leading power density up to 9000HP, these designs provide up to a 43% slimmer footprint allowing application sites to maximize plant layout. In addition, these motors provide application flexibility by offering an industry leading 7500HP 2-pole stiff shaft design which delivers more application speed control allowing users to save energy by increasing operational efficiency. .

Siemens Industry, Inc
Electrical Systems January 19, 2022

22mm Pilot Devices – Series GT

c3controls, a leading manufacturer of industrial control products, is launching an upgraded line of IEC Pilot Devices, with the new Series GT directly replacing the 22mm IEC Pilot Devices - Series B products. The c3controls IEC pilot device line features pilot lights, push buttons, selector switches, and E-Stops, with a wide range of variations and options available within each product group. All new Series GT products are completely cross-compatible with the discontinued Series B products, all while keeping the same mounting and assembly dimensions and specifications, as well as part numbers and list prices.  The design enhancements include a more robust operator bracket, a new 4X chrome-plated bezel option, modernized aesthetics, increased color vibrancy on push button caps, and reinforced internal components on all selector switches. c3 pilot devices are used in a wide range of applications and industries such as HVAC, steel mills, water/wastewater, packaging, switchgear, burners and boilers, metal fabrication, amusement rides, ski lifts, and most any other equipment or machine that is controlled electrically.

Pumps January 17, 2022

Victaulic QuickVic Rigid Coupling Style 107V

The Victaulic QuickVic System delivers unmatched installation confidence. Victaulic adapted its technology to evolve with the construction industry to bring a higher degree of confidence and value to our customers. The QuickVic System includes the first and only coupling designed for high-performance impact guns.

Safety & PPE January 3, 2022

ATEX/IECEx Certified Explosion-Proof Rotary Encoders

POSITAL’s explosion-proof IXARC rotary encoders have been certified to comply with ATEX/IECEx directives for Category 3 electrical products. These devices are suitable for use in Zone 2 and Zone 22 conditions (potential exposure to hazardous levels of explosive gases and flammable dust) and are ideal for oil and gas installations, chemical plants, woodworking operations, and grain handling facilities. Certification documents cover multiple encoder configurations and were issued by an organization with special competency in ATEX and IECEx testing and certification.

Plant Automation January 1, 2022

CAMI Pro Cure HR Industrial Printer

The Cure HR is a high resolution printer that provides a versatile & cost-effective solution to meet the need for variable data printing on a range of coated and uncoated substrates. Capable of printing addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos and graphics, The Cure HR is suitable for mailing and addressing applications, as well as labels, tickets, security, plastic cards and business form applications. The very small footprint and modular design of The Cure HR means that it is easily and quickly integrated into mailing lines, webs and card lines.

Automated Marking, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2022

IP65 Zenjet Ultra Thermal Inkjet Printer

The Zenjet Ultra IP65 is a 1/2″ Stainless Steel Washdown TIJ Printer with Microcontroller and Software.Do you work in a dusty or moist environment? The Zenjet Ultra thermal inkjet (TIJ) system is a single head compact and powerful printer providing complete protection against water, dust, & moisture. This high quality equipment is manufactured in France. Rugged stainless steel construction and IP65 enclosure makes this product perfect for plants that are dusty or require washdown procedures.Print height up to 12.7mm (≈1/2″).

Automated Marking, Inc.
Compressed Air January 1, 2022

Combustible Dust Vacuum

VAC-U-MAX offers a full line of ATEX-certified combustible dust vacuum cleaners for Class I and Class II, Division 2 hazardous location areas. These compressed air operated systems include the vacuum cover, drum, dolly, vacuum hose, cleaning tools, compressed-air hose with quick-disconnect fittings, and polybag drum liners. No additional parts or components are needed.

