Principles of Lean Maintenance: Q&A Session

Webcast Q&A session with presenter Shon Isenhour, CMRP, Director of Education, Allied Reliability Group

  1. Q: What is considered to be the best Project Management software? What Is considered to be the best task time estimating software?

    • A: There are many choices available for project management software and they are a bit like CMMS and EAMs. Every user has a favorite but in the end they are all just tools. Which one you buy tends to be decided by how you are going to use it.  The two most well know are Oracle's Primavera and Microsoft's Project. I recently have come to like a cloud based tool called smartsheet that allows for great collaboration. You can check it out her: As for the best task time estimating software, most of us use Microsoft excel and the time tables built from our task level job plan.

  2. Q: How can I recognize a non-value added task?

    • A: In a pure LEAN manufacturing world a non-value added step is one in which the status did not change. Non-Value added task in maintenance do not address a known failure mode or it does not identify the presence of a failure mode or it is not regulatory or statutory in nature.

  3. Q: Is the lean applicable to power management and utility, and how is carried out?

    • A: Elements of Lean are applicable to all facilities and industries. I have specifically implemented them in your industry. Specifically for power management and utility I might suggest 5S, right first time and waste elimination just to start. Contact me via email and we can discuss your facility at

  4. Q: How does Quality tie into Lean?

    • A: Quality is an integral part of LEAN. The absence of quality and quality standards creates non value added waste and waste reduction core to the lean philosophy.



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