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Sensors, Vision July 22, 2022

Machine vision, automation streamline logistics and warehousing operations

Machine vision and automation advancements are improving logistics and warehousing operations by taking advantage of developments with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), deep learning and more.

By John Lewis
Sensors, Vision October 6, 2021

Machine vibration analysis benefits for manufacturers

Vibration analysis allows early detection of wear, fatigue and failure in rotating machinery because vibration occurs in all rotational assets, but generally highlights an issue discovered by higher readings and particular frequencies.

By Jason Tweedy
Sensors, Vision June 22, 2021

Industry standard size 25 encoder reference website, push-button programmable encoders

An encoder part number reference website,, deciphers more than 200,000 size-25 encoder combinations, gives descriptions and replacement options with next-day delivery for orders placed by 6 p.m. CST; 10 two-button-programmable encoders are said to cover all combinations.

By Mark T. Hoske
Sensors, Vision April 21, 2021

Graphene-based biosensors used to develop mass COVID-19 tests

Graphene-based biosensors are being used to develop better, cheaper, quicker, more accessible testing for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

By Mike Krapfl
Sensors, Vision April 4, 2021

How 3D LIDAR scanning adds value for industrial, manufacturing clients

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) scanning offers critical benefits to clients and engineers and makes projects more efficient and minimizes conflicts.

By James Meadows
Sensors, Vision November 18, 2020

Stretchable sensor gives robots and VR a human touch

A fiber-optic sensor that combines low-cost LEDs and dyes has been created by Cornell researchers, which results in a stretchable “skin” that detects deformations such as pressure, bending and strain.

By David Nutt
Sensors, Vision October 29, 2020

Digital twin start-up offers guidance to manufacturers

Albert Kao, CEO and co-founder of the company, offered some background about his company, i-5O, and their work with digital twins powered by computer vision systems.

By CFE Media
Sensors, Vision October 16, 2020

How hollow-shaft encoders break the multi-turn barrier

Adding multi-turn measurement capabilities to hollow-shaft encoders used to be challenging, but adding a Wiegand wire system makes it easier and expands usable applications, including robotics.

By Christian Fell
Sensors, Vision July 21, 2020

Researchers receive grant to develop rapid sensor technology for cattle disease

Purdue University researchers are developing technology to reduce diagnosis time of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) to around 30 minutes, which could help reduce the costs of the disease to the agricultural industry.

By Brian Wallheimer
Sensors, Vision July 7, 2020

Wireless sensors for N95 masks could enable more accurate decontamination

University of Michigan researchers are developing tiny wireless sensors for recycled N95 masks could verify, in real time, whether the respirators are being exposed to proper decontamination conditions

By Zach Champion
Sensors, Vision June 21, 2020

Wearable COVID-19 sensor receives research grant

A Northwestern research team received a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue developing a novel wearable device and set of algorithms specifically tailored to catch early signs and monitor progression of COVID-19.

By Amanda Morris
Sensors, Vision April 9, 2020

Improve plant uptime with advanced sensing systems

What every plant manager must know about today’s sensing systems

By Westin Siemsglusz
Sensors, Vision January 5, 2020

Embedded 3-D machine vision enhances automotive production

3-D machine vision can be used for a wide range of automotive manufacturing applications where fast and accurate object detection is needed.

Sensors, Vision October 29, 2019

Improve the supply chain with drone-based image recognition

Warehouses are turning to drone-based image recognition to improve supply chain efficiencies.

Sensors, Vision June 7, 2019

Company uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to enhance 3-D printing

Inkbit, a startup out of MIT, is working to bring 3-D printing benefits to a slew of products that have never been printed before by pairing its multimaterial inkjet 3-D printer with machine vision and machine learning systems.

By Zach Winn
Sensors, Vision March 26, 2019

Energy monitor can find electrical failures before they happen

MIT researchers have developed a sensor that can monitor wiring in a building or ship, and signal when repairs are needed.

By David L. Chandler
Sensors, Vision December 5, 2018

Sensor communication, lighting improves loading dock safety

Sensor-based communication and LED integration are two of the ways companies are making loading docks safer for workers.

By Chad Dillavou
Sensors, Vision November 26, 2018

Solution developed to connect sensors to existing infrastructure

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced that group members developed to connect sensors to an IT system using existing infrastructure without affecting real-time operations for brownfield facilities.

By Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
Sensors, Vision November 2, 2018

ABCs of DAQs

From datalogging to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), plant processes and maintenance functions frequently require collecting, analyzing, trending, and archiving data from multiple sources. One application is collecting temperature data to find hot spots on a boiler. Another is collecting flow and pressure to troubleshoot flow valves in the field.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision November 2, 2018

Ethernet camera

The TM-1405GE offers a high resolution, 1.4 megapixel CCD camera. The interline transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution with shutter speeds up to 1/16,000 sec. Asynchronous reset, combined with a no-delay, pulse-width controlled shutter, provides flexible triggering and exposure control necessary for machine vision applications.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 2, 2018

Suggestions Solutions

A steamy CDSolution Source for Steam, Air, and Water Systems provides relevant information on hundreds of related products in nine sections. The free CD devotes more than 20% of its space to engineering guidelines for steam conservation, condensate recovery, and draining liquids from compressed air and other gases.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 12, 2018

Testing steam trap stations by temperature

The relationship between steam pressure and temperature makes temperature measurement extremely helpful in understanding many different operating conditions of steam components in the steam and condensate system.

By Kelly Paffel, Inveno Engineering, LLC
Sensors, Vision October 10, 2017

Wireless tank level monitoring: Three key advantages

Properly monitoring and managing levels inside storage tanks can help owners and asset managers improve efficiencies and increase productivity and profitability. In this article, Fritz Cleveland shares three key advantages to wireless monitoring.

By Fritz Cleveland, Banner Engineering
Sensors, Vision June 7, 2017

Process gas chromatograph

The PGC5009 fast process gas chromatograph offers simulated distillation analysis for optimized refinery process control.

Sensors, Vision February 16, 2017

Digital pressure sensors

The EPS ProSense line of digital pressure sensors are designed for industrial pressure measurement and indication in both gas and liquid applications.

By AutomationDirect
Sensors, Vision February 14, 2017

High-resolution line scan cameras

Intelligent functions and the higher resolution integrated into 3DPIXA HR cameras enable inspection in challenging 3D applications.

By Chromasens
Sensors, Vision February 3, 2017

Mobile safety strategy: Six things to consider

Combine smart devices with flexible technology to provide real-time alerts.

By Jason Dea and Gary Edwards, Intelex Technologies
Sensors, Vision January 31, 2017

Improving power factor to reduce energy demand charges, increase capacity

Low power is not only inefficient, but can also be expensive over the life of an electrical system. Improved power factor will increase the distribution system’s efficiency and reduce energy costs associated with low power factor penalties.

By Tommy Northcott, Northcott Consulting
Sensors, Vision January 25, 2017

Smart flow instruments

The Promass Coriolis flowmeters are designed for measuring flows up to 100,000-tons per day. The Promag flowmeters are designed for volume flows up to 634-milion gallons per day.

By Endress+Hauser
Sensors, Vision January 20, 2017

CSIA Executive Conference hits Ft. Lauderdale, May 2-5

Conference to focus on best practices and transformative business models.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Sensors, Vision January 16, 2017

Five ideas to start on the path to energy efficiency

If the goal is to save money on energy at an industrial facility, taking proper care of the equipment is crucial. Consider the five areas highlighted below as a place to start.

By David Manney, L&S Electric
Sensors, Vision January 13, 2017

Direct drive panel fan

The direct drive APW Panel Fans are designed to provide aerodynamically efficient performance with little or no maintenance and an adjustable pitch impeller for precise performance matching.

Sensors, Vision January 11, 2017

How to integrate regular cleaning into a facility’s processing

Cleaning can fall lower on a priority list because it adds no direct value to the product, but the cost of not taking proper precautions can be astronomical.

By Mike Murdaugh, Stellar
Sensors, Vision January 7, 2017

Analytical measurement sensor series

The DS80 Intelligent Sensor Series is designed to provide multi-parameter analytical measurement of pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, resistivity, and numerous specific ions.

By Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD)
Sensors, Vision January 5, 2017

10 tips to lower compressed air costs

Keep an ear out for leaks, but look at other factors as well.

By Deepak Vetal, Atlas Copco Compressors
Sensors, Vision January 3, 2017

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles: December 26-January 1: Control panel questions, Product of the Year Finalists, OSHA fines auto supplier, more

Articles about control panel questions, the 2016 Product of the Year Finalists, OSHA fining an auto supplier, using APC, and the 2016 Top Plant were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, December 26-January 1. Were you out? You can catch up here.

By Brana Webb
Sensors, Vision December 22, 2016

Petrochemical steam-heated storage tanks

A Houston area petrochemical blending facility was experiencing numerous operational and maintenance issues with their steam-heated oil and lubricant storage tanks.

By Brett Hollier, Oil & Gas and Chemicals, Spirax Sarco
Sensors, Vision December 22, 2016

IBM: Data management is driving the IIoT revolution

Better analysis and more collaboration needed to take full advantage of IIoT’s accelerated use.

By Jiani Zhang, IBM Watson Internet of Things
Sensors, Vision December 19, 2016

The science behind steam-assisted flares

Just as the process piping and controls for a flare need to be properly designed to handle the full range of product flow rates to the flare, the steam supplied to the flare needs equal consideration.

By Mike Mabry, Oil & Gas and Chemical, Spirax Sarco
Sensors, Vision December 16, 2016

The way forward

5 views on what’s next for manufacturing in 2017

By Larry Turner, Dave Reiber, Mark Watson, Lanny Floyd, Shon Isenhour
Sensors, Vision December 7, 2016

Power plant personnel: Best practices

The real dollar value of skilled operators.

By Brian Wodka, PE, CEM, LEED AP RMF, Engineering, Inc.
Sensors, Vision December 5, 2016

Tamper-proof safety transponder

The STR1 transponder safety switch is designed to use non-contact RFID technology to provide highly-reliable and tamper-proof personnel protection.

Sensors, Vision December 5, 2016

Digitizers for wideband applications

The M4x.22xx series digitizers are designed for automated testing applications where wideband electronic signals need to be acquired and analyzed.

By Spectrum
Sensors, Vision December 5, 2016

Single-stage flowmeter regulators

The 20 Series Single-Stage Flowmeter Regulators are designed to provide efficient and accurate regulation along with high argon flow capacity.

By Miller
Sensors, Vision December 5, 2016

Order picker with high-lift mast

The Crown MPC 3000 Series order picker is designed to combine the versatility of a counterbalance forklift and a pallet truck

By Crown Equipment Corporation
Sensors, Vision November 29, 2016

Multi-tasking machine for part processing

The QTU-200MY Turning Center is a multi-tasking machine that is designed for part processing.

By Mazak Corporation
Sensors, Vision November 10, 2016

2016 Product of the Year Finalists

View the 114 Finalists across 15 categories; cast your vote for the 2016 Product of the Year

By Plant Engineering
Sensors, Vision November 8, 2016

Four-electrode sensor for hygienic operations

Memosens four-electrode sensor measures conductivity and temperature in pharmaceutical, food and life sciences applications requiring hygienic operation.

By Endress+Hauser
Sensors, Vision July 29, 2016

Magnetic proximity sensors

AutomationDirect expands magnetic proximity sensor line.

By AutomationDirect
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2016

In hazardous areas, sensor safety rating is crucial

Appropriate selection is critical to proper position-sensing-system deployment.

By Matt Hankinson, MTS Sensors
Sensors, Vision September 25, 2015

Series of photoelectric sensors

The C12 Series of photoelectric sensors are ideal for manufacturing processes that utilize robotic assembly functionalities, circuit board printing, and small transport conveyors.

By Contrinex Inc.
Sensors, Vision August 23, 2015

Interlocking safety switches for machine guards

IDEM INCH and MK1 series of interlocking safety switches are designed to fit leading edge, hinged, or lift-off machine guards.

By AutomationDirect
Sensors, Vision July 8, 2015

Liquid vortex flow sensor line

The liquid vortex flow sensors feature optional temperature measurement capability and accuracy to 1% fs in liquid media up to 185 F.

By Clark Solutions
Sensors, Vision April 13, 2015

Broadband RF Amplifiers

These wideband amplifiers feature highly efficient GaAs PHEMT semiconductor technology with 50 Ohm hybrid MIC circuits that are enclosed in environmentally sealed metal packages with nickel or gold plating.

By Fairview Microwave Inc.
Sensors, Vision December 16, 2014

Tax extenders legislation is key to keeping U.S. manufacturing strong

The U.S. Senate has passed a $42 billion package of tax incentives on a vote of 76-16. The bill extends dozens of lapsed breaks for the year 2014, bet sets them to expire in 2015. The bill now awaits President Barack Obama’s signature.

Sensors, Vision December 4, 2014

Photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric sensor detects up to 200,000 packages per hour. It can be used for controlling packaging, triggering downstream processes, and ensuring package quality.

Sensors, Vision July 11, 2014

Set industrial damper torque based on operating conditions

Oversized actuators can add unnecessary costs to the damper if improperly sized

By Bill Lampkin, Greenheck
Sensors, Vision May 9, 2014

Ultrasonic sensors with shorter bodies

AutomationDirect’s UK6 18mm ultrasonic sensors are now available with shorter bodies.