Pumps January 1, 2022

Heavy-Duty Sump Vac Separates Metal Chips

VAC-U-MAX 55MW Sump Vac provides high volume recovery of 1-2 gallons per second or 60-120 gallons per minute, while separating coolant from metal chips with VAC-U-MAX’s chip collection basket & liner. Operators quickly empty machine tool sumps/beds, oil/water separators & parts washers with solid particles separated from liquid in one step. With flip of a switch, vacuuming changes to pumping - 14 gallons per minute!.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 December 14, 2021

Elements for IoT

The Internet of Things connects machines and components with software services that focus on optimizing manufacturing processes and implementing digital services for smart products. CONTACT Elements for IoT cost-effectively accelerates the implementation of solutions for data-driven processes using digital twins of industrial assets. The platform is characterized by an open architecture, a simple and robust mapping of business processes and a low-code philosophy.

CONTACT Software
Pumps December 8, 2021

ePG pressure pump

The Beamex ePG is a portable, battery-operated electric pressure pump for industrial pressure calibration applications in ranges from -12.3 psi (-0.85 bar) up to 300 psi (20 bar).It provides an effortless way to generate pressure or vacuum.

Power Systems November 1, 2021

FlexSeT Switchboards

Accelerate time to market and reduce lead times for your customers with FlexSeT – a simplified, modular service model for switchboard design, sourcing, installation and maintenance. UL listed, with ratings up to 2000A.

Schneider Electric
Vision and Discrete Sensors October 19, 2021

IMX462 Ultra Low Light USB Camera

See3CAM_CU27 is a Full HD USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera based on the SONY® STARVIS™ IMX462 sensor that is capable of capturing high-quality images in near-infrared regions.This camera's IR sensitivity makes it suitable for night vision applications & medical microscopes. Also, the high sensitivity of this camera helps to capture images even in extremely low lighting conditions (0 lux).

e-con Systems
Oil and Gas October 12, 2021

Subsea Hydraulic Hoist

Ideal for tough and unusual applications above deck and underwater, Ingersoll Rand's Subsea Hydraulic Hoist for ship repair and ship husbandry, salvage and recovery operations, subsea maintenance and repair operations, and decommissioning subsea structures. Operators can use the Subsea Hoist at depths of up to 30 meters underwater, where repairs or maintenance are often needed. “The Ingersoll Rand® Subsea Hydraulic Hoist allows people to make underwater repairs at dock or while at sea.

Ingersoll Rand
Machinery and Equipment October 1, 2021

Telescoping bracket

BBT-HF telescoping brackets and alignment plates help speed installation and reduce complexity for rough-in projects. Simply snap one side of the BBT-HF bracket to the wall stud, slide the B-Line series BBT-HF telescoping bracket to the width required, snap the other side of the bracket to the stud, then secure with screws. The brackets are self-leveling, feature an auto-height adjustment and easily adjust to accommodate stud widths of 14.5 to 25 in.

Eaton Corporation
Safety & PPE September 27, 2021

Slip Resistant Metal Flooring

SLIPNOT® safety flooring and surface technologies reduces more than 90% of slips and falls and create more confident workspaces for employees. When applied to flooring, ladders, grates and more, SLIPNOT’s patented anti-slip coating creates safe, high-traction surfaces for nearly every industrial and commercial space, including food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing plants. The patented, high-friction coating provides durability, ease-of-maintenance, reduced downtime and lost workdays in harsh, 24/7 operating environments.

Material Handling September 14, 2021

DURASHIELD® Fiberglass Foam Core Building Panels

In production since 1989, DURASHIELD® is a tongue-and-groove fiberglass pultruded panel comprised of a pultruded skin over a foam core. Available in 1" x 12" and 3" x 24" sizes, the pultruded fiberglass skin of these panels is available in either a premium polyester or vinyl ester resin. Both resin systems are flame retardant (UL 94 V-0).

Strongwell Corporation
Manufacturing IT, MES September 13, 2021

FactoryStack managed hybrid cloud infrastructure

FactoryStack is a fully managed hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables manufacturers to simplify their operational technology, increase efficiency and scalability, and reduce needed resources and costs. Featuring secure IT technologies, stable plant floor applications, and seamless automation that creates a simple experience for end users and service providers. Our unique combination of factory floor know-how and modern software architectures allows for same-day adoption of cloud technologies without needing to worry about loss of data or a degraded user experience if plant-level Internet connectivity goes down.

