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Schematic representation of the overall AGAM system for determining the gas temperature in a power plant furnace. Courtesy Bonnenberg & Dresche)
Industrial PCs November 11, 2022

Company cuts component count in temperature measurement system for combustion plants

Bonnenberg & Drescher leverages flexible, fully integrated automation and measurement technology

By Ralf Stachelhaus
A workstation in the switch cabinet construction that is optimized for all actions should not be underestimated as a cost reducer in the production process.
Industrial PCs September 10, 2022

How to optimize your control cabinet construction

Partial automation reduces costs, helps ensure flexibility and can save time for workers in the long run.

By Weidmüller
This is how digital data continuity can look like: Weidmüller's Wire Processing Center - Consistent data, no printed plans, no media breaks between individual process steps. (Source: Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG)
Industrial PCs August 12, 2022

Digital data consistency accelerates control cabinet construction

Digital data consistency is beneficial for consistent processes in control cabinet construction.

By Weidmüller
Industrial PCs December 15, 2021

Launching rockets securely by converging IT, OT and high-speed DAQ

Converging information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) helps make an aerospace solid booster test bench safe from cyberattack.

By Grant M. Smith
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Industrial PCs October 25, 2021

Quantum computing, AI prompts a smarter power grid

Cornell University researchers are using quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to make a smarter power grid to reduce blackouts and other issues.

By Blaine Friedlander
Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs August 30, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles Aug 23-29, 2021

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By Keagan Gay
Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs August 16, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles Aug 9-15, 2021

Articles about PLCs improve predictive maintenance, productivity increasing with cloud connected IPC, the role o system integrator in the digital transformation, and more were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Aug 9-15, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Figure 6: AX5000 servo drives and AM8000 servo motors from Beckhoff power the pick-and-place robots that feed new cases to the milling towers. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Industrial PCs August 11, 2021

Productivity increases with cloud-connected IPC

Glidewell Dental used flexible, scalable automation, EtherCAT, and IIoT solutions to modernize prosthetic tooth factory

By James Figy
Courtesy: ADISRA
Industrial PCs April 1, 2021

How to accelerate data visualization

As the volume of industrial data grows exponentially, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are providing improved data visualization and storytelling tools to support intelligent automation and strategic decision making

By Leandro Coeli
Solving a problem requires users to determine the problem, gather the data and find the solution to create a roadmap. Courtesy: MartinCSI
Industrial PCs March 18, 2021

Operational technology: Data acquisition, data architectures, data analytics

Using Big Data for operational technology (OT) automation and control applications is increasingly important and can be a bewildering journey if the right questions aren’t asked. See four elements of data analytics system architecture.

By Nate Kay, P.E.