Lubrication July 27, 2022

Air entrainment, aeration, cavitation and foaming: How are they related?

There are many causes and solutions to this foaming issue

By Dan Holdmeyer
Courtesy: STLE
Lubrication June 15, 2022

Regrease properly to improve bearing life

A simple equation and a checklist of important considerations can help to optimize the greasing of bearings.

By Dan Holdmeyer
Lubrication April 14, 2022

Flushing out air compressor lubricants

Picking the right lubricant for an air compressor can reduce downtime and prolong the machine’s life. Five lubricant base stocks are highlighted.

By Kyle Treble
Courtesy of: STLE
Lubrication April 5, 2022

Tribology event welcomes return of in-person meeting and exhibition

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers sets sights on Orlando for in-person lubricant industry event in May.

By Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Lubrication March 4, 2022

The value of lubricant cleanliness

Best practices for transferring oil from storage into use and keeping it clean in operation.

By Jeanna Van Rensselar
Courtesy: POLARIS Laboratories
Lubrication February 24, 2022

New and in-service grease testing

Experts discuss considerations for lubricating grease testing while formulating and in-service testing practices.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Grease kettles may be pressurized or unpressurized and are used to manufacture greases, a lubricant.
Lubrication February 10, 2022

No two greases are the same

Physical characteristics include consistency, mechanical stability, oil separation, water resistance and low-temperature flow

By David Turner
Two-stage rotary screw compressor, SKY2.
Lubrication January 18, 2022

EP and AW additives in rolling bearing lubrication

EP and AW additives in rotary screw compressors improve the service life of bearings in moderate and higher load applications.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Lubrication December 22, 2021

Lubricants can provide answers to current manufacturing challenges

Manufacturing is dealing with major supply chain issues that have worsened during the two-year COVID-19 pandemic. Lubrication engineers and experts can help, but the struggle ahead is going to be a long one.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: The Lubrizol Corporation/NLGI
Lubrication November 18, 2021

Grease performance testing methods

Lubricating grease tests help measure performance properties and there are many different types of tests depending on the application.

By Chuck Coe