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Lubrication March 1, 1998

Guidelines For Obtaining Power Plant Permitting Under The Clean Air Act

When planning a new industrial power plant or expansion of an existing facility, permitting procedures mandated by the CAAA, as contained within the SIPs, must be considered.

By Mark L. Brecher
Lubrication March 1, 1998

Choosing The Right Chain Hoist

Plant engineers and maintenance personnel understand that hoists play an ongoing vital role in the manufacturing environment. Hoists lift materials and move finished products, while taking abuse in the process.

By Robert Olson
Lubrication March 1, 1998

How To Decide Between Synthetic And Petroleum-Based Lubricants

All too often, purchase cost is the deciding factor when buying lubricants.

By Harold Tucker
Lubrication March 1, 1998

Getting oiled in the right places

Machinery Oil Analysis is a three-part video training series relating lubrication and machinery maintenance. Part one includes methods of lubrication and uses of oil analysis. Part two covers failure modes and their indicators and oil sampling procedures.

By Staff
Lubrication March 1, 1998

New greases reduce bearing failures

Six new greases solve several bearing problems. Multi-Purpose extends relubrication periods for all general applications. Hi-Load provides long-lasting lubrication for heavily loaded bearings or those subjected to shock loading and vibration.

By Staff
Lubrication February 1, 1998

Using Ultrasonic Instrumentation To Enhance Plant Maintenance

Ultrasonic technology's primary function -- to detect air and gas leaks -- plays a significant role in reducing plant energy costs and is an important part of any plant maintenance program.

By Howard Malm
Lubrication February 1, 1998

Proper Steam Hose Selection Leads To Performance, Safety, And Economic Benefits

There are powerful economic and safety reasons for properly specifying and handling steam hose assemblies.

By Howard Aspinall
Lubrication February 1, 1998

PM Program Keeps Asphalt Parking Lots Up-To-Speed

Drive through your parking lot and view it through the eyes of a customer, visitor, or employee.

By Alan J. Rose
Lubrication February 1, 1998

Properly Designed Filtration Systems Keep Plant Air Quality High

With the variety of contaminants that exist in most manufacturing plants, a single type of filtration system or filter medium seldom is universally effective.

By Dean Schneider
Lubrication January 1, 1998

Compressor provides variable pressure

M12 portable rotary screw compressor delivers variable pressures from 70 to 190 psig, with output rated at 43 cfm at 100 psig. Features include the power-saving SIGMA profile airend and air-cooled oil cooler with fan. Kaeser Compressors

By Staff