Sensors, Vision March 19, 2014

Tackling manufacturing’s global issues

Output can grow worldwide in 2014 with an integrated approach

Sensors, Vision January 7, 2014

Solenoid pipeline valve pneumatics

The NITRA line of pneumatics are two-position, normally-closed, and are fitted with DIN-style wire connectors

Sensors, Vision June 18, 2013

Reference pressure gauges

The 2700G Series pressure gauge series offer precision pressure measurement with full-scale ranges of up to 10,000 psi

Sensors, Vision May 16, 2013

Multimeters for DC, temperature readings

The MM5000 and MM6000 are True RMS professional meters that provide more accurate DC readings as well as temperature and frequency settings for HVAC use

Sensors, Vision February 20, 2013

Temperature compensating refractometer

The HydroFlow Automatic Temperature Compensating Refractometer is portable and can be used for most metalworking operations including cutting and grinding fluids.

Sensors, Vision February 20, 2013

Proximity sensor

The W27 Multipac photoelectric proximity sensor uses two receiver arrays to ensure continuous detection and has a sensor range of up to 500 mm.

Sensors, Vision January 3, 2013

Miniature length sensors

ZMD miniature length sensor series features spring-loaded torsion that allows it to be mounted in almost any orientation and can operate at any surface at speeds up to 3000 ft per min.

Sensors, Vision December 28, 2012

Smarter technology for pH sensors reduce maintenance costs, downtime

Latest development communciate health and status of sensors to maintenance

By Linda Meyers, Rosemount Analytical
Sensors, Vision July 11, 2012

New report forecasts slower growth for machine vision

The world market for machine vision was worth nearly $2.9 billion in 2011. According to the just published world machine vision report, revenues grew more than 10% in 2011.

By John Morse, Senior Analyst, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sensors, Vision June 1, 2012

Littelfuse acquires Sweden-based ACCEL

Deal expands company’s position in automotive sensor market

By Littelfuse, Inc.
Sensors, Vision May 29, 2012

Change in Asian attitudes to process safety systems

There is a well-known phrase, ‘If you think safety is expensive, try an accident!’

By Kiran Patel, Analyst, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Sensors, Vision April 28, 2012

Go below the surface to monitor motor temperature

Using a digital infrared thermometer to check motor bearing temperature can help monitor winding temperature.

By Thomas H. Bishop, PE, Electrical Apparatus Service Assn.
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2011

Sensors with Ethernet/IP output

Temposonics R-series sensors

By MTS Sensors
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2011

2011 POY Finalists: Fluid Handling

Finalists in Fluid Handling in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Amanda McLeman, Plant Engineering
Sensors, Vision June 20, 2011

Cover Story: What is your relay telling you?

Troubleshoot your motors by understanding your relays.

By Mark Pollock, Littelfuse Startco
Sensors, Vision May 4, 2011

Level transmitter

Levelflex FMP55 multiparameter level transmitter can measure both the overall level of a liquid and the interface between two liquids.

Sensors, Vision May 4, 2011

Pressure transmitters

M1500 Digital Pressure Transmitters are ideal for pressure measurement needs from 10" H20 to 3000 PSI Full Scale.

Sensors, Vision May 4, 2011

Pressure transmitter

S-10 pressure transmitter precision engineered to fit most industrial pressure measurement applications

Sensors, Vision April 7, 2011

Motor drive upgrades boost industrial plant performance

Today’s motor drive technologies offer virtually limitless design possibilities. Motion control offers a means to an end for OEM plant managers, integrators, and design engineers engaged in demanding automation and production lines.

By Tom Robbins, Lenze
Sensors, Vision March 7, 2011

Inductive DC proximity sensors

AutomationDirect adds PEW series of stainless steel DC proximity sensors to their line of inductive DC proximity sensors

By SOURCE: AutomationDirect
Sensors, Vision February 10, 2011

Strobe controller series

Framos and Smartek deliver a high-end LED illumination controllers, features high power pulses up to 8A and 200V per channel

Sensors, Vision February 10, 2011

Flow meters for water applications

Parker Fluid Control Division add vortex shedding flow meters for water to product selections

Sensors, Vision February 8, 2011

Parker air pressure regulators boost reliability in rail applications

Electro-pneumatic air pressure regulators offer performance at temperatures down to -40°C, meets latest European railway standards

Sensors, Vision February 7, 2011

Ultrasonic clamp-on flow and energy meter

Ultrasonic Flow meter clamps outside of pipes, reducing tool fatigue, installation time, material costs.

Sensors, Vision January 27, 2011

Web-based product selector

United Electric Controls' new web-based Product Selector uses a set of simple questions to customize a list of solutions to match application requirements.

Sensors, Vision January 12, 2011

Ultrasonic level transmitter offers low cost, reliable measurements

Krohne produces Optisound VU30, an ultrasonic level transmitter which boasts low costs, accurate measurements, compact size

Sensors, Vision January 3, 2011

2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award winners

2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners are to be honored in Las Vegas

Sensors, Vision January 2, 2011

WIB security standard released

An international standard that outlines a set of specific requirements focusing on cyber security best practices for suppliers of industrial automation and control systems is out and ready to go.

Sensors, Vision December 7, 2010

Hot water circulator wins 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award

IIT Bell and Gosset has captured top honors in inaugural Plumbing Category

Sensors, Vision July 28, 2010

What’s next for industrial Ethernet?

Plant Engineering spoke with Brian Oulton, an ODVA contributor and participant on behalf of Rockwell Automation, a principal member of ODVA to learn how Ethernet and EtherNet/IP are contributing to networking success on the plant floor.

Sensors, Vision April 1, 2010

Remote data manager

The Sitrans RD500 remote data manager integrates Web access, alarm event handling and data capture into a single device. It is designed to manage and monitor process instruments including flow, level, pressure, temperature and weighing, and accepts voltage, digital, temperature and Modbus inputs. It features multiple data transfer options, and remote monitoring, alarming and data logging functi...

Sensors, Vision March 1, 2010

Magnetic encoders

The Sendix M3658 shaft and M3678 magnetic single-turn absolute hollow shaft encoders incorporate Sensor Protect and Safety-Lockplus technologies to withstand harsh environmental conditions common in CANopen and SAE J1939 applications. The encoders provide a resolution of up to 14 bits and a non-contact, wear-resistant measuring system.

Sensors, Vision March 1, 2010

Using weighing systems to optimize batch accuracy

One of the key components of any batching operation is consistency, and weighing plays a pivotal role in ensuring consistent product development, as well as accurate customer billing and inventory records. Electronic weight sensors paired with a multifaceted indicator can help manufacturers improve batch accuracy through weight-based process control, as well as track ingredient use, maintain co...

By Mark Hudzinski, Avery Weigh-Tronix
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2010

Process control, asset management integration

Plant Asset Management uses a combination of software, smart instrumentation and fieldbus communications to continuously monitor critical plant assets, reducing the risk of failures while increasing equipment availability. Designed to integrate into the PCS 7 process control system, the software suite requires minimal engineering and configuration efforts.

Sensors, Vision November 1, 2009

Air velocity, temperature transmitter

The FMA1000 series industrial air velocity and temperature transmitter/indicator measures and displays air velocity and temperature of air flows in ducts and pipes. The instrument features a backlit LCD with multiple engineering units, two analog outputs, high- and low-velocity voltage alarm outputs, USB serial interface and Windows-based PC interface software.

Sensors, Vision October 1, 2009

Temperature sensor

The PT-104 is a 4-channel, temperature data acquisition module for use with Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD sensors, measuring temperature, resistance and voltage. No power supply is required. The CE-compliant unit uses RS-232 or USB interface. Windows software is included for basic data acquisition and display.

Sensors, Vision October 1, 2009

Air velocity, temp transmitter

The VTT Hot-wire series air velocity/temperature transmitter is designed for HVAC applications, providing sensing for air velocity and temperature, eliminating the need to supply two separate components. It features field-selectable velocity and temperature ranges in English or metric units with maximums up to 6,000 FPM and 212 F.

Sensors, Vision October 1, 2009

Vision sensors

Additions to the Checker family of vision sensors include the Checker 3G7 and the Checker 272. The Checker 3G7 features 752 x 480 pixel resolution and high intensity white LED illumination for optimum image contrast. It can be configured as either a presence or measurement sensor, and can detect and inspect up to 800 parts per minute.

Sensors, Vision September 28, 2009

Pressure, strain measurement handbook available

The "Pressure, Strain and Force Handbook" contains more than 1,200 pages of products for the measurement, display and control of pressure, differential pressure, barometric pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum.

Sensors, Vision September 1, 2009

Vision sensor

The Sharpshooter vision-based sensor has increased functionality and advanced vision sensing capability at a lower price than traditional vision sensors. It adds 360-degree part rotation recognition, which allows infinite part position recognition. All configured inspections are also compensated for the parts rotation, minimizing the need to tightly fixture parts, while reducing setup costs.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2009

Training next-generation ethanol plant operators

National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) graduates can pick and choose their jobs at ethanol bio-refineries from coast to coast, according to NCERC director John Caupert. People from all walks of life – from GEDs to PhDs – come to the center each year for best-in-class, cutting edge technology training.

By Don Mack, Siemens Energy & Automation, Process Automation Systems
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2009

Many industries benefit from wireless technology

Tangible benefits of using wireless technology include cost reduction, more reliable control/processing systems and improved worker productivity. Wireless technologies may be used to build a plant-wide wireless network connecting mobile workers to the production and/or business network. Maintenance workers can now access important data (such as a PLC program or recipe) while observing a malfunc...

By Jim Ralston, ProSoft Technology
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2009

Getting a feel for robotics capabilities

Robots have improved productivity in manufacturing for decades. While motion control concepts have not changed significantly, applications have. Even the use of vision to assist robots and other motion control solutions such as pick-and-place and automated inspection has been around for a while. Recent innovations allow robots to experience touch and control applied force.

By Jack Smith, Editor
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2009

Special treatment

The residents of Orlando and nearby Florida communities are more likely to see lightning strike than to have their toilets run dry. Extensive high-tech upgrades at Orlando's three advanced wastewater treatment plants process more sewage and gray water more effectively and reliably than ever before. As growth continues to put more demand on Florida's fresh water supplies, more communities in and...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2009

Orion Energy Systems wins Product of the Year Grand Award

Energy and productivity lead the way at Manufacturing Summit awards event

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2009

Stepper drives

The STM fuses stepper motor, drive and controller technologies into a single device. The “S” models offer control options such as step and direction, analog input, joystick control and serial host commands, while the “Q” models add the capability of stand-alone programmable operation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2009

Making sense of inductive proximity sensing

Across applications, inductive proximity sensors improve production quality with fast, long lasting and reliable operation

By Tony Udelhoven, TURCK
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2009

Sealed limit switches

Models MP730 through MP760 sealed limit switches have the ability to connect through an M12 connector, which maintains the switch’s IP67 protection. The connector can be mounted on either the side or the bottom. The switches are supplied with a large variety of actuator options, and conform to IEC 947-5-1 and EN 60 947-5-1.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 23, 2009

Inductive proximity sensor

This inductive proximity sensor increases production availability and cuts down the frequency of replacement under long-term washdown conditions. The heat-, detergent- and corrosion-resistant sensors come in a food-grade 316L housing.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 10, 2009

Dual output pressure, temperature transducers

These transducers combine both pressure sensor and temperature sensor in one compact package for measuring dynamic and static pressures and temperatures.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2009

Vortex flowmeter

The Sitrans FX300 vortex flowmeter series is equipped with a temperature sensor and an optional pressure sensor, enabling the instrument to measure the temperature, pressure and flow of steam, gases and liquids.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2009

Shock data logger

The OM-CP-TSR101 three-axis shock data logger measures and records instantaneous shock levels. Unit downloads at 115,200 baud. Features include built-in accelerometers and programmable start time. Omega Engineering

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 30, 2009

Pressure sensor catalog

A new catalog details pressure sensor products for use in hazardous locations.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 9, 2009

Gas temperature probe

The EGT diesel exhaust gas temperature sensor features an enclosed, foul-proof probe tip.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 9, 2009

Load cell controller

The Model IPE50's compact design, with its DIN-rail mounting and 24-Vdc operation capabilities, can accept up to four load cell inputs, eliminating the load cell summing card.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 16, 2008

Sensors brochure

A fully illustrated brochure reviews a variety of new water and wastewater sensor technologies.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2008

Torque sensor

The 4503A series torque sensor has two separately calibrated test ranges to simplify rotary device testing allowing a single instrument to sense specimen operating ranges and additionally sense the torque peaks above nameplate levels encountered in typical test sequences.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2008

Force, torque sensor system

The Network Force/Torque (Net F/T) sensor system measures six components of force and torque (Fx, Fy, Fz, Tx, Ty and Tz); provides an EtherNet/IP and CAN bus communication interface; and is compatible with standard Ethernet.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2008

Low-profile floor scale

The RoughDeck low-profile floor scale for scrap weighing applications can be equipped with an indicator that calculates weight and payout.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 25, 2008

Wireless module for sound and vibration applications

This wireless dynamic signal acquisition module allows engineers and scientists to stream vibration data wirelessly over Wi-Fi to distributed monitoring systems, while eliminating the cost and clutter of cabling.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2008

Addition to vision sensor family

The Checker 252 model has been added to the Checker vision sensor product line. The 252 includes the inspection capabilities of the Checker vision sensor family, plus additional software sensors that verify height, width and diameter and deliver reliable pass/fail results on high-speed production lines.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2008

