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Maintenance Strategy January 13, 2023

Automation testing market to more than triple its growth over next decade

The automation testing market is expected to more than triple its growth over the next decade due to increased demand and artificial intelligence (AI) use.

By Future Market Insights
Maintenance Strategy January 10, 2023

Test equipment upgrades balance art and science

Equipment upgrades are dependent on a well-developed plan that can help companies make informed data-driven decisions that will contribute to a company’s business goals.

By Daryl Rothamer
Maintenance Strategy December 13, 2022

Overcoming IT/OT convergence challenges for predictive maintenance in process manufacturing

Bridging the information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) system divide is crucial for process industries for successful predictive maintenance (PdM) utilization.

By Serdar Uckun
Maintenance Strategy October 20, 2022

A seven-step journey to prescriptive maintenance

There are several steps engineers can take to move from reactive to prescriptive plant maintenance.

By Marcel Koks
Maintenance Strategy October 5, 2022

Management culture and the maintenance prize

There are many benefits to equipment longevity when attention is paid to practices. Four types of maintenance and culture tips are highlighted.

By Andrea R. Aikin
Maintenance Strategy September 14, 2022

The process of effective predictive maintenance

Best practice strategies involve reducing maintenance costs and improving equipment performance.

By Andrea R. Aikin
Maintenance Strategy July 19, 2022

Five strategies to consider when building a maintenance management plan

Developing a maintenance management plan requires careful attention and knowledge to a company’s specific needs and requirements for improving overall productivity and safety.

By Ryan Condon
Maintenance Strategy June 30, 2022

Improving asset criticality with better decision making at the plant level

KPIs express and protect the license to operate, which include safety, environmental, and compliance protections

By Mike Brooks and Mike Strobel
Maintenance Strategy May 24, 2022

Optimizing equipment scanning

Implementing and leveraging this scanning technology, enhances productivity and provides multiple benefits for project owners.

By Mark LaBell
Maintenance Strategy May 3, 2022

How predictive maintenance impacts preventive maintenance

You can’t shut down every time there’s an alert

By Mo Abuali and Edzel Lapira
Maintenance Strategy April 4, 2022

Getting started with AI-based predictive maintenance

Artificial intelligence (AI), and particularly machine learning (ML), provide effective tools for implementing predictive maintenance.

By Kristin Lewotsky
Maintenance Strategy March 22, 2022

Four strategies for implementing machine monitoring equipment

Setting objectives for machine monitoring, prioritizing machines, developing relevant performance metrics and continuously improving them.

By Bryan Christiansen
Maintenance Strategy October 25, 2021

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles Oct 18-24, 2021

Articles about a pressing case for predictive analytics, difference between NEMA and IEC electric motors, how to avoid COVID-19 related schedule delays using Lean, and more, were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from Oct 18-24, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Maintenance Strategy October 22, 2021

Tackling overall equipment effectiveness to improve manufacturing operations

Original equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the product of availability, performance and quality. Knowing how to use these elements can help manufacturers improve operations.

By Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard
Maintenance Strategy October 12, 2021

A pressing case for predictive analytics at MacLean-Fogg

Predictive maintenance on a hot forming press gets automotive supplier started in smart manufacturing

By Mo Abuali, David Siegel and the MacLean-Fogg team
Maintenance Strategy August 18, 2021

Four ways manufacturers can grow post-COVID-19

Manufacturers remain resilient and strong in the pandemic’s wake, but there are steps to take to prepare for the next anomalous event

By John Felix
Maintenance Strategy August 15, 2021

Who knows what to expect?

Solutions for condition monitoring are coming from all directions as manufacturers try to streamline supply chain operations.

By Kevin Parker
Maintenance Strategy May 27, 2021

Understanding preventive and predictive maintenance

Preventive (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) can improve productivity, delivery, customer satisfaction, and profits.

By Daniel Penn Associates
Maintenance Strategy March 3, 2021

Working corrective maintenance into an equipment maintenance strategy

Corrective equipment maintenance can be an effective tool if it is used by all the people on the floor to help maintain the equipment and drive production efficiency.

By Jon Richardson
Maintenance Strategy December 15, 2020

How to remove waste and cost from the indirect supply chain

Skilled labor service companies can solve supply chain problems for manufacturers while improving their bottom line

By Jim Freaner
Maintenance Strategy December 11, 2020

How air casters integrate CNC machining and business operations

Lean methodologies are supported by flexibility in plant floor layouts

By John Massenburg
Maintenance Strategy November 23, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles November 16-22, 2020

Articles about Product of the Year finalists, maintenance automation, wearable exoskeletons, facility safety and building a maintenance program were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from November 16-22, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Maintenance Strategy November 17, 2020

How TPM boosts productivity in manufacturing

Adopt total productive maintenance to improve manufacturing productivity

By Jonathan Wilkins
Maintenance Strategy August 7, 2020

How to address digital transformation challenges

Bottom-up efforts provide a better path to success than top-down edicts for digital transformation initiatives

By Jeff Householder
Maintenance Strategy August 3, 2020

Tips on how to achieve multisite CMMS success

How four companies accomplished multisite CMMS implementations, gaining a consolidated view of operations and standardized maintenance practices

By Raymond Lattanzio
Maintenance Strategy April 19, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles April 13-19, 2020

Articles about best practices for essential manufacturing, COVID-19 safety, protecting the supply chain, asset performance management and robots fighting COVID-19 were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 13-19, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Maintenance Strategy April 8, 2020

Protecting the supply chain from global crises

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing manufacturers to rethink the supply chain and how it can be affected by outside forces. Consider the 14 questions and actions highlighted.

By Tony Rodriguez
Maintenance Strategy April 4, 2020

A profound impact on manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing manufacturing in many ways. Learn how some are being affected and what they're doing for the future

By Kevin Parker
Maintenance Strategy March 10, 2020

Preventing coronavirus through preparation

Many manufacturers are becoming increasingly concerned with Covid-19 breakouts on the production floor. There are ways to improve worker safety through preventive best practices and proper preparation.

By Eagle CMMS
Maintenance Strategy March 8, 2020

Increase profits by recycling metalworking fluids

Leaders in the metalworking and metal forming industries understand fluid recycling can have a positive effect on their bottom line

By Darrell Milton and Ronald Wendt
Maintenance Strategy October 14, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles October 7-13

Articles about data-driven maintenance, optimizing project satisfaction, condition monitoring technologies, manufacturing trends, and the Engineering Leaders Under 40 were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 7-13. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Maintenance Strategy October 8, 2019

Forge a path to data-driven maintenance excellence

And then use metrics to track the progress being made.

By Paul Lachance
Maintenance Strategy September 9, 2019

Maintain secondary equipment via IIoT

Nonproduction equipment like dust collectors compete for maintenance attention; IIoT can help identify issues before they become larger problems.

By Brent Nelson
Maintenance Strategy July 30, 2019

Five-step continuous improvement cycle for businesses

Like basketball, businesses need everyone to work together to achieve the same goal and improve the company. A five-step continuous improvement cycle can help.

By Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy July 15, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles July 8-14

Articles about maintenance process redesign, smart manufacturing, lubrication and bearings, predictive maintenance obstacles, and safety best practices were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 8-14. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Maintenance Strategy June 25, 2019

12 benefits of using standards in design, implementation for iMOM projects

Integrated manufacturing operations management (iMOM) is designed to increase and sustain business benefits for users such as improved accuracy and thorough implementation.

By Stan DeVries
Maintenance Strategy June 6, 2019

Overcoming predictive maintenance obstacles

There are several key barriers to the implementation of predictive maintenance technologies, but they can be alleviated.

By Jos Martin
Maintenance Strategy May 13, 2019

The need for speed

In an accelerating supply chain, effective management of costs, people and data is becoming more crucial.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy March 25, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles March 18-24

Articles about maintenance strategies, IEEE 1584-2018, maintenance survey findings, AI-based maintenance, and machine learning and maintenance were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from March 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Maintenance Strategy March 11, 2019

Flipping the script

Maintenance strategy requires technology—and a new mindset.

By Kevin Price
Maintenance Strategy March 8, 2019

Machine learning takes maintenance to a new level

Strategy a compliment to predictive maintenance.

By Fritz Cleveland
Maintenance Strategy February 8, 2019

Conveyor maintenance delivers reliability

A mix of strategies can keep the supply chain operating effectively

By Kate Nadeau
Maintenance Strategy December 15, 2018

Auto industry’s change is deeply felt

Change is in the air in the automotive industry in more ways than one and the effects will be long-lasting in many ways.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy December 13, 2018

Mazak receives 2018 Top Plant Award

Mazak embraces technology and innovation to deliver productivity to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy December 4, 2018

Predictive maintenance market grows along with benefits

Tracking plant equipment health through data management a growing trend

By Dr. Sean Otto
Maintenance Strategy November 12, 2018

Business process improvement project benefits valve manufacturer

A valve manufacturing company went through a business process improvement project that involved enterprise resource planning (ERP) evaluation and selection engagement.

By Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy October 22, 2018

Four reasons to use tubing rather than piping to convey material

Tubing can provide a user several advantages over piping to convey material such as being better suited to handle tougher regulations and providing the user lower overall long-term costs.

