Pumps March 1, 2019

Model 7950 valve by AGF Manufacturing

The Model 7950 Automatic In-Line Air Vent (ILV) features a separation chamber engineered to remove air

Pumps March 1, 2019

Sample pro portable pump by QED Environmental

The Sample Pro Portable Pump is free of groundwater contaminants

By QED Environmental
Pumps March 1, 2019

ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve by Danfoss

The ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve provides a gradual, time-controlled opening for a smoother pressure buildup in an evaporator.

Pumps October 1, 2018

Offshore pumps provide a lesson for manufacturers

Manufacturing faces a series of maintenance challenges on dry land. When you move the manufacturing process to an offshore oil rig, those challenges become magnified. It's vital to maintain operational efficiency in all areas, and pumps are clearly one of the highest-stressed areas on a rig.

Pumps November 1, 2013

Steamtip of the month: Steam-powered condensate vs. electric pumps

What are the advantages of steam-powered condensate pumps over the electric pump?

By Spirax Sarco
Pumps October 30, 2013

Waterhammer: How much do you know?

As soon as steam leaves the boiler, condensate takes place in the pipe due to heat loss. This situation is even more intense during the initial supply of steam and when the steam is cold.

By Spirax Sarco
Pumps October 24, 2013

9 things to know about electric pumps

Select the right pump; assure pumps meet standards, regulations; beware pressure shock.

By Spirax Sarco
Pumps June 26, 2013

Integrated pump services market poised to grow

Frost and Sullivan study finds new technology and staff restrictions will expand use of services

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Pumps January 17, 2013

Sludge blanket level detector

The Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector improves energy efficiency while processing incoming water or treating wastewater

Pumps December 4, 2012

Unthrottle your profits

Tips for boosting pump efficiency and reliability

By Mike Pemberton, ITT Goulds Pumps