Bruce Wesner, senior director of engineering services at PGT, said there are two keys to a successful implementation of CMMS. “You have to have executive support to make it important, and partnerships within the organization to make it move.” Courtesy: PGT Custom Windows and Doors
Wireless May 14, 2019

The human factor in change management

Earn trust and show the benefits in building a case for CMMS.

By Kevin Clark, CMRP
Analytics together with connectivity allow for smarter IoT-enabled factories and products, which is vital for the fourth Industrial Revolution and for future changes in manufacturing. Courtesy: CFE Media, IoTCo
Wireless May 8, 2019

IIoT series, Part 1: Five ways to use cloud and IIoT to improve productivity: Your questions answered

Webcast presenters Alan Griffiths and Mohamed (Mo) Abuali, Ph.D. answered additional questions about topics such as augmented reality, 5G technology, and predictive analytics.

By Alan Griffiths, Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
Utilities and other organizations need to revise and update cybersecurity policies, procedures and how they perform vulnerability assessments to include the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Courtesy: MG Strategy+
Wireless May 8, 2019

Utility sector strengthens security posture with rise of IIoT

Cybersecurity: Improving evaluation and certification methods, security audits, and testing provide a foundation for evaluating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.

By Anil Gosine
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) and SAP CEO Bill McDermott discuss an expanded collaboration between the two companies around enterprise resource management. Image courtesy: SAP
Wireless May 7, 2019

Apple, SAP to expand enterprise partnership

CEOs Tim Cook, Bill McDermott discuss move to Mac functionality, data security.

By Bob Vavra
Wireless May 4, 2019

Tales from the engineering department

Forgotten documents conceal ancient wisdom of lasting value.

By Kevin Parker
Figure 1: Two variants of mesh technology. Courtesy: Behr Technologies
Wireless April 30, 2019

Wireless low-power IIoT sensor networks differentiated

Mesh networks and low-power WANs are for different IIoT use cases and installation settings.

By Albert Behr
Companies reliant on DCS technology realize migration is difficult and the process delicate, but it's worth it because the costs of losing control of a process is much higher. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Wireless April 29, 2019

Some best practices recommended for DCS migration

A proven process control solution enters the 21st century.

By Jake Henn
Figure 1: Intelligent and accurate tracking of connected parts and products at every stage across a supplier network and production process enables truly “just in time” manufacturing. Image courtesy: HERE Technologies
Wireless April 28, 2019

Five ways location intelligence improves IIoT operations

Digital representations of factories and industrial spaces lead to opportunities.

By Charity Rumery
Figure 1: Process manufacturing plants have PRVs as part of any sealed system where pressure can develop. Large facilities can have hundreds. Courtesy: Emerson
Wireless April 26, 2019

Should assets be monitored in-house or in the cloud?

Wireless sensors and specialized software deliver options for improved effectiveness.

By Brian Joe
Courtesy: CFE Media
Wireless April 25, 2019

Protecting the production line in the Industrie 4.0, IIoT age

Manufacturers are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 to make factories smarter, but they can't lose sight of basic cybersecurity best practices.

By Anne Klebsch