By Joe Mainello, Cross Co.
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2018

PMI slips, but overall manufacturing growth remains solid

Manufacturing index slides to 59.8% in September as impact of tariffs take center stage.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2018

A match made in motors and drives

Should matching motors and drives be as simple as matching socks? Chris Moskaites of Lenze Americas offers that view this month, writing that the idea of getting your motors and drives from the same equipment manufacturer means instant compatibility. "With one manufacturer for the motor and drive, the capabilities of each and the suitability for the application are automatically cross-checked while going through the selection process," Moskaites said. "There's no need to double check calculations and the selection process is significantly faster." That strategy extends not just to the initial purchase, but also to maintenance.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2018

People are the overlooked resource

It's easy to get caught up in all the technology around modern manufacturing, particularly as it mirrors so closely the changes in society as a whole. With the increase in artificial intelligence and the reliance on devices, it's easy to forget the importance of the human machine amid all of this technology. Keith Barr, president and CEO of CFE Media content partner Leading2Lean suggests in the September issue that in an era of technology, humans may be the most important asset.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2018

Women in engineering: ‘Focus on confidence’

The 2018 Engineering Leaders Under 40 report in the September issue of Plant Engineering also had a series of interviews with six women engineers at Victaulic Company. They discussed the opportunities and challenges they've faced in their careers and offered a variety of advice on how women can and should succeed in manufacturing and engineering. One of the sagest insights was from Katie Yovanoich, who suggested women engineers should "find a mentor--reach out to anyone who you aspire to be like.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 25, 2018

Engineering a change

Women are taking their place in manufacturing leadership.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 25, 2018

Women in Engineering: The challenges and the barriers

“If this area of study was not perceived as predominantly male, I think young girls would be more enthusiastic to test their abilities in STEM fields."

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy September 25, 2018

Women in Engineering: What’s been your greatest thrill as an engineer?

“I’ve had the opportunity to present engineering ideas to leaders within the company. It has challenged me to develop the ideas in a clear and concise manner, which I believe has made me into a successful engineer.”

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy September 20, 2018

Manufacturing 4.0: Just add people

Adding human intellect to technology produces greater results and ingenuity is central to manufacturing, increasing efficiency, inspiring a new generation of skilled workers, and creating bottom line profitability.

By Keith Barr, Leading2Lean
Maintenance Strategy September 17, 2018

Making a change in your plant

If there was one overriding topic at the recently-completed International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, it was change. New products and new strategies were in wide availability, but a lot of the discussion for the week was about how to change. Sessions focused on the challenges of workforce shortages and the proliferation of robotics, but some speakers noted that change itself was a necessary component of manufacturing's future. "The way manufacturers do business is constantly changing.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 17, 2018

PMI hits highest level in 14 years

The barometer of manufacturing strength remains the monthly PMI Index, and the forecast remains mostly sunny, with a few headwinds. The PMI jumped 3.2 percentage points to 61.3% the second time in three months the index had been above the 20% growth rate of 60%, according to the Institute for Supply Management, which publishes the monthly manufacturing benchmark. Despite concerns from committee members about tariffs, employment and the strength of the manufacturing supply chain, Timothy R. Fiore, chairman of ISM's Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, said the fundamental numbers for manufacturing remained bullish.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 10, 2018

As IMTS opens, records are falling

Largest-ever show by size should break attendance mark as well.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 6, 2018

PMI hits highest level in 14 years as demand remains strong

Manufacturing index reaches 61.3%; trade, labor concerns linger

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy September 3, 2018

GAMS conference: a practical approach to IIoT

When CFE Media convenes its Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) on Sept, 12, part of the week long IMTS 2018 from Sept. 10-15 in Chicago, the focus for the half-day panel discussions is in identifying practical ways to bring IIoT into the plant floor. Featuring keynotes from Siemens and SAP and with topics focusing of cybersecurity, maintenance and robotics, the event will challenge industry experts to bring IIoT out of the clouds (and the cloud?) to offer immediately action items for the plant management teams to implement.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy August 27, 2018

The global view in manufacturing

A strong industrial manufacturing market overcomes uncertainties and looks to the future.

By Alex West, IHS Markit
Maintenance Strategy August 24, 2018

Plant of the Future: Seeking the ‘next level of perfection’

Will technology make manufacturing better in the next five years?

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy August 24, 2018

Plant of the Future: Systems will guide the way

What does this change mean for the operations team?

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy August 24, 2018

Plant of the Future: A new workforce needs new skills, training

How will hiring, training, and staff retention have to change as a result?

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy August 21, 2018

How to implement a smart ERP system

Well-planned enterprise resource planning (ERP) starts with keeping the goals of transforming the business and optimizing operations.

By Brad Staats, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy August 20, 2018

Augmented reality: Not just for video games

Plant managers can use AR to improve production, reduce costs.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy August 20, 2018

Seeking the ‘next level of perfection’

Plant of the Future: How technology will improve manufacturing.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy August 17, 2018

Embrace your future: How robotics and AI are changing manufacturing

GAMS, Session 1: Robotics and AI, Sept 12, 2018: 1 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.

Maintenance Strategy August 17, 2018

‘Engagement is critical in the implementation of change’

“The advancement in technology must be seen as a means for the long-time worker to share their knowledge and simplify processes for the next generation of workers. This will drive efficiency in the workforce as a whole.”

By Hans Thalbauer, SAP
Maintenance Strategy August 14, 2018

Top 10 factors to setting a budget for an ERP solution

It’s important to have a strategic approach in place when budgeting for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

By Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy August 12, 2018

With tariffs, it’s a taxing time

Today the Trump Administration no longer is standing behind the American manufacturing worker—or the corporate leadership who employs them.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy August 9, 2018

Liquid filters get a reboot

Engineering tackles flow capacity, operating life and researchers have worked to address liquid filtration challenges such as throughput volume, integrity, and the availability of replacement filters.

By Colter Marcks, Donaldson Company
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 2018

PMI slips as tariffs raise concern for managers

Index falls to 58.1% as demand remains strong, but global trade, employment remain issues.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy June 23, 2018

Sponsored Content: New adhesive technologies enhance maintenance practices

The advent of Universal Structural Bonders allows plant managers and maintenance professionals to simplify their repair strategy, minimize downtime, and lower costs. They offer not only a fast cure, but strength and long-term durability as well.

By Henkel
Maintenance Strategy June 13, 2018

Five pillars for a maintenance and reliability program

The SMRP Body of Knowledge provides a framework and outline with the five pillars of what should be in a good maintenance and reliability program.

By James Kovacevic, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy June 12, 2018

3-D laser scanning benefits for renovating or expanding a facility

Today’s technology makes certain projects more efficient and more accurate than ever before, which makes 3-D laser scanning are must-haves for modern-day food plant projects.

By Matthew Warner, Stellar
Maintenance Strategy June 6, 2018

Adjusting and revising targets for manufacturing excellence

Companies must be creating challenging, but realistic, targets for key performance indicators (KPIs) to help drive behaviors and actions for companies.

By James Kovacevic, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy June 5, 2018

Maintenance contracting: 6 steps to success

Hire experienced pros, but building a relationship also is important.

By Bill Wasilewski, Day & Zimmermann
Maintenance Strategy June 5, 2018

The pros and cons of a facility’s location with stricter LEED v4 criteria

Site selection credits that are now harder to earn in LEED v4 include green vehicles and rainwater management, which can be tricky to achieve depending on a company's priorities and budget.

By Ron Fournier, Stellar
Maintenance Strategy June 5, 2018

PMI rises in May, but so do concerns over tariffs

Index hits 58.7% in May, but labor and global issues also gaining attention.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy May 31, 2018

Ten questions to ask when choosing an ERP system

When considering strategic implications it is important to understand the implications of “best of breed and “best in class” enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

By Martin Davis, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy May 15, 2018

In small-batch manufacturing location, flexibility is crucial

Custom-made products offer smaller producers an opportunity.

By Randy Carr, World Emblem
Maintenance Strategy May 14, 2018

Three levels of condition-based maintenance

Compressed air strategies to maximize uptime.

By Tianshu Zhang, Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies and Services
Maintenance Strategy May 4, 2018

Five steps to measure ERP’s value

Return on investment (ROI) from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project can be realized by forming a team, documenting the state of business processes, and more.

By Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy April 16, 2018

Spring forward, or fall back

We want to take full advantage of this bright time in our industry. We want to maximize our time and seize the opportunity.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy April 6, 2018

Recovering from an ERP failure

Too often we see companies that see a software demo, buy the system and then struggle to implement, if they get the system up and running at all.

By Brad Staats, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy April 5, 2018

How to Improve Troubleshooting Efficiency on the Plant Floor: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Alex Leclerc from Poka answered additional questions about topics such as knowledge bases, CMMS integration, and capturing and transferring knowledge.

By Alex Leclerc, Poka
Maintenance Strategy April 4, 2018

Manufacturing remains red-hot, but labor issues abound

PMI at 59.3% in March, but skilled worker shortage remains a concern.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy March 29, 2018

Defining motor service factor

Understanding the proper applications of motor service factor (SF) to maximize a motor’s life expectancy and performance.

By Jim Bryan, EASA
Maintenance Strategy March 27, 2018

5 tips for setting ERP project requirements

Setting ERP requirements is the first step in an implementation project. Considering company vision, current state, and project organization can ensure a smooth implementation process.

By Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy March 16, 2018

Eight ERP implementation best practices

Most manufacturers judge an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation by the initial expense, ongoing operating or maintenance costs, return on investment, and time-to-value.

By Martin Davis, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy February 5, 2018

A best practice? Follow best practices

Engineers should use existing best practices when coming up with their own systems.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy January 15, 2018

Data-driven automated maintenance

Combining CMMS with diagnostic tools improves operations by integrating planned and predictive maintenance to ensure they are carried out consistently.

By Alex Desselle, Fluke Accelix
Maintenance Strategy November 7, 2017

Is your maintenance program doomed to failure?

