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On a quarterly basis, Plant Engineering conducts research studies on the various topics as they pertain to the manufacturing industry. Members of the Plant Engineering audience with buy/specify responsibilities within their facilities are asked to complete these surveys.

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FEATURED STUDY: Control Engineering and Plant Engineering 2016 Industrial Internet of Things & Industrie 4.0
This study was conducted by CFE Media to gauge the engineer's understanding and current implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0. Respondents to the 2016 Industrial Internet of Things & Industrie 4.0 study identified five key findings regarding their familiarity and implementation of the IIoT framework and Industrie 4.0 platform. Access the full report for findings.

FEATURED STUDY: Safety Study: Seven key findings
This 2016 Safety Study was conducted by Plant Engineering to better understand workplace safety in manufacturing. The research also looked at the idea of a safety "culture," how far these efforts extend into the plant and beyond, and safety trends and strategies. According to the study more than 70% of respondents' facilities have implemented regular safety meetings, safety audits, and a safety committee in order to enforce a safe work environment.
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FEATURED STUDY: 2016 Energy Management Study: Six findings on energy management programs
This study was conducted by Plant Engineering to evaluate the areas of responsibility and challenges that plant managers face in regards to measuring and monitoring energy consumption. Respondents to the study identified six high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today. Access the full report for key findings.

FEATURED STUDY: Maintenance Study: Seven key findings
Plant Engineering performed the 2016 Maintenance Study to better understand maintenance practices and strategies currently in place in North American manufacturing facilities and the effects of maintenance on productivity and profitability. According to the data in the 2016 Maintenance report, seventy-six percent of manufacturing facilities follow a preventive maintenance strategy; 61% use a run-to-failure method and 51% use a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). View and download the full report.

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