Cyber Security Training Videos

This cyber security training series provides a practical approach to the basic concepts of security for industrial networks. With the growing use of Ethernet and Internet connectivity with plant-floor systems, the opportunities for cyber criminals to invade your systems have grown by leaps and bounds. Presenter Matthew E. Luallen begins with the nature of cyber threats, considers why security is important, simulates an attack, offers defensive strategies, and ongoing practices for safer systems.

This program is aimed primarily at users coming from the industrial side who are responsible for plant-floor networks. Its basic training can provide a general strategic direction for practitioners, plus it can serve as a foundation for more advanced instruction. When using the videos in combination with the quizzes, you can receive PDHs for continuing education.

Total series running time, approximately 110 minutes.

About the presenter

Matthew E. Luallen is co-founder and president of CYBATI, a critical infrastructure and control system cyber security awareness and education company. Mr. Luallen has written, consulted and trained extensively on process control and SCADA security issues. He continues to work with electric utilities throughout the U.S. and Canada with the NERC CIP reliability standards. Prior to incorporating CYBATI, Luallen was a co-founder of Encari and still serves as the president of Sph3r3. Luallen also served as an Information Security Network Engineer and Architect at Argonne National Laboratory. Luallen holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a M.S. in Computer Science from National Technological University. He also serves as adjunct faculty for DePaul University's capstone cyber security and control system courses, as an 13-year CCIE and certified instructor for Cisco Systems, and as a certified instructor for the SANS Institute. He is also the author of a new hands-on, control system cybersecurity course promoted by CYBATI.

Cyber Security Training Videos

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