No maintenance program can succeed without effective inter-department communication and cooperation. Program discipline and management is just as important as choosing the type of maintenance program your facility utilizes.

By David Manney, L&S Electric
Maintenance Strategy October 25, 2017

What a failed ERP implementation looks like

A new enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation is not as simple as switching out one software program for another. Successful ERP implementation requires cross-departmental training and cooperation, a clear future state vision, and more.

By Salli Churchill, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy October 24, 2017

Five why “nots”: Using more than the “5 whys” method for root cause analysis

Using 5 Whys alone may leave engineers with an incomplete root cause picture, which is why other methods should be considered to help solve the problems and keep them from recurring.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy October 20, 2017

ERP risks that can’t be ignored

Being proactive in enterprise resource planning (ERP) risk management may spell the difference between a successful ERP overhaul, and an ERP disaster.

By Charlie Schloff, Ultra Consultants
Maintenance Strategy October 17, 2017

More preventive maintenance is not necessarily the answer

More is not necessarily better when it comes to preventive maintenance. In order to strike the perfect balance, you have to find the right amount of maintenance as well as what tools best accomplish the job.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy October 3, 2017

Tackle the 5 drivers of motor failure with energy-based condition monitoring

Let’s discuss how we can use this information to preserve the health of your motors and motor-driven equipment.

By Nicole Dyess, Motors@Work
Maintenance Strategy October 3, 2017

Five basics to make your Lean and RCM programs cooperate

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is the most cost-effective method your plant can use to develop an appropriate maintenance strategy that will keep production on pace with takt time.

By Steve Mueller, Daniel Penn Associates
Maintenance Strategy September 22, 2017

How IoT promises to enable better product maintenance for manufacturers

By staying continuously connected, manufacturers are transforming the way they support and maintain their products.

By Mrinal Gokhale
Maintenance Strategy September 19, 2017

Five ways to limit the creation of a reactive culture

In facilities management, it is better to proactive rather than reactive in terms of maintenance. This applies even more so to new facilities.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio LLC
Maintenance Strategy September 19, 2017

The hunger for reliability

With the turning of the economy many now have increased production demand. They have spent time focusing on safety and have great performance in that area. The only area they lack is reliability.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio LLC
Maintenance Strategy September 14, 2017

Transitional Root Cause Analysis

Discussing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can be made easier using Shon Isenhour's tree diagram.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio LLC
Maintenance Strategy September 11, 2017

Unexpected causes of bearing failure

There are many moving parts to any piece of equipment. One moving part requiring particular attention are the bearings. When maintained and operating well, they allow the machinery to run with very few problems. When the bearings fail, though, the motor fails along with it.

By David Manney, L&S Electric Inc.
Maintenance Strategy September 5, 2017

“Manufacturing is ‘steady and strong’”

The Institute for Supply Management's (ISM's) purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) hits six-year high in August, jumps to 58.8%.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy August 29, 2017

DC motor repair rewinding tips

Whether to repair or replace a motor is a decision that must take the specific business's needs and budget into account.

By David Manney, L&S Electric
Maintenance Strategy July 27, 2017

Using condition monitoring to forecast and diagnose problems

Careful condition monitoring by keeping track of any subtle changes in machines overtime can help avoid failures and costly downtime.

By David Manney, L&S Electric
Maintenance Strategy July 13, 2017

What are the benefits of preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance can help a plant reduce equipment failure, reduce downtime, and improve productivity.

By David Manney
Maintenance Strategy July 10, 2017

The benefits of testing a 3-phase electric motor

Testing a three-phase motor with a polarization index test (PI), megger test, or surge test on a regular basis helps extend the life of the motor.

By David Manney, L&S Electric, Inc.
Maintenance Strategy June 22, 2017

Eight steps to creating a continuous improvement team

Each member of a continuous improvement team should represent a function or process within the company so everyone is included.

By Gary McGregor
Maintenance Strategy June 14, 2017

Automatic pressure calibrator series

The 729 series automatic pressure calibrator simplifies the calibration process by automatically generating precise test pressures.

By Fluke Corporation
Maintenance Strategy June 9, 2017

Coating thickness tester

The CG206 coating thickness tester is designed to accelerate condition monitoring inspections of industrial storage equipment.

By Extech
Maintenance Strategy May 30, 2017

Waste ejector pump

The Model 700 industrial waste ejector pump is designed for use in industrial, sanitary process, and rendering wastes.

By Vertiflo Pump Company
Maintenance Strategy May 23, 2017

Challenges for food plant construction budgets

Misaligned project scope and underestimating commissioning requirements are the biggest challenges for food plant construction budgets, but this can be averted with proper planning before taking action.

By Todd Allsup, Stellar
Maintenance Strategy May 18, 2017

It’s time for IIoT; where do we begin?

IIoT can improve maintenance practices as well as managing energy costs, coordinating supply chains, and understanding how a plant operates.

By Bob Vavra, content manager, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy May 16, 2017

Pneumatics maintenance in automation: Combining predictive, preventive strategies

Predictive and preventive maintenance programs are essential to managing equipment lifecycles with the ultimate goal being reduced downtime and protecting people and machinery from accidental equipment breakdowns.

By Mark Densley, Aventics Corporation
Maintenance Strategy May 15, 2017

Rotary ring stretch wrapper

The Octopus 1825 B automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper can accommodate a wide range of pallet load sizes and a variety of applications.

By Signode Industrial Group
Maintenance Strategy April 5, 2017

Build a maintenance schedule in six steps

Manufacturers should build a weekly maintenance schedule that addresses potential conflicts and address overdue preventive maintenance (PM) tasks.

By Jeff Shiver, People and Processes
Maintenance Strategy March 23, 2017

Tough market projected for gas, steam and hydro turbine suppliers

IHS Markit reported that sales for the gas, steam and hydro turbine industries are projected to struggle through 2020 due to a lack of market opportunities for suppliers and high price erosion.

By Greg Johnson, IHS Markit
Maintenance Strategy March 17, 2017

Know the score on the plant floor

The goal of better maintenance data is to understand the health of the equipment now and use the acquired data to better predict the future.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy March 16, 2017

Hannover Fairs USA, FABTECH to partner on IANA event

CFE Media to produce Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) summit at November show in Chicago.

By CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy March 7, 2017

Digital training for tangible results

Computer-based training (CBT) can help streamline coaching for operations personnel and improve by digitizing critical information and making it accessible for all.

By Jerry Wanichko, T.A. Cook North America
Maintenance Strategy February 7, 2017

Manufacturing’s melting pot focuses on people

Manufacturing is a land of opportunity and its greatest asset is an engaged workforce. The best companies have a culture of respect for people.

By Billy Ray Taylor, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Maintenance Strategy December 14, 2016

Building on manufacturing’s progress

Manufacturing is focused on continuous improvement. That quest to do a little better every day is the reason manufacturing didn’t stop at the assembly line.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Maintenance Strategy December 5, 2016

Emergency laboratory decontamination booth

The decontamination booth is a pull-rod activated shower for personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Maintenance Strategy November 9, 2016

Seeking truth in reporting helps manufacturing improve

Manufacturing plant bonuses and incentive programs can result in inaccurate data if they are not structured and enforced properly. Three methods for focusing on the right targets are highlighted.

By Bob Argyle, Leading2Lean
Maintenance Strategy November 7, 2016

Magnetic speed controller

The magnetic speed controller controls the speed of boxes and plastic trays traveling on gravity roller conveyors and spirals or the end sections of sorters.

By Interroll
Maintenance Strategy November 4, 2016

Three steps to becoming a proactive leader

Proactive leadership may seem counterintuitive to our reactive minds, but it will go a long way to help avoid potential risks or dangers on a project.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy November 4, 2016

HVAC systems in large plants: solving 5 common issues

The first step to solving large facility HVAC problems such as thermal stratification, fresh air fluctuation, and uncontrolled energy costs is to find them. Consider the tips highlighted below.

By Nikki Heinkel, Go Fan Yourself
Maintenance Strategy November 2, 2016

Control and signaling devices

Control and signaling devices include pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicator lights to prevent cross contamination particularly in machines that process raw goods.

By AutomationDirect
Maintenance Strategy October 5, 2016

Thermal mass flowmeters for air/gas flow measurement

The ST51A and ST75A thermal mass flowmeters are designed for air/gas flow measurement and other process applications.

By Fluid Components International
Maintenance Strategy September 30, 2016

Contrast sensor for neutral and color targets

The CNTX 30-T contrast sensor is designed to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and color targets.

By EMX Industries, Inc.
Maintenance Strategy September 7, 2016

Improving operations can save real dough

Reducing operating expenses does not mean compromising product quality and human safety.

By Niranjan Kularni, CRB
Maintenance Strategy August 31, 2016

Continuous OSD manufacturing

Why the shift from batch to continuous for pharmaceutical oral solid dosage form tablet manufacture is now upon us.

By David DiProspero
Maintenance Strategy August 17, 2016

AMI motorized axial fans

The AMI motorized axial fans are suited for applications where space is limited and features 115 or 230 VAC single phase 60 Hz operation.

By Continental Fan
Maintenance Strategy August 10, 2016

Flextray cable management solution

The flextray cable management solution helps minimize labor and time on cable management installations.

By Eaton
Maintenance Strategy July 18, 2016

Not just for maintenance: How CMMS benefits other functions

By incorporating your quality and engineering teams into an advanced CMMS, you can enable better communication, increased productivity, and improved efficiency across your enterprise. Part 1 of a series.

