Advanced pro wire tracers

Fluke Corporation June 27, 2023

The Fluke 2052 Advanced and 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracers accurately and safely troubleshoot energized and de-energized wires in residential, commercial and industrial environments up to CAT IV 600 V — the highest protection available on any wire tracer.

The Fluke Wire Tracers feature different modes and functions to give electricians the flexibility to troubleshoot a wide range of electrical wiring and circuitry problems. They are designed to protect electricians from the most dangerous levels of transient overvoltage — spikes up to 8,000 V — that can occur in industrial and utility environments like industrial plants, factories and hospitals where critical equipment cannot be taken offline.

The patented Smart Sensor™ technology (available only on the Fluke 2062) makes wire tracing faster and easier. It locates and displays energized wires within walls, floors and ceilings on a high-resolution 3.5-inch color display. While the tip sensor provides an audible tone when locating wires, Smart Sensor helps visualize and pinpoint the orientation of energized wires, eliminating guesswork.

Both wire tracers are available in kits that conveniently come with everything required to start tracing wires and circuits. The accessory kits include test leads, test probes, blade and round outlet adapters and alligator clips to connect the transmitter to electrical systems.

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