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Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance Strategy October 16, 2013

A change in speed control strategy ramps up production for steel company

TSA manufacturing upgraded the speed controls for their thread roller by adding a variable speed drive

By Mike Daniel, Industrial Motion Technologies
Maintenance Strategy October 16, 2013

The use, utility of steam

In the first of a three-part series, Spirax Sarco, a Plant Engineering content partner, takes a look at the uses and utility of steam as a manufacturing power source and as a source of clean energy.

Maintenance Strategy October 7, 2013

Empowering shop-floor leaders to optimize energy performance

Three of the most common energy management challenges companies face are measuring metrics, managing disparate systems and data sources, and a lack of support around energy management

By Matthew Littlefield, LNS Research
Maintenance Strategy October 7, 2013

Material handling roadmap report needs industry review

Deadline for comments on report's first draft is Oct. 15

Maintenance Strategy October 7, 2013

Top 10 recommendations for successful design and construction in large operating facilities

A fresh perspective on streamlining a complex process

By Julian Quist, PE, SSOE Group
Maintenance Strategy October 7, 2013

Four ways fabric curtain walls can improve energy efficiency

Fabric curtain walls have many benefits for building including increased energy efficiency, controlling dust and debris, and HVAC cooling

By Kyle Justice, Zoneworks
Maintenance Strategy October 7, 2013

The assembly line turns 100

The first moving assembly line debuted by Ford for the Model T production on October 7, 1913.

Maintenance Strategy October 2, 2013

PMI leaps to another new high for 2013

ISM Index hits 56.2 percent in September as manufacturing optimism grows

Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2013

CMMS keeps a watchful eye on outside contractors

All contracted work should be tracked by a CMMS database. Just as the maintenance manager assigns a job to a staff member and issues a work order, he should do the same for outside technicians.

By Paul Lachance, Smartware Group
Maintenance Strategy September 27, 2013

Why full-power wind converters are not overtaking the market yet

High prices for rare earth materials, lagging offshore wind development, and high demand for doubly-fed converters by China continue to hamper the market.

By IHS Inc.