By Smartware Group
Maintenance Strategy June 27, 2016

Basic condition monitoring kit

The SKF basic condition monitoring kit equips manufacturing plants with an essential collection of measurement tools designed to assess the health of rotating machinery across industries.

Maintenance Strategy June 10, 2016

World-class maintenance: barriers to success

People, process and technology can either hinder or help your success.

By Mark Cox
Maintenance Strategy June 2, 2016

Mobile storage series

The 540 and 550 series of rolling storage allows for great load capacity without sacrificing mobility in harsh environments with advanced organization.

By Proto Industrial Tools
Maintenance Strategy May 12, 2016

IIoT discussion to feature Plant Engineering content manager

Forcam Smart Factory World Symposium in Chicago June 2.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy May 9, 2016

Laser distance sensor

The laser distance sensor HG-C with a repeatability of 10 µm and a response time of 1.5 ms. The sensor is optimally suited for positioning robot arms, measuring the position of hoops, checking for the presence of very small objects or checking for the overlapping of even the thinnest types of material.

By Panasonic
Maintenance Strategy May 9, 2016

Shaft collar

The Easylock™ shaft collars, for high speed converting and winding applications, allows users to adjust the holding force from 90 to 1,124 pounds.

By Amacoil
Maintenance Strategy May 6, 2016

Three keys to pursue an industrial engineering career

Employers in all organizations are looking for the same thing: industrial engineers who can increase profits by reducing internal costs, while keeping systems safe and sustainable.

By Lauren Willison
Maintenance Strategy April 4, 2016

How to balance your PM workload

Are you tired of that month, quarter or year-end crunch to get your preventive maintenance (PM) work done? Minimize the chance of this happening again with the steps below.

By Daniel Penn Associates
Maintenance Strategy March 29, 2016

The changing paradigm for CMMS development

There's a great deal of pressure to use modern technology for coordinating logistics and overcoming business challenges—particularly in manufacturing, where processes can be complex and efficiency is key.

By Smartware Group
Maintenance Strategy March 16, 2016

Human resources will make or break your company this year

You cannot grow your company until your human resources is an effective executive team member pushing your organization to more marketplace success. For that to happen, you must hold HR accountable to be more employee-centered with a business strategy focus.

By Carrie Van Daele
Maintenance Strategy February 25, 2016

Webcast: Working as a Team: How operations and maintenance interact for higher reliability

There are four common areas of interaction that when done right drive incredible results for facilities pursuing uptime and reliability improvement.

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy February 24, 2016

Continuous improvement with CMMS

A modern CMMS can house all of your company's maintenance processes in one "system of record," curating all the data you need in one portal.

By Smartware Group
Maintenance Strategy January 11, 2016

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, January 4-10: 2015 Product of the Year Finalists, preventive maintenance program, preventive maintenance practices, more.

Articles about the 2015 Product of the Year finalists, preventive maintenance programs, best practices in preventive maintenance, how to fix preventive maintenance when it fails, and IIoT technologies were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, January 4-10. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne
Maintenance Strategy January 8, 2016

Piloting your way through the danger zone

Piloting your way through the danger zone: A look at learning to be a Jedi.

By Shon Isenhour, Founding Partner, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy January 7, 2016

Business process re-engineering

Simple demonstration of how business process re-engineering really works.

By Shon Isenhour, Founding Partner, Eruditio
Maintenance Strategy December 21, 2015

‘Data is the new currency’

Industry experts advise manufacturers to enrich their plants with better data collection, management.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy December 2, 2015

Multifunction calibrator with single function calibrators

The PIE 850 Multifunction Calibrator combines eight single function calibrators, 10 to 50 mA capabilities, and troubleshooting tools with loop detecting.

By Saelig Company, Inc.
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 2015

Meter report software

The SEL-5630 meter report software provides support for dynamic viewing tools, visualizes and optimizes energy use, and enhances site-wide resource visualization.

By Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Maintenance Strategy November 19, 2015

Webcast: Predictive Maintenance Strategy Before CMMS

This presentation takes a closer look at what maintenance professionals will see, and what will be expected of them in this new age. The presentation will discuss how future assets should behave, which tools are available now, and what should be expected from maintenance professionals moving forward.

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy October 5, 2015

Five steps to applying predictive maintenance

The following steps are predicated on the assumption that all assets in a facility have been identified within a functioning PM program that uses a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

By Mike Johnston
Maintenance Strategy September 16, 2015

The workforce economics of supply and demand

Finding a way to consistently balance supply and demand to help maximize profits and optimize production.

By Bob Vavra
Maintenance Strategy August 11, 2015

Walkie pallet truck with speed control and adaptability for extreme environments

The Model 8210 walkie pallet truck features maneuverability, speed control, adaptability, and can operate in extreme environments.

By Raymond Corporation
Maintenance Strategy August 5, 2015

Trace analyzer for industrial environments

The DO90 Trace DO2 Analyzer improves boiler efficiency, reduces maintenance, lowers costs, provides precision measurement, and alarming of trace dissolved oxygen levels for industrial environments.

By Electro Chemical Devices
Maintenance Strategy June 4, 2015

Which is right for you? OEE vs. MTBF

The OEE and MTBF metrics both can drive specific behaviors when applied correctly. However, when applied incorrectly, they will likely lead to confusion and frustration.

By Mike Gehloff, Allied Reliability Group
Maintenance Strategy June 4, 2015

Tips on managing multiple initiatives

Managing multiple initiatives is very common in today’s manufacturing environment. While the corporate folks believe they have done their part, in most cases they completely miss the training required regarding how to manage multiple efforts.

By Doug Plucknette, Allied Reliability Group
Maintenance Strategy May 14, 2015

An available manager also a sign of reliability

This is a letter to the editor from Chuck Klor.

By Chuck Klor, Klor Consulting
Maintenance Strategy May 14, 2015

12 ways to find time for maintenance

Even in a 24/7 process, look for opportunities to identify openings.

By Jeff Shiver CMRP, CPMM, CRL People and Processes, Inc.
Maintenance Strategy May 12, 2015

In order to succeed at increasing uptime, you have to believe you can

The most basic problem with typical efforts to increase uptime: we are lying to ourselves. This blog will describe a couple of scenarios, and see if any of these ring true for you.

By Mike Gehloff
Maintenance Strategy May 11, 2015

Does reliability have to cost a fortune?

By introducing a few key characteristics to unlocking the potential of your personnel, a plant can do so at minimal cost.

By Chris Wozniak
Maintenance Strategy April 20, 2015

2015 Maintenance Study: 9 key findings

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2015 Maintenance Study identified nine important high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries today.

By Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy April 15, 2015

Transforming training from a procedure to a program

5 ways to effectively develop a comprehensive approach to improvement.

By Dr. Tiffani Worthy, Day & Zimmermann
Maintenance Strategy April 8, 2015

Looking to improve? Try a little MBWA*

*Management By Wandering Around. Workers know that much of the plant manager’s workday is spent trying to correct the past and fix the future, but they appreciate managers taking time to see what’s happening now.

By Bob Vavra, Plant Engineering Content Manager
Maintenance Strategy March 16, 2015

Four reasons why regulated industries need to invest in APM

The reasons regulated industries need to pursue APM excellence may vary, but they share several key drivers: regulatory compliance and reporting, quality and track and trace accountability, and process consistency & reliability.

By Dan Miklovic, LNS Research
Maintenance Strategy February 20, 2015

Survey seeks opinions on maintenance practices

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and other maintenance tools and techniques part of study.

Maintenance Strategy November 13, 2014

NTMA & PMA honored with award from American Jobs for America’s Heroes

The National Tooling and Machining Association and the Precision Metalforming Association were recognized last week by American Jobs for America’s Heroes (AJAH).

Maintenance Strategy October 20, 2014

Pick the right RCM metrics for the right process

Choosing the right metrics isn’t always a cut and dried matter. As we look at RCM metrics, I am going to add another dimension to the metrics decision—that of process.

By Dan Miklovic, LNS Research
Maintenance Strategy August 19, 2014

Compact parts cleaning and collection unit

The pneumatically driven unit cleans parts by capturing expensive coolants for reuse.

Maintenance Strategy August 7, 2014

Closing the skills gap is up to us

One Voice members are working to close the skills gap in the manufacturing sector this summer.

Maintenance Strategy August 1, 2014

What’s your maintenance strategy?

In this guest blog from Daniel Penn Associates, common maintenance strategies used by plant professionals are highlighted and expanded upon.

By Steve Mueller
Maintenance Strategy June 26, 2014

Scalability: 4 tips for a successful multi-site enterprise CMMS

Maintaining equipment and facilities across multiple sites can be demanding, but with the right software strategy maintenance professionals can do so by planning ahead, tracking, and keeping simplifying processes.

By Paul Lachance
Maintenance Strategy June 3, 2014

Printable bearing material filament

This new plastic filament for 3D printers is enhanced with tribological, or low friction, properties.

Maintenance Strategy May 2, 2014

Using CMMS to track staff, vendor training credentials

With high demands to service computerized equipment and systems, maintenance professionals may need to be certified for any number of skills.

By Paul Lachance
Maintenance Strategy January 2, 2014

Using your CMMS to store, organize job-related documents

Consider using a system you already have in place - your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) - to store training videos, websites, instructions, and other necessary documents.

By Paul Lachance
Maintenance Strategy October 28, 2013

A quick guide to condensate recovery

Save energy, save cost and save the environment.

