Wednesday February 27, 2013

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Do you have a thirst for steam system knowledge?
Steam plants can now gain the expertise to satisfy their need for energy efficiency, better plant productivity, and increase savings to the bottom-line with Spirax Sarco’s digital magazine Steam News.
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The Best Solution for flowmeter is finally here. The VLM10 Inline Vortex Mass Flowmeter, all you need wrapped into one solution
This flowmeter combines an inline vortex meter, a built in flow computer and an integral temperature sensor giving users an elegant all in one solution for their metering needs in sizes 1" to 12". This instrument measures mass, volumetric, and energy flow measurement on steam, liquid and gas applications in one instrument.
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Serving up Safety and Savings at Foothills Brewing
Foothills Brewing located in Winston-Salem, N.C learned that operating procedures of draining condensate onto the floor wasted energy and created a safety hazard. Read this success story to learn how this company developed a design for a sound condensate return system.
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Endless Hot Water - At the Temperature You Need It, When You Need It
Spirax Sarco’s RediHeat instantaneous water heater is designed with a unique feed-forward temperature control system to instantly produce hot water within +/-4°F of the set temperature under widely varying demands.
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Expert training will improve your steam system
Investing in training to stay abreast of the latest techniques and requirements is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve a steam system’s performance. As the USA leader in steam system training, our schedule is designed to meet your needs, covering all aspects of the design, operation and maintenance of steam systems.
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