Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Establish a Quality Motor Reliability Program
Beginning with the acceptance of a new or refurbished motor to the end of motor life, the MCEMAX® is your partner in eliminating costly motor repairs, wasted time, and establishing a quality motor reliability program.
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Electrical Slip Rings Offer Flexibility and Design Solutions
Deublin Company manufactures a complete line of electrical slip ring systems, optimized with special material configurations that are tested and proven for hundreds of millions of cycles. Slip rings feature flexible engineering to support unique requirements and allow for easy replacement of existing slip ring brands by the end user.
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Compressed Air Systems
Kaeser’s custom engineered compressed air systems are built to specification for challenging installation environments. Available as skids or custom enclosures, these complete systems eliminate space, weather, and accessibility constraints and greatly reduce construction and installation time.
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New Products for Engineers Database
Looking for new products? Look no further! CFE Media’s New Products for Engineers Database is a platform that provides an opportunity for engineering and technical professionals to access the latest NEW product information for the manufacturing, commercial construction, and industrial automation industries.
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Expandable and Modular
Not every target is small enough or close enough to image with a standard 24° lens. That’s why FLIR designed the new Exx-Series with interchangeable 24°, 42°, and 14° lenses.
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