By Spirax Sarco
Maintenance Strategy June 10, 2013

How PSM-NEP applies to non-chemical plants

Process safety management, specifically the National Emphasis Program (PSM-NEP) might be terms and acronyms that don’t make any sense unless you are in a facility that works with or around highly hazardous chemicals.

By John L. Ross
Maintenance Strategy April 19, 2013

Stream switching system

The Gen II R-max Stream Switching System is a multi-functional system designed to control gases and liquids in analytical systems

Maintenance Strategy February 14, 2013

Association for Advancing Automation launches new website

The Association for Advancing Automation's (A3) website, is designed to engage stakeholders in automation.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Maintenance Strategy January 24, 2013

Understanding the differences between MOM and MES

Clearing up the confusion a process of wading through history

By Matthew Littlefield, LNS Research
Maintenance Strategy July 26, 2012

Design for reliability – Part 2 of 6

Teaching the Millenials a sound reliability strategy early in their career (the Matures, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers too) can be the critical component of a strong manufacturing strategy.

By Jennifer Bell, Oil & Gas Consultant
Maintenance Strategy July 10, 2012

Design for Reliability – Part 1 of 6

When I launched into the reliability profession, I thought condition monitoring was the center of the reliability universe...

By Jennifer Bell, Marshall Institute
Maintenance Strategy April 26, 2012

HANNOVER MESSE: Important standards improving Chinese manufacturing, products

IFM manager says adapting products to the market needs is crucial to success.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media U.S.
Maintenance Strategy April 12, 2012

Socket head screws

Hexagon Socket Head Screws line

Maintenance Strategy March 21, 2012

Take a long-term view of strategic planning

Forgoing strategic planning due to time constraints places many leaders in the "whack-a-mole" game; they are constantly fighting fires and getting little assistance from their support staff.

By Chuck Parke, University of Tennessee
Maintenance Strategy March 15, 2012

Sharing best practices can be a daunting task

A recent survey of approximately 50 Fortune 500 companies revealed that only 6% have an effective (in their opinion) formal methodology to integrate best practices from one facility to others.

By Chuck Parke, University of Tennessee
Maintenance Strategy February 13, 2012

McGladrey: ‘Cautious confidence’ requires a global view

McGladrey's Fall Monotor Report states that manufacturing is growing slowly. They recommend further growth will come from a global strategy that meets the demands of a growing customer base.

By McGladrey
Maintenance Strategy January 26, 2012

Is it time to decommission your equipment?

Six ways to measure if your machine is still a productive part of the team.

By SMGlobal
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2011

POY Finalist: Sideloaders for big loads

Finalist in Manual Material Handling in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Gust Gianos, Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy July 27, 2011

MRO storeroom best practices – are you kitting me?

The storeroom is an integral part of an efficient and effective maintenance process. Equipment reliability, uptime, and frontline productivity rely on having the right spare parts and tools available in the right quantity when the work order is scheduled.

Maintenance Strategy January 18, 2011

4SIGHT helps facilities capitalize on productivity using real-time data

Yard and Dock Management System integrates intelligent software with simple interface, uniting gaps between industrial warehousing, transportation

Maintenance Strategy October 5, 2010

Plant Engineering Applies For BPA Worldwide Business Publication Membership

Plant Engineering has applied for business publication membership in BPA Worldwide. The magazine is published by CFE Media, LLC (Oak Brook, IL). Established in 1945 and formerly a member of BPA Worldwide (under Reed Business Information ownership), Plant Engineering serves plant engineers and maintenance professionals within manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. BPA Worldwide will track circulation for Plant Engineering based on business/distribution, demographics and geographic coverage.

Maintenance Strategy September 23, 2010

Video: IMTS 2010: Mobil Industrial Lubricants talks 50 years at IMTS

Dan Kellen of Mobil Industrial Lubricants discusses Mobil’s 50 years at the IMTS Show and some of the key maintenance issues facing today’s manufacturers.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager
Maintenance Strategy April 13, 2010

EtherNet/IP machine-mount I/O blocks

This line of EtherNet/IP machine-mount I/O blocks provides seamless communication down to the sensors and actuators. The line includes 12 versions of machine-mount I/O blocks and an IP67 unmanaged switch.

Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2010

Achieving strategic balance

Automation alone does not make a plant successful, productive or profitable. A strategic balance of planning, communication, maintenance, discipline and automation makes World Class enterprises World Class enterprises. But, automation is a big part of the operation behind successful enterprises because it provides tools to help achieve this necessary balance.

By Jack Smith, Editor
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2009

Plant modeling software

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2010 brings the benefits of model-based design to mainstream plant design projects. Built specifically for the design, modeling and documentation of process plants, AutoCAD Plant 3D makes modern 3D design more affordable and accessible to project teams of all sizes, allowing them to increase productivity and improve accuracy and coordination of shared information.

Maintenance Strategy February 20, 2009

Compact fluorescent high bay fixtures

The TDX architectural-grade compact fluorescent high bay fixture accommodates eight 70-watt lamps and can generate 41,600 lumens.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 2008

Continuous vertical lift

The model 180 high-speed continuous vertical lift is designed to accept loads horizontally, convey them vertically and discharge them horizontally in a “Z” pattern.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2008

Wireless condition monitoring

The ProSmart wireless monitoring system has been improved with advanced data acquisition and analysis capabilities, and a more robust data monitor construction. The digital signal processor is capable of analyzing 22 channels of data every 5 seconds, including 4,000 line spectrums on 12 channels of vibration data.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 16, 2008

Thermal imaging ‘game’ lets users diagnose problems

Fluke Challenge an interactive Website that shows how to save money

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 15, 2008

Component coating

Kerkote TFE coating reduces friction in the company's lead screw, linear rail, spline shaft, slide, guide and actuator assemblies. The coating is a long-term dry lubricant that transfers to the nut, creating a low friction protective layer on the nut or bushing without harboring additional dirt and debris.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 18, 2008

RoHS-compliant thermocouple terminal blocks

The modular design of these RoHS-compliant thermocouple terminal blocks allow them to be used individually or in groupings and are available in popular thermocouple types.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 5, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 Social networking site offers advice on how to sell services

MaintenanceNet, Inc. has created an online community for people who make a living marketing and selling aftermarket service agreements. The community, called Selling Services, is billed as a social networking site for individuals seeking to make professional connections and become more proficient at marketing and selling services.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 17, 2008

New on line! Video on shaft alignment

Ludeca video on shaft alignment solutions debuts Plant Engineering Videos

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 15, 2007

Laser alignment system

OPTALIGN smart is a laser shaft/coupling-alignment system designed for use in maintenance work and rotating equipment. It features automatic continuous measurement as the shaft is rotated, automatic evaluation of alignment condition, soft foot check, a backlit TFT screen, a static measurement mode and an alignment reporter.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 15, 2007

Wireless circuit monitor

Cooper InVision downtime reduction is a wireless circuit monitoring system that provides immediate notification and exact location of an open circuit protection device – either fuse or circuit breaker. Wireless sensors monitor circuits and transmit any status change to system routers. The routers are configured into a mesh network, which provides redundant, self-healing connectivity to th...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 15, 2007

Loop optimization software

INTUNE Version 5 loop optimization software is a plant management and process control predictive maintenance software tool. It features real-time customized report capability and nonintrusive adaptive tuning capability. Functionality includes performance analysis; customized diagnostics for plant-specific indices; customized Web-based reporting and event notification; and automatic, adaptive, m...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 15, 2007

Drain guard

The Ultra-Inlet Guard is designed to keep dirt, sand, sediment, trash and debris out of drains. Available in several sizes and styles, the drain guard installs over the top of grates, using built-in magnets to keep it in place. Its heavy-duty material allows up to 192 gallons-per-square-foot per minute through drains, and its low-profile design can be walked on or driven over without incident.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 15, 2007

Lifting device

The G-Force Q and iQ units are available in 660-pound capacities. The units feature a float mode, a modular design, and on-board diagnostics. An operator-present function senses the presence of the operator’s hand without a physical level to press. Other features include a G360 integrated collector and air swivel assembly, an auto-unclamp and part-present detection, an auto-home function ...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 2, 2007

Low resistance tester

The RM116 micro-ohmmeter is a low resistance tester designed for maintenance departments; workshops and field use.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 28, 2007

Automation management software

Integrity 2.0 provides a single web view to real-time data flow and automation assets across a plant, making it suitable for operations, maintenance and safety personnel.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 28, 2007

Invensys to host asset performance and management symposium

Experts from the company’s Avantis unit will discuss ways to manage and optimize the asset base.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 24, 2007

Health monitor for turbomachinery

Machinery health monitor protects critical machinery from catastrophic failures, permitting orderly shutdown of equipment and related processes.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 24, 2007

PPE garment

The ProShield garment features proprietary Advanced Composite Technology, which facilitates the creation of a breathable,lightweight fabric that provides a barrier against nonhazardous dry particles down to one micron in size.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 17, 2007

Life Cycle Engineering listed as a best place to work

The Charleston, SC-based reliability solutions provider makes the state's list for the second consecutive year

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 25, 2007

Johnson Controls to partner with Fengfan, Ltd.

Memorandum of understanding establishes joint venture agreement for the design, manufacture, sales and service of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries for the automotive market in China.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 15, 2007

NAME application deadline is June 30

Applications for the North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award for 2007 are now available for download from the NAME award Website, Application deadline is June 30. The board of directors for Foundation for Industrial Maintenance Excellence, which administers the NAME Award, has revised the 2007 application, according to Rick Dunn, FIME executive director and former ...