Index of Finalists

Company Product Category Page A.W. Chesterton Sealing technology Fluid Handling 58 Adobe Systems Inc. CAD, PDF file sharing software Productivity & Training Software 53 APC by Schneider Electric Scalable UPS Electrical Power 40 Apprion Wireless infrastructure management Automation & Control 45 Atlas Copco Oil-injected compressors Compressed Air 57 Baldor Mounted roller bearing Power Transmission 60 Bentley Electrical CAD software Productivity & Training Software 53 Bessamaire Evaporative cooler HVAC 55 Big Ass Fans Fan HVAC 55 BizWare Direct Inc. ERP, MES software package Productivity & Training Software 52 Bosch Rexroth Corp. Production system Manual Material Handling 63 Cognex Compact machine vision system Automation & Control 44 Compare Variable-speed air compressor Compressed Air 57 Cooper Lighting Luminaire Lighting 59 Cutsforth, Inc. Generator brush holder system Electrical Power 40 DL Manufacturing Dock light Lighting 59 DL Manufacturing Under-leveler insulation kit Construction, Buildings & Grounds 56 DLI Engineering Remote condition monitoring system Maintenance Software 52 Donaldson Tori Torit PowerCore dust collectors and filters Environment, Safety & Health 54 Dyadem Quality, risk management software Productivity & Training Software 53 Eaton Managed, switched power distribution Electrical Power 41 Eaton Single-phase UPS Electrical Power 41 Eaton LV power circuit breakers Electrical Power 42 Eaton Automatic transfer switch family Electrical Power 42 Eaton Panelboards for busway connections Electrical Power 40 Eaton Panelboard with neutral grouping Electrical Power 42 Eaton Solid-state overload relay Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 47 Electro Industries/Gauge Tech Power, energy meter with I/O Electrical Power 42 Emerson Industrial Automation Roller bearing Power Transmission 60 Emerson Motor Company Horizontal motor for oil, gas Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 46 Emerson Process Mgmt, Micro Motion Div. Two-wire Coriolis flowmeter Instrumentation 47 E-MON, LLC Wireless three-phase kWh meter Electrical Power 41 Equipois Inc. zeroG4 Environment, Safety & Health 54 ERIEZ FinesSort Material Handling Systems 61 Exair Corp. Compressed air nozzle Compressed Air 57 Extech Instruments Corp., div. of Flir Corp. Compact thermal imaging camera Maintenance Tools & Equipment 48 Farr Air Pollution Control FDC Dust Collector Controller Environment, Safety & Health 54 Ferraz Shawmut Fuse-type panelboard Electrical Power 40 FLIR Systems, Inc. Infrared cameras Maintenance Tools & Equipment 48 FLIR Systems, Inc. Infrared camera Maintenance Tools & Equipment 49 FLIR Systems, Inc. Infrared camera Maintenance Tools & Equipment 49 FLIR Systems, Inc. Infrared camera Maintenance Tools & Equipment 50 FLIR Systems, Inc. Infrared camera Maintenance Tools & Equipment 50 Fluke Corp. Thermal imagers Maintenance Tools & Equipment 48 Gardner Denver HeliFlow Industrial Series 616 and 624 Material Handling Systems 62 Garlock Sealing Technologies, Klozure div. Bearing isolator Maintenance Products 51 Gates Corp. Coupling Fluid Handling 58 Gates Corp. Hydraulic hose sleeving system Fluid Handling 59 GE Consumer & Industrial Low-voltage power circuit breaker Electrical Power 40 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms HMI/SCADA visualization software Automation & Control 44 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Maintenance software Maintenance Software 51 Goodway Technologies, Corp. Foam cleaner for cooling towers Maintenance Tools & Equipment 49 Gorbel Inc. Jib crane Manual Material Handling 63 Harrington Hoists, Inc. NER/ER Electric Chain Hoists Material Handling Systems 61 Hawk Measurement Sonar level measurement system Instrumentation 47 Hilti Inc. Hilti VC20-U + VC 40-U vacuums Environment, Safety & Health 55 Hitachi Large capacity ac drive Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 46 Honeywell Process Solutions Inventory tracking and tracing software Productivity & Training Software 53 Infor Asset sustainability software Maintenance Software 51 Inpro/Seal Shaft sealing system Maintenance Products 50 IRISS Inc Infrared inspection window Maintenance Products 50 IRISS Inc. Inspection viewing window Maintenance Products 51 ITT Corp. Knife gate slurry valve Fluid Handling 59 ITT Corp. ANSI process pump Fluid Handling 58 JLG Industries Inc. Portable lift Manual Material Handling 62 Lenze-AC Tech Servo drive with embedded software Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 47 Life Cycle Engineering Leadership skills training Productivity & Training Software 53 Liftow Lock-out Box Environment, Safety & Health 55 Liftow Forklift level indicator Manual Material Handling 62 Liftow Lift Truck Log Environment, Safety & Health 61 Ludeca, Inc. Vibration analyzer Maintenance Tools & Equipment 49 Miller Fall Protection Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter Environment, Safety & Health 54 Misumi USA, Inc. Axis stages Manual Material Handling 62 Molex, Inc., Automation and Electrical Products Div. DeviceNet diagnostic monitor Automation & Control 43 Molex, Inc., Automation and Electrical Products Div. IP67-rated EtherNet/IP I/O block Automation & Control 45 Molex, Inc., Automation and Electrical Products Div. Ethernet/serial communication modules Automation & Control 46 Molex, Inc., Automation and Electrical Products Div. Remote scanner for DeviceNet Automation & Control 45 National Instruments Corp. Cameras for inspection, machine vision Automation & Control 43 National Instruments Corp. Enhanced design software Productivity & Training Software 52 Neptune Research Inc. Composite pipe-reinforcing wrap Maintenance Products 50 New Pig Corp. Containment pallet Fluid Handling 58 New Pig Corp. Drum lid Maintenance Tools & Equipment 48 New Pig Corp. Funnel Maintenance Tools & Equipment 50 New Pig Corp. Leak diverter Maintenance Products 51 New Pig Corp. FAT MAT Super-Absorbent Mat Environment, Safety & Health 54 New Pig Corp. Containment tray Manual Material Handling 62 New Pig Corp. PIG 5-Gallon Latching Pail Lid Material Handling Systems 60 New Standard Institute Belt, chain drive training Productivity & Training Software 52 Operation Technology Electrical analysis software Electrical Power 42 Orion Energy Systems Inc. Light Pipe Lighting 59 Parsec Automation Corp. Real-time productivity software Productivity & Training Software 53 ProSoft Technology Master, slave I/O for Profibus DP Automation & Control 43 Quick Fitting Inc. Ball valves Fluid Handling 59 Quick Fitting Inc. Push valves Fluid Handling 58 Ramsay Corp. Test for CNC operators Productivity & Training Software 52 Rite-Hite Corp. Barrier system Construction, Buildings & Grounds 56 Rockwell Automation Safety I/O module Automation & Control 43 Rockwell Automation Modular managed switch Automation & Control 44 Rockwell Automation PAC for SIL applications Automation & Control 45 Rockwell Automation Compact PAC for small applications Automation & Control 44 Rockwell Automation Asset management software Maintenance Software 52 Rytec Corp. Rolling grille door Construction, Buildings & Grounds 56 Schneider Electric Panelboard for lighting applications Electrical Power 41 Schneider Electric Remote monitoring power meter Electrical Power 41 Schneider Electric Low voltage MCC Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 46 Schneider Electric Motor management system Electric Motors, Drives & Controls 47 Schneider Electric Simplified pushbutton spring clamp Automation & Control 43 Schneider Electric Compact controller for harsh environments Automation & Control 44 Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. Arc-resistant LV switchgear Electrical Power 41 Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. Wireless mobile HMI Automation & Control 43 Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. SCADA visualization software Automation & Control 45 Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. Switch-mode power supply Automation & Control 44 Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. Distributed I/O module with Profinet Automation & Control 46 Sopogy, Inc. Solar concentrator Electrical Power 42 Sperian Protection VeriPRO Environment, Safety & Health 54 Spirax Sarco Inc. Steam separator Fluid Handling 58 Stealth Computer Corp. Widescreen industrial LCD monitor Automation & Control 45 Streamlight Inc. Rechargeable LED flashlights Maintenance Products 51 Sullair Corp. Rotary-screw air compressors Compressed Air 57 The Raymond Corp. Harsh environment pallet trucks Manual Material Handling 63 The Raymond Corp. iWarehouse Fleet Optimization System Material Handling Systems 61 Topper Industrial, Inc. TRANS4MER CART Material Handling Systems 60 Topper Industrial, Inc. Hydraulic Mother Cart Material Handling Systems 61 Topper Industrial, Inc. Engine Block Conveyor Cart Material Handling Systems 61 Topper Industrial, Inc. Corral Cart with Self-Elevating Dollies Material Handling Systems 62 TorcUP Inc. Pneumatic wrench Maintenance Tools & Equipment 49 Torque Gun Co.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2008

Instrumentation – 2008-11-01 – 2008-11-01

Two-wire Coriolis flowmeter The Micro Motion 2200S two-wire Coriolis meter measures liquid flow withnded mount. The transmitter delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART. Front-end digital processing reduces signal noise. Emerson Process Management, Micro Motion Div.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 21, 2008

Customized capacitive switch, prox sensing solutions

Capacitive switch and proximity sensing solutions can be used on appliances, home automation and ruggedized industrial applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 15, 2008

Electric chain hoist

The NER/ER three-phase electric chain hoist line ranges in capacities from 1/8 to 20 ton. UL listed, the hoists are available in standard single-speed and variable-frequency drive dual-speed models. The chain hoists feature low-headroom upper- and lower-limit switches, heavy-duty contactors, a nickel-plated load chain, count hour meters that record lowering starts and hoist on time and five- or...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 15, 2008

Mixing safety with productivity

One of the largest plastics processors in Mexico City streamlined material handling, improved process quality, created a safer work environment and made more efficient use of its workers by installing a bulk bag unloading system with pneumatic and flexible screw conveying.

By David Boger, The Flexicon Corporation
Sensors, Vision September 15, 2008

Fieldbus in focus: Understanding network similarities, differences

There is no one-size-fits-all fieldbus. Individual buses are optimized for different characteristics. Building automation has different requirements from networks designed to support manufacturing processes. Minimizing cost is a priority for building automation buses such as LONworks and BACnet, whereas networks for the manufacturing environment focus on robustness.

By Jack Smith, Managing Editor
Sensors, Vision September 15, 2008

Field test instruments

The CalMaster 2 suite of electromagnetic flowmeter test instruments comprises two stand-alone electronic test instruments.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 15, 2008

Achieving safety with hydraulics for hydroforming presses

Hydroforming processes have been established as efficient alternatives to conventional press forming for pressing – with the help of pressurized fluid – complex, single-component work pieces into shape. Correctly using a continuous forming process allows more finished product to be created from less raw material.

By Johannes Schunder, Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Sensors, Vision August 14, 2008



By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 12, 2008

Mass flowmeter for biofuel, methane capture

This flowmeter is designed to deal with the challenges of gas flow measurement barriers presented by the wet, dirty nature of biogas.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision July 15, 2008

Signal conditioner

The OM-19 load cell signal conditioner enables a weighing system to be controlled by a computer or PLC, eliminating the use of a digital display. Used in applications including strain-gage sensors such as load cells, torque or pressure sensors, the signal conditioner provides a voltage output of ±10 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc and current output of 4-20 mA.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 24, 2008

Pressure sensors – 2008-06-24 – 2008-06-24

The PT4300 sensor is a stainless steel pressure sensor for use in such processes as oil and gas, refrigeration, gas compression and test stands.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 18, 2008

Motors – 2008-06-18

Sinochron motors, rated at 0.25-10 kW, eliminate the need for an encoder in medium accuracy applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 15, 2008

Pressure switches, transmitters

ProSense pressure sensors monitor system pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, while vacuum sensors provide a readout of increases and decreases in vacuum systems.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 15, 2008


The CALOG-LC handheld precision calibrator tests four- and six-wire load cells by checking insulation breakdown and weighing for system calibrations and simulations.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 9, 2008

Fiber-optic rotary encoder for electromagnetic environments

This non-metallic fiber-optic rotary encoder operates in extreme electromagnetic fields in industrial process plants.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2008

Updated Cognex Website focuses on vision, quality

Cognex has relaunched its Website at The updated site allows visitors to see how manufacturers use vision to optimize product quality and drive down manufacturing costs.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2008

Proximity sensors – 2008-05-15

Linearized AlphaProx sensors detect metallic objects at ranges of up to 16 millimeters and detect changes in position, distance, thickness, weight or pressure.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision May 2, 2008

High-resolution output encoder

The ENA361M and ESA361M series of high-resolution analog output encoders provide 12-bit resolution.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 21, 2008

SCADAgroup acquires Adaptive Instruments

Australia’s SCADAgroup has acquired Adaptive Instruments, positioning Adaptive Instruments and the Accutech brand in new international markets.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 16, 2008

Gas analyzer

The Model 9000 RM is a single- or multi-component gas analyzer housed in a single 19-inch, rack-mountable unit that can be integrated into continuous emission monitor systems.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 15, 2008

Proximity sensors – 2008-04-15

The E57 inductive proximity sensors are three-wire devices that feature short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 15, 2008

Vision system

In-Sight Micro vision system features EasyBuilder configuration software and VisionView operator interface display.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 15, 2008

Manufacturing excellence

Quality manufacturing is the sum of its thousands of parts, both human and mechanical. The best of both were on display at the Plant Engineering Manufacturing Summit, March 31 and April 1, at the Hotel Sofitel in Chicago.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Sensors, Vision March 25, 2008

Analog output encoders

Hollow- and solid-shaft high resolution analog output encoders provide 12-bit resolution with a choice of analog output.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 14, 2008

Pressure sensors – 2008-03-14

PK pressure sensors provide switch point detection in air and inert gas applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision February 15, 2008

COX Instruments launches new turbine flowmeter Website

COX Instruments announced the launch its new Website, which offers expanded product and application information for its precision turbine flowmeters and related flow electronics. The new COX Website features easy navigation and quick access to product data bulletins, manuals, contact information and quote requests.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision February 15, 2008

Blending art with science to troubleshoot fluid power systems

One of the worst sounds in an industrial setting is a fluid power system with serious problems. Even worse is the eerie silence when everything shuts down due to a failure. When a fluid power system fails, the first impulse is to grab a tool kit and start tearing the system apart to find the problem.