4IR Solutions
Oil and Gas June 29, 2021

ES Axial Flow Valve

The ES axial flow valve offers world class performance, reliability and emissions control for a wide range of severe service applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries. The ES provides zero-leakage isolation in a variety of materials and configurations from 2” to 12” (DN50 to DN300) and in pressures classes to ASME 1500.Read more about the Oxford Flow ES Actuated Valve.

Oxford Flow
Machinery and Equipment June 27, 2021

W9691 1” Cordless Impact Wrench

Power, mobility, and productivity are enhanced with the W9691 Series 1” Cordless Impact Wrench, the world’s most powerful 20V 1” cordless impact wrench.  With 3,000 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque to handle stubborn bolts, it boasts the best power to weight ratio in its class, allowing technicians to move about freely where space and maneuverability are at a premium. Further, cordless mobility brings added safety by eliminating hoses and tripping hazards to keep technicians safe and is the perfect solution for roadside vehicle service applications.

Ingersoll Rand
Mechanical & Electrical June 15, 2021

HELUDATA Instrumentation & HELUTHERM Compensating Cables

HELUDATA Instrumentation CablesHELUDATA EN 50288-7 cables are number coded and have an aluminum/polyester foil shield and a robust flame-retardant PVC or XLPE jacket. The PLTC UL13 version, certified for applications in North America, is available in sizes from AWG 18 to 14 and has a temperature range from -30 to +105°C. The halogen-free, flame-retardant XLPE HELUDATA EN 502887 FIRE RES is suitable for applications where the release of toxic gases is prohibited, and where full functionality is required in the event of a fire.

Safety & PPE June 1, 2021

Fast Trak

Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated bracket and track system offering speed, flexibility, and efficient use of space, for the suspension of electrical containment, piping, ductwork, and other mechanical services in Construction. The Fast Trak system consists of a horizontal bracket, with push-in latches on the ends, that slides up two vertical tracks to lock into place at any height. Horizontal brackets are available in pre-cut ready-to-use lengths from 9in.

Gripple Inc.
Energy Efficiency & Management May 29, 2021

IM-C top-entry gas regulator

The IM-C Series range offers excellent pressure control for gas distribution and transmission applications. The innovative cartridge insert design utilises the patented Oxford Flow piston control system to deliver world class pressure management in an easily accessible body for inline servicing. The IM-C series inserts into a range of top-entry regulator bodies.

Oxford Flow
Safety & PPE April 1, 2021

Big Containment Pac

Stow it behind a truck seat or in a crowded cargo area. The Andax Big Containment Pac (BCP) is 110 gallons of spill containment in a 15” x 18” x 5” package. But how can so much fit in such a small package? The BCP contains an Inflatable Containment Tank – a self-inflating containment pool that can hold up to 100 gallons.

Andax Industries LLC
Asset Management March 21, 2021

MES Software provides functions and processes to prepare, plan and execute factory floor operations uniformly, track progress at real-time and increase agility to align as the day demands. SFactrix MES/MOM Software provides all features required to run lean manufacturing operations. The inbuilt AI-based Manufacturing Intelligence module provides performance KPIs, downtime alerts, loss-based metrics, scrap trends, MTTR and MTBF.

Factana Computing Inc
Asset Management February 19, 2021

Fogwing Asset+

Fogwing Asset+ is an IoT enabled Smart CMMS Software that helps Maintenance Managers to execute maintenance operations with real-time insights for reliability and higher performance. Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive software for Asset Performance Monitoring and Computerized Maintenance Management System powered by IoT and AI technologies. Asset+ provides everything you need to run your maintenance operations with real-time insights for higher operational efficiency and lower operational cost.

Factana Computing Inc
Machinery and Equipment June 4, 2020

H40-70UT Series

The Hyster H40-70UT Series is a sit-down, counterbalanced forklift. The 4,000 to 7,000-pound capacity internal combustion engine model is the first in the line of UT Series trucks to be released.