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 15, 2007

Rodless cylinder

MY2 and MY3 rodless cylinders have low-profile designs to save space. The MY2 is supplied with air cushions and centralized piping; all versions have a stroke-adjusting unit, are double acting and do not require lubrication. The MY3 offers the same functionality of the MY1B rodless cylinder in a compact and lightweight package.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 15, 2007

NAME awards deadline is June 30

Applications for the North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award for 2007 are now available for download from the NAME award Website, Application deadline is June 30, 2007. The board of directors for Foundation for Industrial Maintenance Excellence, which administers the NAME Award, has revised the 2007 application, according to Rick Dunn, FIME executive director and f...

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 9, 2007

OEE often misunderstood, misapplied

Overall equipment effectiveness is fast becoming a widely used measure for manufacturing industry, but it is also one of the more misunderstood and misused measures. In a recent newsletter, offered this view on the subject. Click here to read the story.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 7, 2007

GS100 series of case palletizers

The GS100 series is a fully automated palletizer capable of speeds up to 30 cases per minute. The GS100 series is ideal for a wide array of applications, including food, beverage, consumer goods, and general manufacturing. It offers the same heavy-duty construction, flexibility and reliability that are the trademarks of FKI Logistex's palletizers.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 16, 2007

NAME award applications are now available

Award program benchmarks maintenance excellence

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 7, 2007

Control performance software

DeltaV InSight integrated control performance software is now available as part of DeltaV version 9.3 release. DeltaV InSight is an integrated application used to monitor, analyze, diagnose and improve control loop performance. The Insight application includes the basic monitoring and tuning capability of its predecessor products, DeltaV Tune and DeltaV Inspect, plus advanced diagnostics and adaptive tuning capabilities made possible with embedded learning algorithms. Process manufacturers each year lose capacity and quality due to process variability and poor performance of their control loops.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 14, 2007

CMMS seminar, March 28-30, the latest in certificate series

Evaluating, Implementing and Optimizing CMMS, part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s executive education program, is a three-day seminar being held at UW-M’s Pyle Center March 28-30. Attendees will be exposed to CMMS basics, learn to justify, specify and implement a CMMS and calculate its return on investment. Log onto for more information or to register.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 19, 2007

Participate in Aberdeen Group study

Plant Engineering magazine and The Aberdeen Group are seeking feedback from plant management personnel to determine what strategies and approaches top service organizations use to grow service revenues and boost profits with their service and maintenance contract offerings. All respondents will receive a free copy of the benchmark study, Service and Maintenance Contract Management: Ensuring Service Chain Profitability , due out in February 2007. All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 2007

Manufacturing satisfaction defies simple mathematics

It is said Abraham Lincoln used to figure out math problems by working them out on a shovel covered in coal dust. Gratefully, we have more sophisticated ways of working with numbers today. Whether calculated on coal shovels or computers, it's the numbers that interest us. I've been fascinated by numbers since I first learned to compute batting average (hits divided by at bats) at age seven.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Maintenance Strategy December 8, 2006

SME, Vance Publishing acquire components of Canadian manufacturing portfolio

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has purchased Plant Maintenance & Design Engineering; Western Manufacturing Technology Show; Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show; Advanced Manufacturing Expo; Montreal Manufacturing Technology; Southwest Ontario Industrial Show; and Canadian Manufacturing Week from trade show organizer Reed Exhibitions. Vance Publishing has purchased Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo and SIBO. “With this acquisition, SME is undertaking a major investment to support Canadian manufacturing companies and their employees,” said Mark Tomlinson executive director and general manager of SME. “SME is excited and ready to take on a more active and supportive role within the Canadian manufacturing community and to assist the many fine organizations whose mission it is to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian manufacturing companies and their people,”. The WMS and SIBO exhibitions will become part of Vance Publishing’s Interiors Media Network. “We’ve identified events as a target area for growth throughout our company,” said Vance chairman William C.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 2006

Industrial bolting catalog

Featuring 40 pages of impact tools and accessories for industrial professionals, the company's industrial bolting catalog highlights a variety of tools for lightweight jobs and demanding tool applications. Separated by super-duty, heavy-duty and maintenance-duty performance classifications, the catalog is divided by tool type and includes a pneumatic section with drive sizes ranging from 3/8 to...

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 29, 2006

Life Cycle Engineering named one of the best places to work in South Carolina

Life Cycle Engineering , a provider of maintenance and reliability solutions for government and private enterprise, announced recently that it has been named to the inaugural list of the Best Places to Work in South Carolina . “This recognition is extremely gratifying to me as LCE celebrates its 30th anniversary,” said Jim Fei, chairman and CEO of Life Cycle Engineering. “The employees are the reason that LCE has been successful to date. We are now working to make LCE a true strengths-based organization so that we will continue to be a successful company composed of passionate and engaged employees for the next 30 years and beyond.” The selection process was based on an assessment of the company's employee policies and procedures and the results of a 65-question employee survey conducted by independent research company Best Companies Group .

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2006

Condition-monitoring software

Condmaster Nova is a modular condition-monitoring software and predictive maintenance platform. Customizable to user needs, it communicates with most SPM handheld instruments and CMS online systems. Capabilities include spectrum analyzation, shock-pulse metering and orbit analysis. The software includes ISO2372 vibration measurement and two user-defined measurements for temperature.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2006

Asset manager

Compliant with the HART open communications protocol, the field device manager is designed to simplify configuration, diagnostics and maintenance of smart instruments. It supports vendor-created, unmodified DD files without requiring additional files or special software, as well as DD files registered with HCF.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2006

Skills evaluator

The updated online version of the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test is designed to allow users to identify employees with the ability and aptitude to perform well in lean, agile manufacturing environments. It includes new artwork and occupation-specific normative information for manufacturing and production, installation, maintenance and repair and utilities industries.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2006

Point-and-shoot thermal imager

The Ti20 thermal imager is designed for use by industrial maintenance technicians in infrared, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting applications. It includes a portable, non-contact, fully radiometric camera that measures temperatures ranging from 14 to 662 degrees F and analysis and reporting software with PdM routing support, training materials and accessories.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 19, 2006

Plant Engineering Newsletter Archive

2006 | 2007 2007 Hotwire on MES: February 2007 Hotwire: February 2007 Main. Connection: February 2007 PlantMail: Feb. 23, 2007 PlantMail: Feb.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2006

Tool product catalog

A 208-page catalog includes a variety of new products, such as locating equipment for the plumbing and utility markets. Featuring expanded product information, the catalog comes in full color, providing enhanced visuals of the product line. Product selection charts help customers choose the product that best meets their needs.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 4, 2006

Ivara partners with MRO Software

MRO Software, Inc., a provider of asset and service management solutions, and Ivara Corporation, an innovator in asset reliability solutions, announced that Ivara has joined the MRO Software Complementary Solution Partner program. As a reliability partner for MRO Software, Ivara will deliver enhanced reliability capabilities to complement the Maximo Enterprise Suite. The combined offering supported by Ivara’s reliability software, EXP, will help customers improve the effectiveness of their maintenance organization and overall equipment performance, the partners reported. “We conducted a survey to better understand our customer’s equipment reliability needs,” says Johan Arts, vice president, industry and solutions marketing, MRO Software.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 14, 2006

Grainger donates $1 million for launch of corporate volunteer training program

The American Red Cross and Grainger, a North American distributor of facilities maintenance supplies, have teamed up to recruit and train corporate employees as disaster volunteers to help support the 70,000 disasters that the Red Cross responds to each year. Grainger is the national founding sponsor of the program, Ready When the Time Comes, which will roll out in 16 Red Cross chapters over the next two years. Richard L. Keyser, chairman and CEO of Grainger, presented the American Red Cross with a $1 million donation at a celebration hosted at Grainger's headquarters in Lake Forest, IL.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 15, 2006

A guide to more lube resources

Find more information on the web: Are you looking for more information to support your lubrication plans? Check out the following sources on the Web. You’ll find more on best practices in lubrication, information on lubrication products and trends, and learning and networking opportunities. Senior Editor Kevin Campbell takes a more in-depth look at best practices in lubrication filtration at Dow Corning offers training courses on best practices in lubrication for operators, technicians, managers and supervisors: The website of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers: The website of the International Council for Machinery Lubrication:

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 2006

Chromalox survey finds optimism about manufacturing, job growth

A survey commissioned by industrial heat and control systems company Chromalox Inc. found plant managers were optimistic about manufacturing and employment growth in 2006 and beyond. Chromalox surveyed manufacturing engineers and engineering management, with one-third of the 85 respondents working outside the United States.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 14, 2006

Case study on reliability excellence

For an organization to achieve excellence, a common focus and rate of change must be developed, not only within maintenance, but equally within operations, engineering, materials and procurement, and other functions operating within the same business, regardless of business unit physical boundaries. Go to under the‘Research’ section of ERG and find the latest case study from Darrin Wikoff of Life Cycle Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 2006

Site survey software

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings has a comprehensive software program, Site Survey, designed to enable plant maintenance decision-makers to maximize their investment in plant assets and minimize plant maintenance costs. The program is used to improve maintenance painting planning by providing long-term budgetary analyses of on-site plant survey data.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 14, 2006

Hulit: Customer knowledge a key to success

New Fluke president Barbara Hulit looks at some of the keys to innovation in her new role. As the new president of Fluke Corporation, Barbara Hulit comes in from the outside, but with an insider’s knowledge of the company operations. Over the past seven years, Hulit has worked with Fluke on identifying the company’s new indoor air quality and thermography businesses. In her new role, Hulit has responsibility for Fluke Industrial and Fluke Precision Measurement businesses.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 10, 2006

Reliability, Lean events join forces May 16

The 2006 Lubrication Excellence, Reliability World, and Lean Manufacturing conferences and exhibition, May 16-18 in Columbus, Ohio, have been co-located to help plant engineers and managers identify and exploit the full range of lubrication, reliability and Lean manufacturing strategies and processes. The event features more than 120 sessions, case studies, panel discussions and workshops deliver user-defined best practices on almost every aspect of maintenance and reliability. Consistently strong programs, diverse training opportunities, and state-of-the-art displays have kept attendance growing for 7 straight years, and Lubrication Excellence and Reliability World were just named among the fastest growing trade events in the United States and Canada.A single registration gives attendees access to all three conferences and the exhibition. Visit for complete details.Register by April 12 and save $200.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2006

Home Depot makes a big purchase

Industry officials are taking note of the announcement by The Home Depot Inc. that it will buy product distributor Hughes Supply Inc. for about $3.2 billion. Hughes Supply is a distributor of construction, repair and maintenance products. While construction distribution has a small impact on the industrial sector, the rapidly-growing industrial maintenance sector could be a future growth target...