By Tom Nash, Applied Industrial Technologies
Sensors, Vision February 15, 2008

Isolate the noise, not the signal

Isolators and signal converters are most often used on 4-20 mA loops, where a 24 Vdc power source provides power to a field instrument. The instrument returns a 4-20 mA signal that typically represents a measurement, such as flow, level, pressure, etc. Isolators can be introduced into the “loop” to solve simple problems such as ground loops or noise.

By Greg Feliks, Moore Industries
Sensors, Vision January 23, 2008

Rail-mount, two-wire temperature transmitters

Designed to be DIN-rail mounted the two-wire, loop-powered temperature transmitters need no additional power supply.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 23, 2008

Closed-loop robotic gripper

The intelligent closed-loop direct-drive smart gripper is designed to deliver precise gripping capabilities with a powerful programming interface, as well as easy integration with most commercially available robots.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 15, 2008

Ultrasonic level sensors

LPU-2428 loop-powered ultrasonic level sensors are microprocessor-controlled to internally perform volume, flow and totalization calculations. The IP65-rated sensors have a 1 to 25-foot detection range and are specifically designed for liquid flow-rate and volume measurement applications. Users can select flow rate units of per second, per minute, per hour or per day.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 18, 2007

Miniature M8 prox sensors with extended sensing range

Prox sensors provide compact housings with sensing distances that exceed ferrite core sensors, especially while sensing non-ferrous metals. The sensors feature stainless steel housing and weld field immunity for use in harsh duty environments, such as tool and die, welding and metal forming applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 15, 2007

Top Plant: Spirax Sarco: Ahead full steam

As with all stories of creation, in the beginning, there was confusion. Then there was light. The Spirax Sarco plant in Blythewood, SC implemented a team-based manufacturing program with a name acronym: LIFE, or Little Improvements From Everyone. They worked to get employees to execute on that program.

By Jack Smith, Managing Editor
Sensors, Vision November 28, 2007

Plug-and-play indicator for liquid-level sensors

The meter was developed as an indicator for storage tanks with the ability to interface via Modbus and display tank levels in multiple units.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 23, 2007

Multi-component sensor

Torque/thrust multi-component sensor simultaneously measures torque and thrust loads. They are also used to test elastomeric materials and components.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 16, 2007

Welding system power supply

Welding system power supply offers ease of use, portability and 200-A capability at a weight of less than 50 pounds. A high-resolution, 12.1-inch color industrial touch screen gives users a simple, intuitive pathway to enter weld programs.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 15, 2007

Cable tension device

Compatible with both automatic and manual door operation, the Cable Cop keeps the cable of loading dock doors on the drum. The unit’s cable pulley resides on a spring-tension pivot arm to keep the door cable taut. With automatic openers, the pivot arm senses slack in the door cable when the door is obstructed and triggers a limit switch to reverse the door’s direction of travel.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 14, 2007

Non-contact torque sensors

High-performance, non-contact sensors use infrared telemetry to measure rotational torque in dynamometer systems.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision November 2, 2007

Linear position sensor

The Positek E111 linear position sensor is designed for use in potentially explosive dust and gas/vapor atmospheres.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 15, 2007

PLC functionality provides application flexibility

Although the basic configuration of Programmable Logic Controllers has not changed much in three decades, the way they are constructed and programmed has evolved. Today’s PLC circuits are more robust and resistant to harsh industrial environments. Programming languages and methods enable PLCs to be used in applications that make them more than just commodities.

By Jack Smith, Managing Editor
Sensors, Vision October 15, 2007

Variable-frequency drive

The X5 UltraFlex ac drive provides up to 200 hp and is equipped with a real-time clock. It supports most communication protocols and has encoder feedback capabilities and a USB port. The drive also uses a 115-Vac control interface and NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosures through 100 hp and NEMA 12/IP55 for 125 hp and above.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 5, 2007

Intelligent mass flow meter

The FlexMASSter ST98 flow meter series meets Profibus-DP/-PA standards and includes Device Type Manager software for use in large-scale process and plant automation systems.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 30, 2007


The ST50 series flowmeter features ±1% accuracy configuration for line sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches. The flowmeters measure airflow from 1 to 125 SFPS, nitrogen from 1 to 150 SFPS and compressed air from 4 to 400 SFPS. The series includes wireless IR technology, dual analog outputs, 4-20 mA and 0-10 Vdc and an RS-232C I/O port.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision September 24, 2007

Flowmeter line

Flowmeter line includes electromagnetic, Coriolis, ultrasonic and vortex flowmeter types.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision September 14, 2007

Speakers sought for 2008 Sensors Expo and Conference

Topics for the conference range from sensor fundamentals to systems and embedded intelligence and wireless.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 7, 2007

Flow meter CD

A new CD details a variety of new flow-meter technologies and applications.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 5, 2007

Proximity sensors – 2007-09-05

Cube-style, two-wire, inductive proximity sensors are rated for 20-250 Vac/dc operation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 22, 2007

MTS becomes Encompass partner

MTS Systems is now a member of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Program for the Americas regions.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 15, 2007

Flow monitor

The digital FlowCom Register provides simultaneous flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for the Mc Propeller Series flow meter. The FlowCom Model FC100 features a two-line display that indicates flow rate and volumetric flow data. Up to 22 different output measurement units are user selectable.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 15, 2007

Flow meters

The VersaFlow high-performance flow meters line features electromagnetic, Coriolis, ultrasonic and vortex models. The ultrasonic version is designed for liquid applications and provides flow measurements independent of conductivity, viscosity, temperature, density and pressure. The the Coriolis model measures mass flow, density, volume flow, temperature, and mass or volume concentration.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 27, 2007

Temperature transmitters

The TX33 with loop-powered RTD input is an analog, non-isolated temperature transmitter with a two-wire head-mount that converts the RTD into a proportional, linear output current.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 25, 2007

Pressure sensors – 2007-07-25

The co.’s line of pressure sensors is now available with digital instrumentation.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 15, 2007

Linear encoders catalog

The “Exposed Linear Encoders” 50-page catalog gives an overview of encoder technologies, from the LIDA Series to the resolutions and accuracy of the LIP Series and other encoder technologies. The catalog outlines dimensional and electrical information, mounting tips and equipment to help obtain the optimal signal quality for machines.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 15, 2007

Flowmeter, temperature transmitters

The ROHS-compliant FV100 Series is made up of in-line flow meters that use the vortex shedding measuring principle. The devices have no moving parts, and LEDs display flow in either liters or gallons. The units can measure flow in either direction and can be used with nonviscous, clean or dirty, water-like liquids.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 5, 2007

Free catalog details exposed linear encoders

Applications for exposed linear encoders range from semiconductor based machines, linear motors and stages, medically oriented machines and metrology/measurement technology solutions.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 15, 2007

Position encoders

Position encoders with an EnDat 2.2 transmission component — an exclusive digital, bi-directional interface — are available to be a part of a safe drive. The modular systems can provide the benefits of serial data transfer such as optimization of costs, diagnostics, automatic commissioning and rapid formation of the position value in safety-related applications. The design allows systems to be designed with only one encoder per axis, provided that the encoder complies with requirements for reliability of the transmitted position value.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 15, 2007

Inspection sensors

The Checker 200 Series models offer built-in lighting, variable working distance and high-speed inspection capability at rates faster than 6,000 parts per minute. The sensors detect parts by finding an actual feature such as a product graphic. They also inspect multiple part features simultaneously and can overcome varying part positions on the line without requiring precise part handling.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 15, 2007

Digital load sensors

iLoad digital USB capacitive load sensors are designed to plug directly into the USB port of a PC.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 2007

Vision appliance

The VA3X vision appliance is housed in a compact, DIN-mountable enclosure and provides quick user setup, factory-friendly wiring and support for one or two cameras.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2007

Choose the proper regulator for high-purity applications

Regulators are available in a variety of types, designs and materials of construction and must be selected carefully. In any application with corrosive gases or liquids, or aggressive environmental conditions, consider a stainless steel regulator. Types of stainless steel regulators include pressure reducing, back pressure and vaporizing.

By Bill Menz, Swagelok Company
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2007

Level sensors

Modular ML sensors use lower-cost variations of its Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology. Housings come in a range of materials to accommodate a variety of fluids that are part of heavy production equipment, including hydraulic oil and cooling water. Current ML sensors are available with either stainless-steel or plastic housings, or as an embeddable core sensor.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 11, 2007

Magnetic flowmeters

The patented 8714i calibration verification diagnostic in the E-Series of magnetic flowmeters allows users to verify calibration without shutting down the process or requiring complicated external equipment. The flowmeters also provide a diagnostic for grounding and wiring fault detection, reducing the time and cost often associated with installation. All diagnostics in the Rosemount E-Series magnetic flowmeters can be accessed through a local operator interface, a field communicator or a predictive maintenance software application.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 23, 2007

High temperature flowmeters

The high temperature Coriolis flowmeters F025, F050 and F100, come in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy and are all rated to 350f the broad range of intelligent, digital field devices from Emerson that power the PlantWeb digital plant architecture to improve plant efficiency by 2%. Micro Motion high temperature meters have higher operating limits and users can realize greater profitability through lower operating costs and reduced raw material costs.Emerson

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 15, 2007

Linear scales

The LIDA 500 Series of linear scales uses glass scales as the measuring standard. Each encoder has a reference mark at the midpoint. The scales feature an accuracy grade of ±5 µm and a high degree of immunity to contamination. The series offers 1 Vpp or TTL interfaces. Heidenhain www.heidenhain.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 16, 2007

Color vision sensor

The DVT 535C operates with Intellect software that facilitates setup, integration and maintenance. Backward compatible with FrameWork, the sensor includes Intellect software release 1.4, which features a new flexible flaw detection tool. FFD is designed to reduce inspection errors when the appearance of the part is not consistent due to registration errors, lens and perspective distortions and normal part-to-part variations. Cognex

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 15, 2007

MTS Systems rolls out updated Website design

The sensors division of MTS Systems Corp. has finished the first phase of its world-wide Website redesign. The new site features easy-to-use navigation menus for quick access to information and downloads. Content is customized for each region, maintaining the local business culture of each major geographical region.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2007

Variable-area flowmeter

The VA 40 variable-area flowmeter is designed for industrial furnaces and for primary use in heavy industrial applications. Equipped with a glass cone that offers durable performance capabilities for measuring a variety of gases, including air, ammonia, propane and nitrogen, the flowmeter can also measure fluids.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2007

Belt scale

The Milltronics MBS belt scale provides dynamic weighing information for process indication. A basic, modular, medium-duty belt scale suited for applications involving aggregates, sand, gravel or crushed stone, the belt provides continuous weighing. Designed with an accuracy of ±1.0%, the belt scale features high-performance, parallelogram-style aluminum, strain-gauge load cells to provide...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2007

Wireless pressure transmitter

The AWI-P wireless pressure transmitter is designed for use in rugged industrial areas where accurate pressure measurements are needed. Available in battery-powered and ac-powered versions, the pressure transmitter includes the wireless transmitter, a pressure sensor and self-contained power source in a lightweight aluminum enclosure.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 2, 2007

Flowmeters and controllers

The Brooks Model 4800 series mass flowmeters and controllers offer compact size and other benefits for a variety of applications. Engineered with a micro electro mechanical system-based thermal sensor, the series responds to changes in gas-flow rate because the design allows gas to flow directly across the sensor. It’s suitable for measurement and control of many common gases, including air, N2, O 2 , Ar, He, H 2 , CO 2 , CO, N 2 O, CH 4 , CH 3 H 6 and C 3 H 8 .

