Coronavirus, COVID-19

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Discrete Manufacturing March 30, 2020

Manufacturing, supply chain face uncertain future due to coronavirus

An MIT supply chain expert warns the effects of coronavirus, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, could have long-lasting ripple effects as the pandemic causes major disruptions to the supply chain.

By Peter Dizikes
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Business of Engineering March 28, 2020

Survey on impact of COVID-19 on electronics industry released

Recent results of a survey on the impact of the coronavirus displayed a shift towards more positive expectations and minimal impact to the electronic components industry.

By Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)
Courtesy: Siemens
Manufacturing IT, MES March 27, 2020

Manufacturer connects healthcare field to produce components through additive manufacturing

Siemens has opened its additive manufacturing network to enable the efficient execution of design and printing requests by doctors, hospitals and suppliers of medical equipment in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
“People are worried about the food supply chain,” said MIT supply chain expert Yossi Sheffi, who is the Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT, a professor in MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. “However, the U.S. food supply chain is very robust.” Courtesy: Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT
Business of Engineering March 27, 2020

Coronavirus’ effect on supply chain varies by industry, according to expert

Supply chain concerns depend on the industry according to an MIT expert on the topic. While food availability is not a major concern, the lack of critical medical supplies is and needs to be addressed quickly.

By Peter Dizikes
Courtesy: Hannover Messe
Discrete Manufacturing March 26, 2020

Hannover Messe 2020 cancelled

The annual manufacturing event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Organizers plan to launch digital events leading up to the next annual show in April 2021.

By Hannover Messe
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Cybersecurity March 26, 2020

Five tips to stay cyber secure when working remotely

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are working remotely to avoid getting sick. Consider these five tips to make sure your cyber hygiene is as strong as your physical hygiene.

By Rishbha Bhagi
Ice cream production at the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant. Courtesy: Cornell University
Safety March 25, 2020

Website created to help food manufacturers stay safe during coronavirus pandemic

Cornell’s Institute for Food Safety has created a website to help keep the food processing industry safe during the coronavirus pandemic and provide useful and accurate information.

By Blaine Friedlander
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Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2020

Supply chain issues impacting the country’s recovery from the coronavirus

The effects of coronavirus are having an effect on the supply chain, particularly when it comes to critical items like ventilators, which are in high demand right now.

By Robert Handfield, Ph.D.
Flexicon received a waiver from the state of Pennsylvania to continue operations during the coronavirus outbreak because the company was deemed to produce vital products. Courtesy: Flexicon
Automation March 25, 2020

Manufacturer receives operations waiver during coronavirus outbreak in Pennsylvania

Flexicon has been granted a waiver by the State of Pennsylvania to continue operating during the COVID-19 outbreak due to its role in the supply chain for life-sustaining businesses.

By Flexicon Corporation
Courtesy: Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Business of Engineering March 24, 2020

Equipment leasing drops sharply in February due to coronavirus worries

The ELFA reported a drop of 26% in business volume in February as concerns about coronavirus and its impact on manufacturing take hold.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association