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2006

Ivara boosts RCM2 efforts with Aladon acquisition

Ivara Corporation has acquired Aladon LLC, a specialist in the application of Reliability-Centered Maintenance. The acquisition was effective Jan. 1. With the acquisition, Ivara is committed to the continued availability and success of RCM 2, developed by Aladon's founder John Moubray. RCM 2 is a comprehensive approach to RCM that determines the maintenance strategy for industrial equipment and...

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 27, 2006

Alemite acquired by Harbour Group

Through an affiliate, Harbour Group has acquired Alemite LLC, a supplier of lubrication and fluid handling equipment and systems, said Sam Fox, Harbour Group’s chairman and CEO on Jan. 24. Alemite, headquartered at Fort Mill, SC, designs and manufactures a wide range of lubrication equipment under the Alemite brand name. Alemite sells its products through industrial distributors to a broad range of general industries, as well as directly to industrial and transportation OEM’s, petroleum equipment distributors, and into the automotive aftermarket. Alemite will join Lincoln Industrial Corporation as part of Harbour Group’s Lubricating Systems Group.g businesses and will continue to aggressively grow our Lubricating Systems Group, both organically and through complementary acquisitions in what remains a fragmented market.”.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 29, 2005

Exclusive Guide to Interchangeable Lubricants (Sept. 2004)

When, where, how much, and with what — these are the fundamental questions that have to be answered in equipment lubrication. The answers are normally provided by the builders of process and manufacturing equipment. Download the full 12-page Exclusive Guide to Interchangeable Lubricants report (PDF).

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 2005

Devcon, Permatex to merge

Devcon, which manufactures compounds and products for plant and equipment maintenance, repair, overhaul and protection, will merge with the industrial products group of Permatex, a Connecticut-based producer of gasket cements, threadlocking adhesives, lubricants, hand cleaners, and other products for the industrial MRO market.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 17, 2005

Reliability seminars set for January

Life Cycle Engineering is accepting registrations for the first series of its Reliability Excellence for Managers (RxM) course in 2006. RxM is a course for industry managers with operations and maintenance responsibilities who are concerned with maintaining a competitive advantage and initiating strategic business improvements. This course is proven to successfully increase the knowledge and understanding of the importance of reliability within process industries and discreet manufacturing organizations. It provides a systematic method of training for managers to develop, implement, and sustain world-class maintenance and reliability best practices that effectively support the goals and objectives of their organization. The first session is Jan.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 3, 2005

Airgas to sell Rutland Tool

Airgas, Inc. announced that it had reached a definitive agreement to sell the assets and operations of Rutland Tool & Supply Co., Inc., a Whittier, CA-based Airgas subsidiary, to Lawson Products, Inc. Rutland Tool, which distributes metalworking tools, machine tools and MRO supplies from seven locations and has about 180 employees, generated $47 million in sales in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2005. The closing is expected on or before Dec.

By staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Modular dock bridge

The Loadhog modular dock bridge offers vertical storage of the dock bed. It mounts to the surface of the warehouse floor and stores inside, allowing the door to be closed. The design minimizes the opportunity for theft and requires minimal lubrication. It can be operated from a standing position. SPX Dock Products: www.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Cooling tower vacuum filter

CTV-F2 filtration system is designed to work in situations where cooling tower water needs to be cleaned, filtered and returned to the basin. This unit can handle the high flow and small micron filtration requirements when cleaning a cooling tower. A pair of reusable filter cartridges allows an operator to clean cooling tower water down to 5 microns.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Condition monitoring solution provides early warning system

The Avantis condition monitoring system reduces unplanned downtime by providing an early warning of equipment or process degradation with real time advanced fault detection through an analysis of data from correlated sensors. The solution detects the early onset of system deterioration, allowing alerts to be captured and sent to the maintenance department.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

A trite-and-true method

At the risk of being trite (which in itself is a trite phrase) there are no losers in the annual PLANT ENGINEERING Product of the Year voting that begins this month. There are only great ideas waiting to be discovered. Sure, everyone likes to get the trophy, and those companies who have earned Product of the Year status in past years value their prize.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Kit for rapid pipe and tank repairs

Field Service Tech Rapid Repair Kit provides facilities maintenance and field service technicians with a valuable tool for time critical pipe and tank repairs. Kits are based on an innovative cure-on-command resin technology developed from Department of Defense funded research associated with underwater resin systems.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Versatile portable DAQ has live readout

MeasuringPAD portable data acquisition instrument allows rapid collecting, monitoring and display of multiple sensor inputs, making it ideal for troubleshooting, maintenance, process tuning, fault recording and trend analysis. The instrument provides live readout of up to 16 differential analog inputs and up to eight logic-level digital inputs.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Software helps manage asset lifecycles

Maximo Enterprise Suite (MXES) is designed for enterprises that need to maximize asset lifecycles that have an impact of profitability. MXES provides the ability to view all assets and identify and leverage the support of those assets and helps develop programs for all kinds of maintenance needs. MRO Software: www.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

De-duplication software “cleans” records

The DataDustOff cleans existing and new maintenance inventory record data and identifies duplication that can be eliminated. The software reconstructs the part descriptions into a standardized naming format. Duplicate parts in the database and in the storeroom are identified, and helps technicians find needed spare parts in the database.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2005

Manage work orders with a wireless mobile device

The Maintenance Connection Mobile allows maintenance technicians to use wireless devices to view work order assignments and take action on them. Technicians can also create new work orders in real time and look up information on the work history of a particular asset. A Bluetooth barcode scanner allows for identification of all assets.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2005

Fluke acquires Infrared Systems

Fluke Electronics Corp., Everett, WA, has agreed to acquire Infrared Solutions, a provider of portable thermography products. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Plymouth, MN, Infrared Solutions is privately owned and recognized as an innovator in the application of infrared technology for commercial and industrial use.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 2005

Distribution boxes

Plug-in M12 distribution boxes from Norstat Inc. expedite cable routing, ends cabling confusion and helps reduce maintenance chores. The boxes are available in 4, 6 or 8 position models and are offered in either 4-pin or 5-pin versions. Boxes are available in black, yellow or orange and carry a protection rating of IP67 for use in harsh environments.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 10, 2004

Sweating the small stuff

I for one was extremely happy to read your editorial comments in the September issue of PLANT ENGINEERING. Sweating the small stuff is certainly the only way to move toward operational and maintenance excellence. But by definition, paying attention to the small stuff requires paying attention to those that come into daily contact with the small stuff.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 10, 2004

Volunteer support

There seems to have been an increase in corporate support for volunteerism over the past several years. You know, the do-gooder, corporate-citizen face companies like to put on by encouraging their employees to go out in the world and volunteer their services to help others. Some companies even put their pocketbooks where their mouths are, although typically to a very limited extent.

By Richard L. Dunn, Chief Editor
Maintenance Strategy January 10, 2004

Exclusive 2003 Plant Engineering Salary Survey

After losing ground in 2002, compensation levels for plant engineers have rebounded from an overall average of $74,560 to $76,922 (a little over 3%), according to results from the latest survey conducted for Plant Engineering.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy May 6, 2003

Solutions – 2003-05-06 – 2003-05-06

Fan buster • Problem: Removing fan blades or other pieces of equipment that are held in place by 1/4-in. squarehead setscrews can be a problem because of limited space. Is there an easy way to loosen these setscrews? • Solution: Make a compact setscrew removal tool by using a 5/16-in.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 15, 2003

Plant Engineering Compensation Survey

Economic conditions of the past year or so appear to be reflected in the compensation levels of plant engineers. In fact, compared to last year's survey, salaries and total compensation have actually decreased slightly. Those decreases can't be blamed solely on the industrial economy. There are some differences between the 2001 and 2002 surveys.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering
Maintenance Strategy August 8, 2002

Simple Solutions – 2002-08-08

Lost chuck keys Problem: Drill chuck keys are usually attached to the cord for easy retrieval. Sometimes the attachment breaks and the key is lost. What can you do to be able to change bits and still use the drill? Solution: Use two screwdrivers, one a slotted blade and the other a phillips blade.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 15, 2002

Simple Solutions – 2002-06-15

A long/short plumb bob Problem: A piece of equipment must be aligned with a support bracket set 50-ft up on a balcony. Most string plumb bobs are not that long. How can I align the bracket accurately from that height? Solution: Attach a key chain laser to 2-ft of string at the key ring.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 13, 2002

Standard benchmarks

Benchmarking has been around for many years, now. But it is still surrounded by many misunderstandings. One of the biggest is that it's about numbers. Of course, the metrics (numbers) are an important part of benchmarking, but they're only a part. What benchmarking is really about is work processes. And the numbers are just convenient indicators of how well the processes may be working.