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 24, 2007

Dilbert catalog

The “Controlcat New Horizonsin Temperature, Flow, and Pressure” catalog features 138 Dilbert cartoons and more than 190 pages of products for the temperature, flow, environmental, pressure, DAS and heater markets including accelerometers, temperature and pressure calibrators, chart recorders, controllers, data acquisition systems, data loggers, flowmeters, heaters, infrared handheld instruments, load cells, pH and conductivity instrumentation, pressure transducers, proximity sensors, RTDs, signal conditioners, strain gages, thermocouples, timers, transmitters, valves, wind tunnels and much more. OMEGA

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 19, 2007

High-bay occupancy sensors

Modular high-bay sensors offer an array of lenses and power/control modules for energy-saving, occupancy-based switching of industrial fluorescent lighting fixtures. Designed for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other high-ceiling applications, the sensors include snap-on lenses that can be quickly added in the field to configure the HB sensor for most applications. HB power module options include dual relays with separate time delays to control multiple loads and an integral light-level sensor to maximize energy savings.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2007

Multivariable flowmeter

The OPTISWIRL 4070 C flowmeter is a multivariable instrument that combines a vortex flow sensor with built-in temperature compensation and optionally available integrated pressure in a two-wire configuration. The flowmeter measures standard volumetric and mass flow of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors – even in applications that are prone to pressure and temperature ...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2006

Analog proximity sensors

AccuProx analog inductive proximity sensors can sense objects up to four times that of typical shielded and unshielded tubular analog sensors, without compromising output accuracy. With long-range, tight repeat accuracy and linear outputs, the sensors are suitable for applications that require precise position sensing and measurement or detection of small variances, such as error-proofing, saw ...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2006

Coriolis flowmeter assessment

In-situ Full Meter Verification Technology enables self-verification for assessment of calibration and health of Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters and eliminates field proving and meter removal. The technology also enables predictive maintenance addressing meter health issues before interrupting operation.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 24, 2006


The Red Lion G3 Series of HMIs conveniently allows machine operators to deliver specific vision sensor controls while seeing exact images of the entire sensing area on the unit’s display. The G3 Series features a built-in image driver that allows the integration of multiple Banner vision sensors. With its multiple-protocol Ethernet port, the G3 can connect to the vision sensor, PLCs and PCs simultaneously.A data logger logs data at user-programmable rates, with the date and time automatically recorded.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 20, 2006

Welding-tip-loss monitors

DeltaPoint tip-loss monitors with DeviceNet interface are designed for protecting critical welds and helping ensure quality in resistance welding robotic applications. DeltaPoint monitors sense tip-loss in resistance welding cells by comparing total inflow and outflow of cooling water to the cell. DeviceNet outputs are a standard feature of the DeltaPoint units, which monitor flow and temperature, provide flow comparisons and detect leaks in multiple weld devices.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 18, 2006

System-30 BTU meter

Designed for smaller systems (0.8 to 38 GPM), the System-30 BTU Meter is an inline flow meter/integral BTU computer combination that provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. An optional communications interface — available for BACnet MS/TP, LONWORKS, Johnson Controls N2 and Siemens P1-FLN — provides complete energy, flow and temperature data to the control system through a single network connection. Each System-30 is factory calibrated and comes complete with all installation hardware.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2006

Mass flow sensors

With better than ±1.5% linearity (full scale) and 0.5% repeatability (full scale), the model 50 series of mass flow sensors provides flow measurement for fuel cell technologies. Capable of being calibrated for hydrogen or oxygen, the sensors provide stable measurement of gas flow ranges as low as 0 to 20 sccm.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2006

An ounce of prevention for critical equipment

Rotating equipment can deliver optimal performance and long life reliability if installed, maintained and operated properly. Increasingly, condition monitoring devices – part of the family of options for predictive maintenance – are being used to keep tabs on the operating conditions of equipment to ensure peak performance.

By Daniel J. Szoch, The Timken Company
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2006

Magnetic flowmeter

The FMG3000 series magnetic flowmeter is an insertion-style magnetic flow sensor with no moving parts. All versions are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs. The FMG3000 series does not require field programming. Jumpers can be set for pipe size and the maximum output will reflect 5 m/s for a 4–mA signal.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2006

Magnetostrictive position sensor

The R-series SSI output sensor includes options for synchronized 7,500 kHz update rates and position accuracy as low as ±20 microns. The company’s proprietary synchronization technology is said to guarantee accurate position output while minimizing inherent, system-related delays, producing produce smooth, precise velocity loop control.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 14, 2006

Technology selection chart now provides a chart that enables site visitors to select the appropriate flowmeter technology for the type of fluid they are using. The flowmeter technology selection chart shows the technology that provides best value in a typical application of a fluid. The chart also compares various technologies and fluids on the basis of cost, accuracy, installation requirements, output type, on-unit display availability, power requirements, flow switching availability, rangability, fluid conductivity and response time.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 2006

BTU meter

Designed for smaller systems (0.8 to 38 GPM), the System-30 BTU meter is an inline flow meter/integral BTU computer combination that provides thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. An optional communications interface – available for BACnet MS/TP, LONWORKS, Johnson Controls N2 and Siemens P1-FLN – provides complete energy, flow and temper...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 18, 2006

Pressure transducers – 2006-08-18

Built using rugged, bonded-foil strain gage (BFSG) technology, the company’s line of pressure transducers is suitable for industrial and military applications. The transducers feature a pressure-overload protection capability for the diaphragm called the Over Travel Stop (OTS), which enables the sensing element to handle a minimum of five-times full scale over-range pressure spikes. This design also affords thermal isolation to high-temperature transients, shock loads and vibration, allowing bonded foil strain gages to be used in extreme military, aerospace, and industrial applications,the company says.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision July 5, 2006

Process plant winterization strategies

As winter approaches, processing plants and engineering firms begin to turn their thoughts toward preparing for the extreme weather conditions they will soon be facing. Typically, when individuals working in the processing industries think of “weatherizing” their plants, they conjure up images of “heat tracing.” However, proper winterizing efforts require a broader, more thoughtful approach. Of the many options available, the use of electric process heaters, although not exceptionally well known or understood, is often the most practical and effective approach to winterizing. Although heat trace and process heating are both used to achieve the same goal (protect equipment and processes from extreme temperatures), they are not comparable approaches.

By Richard Hartfelder, Emerging Markets Manager, Watlow
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2006

Controlled thermal movement aids coupling alignment

Shaft alignment is a critical component in keeping a coupling aligned. While most couplings can tolerate some misalignment, they operate much more efficiently and with much longer service lives when simple precautions and procedures are in place. One area of potential misalignment – yet one that is fairly simple to address – is that of thermal movement.

By Bob Boyle, Director – Power Transmission Products Applied Industrial Technologies, Cleveland, OH
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2006

Spirax Sarco purchases AFTCO

Spirax Sarco, Inc. has purchased Advanced Flow Technology Company from AMJ Equipment Corp of Lakeland, Florida. AFTCO produces an electromagnetic meter, and its SSI EMCO division has a broad line of flow measurement technology, which includes vortex, turbine, ultrasonic and differential pressure flow meters, as well as a range of flow processors and transmitters.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 23, 2006

Cognex has vision for truck safety

Cognex Corp., supplier of machine vision sensors and systems, acquired AssistWare Technology, Inc., a privately-held developer of Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems for the heavy truck market. AssistWare's LDW system uses a small video camera and machine vision technology to watch the road ahead and alert drivers if they unintentionally leave their lane, or if their driving pattern becomes erratic. Two of the top causes of accidents are unintended lane departures and wandering excessively within a lane, which is one symptom of driver fatigue. A recent U.S.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision April 14, 2006

Siemens acquiring Controlotron

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. acquired Controlotron Corporation of Hauppauge, NY. The company expects to close the deal in May 2006. Siemens is a global leader in process instrumentation and factory automation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 10, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of March 13

ISA committee to study fieldbus standard A new ISA committee will focus on developing a standard to help accelerate the implementation and widespread uses of fieldbus devices throughout industry. The committee will be formed to create a standard that adopts the generic language specified by IEC 61804 to describe the properties of automation system components. The specified language is capable of describing device parameters and their dependencies, device functions, graphical representations, and interactions with control devices. The language, Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), is used to create an Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) file. These files may be used with appropriate tools to support parameter handling, operation, and monitoring of automation system components. The applications of EDDL may include devices such as generic digital and analog input/output modules, motion controllers, human machine interfaces, transmitters, on-off and regulating valves, closed-loop controllers, encoders, hydraulic valves, and programmable controllers. The Electronic Device Description Language is a result of cooperation among the consortia of Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V., and the OPC Foundation.

Sensors, Vision March 10, 2006

ISA committee to study fieldbus standard

A new ISA committee will focus on developing a standard to help accelerate the implementation and widespread uses of fieldbus devices throughout industry. The committee will be formed to create a standard that adopts the generic language specified by IEC 61804 to describe the properties of automation system components. The specified language is capable of describing device parameters and their dependencies, device functions, graphical representations, and interactions with control devices. The language, Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), is used to create an Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) file. These files may be used with appropriate tools to support parameter handling, operation, and monitoring of automation system components. The applications of EDDL may include devices such as generic digital and analog input/output modules, motion controllers, human machine interfaces, transmitters, on-off and regulating valves, closed-loop controllers, encoders, hydraulic valves, and programmable controllers. The Electronic Device Description Language is a result of cooperation among the consortia of Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V., and the OPC Foundation.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 3, 2006

Sneak preview: New products at NMW

Attendees at National Manufacturing Week come for the knowledge in seminars, and to see the latest new products.Here’s a sneak preview for PLANT ENGINEERING readers of some of the new products that will be on display beginning March 21 at National Manufacturing Week in Rosemont, IL. Company: General Mfg., Inc. Booth: 35100 Product Name: Multi-Tap Extension Cord The Multi-Tap Extension Cord is a 50-foot, 12/3 cord has an inline outlet every 10 feet. The Multi-Tap Extension Cord comes standard with cord winder and circuit breaker.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2006

Mass flowmeters

FlowStream OFM series of mass flowmeters has been improved for fast and accurate measurement of non-aggressive gases. The meters are designed for blanketing gas, purge gas, shielding gas, leak detection and other applications in industrial, medical and laboratory settings. New features include field selectability of multiple gases, totalizing capability, 5-ms response time and increased sensit...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2006

Digital camera

The recently adopted AIA Camera Link "Mini-CL connector" is being used in a 29mm cube miniature camera. This digital camera features high-speed output and can be used to upgrade analog cameras in machine vision applications. The digital output option can improve the speed 4-6 X that of an analog camera.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2006

Mobile data acquisition gains a bigger role on the plant floor

In this era of the mandatory data trail, it's a stern fact of life that almost everything involved in routine plant operations - from product quality to equipment efficiency to the safety and serviceability of environmental controls - must be consistently monitored. More importantly, the drive toward reliability-centered maintenance coupled with inevitable staff reductions throughout the plant ...

By Matt Vagedes, Daytronic Corp., Dayton, OH
Sensors, Vision December 22, 2005

Plant Engineering Internet Connection

Plant Engineering Magazine's Visit the following company web sites. For information on how to advertise in the PLANT ENGINEERING Internet Connection , ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB AEM Instruments manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace. AEM Instruments Aggreko provides rental power generators, temperature control equipment and compressed air systems to companies around the world. Aggreko LL Custom Design Engineering and manufacturing of material handling systems.ISO 9000/2001 certified supplier.Specializing in assembly line solutions using airbearing technology. See case studies at or 1-800-888-0018. Air Float Alemite has the expertise, products and reliability to help manufacturers specify and install the perfect fluid handling or lubrication system.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 12, 2005

New patent for flow measurement

Invensys has received a patent for digital technology that optimizes startup and operations for its Foxboro CFT50 Digital Coriolis mass flowmeter. U.S. patent number 6,950,760 B2 applies to Invensys techniques for selecting optimal mode of operation for accurate flow measurement during changing flow conditions. The newly patented process keeps the Coriolis meter running stably in single-phase or two-phase flow conditions through precise digital analysis of flow measures at startup and at transitions between operational modes.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2005

Siemens Energy and Automation acquires Acuity CiMatrix

Siemens Energy and Automation has acquired RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, a division of Robotic Visions Systems, Inc. headquartered in Nashua, NH. Siemens Automation and Drives is a leader in factory automation and has made a commitment to strengthen its position in factory automation sensors. RVSI Acuity CiMatrix is a leader in machine vision and is expected to enhance Siemens' position in this key mar...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2005

High-speed vision sensor is self contained

PresencePLUS P4 EDGE self-contained vision sensor performs high-speed detailed vision inspections at low cost. Sensor detects subtle differences in target dimensions at very fast throughput rates. Applications include error-proofing of stamped metal parts; counting of metal pins and verifying their locations in a connector assembly; label placement validation; and printed circuit board and comp...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2005

Load cell weighing forks have Bluetooth connection

The Weightroller forks feature a weighting system integrated into the forks of a lift truck that are linked through a Bluetooth connection to an onboard PDA display or to a computer. The forks are simply hung on the forklift and require no installation. It features a load cell accuracy of 5 pounds in a 5,000-pound load.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2005

Concentrator converts HART protocols

HCS converts HART digital protocol to Modbus RTU, allowing up to 16 smart HART transmitters and valves to interface with a Modbus RTU-based control system. Interfacing capability includes signals from mass flow, pressure, pH, and temperature transmitters; Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic and vortex flowmeters; radar and hydrostatic level transmitters; and valve positioners and damper operators.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2005

Presence detection sensor tracks parts

Checker 101 presence sensor can detect and inspects up to 3,000 parts per minute. It can track parts automatically, eliminating the need to devise precise mechanical fixturing. The sensor's compact design provides illumination, optics, sensor, processor, memory and I/O in a single industrial-grade package about the size of a cell phone.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2005

Completing the industrial Ethernet connection

Specifications, industrial environment and network structure are factors to consider when selecting devices for an industrial Ethernet infrastructure. However, getting data from device to device is another important factor. Ethernet wiring types, categories, cabling and connection options are also important components within the industrial Ethernet infrastructure.

By Larry Komarek, Phoenix Contact, Inc.
Sensors, Vision October 21, 2005

Low expectations among sensor users

Recent research by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) has found that the levels of requirements for many features of linear displacement sensors are generally low. According to the seventh edition of VDC's North American Markets for Linear Displacement Sensors , 74% of users surveyed cited no current requirements for sensor diagnostics. Self testing was the most required feature identified, but only by 10% of user respondents. Of the other diagnostics required, the next most cited included calibration checking, accuracy checking and signal strength indication. Users were also asked to identify future additional diagnostic requirements in their linear displacement sensor procurements, beyond those identified as currently required.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2005

Spirax Sarco acquires EMCO Flow Systems

Spirax Sarco, Inc. has purchased EMCO Flow Systems of Longmont, CO, from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. EMCO will be organized as a division of Spirax Sarco, with operations headquartered in Longmont. The EMCO network of independent manufacturers' representatives will continue serving existing customers and markets.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2005

Hybrid ceramic bearings: more mettle than metal

At one manufacturing plant, bearings on a grinding spindle were wearing out much faster than it was thought they should, resulting in frequent downtime and costly replacements. The machine used oil-lubricated, precision all-steel bearings. The goal was to extend bearing service life without changing lubrication or reducing product quality.

By Mark Stoneburner, Applied Industrial Technologies, Cleveland, OH
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2005

Instrumentation – 2005-08-01

Flowmeters The FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter series features a 316L stainless steel thermal mass flow-sensing element with an all-welded surface. The flowmeter series supports a wide range of gas flow measurement applications and provides precise and repeatable measurement for such applications as high purity gas lines, pill coater air flow monitoring, CIP and SIP flow and temperature monitoring, condenser/evaporator flow control and scrubber gas discharge monitoring. FCI Write 300 on PE card Gas ignition control The 36-60-EC Edge-Connect gas ignition control for 24 VAC OEM applications. The control eliminates miswiring, increases installation speed and, when compared to quick connect designs, reduces repetitive motion stress during assembly.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2005

Instruments & Controls – 2005-07-01

Sensor/actuator junction boxes Series 757 sensor/actuator junction boxes are new IP 67/68 rated additions to a related family of I/O products. The junction boxes safely extend control cabinet functions into the field and on machines and processes. The boxes are available with four, six or eight ports per box with either four or five poles per port (five-pole versions allow two signal lines per port).

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2005

Find the right strategy for control automation

The term control automation strategy has no "official" definition. It was chosen to demonstrate that the traditional roles of automation in manufacturing have changed over the years and the lines that separate them is becoming increasingly blurred. The types of control systems used in manufacturing plants depend on the processes and operations companies use to produce their products.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering magazine
Sensors, Vision March 10, 2005

Instrumentation – 2005-03-10

Smart level sensor TrueCap Model MK-2 RF capacitance point level sensor features a universal power supply, external LED status indication, automatic temperature/capacitance compensation, push-button calibration, and remote option for applications with high temperature or vibration. Monitor Technologies LLC Write 327 on PE card Process controller Series 3820 process controller has a selectable alternating function for pump up or pump down applications. A standard feature is the on-delay for the second pump after a power failure condition, which lowers power demand. Controller can retransmit analog signals to multiple devices, includes 30-point linearization for extremely nonlinear signals, and increased accuracy for horizontal tank applications. DigiTec Write 328 on PE card Limit controller The "+" family of controllers is expanded to include limit control.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 10, 2005

Instruments and controls – 2005-02-10

Digital controller UDC3200 monitors and controls temperature, pressure, flow, level, and other process variables in applications such as furnaces, ovens, environmental chambers, packaging machinery, and plastic processing machines. Controller features two universal analog inputs, configurable math functions, NEMA 4X/IP66-rated front faceplate, IR com port, Ethernet or RS-485 connection, automatic tuning, and multilingual display configurations. Honeywell International Write 300 on PE card Web-based temperature transmitter iTHX transmitter allows users to monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, and dew point over an Ethernet network or the internet with a standard browser, serving active web pages to display real-time readings, display charts of temperature and humidity, or log data in standard data formats for use in a spreadsheet or data acquisition program such as Excel or Visual Basic. Omega Engineering, Inc. Write 301 on PE card Hot runner controllers K series modular hot runner controllers include two models.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 10, 2005

Spray nozzle maintenance

Spray nozzles are often small in size and usually a small component in a larger system. But size is no indication of their importance. Spray nozzles that aren't properly maintained can wreak havoc in any application. The costs associated with worn nozzles can be significant. Spraying extra water alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

By Jon Barber, Nozzle Specialist, Spraying Systems, Co., Wheaton, IL
Sensors, Vision February 10, 2005

New products, new ideas take center stage

National Manufacturing Week will bring the newest ideas in manufacturing products and knowledge to Chicago's McCormick Place March 7-10. The event includes the Plant Engineering & Facilities Management Show, National Design Engineering, National Industrial Automation, National Enterprise IT, Cleantech Cleaning Technology, Enviro-tech, Micro Systems USA, and Aluminum USA.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 10, 2005

Basics of power boilers

The unique features of power boiler systems are a direct result of their operating temperatures and pressures. For example, the pressure relief vent on a large, high-pressure steam boiler would not be terminated indoors as might be done on a smaller, water heating boiler. The uncontrolled release of steam is a danger to operating personnel.

By Carl C. Schultz, P.E., URS Corp., Columbus, OH.
Sensors, Vision December 10, 2004

HVAC – 2004-12-10

HVAC cleaning system COIL-FLO 500 HVAC cleaning system removes microbial contamination, dust, soil, and debris so HVAC systems can operate more efficiently and odor free. The mobile, 500-psi cleaning system penetrates coil bundles up to 16-in. thick.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 10, 2004

Instruments – 2004-11-10

Clamp meter is easy to read Industrial Clamp Meters feature bottom display so users can keep head and face out of potentially dangerous panels while viewing measurements. Tapered jaws with hook tip can separate a single wire out of a bundle. Audible and visual indicator warns of high voltage.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 10, 2004

Energy conservation measures for air distribution and HVAC systems

Energy conservation measures are modifications that can be made to air distribution and HVAC systems to improve energy efficiency. These modifications may require a significant cost investment and are permanent improvements. The modifications should be considered under any energy management program for existing or proposed air distribution and HVAC systems.

By Thomas E. Mull, PE, Thomas & Mull Associates, St. Louis, MO
Sensors, Vision October 10, 2004

Instruments and Controls – 2004-10-10

Multichannel controller ConsoliDator multichannel controllers come in four and eight-channel versions and feature an easy-to-read backlit LCD that shows inputs alphanumerically as well as a bar graph on one master input screen. Individual screens provide greater detail. Unit is designed to replace up to eight panel meters and include four pulse and four digital inputs, and nine 10-A relays. Precision Digital Corp.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 10, 2004

Instruments and Controls – 2004-09-10

Inline flowmeter Series 730 Accu-Mass flowmeter measures flow rates of noncorrosive gases from 0.5 to 50 SCFM and provides a linear output signal proportional to total gas mass flow rate. This direct mass flow monitoring method eliminates the need for separate temperature and pressure inputs, improves measurement accuracy, and helps reduce system cost. Sierra Instruments, Inc. Write 309 on PE card Humidity-logging thermometer Micro Humidity Logging Thermometer sends alarm messages by email or phone.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 17, 2004

Using PCs for machine condition monitoring: Part 2

Transducers, signal conditioning, and sensors

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision August 9, 2004

Understanding event data collection: Part 2

Editor's note: This is the second of a two-part series. Part 1 appeared in the July 2004 issue. Most modern process and manufacturing plants use a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to help manage maintenance performed on plant assets. CMMS benefits include: A vital element of these systems is the ability to document history of events that occur within the maintenance work process.

By Ken Latino, Meridium, Inc., Roanoke, VA
Sensors, Vision June 10, 2004

Electronic controls in genset engines

To understand how electronics have simplified maintenance of industrial engine generator sets, one only needs to look inside the garage at home. The new car parked there does not need twice-annual tune-ups. It probably doesn't need new spark plugs until the odometer hits 100,000 miles. On the whole, it needs minimal maintenance — yet it is far more reliable, more fuel efficient, quieter, ...

By Michael J. Reinhart
Sensors, Vision May 10, 2004

Fluid Handling – 2004-05-10

Compact Coriolis meters F-Series Coriolis flowmeters maintain superior measurement accuracy of flow and density within a form factor that is compact and drainable. The meters are available in sizes from Micro Motion Write 302 on PE card Tough pressure transmitter Industrial pressure transmitters combine the reliability of solid-state design with the durability of stainless steel. A patented media stop contains process media if burst pressure is exceeded.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 8, 2004

2003 Product of the Year Winners

The readers held all the decision-making power in the 2003 Product of the Year competition and cast their votes. After carefully reviewing 150 finalists in the November issue, they selected the 248 medium-strength threadlocker stick as the Grand Award winner (pictured below), and determined the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in each of our 15 categories.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 10, 2004

12 steps to troubleshooting pneumatic systems

Troubleshooting a pneumatic system has been considered an art, a science, or just hit-or-miss luck. In the minds of maintenance personnel, production managers, and plant managers, the word troubleshooting conjures up images of hours of downtime and lost production. However, when reduced to its basic elements, troubleshooting a pneumatic system is a step-by-step procedure.

By Joseph R. Cohn, Jr., Senior Group Training Specialist, Motion and Control Training Department, Automation Group, Parker Hannifin Corp., Cleveland, OH.
Sensors, Vision January 10, 2004

Instruments and Controls – 2004-01-10

I/O block Inline Block I/O is a new family of block-style I/O modules. Units include 16 and 32-channel digital block modules and are compatible with fieldbus protocols that include Interbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and CANOpen. Sensor and actuator cables can be connected without tools through the use of removable wiring arms. Phoenix Contact, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 10, 2003

Intelligent variable speed pumping

In today's business environment, process industries are looking for new strategies to enhance plant performance. An easy and often overlooked means to make a dramatic impact on plant performance is through maximizing pumping system efficiency. Centrifugal pumps are rarely considered an integral part of the process control architecture.

By Mike Pemberton, ITT PumpSmart Control Solutions, Birmingham, AL
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2003

Maintenance Tools and Equipment

Tool offers 3-in-1 solution smartSCANNER is a joystick-operated combination tool for corrective and predictive maintenance tasks. It provides vibration analysis, alignment, and balancing capabilities. The shaft/coupling alignment and rotor balancing systems address two frequent causes of rotating machinery damage or failure, and the vibration module permits collection and trending of vibration data to observe the development of machinery problems, allowing maintenance to take action before damage occurs. Ludeca : , TO VOTE, WRITE 7 ON BALLOT For more information, write 7 on card Analyzer has expanded memory Model 2130 RBMconsultant PRO data collector/analyzer features the functionality and ease of use of a large color display along with 32 MB of data storage, dual-channel capability, and an intuitive interface.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 10, 2003

Tips for choosing a data acquisition platform

Today's plant engineers are sometimes required to develop data acquisition systems that monitor, measure, or maintain processes or tests within their plants. Data acquisition systems provide the necessary information to determine optimized production conditions, preventive/predictive maintenance, and emergency repair or replacement of equipment.

By Garth Black, National Instruments, Austin, TX
Sensors, Vision August 6, 2003

Instruments and Controls – 2003-08-06

Noncontact current detector DA30 is a noncontact current detector that locates current flow even where voltage detectors cannot work. The unit detects ac current from 200 mA to 1000 A through shielded wires, conduit, and metal circuit breaker junction boxes. Sensitivity adjustments help to locate wires and conduits through walls.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 14, 2003

Instruments & Controls – 2003-07-14

Position control GNT 100 is a direct-mount actuator with 100 in.-lb of torque for valve and damper positioning applications. The actuator, which includes a 1-kOhm potentiometer for position feedback, is positioned by 120-Vac signals that turn the actuator CW or CCW. Optional 4_20-mA version (GNT100C-S) includes high and low fire end switches. GN Electronics, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 14, 2003

Fluid Handling – 2003-07-14

Track seals and pumps Software enables plants to collate data and generate reports to help identify root causes of seal and pump failures. Each report provides a different operational perspective of the seals and pumps. By comparing this information with physical evidence on a failed seal or pump, a plant team can diagnose and correct problems. AnchorSoft, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 12, 2003

Software and Computers – 2003-06-12

Design and simulation software Automation Studio V4.0 is a circuit design, simulation, and project documentation software package that supports hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical controls, PLC controls, fluid power, and automation applications. By dragging and dropping symbols from an extensive library, users can quickly create complex projects that show system behavior by means of realistic dynamic simulation. Famic Technologies, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 12, 2003

Material Handling – 2003-06-12

3-wheel ac electric lift truck The new 7-Series line of 3-wheel electric lift trucks boasts ac power for both drive and lift motors. The result is 45% more power than predecessors and substantial cost savings from improved efficiency and productivity as well as reduced maintenance requirements. Transistorized drive and hydraulic controls are fully programmable from the operator's digital display keyboard.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 12, 2003

Fluid Handling – 2003-06-12

Plunger pump Model 1540, mid-size, plunger pump is rated at 18 gpm and 1200 psi. It is designed for continuous-duty applications. The compact footprint and moderate weight make it ideal for cart mounts as well as stationary installations.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 28, 2003

2002 Product of the Year Winners

The readers made their choice loud and clear in the 2002 "Product of the Year" competition. After reviewing 150 finalists in the November issue, they selected Rapidgrip self-adjusting pipe wrench as the Grand Award winner (pictured below). Gold, Silver, and Bronze were awarded in each of our 15 categories.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 28, 2003

Instruments & Controls

Combination DMM and IR thermometer Extech 450 and 470 autoranging digital multimeters (DMMs) feature built in, noncontact infrared (IR) thermometers. The thermometer provides fast measurements from -4 to 520 F. A laser pointer targets the area being measured.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 15, 2003

Solutions – 2003-01-15 – 2003-01-15

No drill wander • Problem: Trying to start a drill bit on a flat surface usually results in the drill bit wandering if there is no center punch. How can this be stopped if a center punch is not handy? • Solution: Cross two pieces of masking tape over the hole location. This provides a retaining surface to minimize drill bit wander that can easily be removed later. Contributor: Tracy Faulk, Brooklyn, NY. See through bubbles • Problem: Ultrasonic liquid level sensors can be ineffective if there is foam or bubbles on the liquid surface.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 15, 2002

Improving pump reliability

Over the past ten years, pump users have made progress toward improving pump reliability. Much of it came from total quality (TQ) initiatives where tools such as root-cause failure analysis, statistical analysis techniques, and a heightened awareness were used.

By Stan Knecht, Goulds Pumps, ITT Industries, Seneca Falls, NY
Sensors, Vision November 15, 2002

Fluid Handling – 2002-11-15

Click above to view 2002 Product of the Year finalists in this category.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 15, 2002

Valve actuators match valve motion

Initially, valves were simply on-off devices to control flow and were actuated by hand (Fig. 1). They evolved into modulating flow, which also was done manually and controlled by eye and feel. As plants grew larger and some process fluids became hazardous, valves began to be actuated remotely. Basically, manual actuators were provided with power sources other than a strong arm to enable them to...

By Joseph L. Foszcz, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision August 8, 2002

Product Intros – 2002-08-08 – 2002-08-08

Infrared thermometer has wide range Model 403265 pocket-sized, infrared thermometer features a built-in laser pointer to improve aim. Readings range from -4 to 1022 F with 1-deg resolution. Measurements are displayed on a large 31/2-in.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 15, 2002

Literature Offers – 2002-07-15

Sensors A short-form catalog summarizes electronic and electromechanical pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches, temperature sensors, and pressure transducers. Most of the products are available for shipment in less than a week. United Electric Controls Write 316 on PE card Lifting devices A brochure explains the concept of intelligent assist devices and discusses how this technology can be applied to solve material handling problems through the use of G-Force BXi and BX intelligent lifting devices.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 15, 2002

How to match ac motors and variable-speed drives

Careful consideration must be given when selecting a drive/motor package to ensure you get the desired performance. This article presents guidelines for selecting and sizing an adjustable frequency drive (AFD) and ac motor package for a given variable speed application. AC motor selection Two general categories of ac induction motors are suitable for operation with ac drives: NEMA has defined f...

By Stewart Jackson and Frank Liggett, Rockwell Automation, Greenville, SC
Sensors, Vision May 13, 2002

Literature Offers – 2002-05-13

Cooling and drying Solutions to industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning, and static electricity problems are offered in a 96-p technical guide, which features technical explanations, performance data, photos, and drawings for each product. Exair Corporation Write 316 on PE card Gas boosters Accessories for liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers are presented, including air pilot switches, high pressure relief valves, pump cycle counters, air receiver tanks, and air control packages. The accessories are ideal for use with MAXIMATOR products. MAXPRO TECHNOLOGIES Write 317 on PE card Tools and equipment A Master Sourcebook for 2002 features thousands of products throughout the 316-p catalog. Tools kits, carts and cases, test equipment, hand and power tools, and wire/cable and fiber optics are among the items offered. Jensen Tools Write 318 on PE card Pressure and flow Controlcat New Horizons in Pressure, Flow & Everything Else covers a variety of USA-made products, including conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, controllers and transmitters, flow meters, signal conditioners, and switches.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 13, 2002

Product Intros – 2002-05-13

Cable carrier zips open R09 fully enclosed cable carrier is used to guide and protect moving cables and hoses. It offers lightning-fast assembly and inspection time with its zipper lid design. The lids offer full protection against wood and metal chips.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 15, 2002

Product Intros – 2002-04-15

Hat turns heads Head-Turners hardhats' unique design allows workers to express their own style, encouraging increased safety compliance. Two designs withstand temperature variations, humidity, and exposure to UV light. The designs are fully reflective for added protection in low light.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 11, 2002

Product Intros – 2002-03-11

Pillow block suited for air handlers Air Handling Ball Bearing Unit has a 360-degree contact, concentric locking collar that reduces noise, vibration, and fretting corrosion. This provides long bearing life and permits the use of commercial grade shafting. A built-in torque indicator shows when the bearing is mounted concentrically with the correct internal clearance. SKF USA, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 15, 2002

Literature Offers – 2002-01-15

Metal roof Stevens Roofing Systems highlights its EP Metal Roof Retrofit System in a 4-p brochure. The brochure lists the advantages of Stevens EP brand of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), illustrates several types of metal roof deck failures, and provides a step-by-step account of the retrofitting process. Stevens Roofing Systems Write 316 on PE card Material handling and storage BCI Product line literature is available through Jarke, a designer and manufacturer of material handling and storage equipment. Jarke products include cantilever racks in several capacity ranges, modular portable storage racks, and structural pallet racking. Jarke Corporation Write 317 on PE card Heating solutions Watlow updates its corporate product brochure, Your Heat Solutions Resource , and profiles heaters, sensors, controllers and software.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2001

Product Intros – 2001-12-01

Mobile computer thrives in rugged environments Hammerhead HH3 is a ruggedized mobile computer powered by a 400-MHz Pentium that combines simplicity of use, high performance, wireless networking, and durability into a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry package. It offers 256-MB SDRAM, a 10 or 20-GB removable hard drive, and 10.4-in. HI-VIS enhanced color display with pen or touch input. WalkAbout Computers, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2001

Instruments – 2001-11-01

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By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 2001

Handheld temperature measurement devices

Temperature measurements are fundamentally important to many industrial processes. Many measurements are made with a probe in or on a pipe or vessel. However, if an object cannot be contacted, measuring temperature may be difficult. Contact sensors such as thermometers, thermocouples, and RTD's are accurate and cost effective but not always practical.

By Joseph L. Foszcz, PE/CPE, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2001

Managing equipment health

As equipment becomes more sophisticated, monitoring equipment health becomes increasingly important. Condition monitoring systems embedded into equipment provide enhanced management of critical assets by focusing on system wellness.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2001

Literature Offers – 2001-08-01

Calibration TTI presents a 76-p Calibration Catalog, featuring temperature, pressure and signal calibrators. The publication also looks at the expansion of TTI's product line, as well as the complete line of new laboratory-grade signal calibrators. TTI, Inc. Circle 316 Space solutions Solving space needs is the theme of PortaFab's brochure, and the company utilizes photographs...

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2001

Literature Offers – 2001-07-01

Industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives Diversified Brands announces new White Lightning products in a brochure that features more than 25 industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives. The Silicone sealants are designed to avoid cracking, crumbling and shrinking, even under extreme temperatures ranging from -85ºF to 600ºF.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2001

Product Intros – 2001-07-01

Belt gauge indicates correct tension TensionRite is an adhesive-backed plastic gauge applied to the belt backing. It allows accurate tensioning while reducing installation time and complex measurements. The device accurately indicates, within 7%, when correct tension is reached. An easy-to-follow chart indicates proper tension settings to achieve optimum performance.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 25, 2001

Ten tips for maximizing mag meter performance

Where flow measurement is required but the media is harsh -- such as in sewage, sludge or slurry -- the electromagnetic flow meter, commonly referred to as a "mag" meter, is preferred because of its non-intrusive design. This article details key maintenance concepts to maximize mag meter performance.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 2001

Centrifugal air compressor basics

Key concepts Centrifugal compressors are most effective when running at full capacity. Choke and surge occur at the extreme ends of the performance curve and should be avoided. Compressor capacity should be stated at plant conditions, which are actual cubic feet per minute (acfm). Centrifugal air compressors are best suited to applications where demand is relatively constant.

By Joseph L. Foszcz, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision June 1, 2001

Product Intros – 2001-06-01

Compact cutter self-feeds tube Model 118 self-feeding, midget cutter is a spring-loaded tool that provides an action that makes it unnecessary for continuous adjustments while operating. Designed in a compact size for tight or hard-to-reach spaces, the tool cuts hard and soft copper, aluminum, and brass from 1/4–11/8-in.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2001

Product Intros – 2001-03-01

Adhesive has instant tack Staff Fastbond 49 is a one-component, water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides instant tack on fiberglass insulation, felt, and fabric. It is easy and economical to apply with a high volume pump feed spray, gravity feed spray, brush, or roller. Bonded components reach handling strength on contact, using only hand pressure. 3M Co . Circle 371 Flexible duct support cuts installation time Staff Flex Riggin Strap cuts flexible duct installation time in half and eliminates the kinking and sagging caused by other hanging methods.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2001

Literature Offers – 2001-03-01

Fluid sensors Staff New 224-p catalog offers comprehensive information for a wide array of liquid level and flow sensors and in- dicators, pressure transducers and switches, transmitters, receivers, annunciators, and solid-state and intrinsically safe relays and barriers. More than 350 standard products are featured in the literature, along with information on a new remote monitoring system. The catalog offers photos, product specifications, and illustrations. Gems Sensors, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2001

Product Intros – 2001-02-01

Instrument measures bore centers Boralign is the latest development for measuring bores and bearings in compressors, turbines, and pumps.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2001

Improving thermal control systems with communication software

Key concepts Temperature control systems consist of four basic components-energy source, sensor, load, and controller-joined to form a closed-loop system.

By Pete Leal, Omron Electronics, Inc., Schaumburg, IL
Sensors, Vision December 1, 2000

Product Intros – 2000-12-01

System reduces water consumption Safeunit sealing water control system provides a complete monitor and control solution for seals and packing in process industries.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2000

Control Equipment – 2000-11-01

Photoelectric sensor replaces multiple designs World-Beam photoelectric sensor compactly fits most mounting requirements.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 2000

Fluid Handling – 2000-11-01

Couplings replace ANSI flanges Dur O Lok couplings are all-purpose, lightweight connectors designed to replace ANSI Series 150-2500 flanges.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2000


Reusable containers A 20-p catalog describes why collapsible, reusable containers are the quick and easy solution for any material handling application.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 2000

Understanding progressive cavity pumps

Key concepts Cavities in the pump gently move many types of fluids and solids without disturbance. Elastomeric stators provide good sealing and resist abrasion.

By Joseph L. Foszcz, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Sensors, Vision September 1, 2000

Suggestions & Solutions – 2000-09-01

Kits measure liquid and gas flows A line of test kits measures liquid flows in hydraulic systems and compressed gas flows in pneumatic systems. The hydraulic kits measure up to 150 gpm at 6000 psi.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 2000

New Literature – 2000-09-01

Pumps and valves Complete guide to pumps and valves features a wide range of models. The 12-p brochure also offers typical applications, product options, and photos of each product.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2000

New Literature – 2000-08-01

Inline fans Multiline inline fans are featured in a new 4-p brochure. Operating features are listed for three models with axial flow, mixed flow, and centrifugal impellers.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2000

New Products – 2000-08-01

Software controls vector/servo drives Preset positions featured on 18H vector control and 23H servo control are used to program up to 15 preset moves.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 2000

Suggestions & Solutions – 2000-08-01

Get a flyer on HVAC motors Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC Industrial Motor Line flyer describes three-phase ODP and TEFC blower units in sizes up to 75 hp.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2000

New Products – 2000-07-01

Level control combines transmitter and controller Excalibur 7000 functions as both a smart level transmitter and PID controller.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2000

New Literature – 2000-07-01

Check and foot valves New product bulletin offers product information for several models of check and foot valves. Advantages of the valves are listed. Flomatic Valves www.flomatic.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 2000

Suggestions & Solutions – 2000-07-01

Make it move Linear and Rotary Positioning Systems and Controls Guide contains the most comprehensive line of standard mechanical and control products available.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 2000

New Literature – 2000-06-01

Fire suppression systems FM-200 clean agent fire suppression systems are featured in a new 6-p foldout brochure.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2000

New Products – 2000-05-01

The recent 2000 National Plant Engineering MRO & Management Show in Chicago, IL, served as an introduction for a number of new products. Here is a sampling of some of the products making their debut at the show.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2000

Applying thermal conductivity flow switches in industrial settings

Thermal conductivity (TC) flow switches offer plant engineers many advantages over traditional mechanical flow switches. A TC flow switch (Fig. 1) uses the cooling effect produced by a flowing fluid to monitor the flow velocity of that fluid.

By Karl R. Klinger , EFECTOR, INC., Exton, PA
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2000

New Literature – 2000-05-01

Signal conditioning This 150-p product catalog features a wide range of transmitters, isolators, and alarms.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 2000

Suggestions and Solutions – 2000-05-01

A seal in time saves Get immediate response to reduced seal performance or failure with over 100 million combinations of profiles and materials.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2000

1999 Product of the Year Winners

The 47 winners in the 1999 "Product of the Year" contest combine necessity, technology, and simple ideas. These concepts, teamed with innovation, embody the winners in this year's contest.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 2000

New Products – 2000-04-01

Scissor lifts have tight turning radius Models 1532ES and 1932ES mini-series scissor lifts, with platform heights of 15 and 19 ft respectively, feature a single-beam elevating system and tight 2-in.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2000

Liquid level sensors

New brochure presents a line of liquid level sensors and components. Horizontal, vertical, and right-angle mount models are described. Gentech Intl.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2000

Flowmeter handles gases and liquids

V-Bar insertion flowmeter measures liquid, gas, and steam. The design provides the benefits of insertion flowmeter technology with the advantages of no moving parts. The unit can be installed without shutdown, with hot tappable installation.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 2000


Model 607A11 industrial swivel-mount accelerometer makes the installation of vibration sensors into tight spots quick and easy. Swiveler facilitates positioning of the integral, side-exit cable while the floating lock nut secures the sensor into place.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision February 1, 2000

Flowmeters – 2000-02-01

Condensed catalog lists a variety of flowmeters, including Btu, water, and condensate meters. Technical data and general product information are included in the catalog. Istec Corp. www.istec-corp.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2000

Flowmeter ignores fluid deposits

Model 8045 magnetic flowmeter transmitter features solid-state electronics and no moving parts for use in fluids with high particulate content or in waste water with deposits which would foul most mechanical meters.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2000

Flowmeter eliminates fluid fouling

Flo-Dar is a battery powered, noncontact, radar velocity/area, portable open channel flowmeter. By combining advanced radar velocity sensing technology with ultrasonic pulse echo level sensing, it remotely measures open channel flows.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2000

How peristaltic pumps solve tough fluid problems

Heavy-duty peristaltic or hose pumps combine precise positive displacement and low maintenance requirements with the ability to handle abrasive and aggressive fluids, which wear out many other pump types.

