Pumps September 1, 2019

BFP-3510D Big Shot by Goodway Technologies

The unit comes fully equipped with a 10 HP (7.5 kW) or 15HP (Diesel) motor, a triplex plunger two-gun, alternate shot pump.

By Goodway Technologies
Pumps July 22, 2019

Association names international officers for 2019-2020

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) named Brian Larry as chairman of the board for the 2019-2020 administrative year.

By Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)
Pumps March 1, 2019

Design envelope pump by Armstrong Fluid Technology

The Design Envelope pump ranges from 1 hp to 250hp.

By Armstrong Fluid Technology
Pumps March 1, 2019

KPP05 Piston Pump by Kinitics Automation

The KPP05 Piston Pump is a shape memory alloy-based, positive displacement pump

By Kinitics Automation
Pumps March 1, 2019

Ductless Minisplit Heat Pump System by Bosch

The Ductless Minisplit System has separate indoor and outdoor units and only requires a 3-inch diameter opening through a wall to run the drain pipe.

By Bosch
Pumps March 1, 2019

220TV rotary piston pump by Tri-Rotor

The 220TV Rotary Piston Pump immediately responds to changes in the discharge line.

By Tri-Rotor
Pumps March 1, 2019

Model 7950 valve by AGF Manufacturing

The Model 7950 Automatic In-Line Air Vent (ILV) features a separation chamber engineered to remove air

Pumps March 1, 2019

Sample pro portable pump by QED Environmental

The Sample Pro Portable Pump is free of groundwater contaminants

By QED Environmental
Pumps March 1, 2019

ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve by Danfoss

The ICSH Dual Position Solenoid Valve provides a gradual, time-controlled opening for a smoother pressure buildup in an evaporator.

Pumps November 2, 2018

Windfalls for pallets and bearings

Two industries in our factory operating materials and supplies report are enjoying A+ margin grades. This means the combination of rising product prices and falling manufacturing costs has created an inflation windfall for producers of wooden pallets (SIC 2448), as well as ball and roller bearings (SIC 3562).

By Staff