Two-stage rotary screw compressor, SKY2.
Lubrication January 18, 2022

EP and AW additives in rolling bearing lubrication

EP and AW additives in rotary screw compressors improve the service life of bearings in moderate and higher load applications.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Lubrication December 22, 2021

Lubricants can provide answers to current manufacturing challenges

Manufacturing is dealing with major supply chain issues that have worsened during the two-year COVID-19 pandemic. Lubrication engineers and experts can help, but the struggle ahead is going to be a long one.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: The Lubrizol Corporation/NLGI
Lubrication November 18, 2021

Grease performance testing methods

Lubricating grease tests help measure performance properties and there are many different types of tests depending on the application.

By Chuck Coe
Courtesy: Kline
Lubrication October 18, 2021

The drive to net-zero, sustainability and digital

Technologies create many new opportunities and challenges for the lubrication industry when it comes to sustainability.

By Kline
Courtesy of STLE.
Lubrication September 12, 2021

The art of manufacturing grease

Research is ongoing to develop improved products and give them greater flexibility in manufacturing applications.

By Andrea R. Aikin
Figure 5: The color of the synthetic gear oil used in a wind turbine becomes progressively darker over time. Courtesy: OELCHECK GmbH./STLE
Lubrication August 31, 2021

Emerging technologies advance condition monitoring techniques

Lubrication engineers extend machine life by integrating lab analyses with online-generated data.

By Neil Canter
Figure 1: Comparison of NLGI GC-LB and HPM core grease properties. Courtesy: NLGI
Lubrication August 10, 2021

How the NLGI HPM specification facilitates grease selection

Proper selection can be challenging as multiple criteria must be considered when selecting a lubricating grease.

By Dr. Gareth Fish
Courtesy: Texas A&M Engineering
Lubrication July 29, 2021

Upcycling plastic waste into high-performing mechanical lubricants

A multi-institutional research team is working on upcycling plastic waste into liquid lubricants, including oil, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids and greases.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Courtesy: Pall Corp.
Lubrication July 26, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles July 19-25, 2021

Articles about how to take lubrication problems in industrial manufacturing, predictive maintenance best practices, properly sizing surge protective devices, and more were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 19-25, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Robert Levinger
Courtesy: Pall Corp.
Lubrication July 16, 2021

How to tackle lubrication problems in industrial manufacturing

Lubrication maintenance in industrial manufacturing is a job that requires years of experience, SOPs, safety precautions and attention to detail.

By Darren Nowicki