Motors and Drives: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)--Overview, Types, and Benefits

Part 1 of the Variable Frequency Drive Series describes what variable frequency drives and their benefits.

VFD -What are they and what are the benefits

  • Adjustable Speed and Direction Control

  • Controlled Starting Current, Acceleration and Stopping

    • Soft starting, s-curves, dynamic braking

  • Energy Savings and Reduced Power Line Disturbances

    • Across-the-line starting Line Noise

    • Across-the-line Inrush current

  • Elimination of some mechanical Components

  • Variety of Control Methods (see Video 15)

    • keypad, Digital IO, 4-20mA, 0-10V, -10/+10V, encoder following, serial comms, Ethernet/OPC

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