Hyster Company
Material Handling May 20, 2020

Hyster Tough Truck Designed for Maneuverability in Tight Stockyards

Hyster Company announces the new H155-170FTS series, a 15,500 and 17,000-pound capacity sit-down counterbalanced truck series specifically designed for optimum maneuverability in tight, crowded outdoor storage environments. The FTS series has two main features that contribute to this increased maneuverability. The overall truck length is reduced by up to 12.8 inches due to a shorter counterweight design, while maintaining residual capacity.

Hyster Company
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2020


The RT-300 is an all-in-one shaft alignment and machinery diagnostics tool. The system's included rugged tablet is pre-loaded with 5 unique applications that allow users to diagnose faults and perform precision shaft alignment on their machinery. Each application works in unison with one of three wireless sensors; a runout probe for performing pre-alignment tasks, wireless laser heads for alignment work, and a wireless triaxial sensor sensor for vibration measurements.

Material Handling January 15, 2020

Zero Gravity Air Balancer Control Kit

The Ingersoll Rand® Zero Gravity Air Balancer Control Kit is an air balancer control kit that can be installed on Ingersoll Rand air balancers to increase operator comfort and balance loads without adjustment. The Zero Gravity Air Balancer Control Kit inline handle replaces the need to use an up-and-down button to position the lift. The device uses the appropriate air pressure to support the lift load through innovative monitoring and valves, balancing the exact weight in real-time. Operators can simply lift the item up or down via the handle once the load is lifted and stabilized, increasing productivity, operator comfort and maneuverability. Available as a retrofit on any Ingersoll Rand air balancer or as a packaged unit with the balancer, the Zero Gravity Air Balancer Control Kit is easy to install and maintain. The Zero Gravity Air Balancer Control Kit also comes standard with three programmable inputs and outputs to control a variety of different handling devices and offer operators the versatility they need in their facilities.

Ingersoll Rand
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 8, 2019

Magna-Plug magnetic connector

The Magna-Plug is a magnetic circular connector designed to avoid cable breakages, reduce production downtime & allow quick equipment changes, thus generating savings. It is a unique, non-competition & patented invent for industrial processes. By simply pulling the cables, the Magna-Plug connectors disconnect automatically.

Exceltec Canada Inc.
Asset Management October 1, 2018

Energy Control Center

Energy Control Center (ECC) Simplifies the integration of distributed energy resources into an intelligent, pre-engineered, and configurable power control center to easily optimize resources and maximize facility performance. The ECC is optimized to meet savings, sustainability, and resilience goals.The ECC provides distribution and controls for power to flow between the electric utility grid, distributed energy resources (DERs), and the electrical loads at a site.

Schneider Electric
Motors & Drives July 31, 2018


The Multi-DriveTM by One MotionTM provides unique advantages not previously available in the packaging automation industry. It allows automation equipment manufacturers to place multiple conveyors side-by-side with minimum belt separation. This arrangement is accomplished without the need to design complex power transmission components that get buried underneath the conveyors.

One Motion
Compressed Air July 16, 2018

KRSP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The KRSP series of direct-drive compressors from Kaishan offers industry-leading performance in an economical package. In a direct-drive compressor, the motor couples directly to the compressor driveshaft to power the compressor airend. Units range from 40 to 500 horsepower, delivering capacities up to 2,453 CFM.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Compressed Air July 16, 2018

KRSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Kaishan KRSD single-stage direct drive compressors are one of our most popular compressor lines. These KRSD compressors utilize rotary air compressor technology to deliver a constant stream of compressed air where and when you need it most. This air compressor type uses helical screws in a continuous motion to reduce the volume and maximize the pressure of incoming air.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Compressed Air July 16, 2018

KRSB Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Our KRSB belt-driven air compressors can be counted on to deliver reliable, economical performance in various industrial applications. Sophisticated controls and other advanced features provide additional flexibility, while low maintenance requirements keep operating costs down over the unit's life. Kaishan KRSB compressors utilize a belt connected to a motor to power the air compressor.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Compressed Air July 16, 2018

KRSP2 Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor

There is a growing demand for reliable, energy-efficient compressed air. Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or build ships, you can benefit from a two-stage rotary air compressor. Our KRSP2 series compressors are designed with efficiency, reliability, and optimization in mind. A two-stage rotary screw air compressor contains two sets of gear-driven airends to maximize energy efficiency and increase reliability.