By Richard L. Dunn Editor
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2001

Master the fundamentals

The crash last year of so many dot-coms presents an important reminder for all of us: Success often depends on our ability to master the most fundamental aspects or our businesses or jobs.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 2000

“A few of my favorite things…”

The holiday season is upon us, filled-for most of us-with too many tasks and too little time. But this is also the season of toys and laughter, of good will and good cheer.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2000


In this issue, we present the finalists in our 13th annual "Product of the Year" competition.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 2000

Reader Forum – 2000-11-01

Product of the Year Welcome to our annual Product of the Year issue! This issue is special because it showcases 150 of the finest new products from the last year.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips &Tricks – 2000 – #10

Identifying asbestosProblem: There are hundreds of pipes running through the plant, and some have asbestos insulation. How can just these few be identified at a glance? Solution: Color code the insulation banding that goes over the jacketing. All pipes with the aluminum banding are free of asbestos. Contributor: Mike Recker, Clark Refining, Lima Refinery, Lima, OH; 419-226-2384 List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #19

Loosening boltsProblem: Loosening hard-to-unscrew bolts and screws is a challenging chore. Is there an easy way to get the stuck bolts moving? Solution: Place a properly sized drive punch in the center of the bolt head (or cup if SHCS bolt) and use hard tapping with a hammer. The "shock" created unsettles the stubborn bolt and removal is almost certain. Contributor: Luc Raeckelboom Curing Engineer, Michelin Tire Co., Greenville, SC; 864-458-1212 List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #18

Calculating bitsProblem: Is there an easy method for figuring out what size drill bit to use for tapping a metric hole? Solution: Simply subtract the thread pitch from the metric screw size and you have the answer. For example, to tap an 8-mm hole with a thread pitch of 1.25, the proper drill bit is 6.75 mm. Contributor: Fred Hoefer, Electronics Mechanic, CIBA Vision Corp., Duluth, GA; fred.hoefer@ List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Workstation allows roaming about plant

Mobile workstations allow process control operators, engineers, and maintenance technicians to interact with their I/A systems while roaming freely throughout an industrial complex.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

CMMS – 2000-03-01

MainBoss 2.7 is a full-featured CMMS with an improved work order and preventive maintenance management system. New tab dialogs make viewing and updating information easy. Desktop Innovations,

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Rail system has zero backlash

Metal, belt-driven, linear rail system features pre-engineered components that simplify system design and reduce cost. No-stretch stainless steel belts provide high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and precise positioning.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Continuous sand filter

Literature describes the Volcano continuous sand filter, which offers high removal efficiencies, low maintenance, and lower operator attention.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Uncooled imagers weigh just 4 lb

The 7102 and 7102i thermal imagers for predictive maintenance applications are compact, portable, and weigh 4 lb. Accuracy is ±2% of full scale with a focus range of 50 cm-infinity.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Same-sex harassment no less offensive than the more common kind

Maintenance department machinists George and Bill, both openly gay, had an eye on Vince Mullen, a young, single, and strikingly handsome instrument repairman with a thick mane of rust colored hair.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Urethane timing belts

New 40-p catalog presents technical data, product information, and selection guidelines for urethane timing belts, The belts are used in linear positioning and synchronized conveying applications, and offer high wear and chemical resistance with no retensioning or maintenance. Mectrol Corp. Circle 319.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Tank lining

Tank linings and coatings protect against corrosion, abrasion, leakage, and spill problems. The coatings are 500-1000% thicker than paint and provide a lifetime of maintenance-free service. Chicago Tank LiningBoo

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

New equipment, new employee?

When a customized lathe with many new and complex features was purchased, a deal was made with the supplier to furnish a specially trained operator to run it. This evoked a protest from the crew.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Safe at any speed

When Utility Worker George Eustis refused an assignment requiring him to operate a loading machine, Maintenance Supervisor Camden Furth asked, "What's the problem?" "The machine's set too fast. It's dangerous to operate." Furth disagreed.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2000

Trick and treat

Last month, we shared some of the results from our online reader survey of Plant Engineering Online (www.plantengineering. com).

By Len O'Neal
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2000

CMMS software rental reduces costs and boosts flexibility

DirectLine Service helps plant maintenance personnel implement CMMS systems over the internet on a pay-as-you-go monthly billing basis.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2000

Everything about condition monitoring

The Next World of Condition Monitoring brochure shows how this maintenance practice can be applied to intermittently operating machinery.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 2000

Don’t hogtie yourself to bonus payments

Take care. Steer clear of contract clauses that commit you to nonrevocable bonuses. A New England manufacturing employer learned this lesson the hard way. The company had paid Christmas bonuses for as long as most veteran employees could remember.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 2000

Reference checking? Get the full story

With employment-related litigation mushrooming, employers are naturally reluctant to poormouth former employees.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

Final warnings must be final!

Hey Leroy, where's McNab?" Maintenance Supervisor Joel Bogart shouted across the floor at his assistant. It was 8:57 a.m. Mechanic Grade I Ed McNab's starting time was 8:30. Leroy yelled back, "He didn't clock in yet." Bogart's lips tightened.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

FRL units install quickly

SAU Series modular filter, regulator, lubricator (FRL) units are designed for quick installation. They come standard with bracket and gauge and optional on other units, which makes field maintenance easy and convenient.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

Take care: What you ask may be questionable

One must be careful these days what he asks when interviewing job applicants. Ill-advised questions tend to backfire. An illegal question could land you in a pot of litigational soup.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

Modular guardrails

A 4-p brochure provides product information for a modular guardrail system designed to ensure safe and efficient rooftop maintenance and construction activities. Designed for use with 1 1/2-in.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

Water batteries just right

Battery Watering Monitor provides maintenance personnel with a fast, convenient, and safe method to visually check electrolyte levels. When installed on a battery, a bright green LED continually blinks as long as the water level is sufficient.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

A thread in time

A thread repair insert kit for maintenance departments includes nine standard assortments. The kit contains inserts that range from #10 through 1 in., as well as metric threads from M3 through M16.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1999

Family leave rights rigidly enforced

Maintenance Department Stockroom Attendant Mary Kaufman took a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for her mother who had been released from the hospital following a heart attack.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1999

Device crushes spent fluorescent lamps

Bulb Eater is a mobile, easy-to-operate device that safely crushes any-length spent fluorescent lamps for the purpose of reducing the waste stream volume, which translates into lower maintenance, handling, management, and disposal costs.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1999

Phone system operates over wireless LANs

NetLink wireless telephone system lets manufacturing facilities lever- age their LAN infrastructure by adding high-quality wireless voice communication capabilities. Em- ployees can use the system to make and receive calls anywhere inside the plant.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1999

The bearing knows

Trouble-Free Operation (TFO) has been expanded to provide a full service to bearing users. The original program provided inspection, technical assistance, failure analysis, training, application engineering, and installation.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

Think twice before rejecting a vacation request

Mel Bauer's brother wrote in his letter that the only time he could come for a visit was the last 2 wk in October. "You'll have to put in for those 2 wk when the vacation forms are passed out," his wife Berneice said. "I'll see what I can do.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

Getting a good grip

Problem: How can I get a comfortable grip on an adjustable wrench? Solution: Take a piece of shrink tubing often used on wires and cables and cut it a bit shorter than the length of the wrench handle.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

When is name-calling a cause for discipline?

When Maintenance Department Utility Worker Bert Korsikov was instructed by Maintenance Foreman Al Creskin to scrape the rust from the outside railing and apply red lead, he protested vigorously. Too vigorously, in Creskin's opinion.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

Is rejecting a senior’s training request justified?

Due to the diversity and sophistication of lab and plant instruments, filling the role of Instrument Repairman Class I was quite a difficult task. So when openings in the training program for IR-1 instruction occurred, only four workers applied.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

Service providers

Free directory makes outsourcing easy by listing companies offering inspection, training, and other maintenance-related activities. The directory lists companies by geographic locations and describes the specific services offered by each provider.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1999

Cartridge seal reduces inventory

ISC cartridge seal features interchangeable pusher, metal bellows, or elastomer bellows configurations.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Can you demote a health-impaired employee?

It was disclosed some months after his employment that Jeffrey Irving, a crane operator in the maintenance department, was an epileptic. On two occasions, he had completely passed out and fallen during his seizures.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Using lasers to create flat floors

Many companies opt to maximize space utilization in their storage areas by installing floor-to-ceiling racking systems separated by very narrow aisles.

By Tom Rohrer
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #12

Hide a key Problem : A spare key for a locked office, storeroom, or similar area must be kept out of sight, yet accessible. Solution: Tape the key to the inside of the switch plate on a convenient light switch. Contributor : Michael J. Lembo, CertainTeed Corp., Blue Bell, PA List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #6

Spotting bad circuit boards Problem: A new or repaired circuit board going into spare parts stock could be faulty. Solution : Don’t just put it on the shelf. At the first opportunity, install it to make sure it works. If it does, leave it in and put the original operating board on the shelf. Contributor : Michael Reed, The Doe Run Co., Viburnum, MO List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

MaintenanceTips & Tricks – 1999 – #19

Picking up small parts Problem : It’s difficult to pick up small parts, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Solution : Place an old pair of pantyhose over the suction end of a shop vac. Small items can be picked up nicely. Contributor : Dave Cutchfield, RMF Engineering, