Financial Benefits through Pump Optimization eGuide

What Separates the Top Performers is a Focus On the Factors they can Control - Including Maintaining Efficient Operations and Analyzing the Total Life-Cycle Costs of their Equipment. Pumps typically consume more energy than any other equipment category in continuous process indus­tries. What’s more, according to a recent study by the FiveTwelve Group, the average annual expense for pump system maintenance and operations is approximately 50% greater than for any other rotating machine.

Companies that operate large numbers of pumps also need to focus on their energy costs. But too many organiza­tions consider these costs separately, when in fact they are closely linked.

Every watt of excess energy ”pumped” into a motor system converts to vibration or heat that creates exces­sive wear on a pump or the rotating machine. Focusing on pump efficiency can deliver three benefits at once, and a comprehensive program for managing pump operating costs, through system optimization techniques, will identify and eliminate inefficiencies in pump reliability, energy and maintenance.

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