Kaishan Compressor USA
Hydraulics January 6, 2018

Microcrane M1 Model

The Microcrane is a portable, compact pick and carry, battery powered hydraulic mini crane designed to fit through doorways and inside elevators and trucks for easy transport, yet unfolds to boom 20 ft. height, and can lower loads 13 stories from a rooftop. Our highly mobile hoist/mini cranes are easy to move from job to job and nimble enough to function on rooftops, or move easily on floor-to-floor jobs.

Microcranes, Inc.
Switchgear January 1, 2018

Electrical relay with built-in web server

WebRelay is an electrical relay (or electrical switch) with a built-in web server. The relay can be turned on, off or pulsed using a web browser. It has a long history of reliable operation in many applications including remote reboot, industrial control, security and remote control and monitoring. WebRelay can provide remote relay control in countless applications including pump and motor control, security lock systems, remote reboot and lighting control. It also has an optically isolated input that can be used to monitor the state of devices, control the relay, or control a remote relay somewhere else on the network.

Gears and Bearings October 14, 2016

Powered Pulley

One Motion powered pulleys utilize magnetic, direct-drive technology, eliminating the need for gears or other external components and making it the leader in efficiency and reliability. This simple design ensures your processes, machinery and conveyors keep running.

One Motion
Hydraulics January 1, 2015

STVM steam water mixer washdown station

The STVM® Steam Water Mixer Washdown Station is designed for high temperature washdowns to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime in food and beverage processing and other industrial facilities. Conventional washdown mixing stations that rely on multiple moving parts and use old spool and diaphragm technology are prone to premature failure due to mineral deposits and scaling. The necessary regular maintenance of these units to keep them running safely is very time-consuming and costly.

Manufacturing IT January 1, 2015

Enterprise resource planning platform for small and mid-market manufacturers

Cetec ERP is a highly practical web-based enterprise resource planning platform built for small and mid-market manufacturing companies. It is designed to help SMB manufacturers efficiently manage all aspects of their manufacturing company and solve their most difficult challenges unique to a manufacturing environment. It is built on modern/innovative technology, which positions its customers to successfully transform their business, become resilient as a company, and grow efficiently.

Cetec ERP
Lubrication January 1, 2010

Paratherm GLT

Paratherm™ GLT is a thermally stable, low temperature start-up fluid. GLT Heat Transfer Fluid is an alkylated aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating systems to 550º F. Key Features: Low temperature pumpability Broad compatibility with synthetic aromatics Excellent thermal efficiency vs. standard mineral oil HTF's Applications include: Engineered Wood & Building Materials Oil & Gas Processing.

Lubrication January 1, 2009

HR Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm HR Synthetic-Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluid. Paratherm HR is an alkylated-aromatic based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed-loop liquid phase heating to 650º F in fired heaters and 675º F in waste heat recovery and full convection heaters. Key Features: Best in class thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency Widest operating range Unique formulation resists thermal decomposition at high temperatures.

Asset Management December 31, 2003

Computerized maintenance asset management system

NEXGEN aims to provide users with the intelligence and foresight to effect meaningful, strategic change through lifecycle planning and risk mitigation across the organization. NEXGEN asset management is a software solution that integrates the functionalities of a computerized maintenance management system with enterprise asset management planning capabilities. NEXGEN was built by engineering, management and technology subject matter experts boasting over 25 years of hands-on experience in asset management program development and software implementation. NEXGEN aims to leverage their experience to set a new industry standard by incorporating proprietary asset management intelligence into the complete asset inventory.

NEXGEN Asset Management
Material Handling January 1, 1956

Fiberglass structural shapes and plate

EXTREN is the registered trade name for a proprietary line of standard pultruded fiberglass structural shapes and plate produced by Strongwell. The EXTREN line consists of more than 100 different fiberglass shapes, each with a very specific, proprietary composite design. EXTREN replaces steel, aluminum, and wood in a wide variety of structural applications.

Strongwell Corporation