Compressed Air

Raymond Corp. strives to recruit the best talent to fill welding and manufacturing positions and is committed to developing a strong workforce through continuous training. Courtesy: Raymond Corp.
Maintenance December 13, 2019

Top Plant 2019: Raymond Corp. excels as an innovator

From introducing wooden pallets to incorporating Lithium ion batteries, near-100-year-old Raymond Corp. moves the materials that define the e-commerce era.

By Kevin Parker
Wireless mobile solutions sensors are compact, energy-efficient and designed to work with a variety of mobile device to provide a simple solution for portable and diagnostic applications. Courtesy: Parker Hannifin Corp.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 August 14, 2019

Take baby steps on IIoT

Collect usable data as the first step toward effective analysis.

By Tim Faillo
VAC-U-MAX is a family company founded by Frank Pendleton (left). The company is currently run by Steve Pendelton. Courtesy: VAC-U-MAX
Compressed Air June 5, 2019

Compressed air, vacuum cleaning solution company celebrates 65 years

VAC-U-MAX reached its 65th anniversary, providing material handling and industrial vacuum solutions to a variety of industries dependent on compressed air and cleanliness for their engineering applications.

Engineering and project management are by far the two biggest skills needed for a successful manufacturing career. Courtesy: CFE Media
Compressed Air March 11, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles March 4-10

Articles about calculating compressed air efficiency, Brexit's impact on manufacturing, 2018 Salary Survey findings, and conveyor maintenance were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from March 4-10. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Scott Barker, marketing leader with Quincy Compressors. Courtesy: Quincy Compressors
Compressed Air February 28, 2019

A new way to calculate compressed air efficiency

Upcoming DOE standards will require new testing

By Scott Barker
Plant Engineering 2018 Product of the Year Finalist Logo
Events and Awards November 8, 2018

2018 Product of the Year Finalists

Get connected to manufacturing's future: The official ballot is open for voting for Plant Engineering North American print and digital edition subscribers, for a limited time. Cast your vote using CFE Media's New Products for Engineers platform. (Voting closed Jan. 11, 2019.)

By CFE Media
Compressed Air October 23, 2018

Compressor rental: 7 myths and facts

A flexible approach to air requires fresh thinking.

By Ryan Cook, Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services
Courtesy: CFE Media
Compressed Air October 12, 2018

Compressed air and VFDs: Get the most from your system: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Jarrett Affolter answered questions about topics such as cost benefits of a compressed air system, recommended volume for an air tank, and when to use fixed speed or variable speed.

By Jarrett Affolter, Ingersoll Rand
Compressed Air June 1, 2018

Best practices for compressor storage

Understanding best practices for compressor storage for a lubricated trim compressor with load/unload controls is critical for optimized performance.

By Robert C. Neely, Cummins-Wagner
Events and Awards April 17, 2018

Plant Engineering 2017 Product of the Year Winners

The 2017 award recipients represent the best in innovation

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, Plant Engineering