IoT Emerge
An industry revolution in the making: The Industrial Internet of Things

Featuring presenters Alex West and Brian Arbuckle from IHS


You'll discover:

  • The basic issues around cybersecurity threats in the manufacturing sector and process industries.
  • Why investment in equipment and strategy is important even in challenging economic times.
  • The technologies available to secure both legacy systems and new installations.
  • The challenges and benefits of adopting a robust cybersecurity strategy for process manufacturing.
In Detail:

Developments in the world of industrial control -- including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), cloud-based services, as well as Industrie 4.0 and other developments in the world of automation -- have focused attention on cybersecurity. The rollout speed of this technology may depend on users' confidence in its security (i.e. if the benefits will be outweighed by an increase in vulnerability).

While Industry 4.0 / IIoT greatly enhances the capability of industrial control communications, it is already increasing the worry of cyber attacks and the challenge of keeping devices secure. Long lifecycles in manufacturing industries may lead to slow evolution in control technology and with it a mix of new and legacy systems. Understanding the security considerations of legacy protocols and systems continues to be important.

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