By Charles J. Treutel
Sensors, Vision January 1, 2000

Choosing and safely operating powered hoists

Hoists are used to raise and lower or transport material throughout the plant and position components in process or assembly operations.

By Ron Holzhauer
Sensors, Vision December 1, 1999

Level sensors handleliquids and solids

DF300 Series remote ultrasonic sensors provide continuous level measurement of solids and liquids.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 1999

Remembering the right order

Problem: Repair of the flowmeter (or any other item with numerous small parts) is complete, and its time to reassemble the package. Staring at the pile of pieces might seem like a puzzle that has to be put together.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Temperature transmitters offer improved accuracy

Models Q486ia and Q488ia temperature input signal conditioners feature instant accuracy technology to significantly improve cold-junction temperature sensing.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Temperature transmitter features accuracy and custom display

TDY PC-programmable temperature transmitter provides high accuracy (up to ±0.05-deg C) for critical process applications. Unit features customizable, digital display that shows real-time process status in the field.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Flowmeter combines performance and simple operation

Hydra SX30 portable, dual-frequency Doppler (DFD) flowmeter combines DFD technology with digital signal processing to achieve exceptional performance and simple operation.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Automated pressure calibrator is fast and accurate

QuikCal 190 automated pressure calibrator features automatic switch testing, higher accuracy, and interchangeable modules.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Flowmeter mounts on outside of pipe

Prosonic Flow ultrasonic instrument has a clamp-on design that allows the device to be mounted directly onto existing piping. A unique snap-lock allows the sensors to be installed quickly and easily. Mounting sets and sensors are made of stainless steel.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1999

Flowmeter measures liquids, gases, and slurries

R-Series corolis flowmeter gives many of the same benefits as costly, high precision units. It measures mass and volume of liquids, gases, and slurries with an accuracy within 0.5% for liquids and 1% for gases.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 1999

Turbine flowmeter has pulsed output

The reed switch output on the WPR turbine flowmeter provides a scaled pulse output that can be used to control a metering pump, or serve as an input to a PLC. The pulse rate can be factory preset as high as one pulse/gal.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Flowmeter uses straight-through design

T-Series straight-tube flowmeter is a compact, self-draining, sanitary package with standard secondary containment. Features include 3 sizes (3/4, 1, and 1 1/2 in.), nominal flow rates from 500-3300 lb/min, ±0.15% flow accuracy with repeatability of ±0.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Humidifiers mount above false ceilings

UR 2000 electric element steam humidifiers use a removable/cleanable stainless steel steam-generating cylinder. The cylinder permits mounting above false ceilings and other difficult areas where pan-coil type units generally can't be used.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Temperature transmitter has wide range

OS6000 is a self-contained fiber optic infrared system designed to provide two-wire, 4-20-mA linear output, repeatability ±0.25% rdg, fast response of 50/100 msec, and a temperature range of 592-2912 F, with a 0.8-1.6 µ spectral response.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Maintaining bearing integrity in hostile environments

Proper selection and life-long maintenance of bearings are critical aspects of any plant, especially where equipment operates in severe environments.

By John H. Rhodes
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Flowmeter has high accuracy and repeatability

FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter for gas applications features an advanced thermal mass sensing element that delivers precision measurement over a wide flow range from 0.006-600 sfps.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Diaphragm pressure sensor mounts flush

Model S features a 1/4-in. diameter flush diaphragm and delivers 1% full-scale accuracy. It features a unitized 17-4 pH stainless steel diaphragm and a 3/8-in. threaded housing. Excitation is 5 Vdc and output is 2mV/V for high ranges.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1999

Using flowmeters to measure and manage plant energy resources

For industrial plants that want to minimize operating costs, remain competitive, and maximize profits, the need for effective control of energy use is paramount.

By John Salusbury
Sensors, Vision August 1, 1999

A sensors and control glossary

Actuator: Mechanism of a switch or switch enclosure that operates the contacts. Accuracy: Comparison of the actual output signal of a device to the true value of the input pressure.

By Jeanine Katzel
Sensors, Vision August 1, 1999

Laser sensor includes parallel beam

LX2-V Laser Thrubeam sensor uses a parallel laser beam to detect minute differences in target size with a 5-micron resolution at 12 in.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1999

Monitoring hazardous fluids

Take-Apart LevelPro, electro-optic liquids level sensor monitors refrigerants and other environmentally hazardous substances.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1999

Check pressure modules

QuikCal 190 automated pressure calibrator has automatic switch testing, high accuracy, and interchangeable modules.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1999

Basics of pressure transducers

A transducer is a device that converts a physical phenomenon into an electrical signal. In the industrial world, that task includes strain gauges, linear variable differential transformers, pressure transducers, and load cells.

By Dennis Echternach
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1999

Mechanical seal installation affects reliability

A pump which cavitates, has high vibration, or needs an overhaul rather than a seal change is not going to allow a seal to reach its design life of more than 3 yr of continuous service.

By Henri Azibert & William "Doc" Burke
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1999

Flowmeter offers high accuracy and low price

R-Series Coriolis flowmeter measures mass and volume of liquids, gases, and slurries. Measurement accuracy is within 0.5% of flow rate, and there are no moving parts, eliminating periodic recalibration and maintenance.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 1999

Process instrumentation

A comprehensive catalog offers more than 200 pp of information on process control instrumentation products.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 1999

Test equipment – 1999-05-01 – 1999-05-01

A 28-p catalog covers more than 360 different portable hydraulic testers with flow rates from 0.03-350 gpm at pressures to 7000 psi.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 1999

Go with the flow

A 12-p brochure describes a line of industrial flowmeters, including Coriolis mass flow, vortex shedding, oscillating piston, nutating disk, turbine, very low flow, and ink/high pressure. Specifications cover accuracy, line sizes, and flow ranges.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 1999

Portable meter measures vibration

Model 687A01 vibration meter kit puts predictive maintenance into the hands of the machine operator. Available with audio output, the kit is supplied with headphones, accelerometer, right-angle cable assembly, and high-strength magnet.IMI Div.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 1999

-- New e-commerce site from Automation Direct offers industrial control customers a full array of name brand and private label automation products, including variable frequency drives, motor contactors, photoelectric and proximity sensors, PLCs, and more.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 1999

Level sensor detects liquids and powders

Model SM902 sensor performs either dual-level pump-in or pump-out, on/off latch, and dual setpoint control functions with a variety of output types, response times, and sensing ranges.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 1999

Acceleration instruments

Acceleration instrumentation for vibration detection in rotating machinery is presented in a 12-p brochure. The literature covers accelerometer selection, measuring system types, and sensor technologies, both piezoelectric and capacitive.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 1999

Flowmeter doesn’t obstruct gas flow

DigitalFlow XGM868 gas ultrasonic flowmeter provides accurate, drift-free measurements without impeding flow.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 1999

Flowmeters – 1999-01-01

A 4-p brochure details new product offerings. Described are an all 316L, low-flow, metal tube flowmeter; glass tube flowmeters with 3-in. and 6-in.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision December 1, 1998

Pressure calibrator also tests instruments

The 718 Pressure Calibrator provides the total solution for accurately testing and calibrating pressure transmitters.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1998

Ultrasonic sensors respond to liquid, solid, powder

Superprox Model SM902 Series of ultrasonic, 30-mm, dual-level sensors detect material levels in tanks, hoppers, reservoirs, and loops. Software lets the devices be configured for a wide variety of applications.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1998

Linear actuator is lightweight, economical

Electrak E-150 linear actuator weighs 50% less than others, resists weather and corrosion, provides quiet operation, and costs less. Three models have load capacities of 110, 225, and 450 lb with respective speeds of 2, 1, and 0.5 ips.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1998

Package combines valve, actuator, and indicator

The SSVA Series of pneumatically actuated valves combine a valve, actuator, and visual position indicator into one automated, compact package.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision November 1, 1998

Proximity sensor learns and adjusts

IQ Prox inductive proximity sensor has self-adjusting background suppression that learns new environments and adjusts itself regardless of the metal background. It eliminates shielded and unshielded sensors, as well as sensors with extended ranges.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 1998

Flowmeter works outside pipes

UFX Series handheld, phase shift, ultrasonic flowmeters feature trans-phase measuring technology to provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed piping systems. The device uses a noninvasive, clamp-on transducer placed on the pipe OD.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 1998

Level controls

A wide range of level control systems is presented in a revised 8-p brochure. The literature makes it easy for the user to compare and contrast a variety of operating technologies such as ultrasonic, microwave, magnetostrictive, and RF capacitance.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision October 1, 1998

No hassle flow measurement

A CD-ROM program incorporates photographs, animated graphics, and video clips on the Promass line of mass flow instrumentation. A sizing program assists users in selecting the right flow instrument.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Finding momentary drops

Problem: Momentary drops (or extremely short power outages) in control circuits are often intermittent in nature and a beast to locate with a volt-ohm meter or other visual techniques.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Ultrasonic flowmeters

A 10-p brochure portrays a comprehensive line of nonintrusive ultrasonic flowmeters. The publication explains how these units perform as well as, or better than, intrusive types for liquid or gas flow measurements. Controlotron

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Smart flowmeters

Self diagnostic and field adjustment features of a new series of smart thermal mass flowmeters are presented in a 6-p brochure.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Flowmeter works on gases and liquids

Vortex PhD inline vortex flowmeter for gas, steam, and liquid features HART Protocol microprocessor-based electronics, EZ Logic user interface, self-diagnostics, built-in calibrator, and a sensor removable under full flow conditions.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Replacing connectors

Problem: Is there a simple and effective way to replace a connector when there are no replacements in stock? Solution: Use a short piece of 1Z4-in hose (or one that matches the shaft size of the encoder) and two hose clamps.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision September 1, 1998

Pressure transmitters use silicone technology

PTX & PMP 1200 Series pressure transmitters use piezoresistive silicon technology featuring 400% overpressure, fast response, long-term stability, and NACE compatibility.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision August 1, 1998

Fork and weigh it

RB-100 digital weighing system uses a stainless steel, helix load cell. The product can be installed on virtually any fork lift regardless of uneven surfaces, close tolerances, or other irregularities on the anchor-bolt hardware.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 1998

Humidity/temperature transmitters offer three mounting styles

HX95 Series RH/ Temp Transmitters offer versatility, reliability, and performance in three models: low-profile space mount, duct mount, and outside air mount.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 1998

Flowmeter offers easy setup

A self-contained flow transmitter can be set up before installation without requiring actual flow. The operator simply selects the appropriate flow range from the transmitter's setup menu; no further programming or calibration is required.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision July 1, 1998

Control varies fan speed in HVAC applications

SmartFan AC-VX Fan Speed Control for HVAC applications features automatic detection and adjustment for power factor, which permits efficient control of a wide range of single-phase PSC and shaded pole fans.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1998

Easy flowmeter selection

A free interactive CD-ROM sizes and selects vortex flowmeters. The program guides users through a process of entering application data, and calculates minimum and maximum flow rates, pressure drop, and other variables.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision June 1, 1998

Increasing centrifugal pump reliability

Tried and true centrifugal pumps have been used for years and should run troublefree. Improvements in containment, efficiency, and reliability have helped keep them among the workhorses of industry (Fig. 1).

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Sensors, Vision May 1, 1998

Flowmeters – 1998-05-01

Handbook contains 16-pp of practical ideas for applying Coriolis mass flow technology. Eighteen applications are presented for precision batch and continuous processing. The publication contains application diagrams and sample operating conditions.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 1998

Sensors and switches

A comprehensive sensors and switches catalog is divided into separate departments for level, flow, and pressure. Also presented are transducers and transmitters. Products are offered for high repeatability and reliability and ultra-pure applications.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision May 1, 1998

A new twist on level detection

I read with great interest your article on level indicators ("Selecting Liquid Level Detectors For Tanks," PE, February 1998, p 39, File 3599).

By Staff
Sensors, Vision April 1, 1998


ELECTRICAL POWER East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc. Deka Dominator gel battery ELECTRIC MOTORS DRIVES, AND CONTROLS Status Technologies MotorSTATUS condition monitoring sensor LIGHTING Hubbell, Inc.

By Staff
Sensors, Vision March 1, 1998

Using Control Valves To Optimize Cooling Water System Efficiency

The expense of treating water for use in cooling towers, boilers, and other plant applications is rapidly increasing.

By Edmond P. Ilg
Sensors, Vision March 1, 1998

Choosing The Right Chain Hoist

Plant engineers and maintenance personnel understand that hoists play an ongoing vital role in the manufacturing environment. Hoists lift materials and move finished products, while taking abuse in the process.

By Robert Olson
Sensors, Vision February 1, 1998

Selecting Liquid Level Detectors For Tanks

How much liquid is in the tank? How much did we use today? Is it time to refill? These are common questions around a typical plant. There are many ways to determine how much liquid is in a vessel.

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Sensors, Vision February 1, 1998

Hoist motors

A 6-p brochure describes a line of crane and hoist motors. Several types cover speed ranges from 40:1 to 1000:1 and horsepower to 300. Options include brakes, encoders, and insulation protection system for dirty and caustic environments.

By Staff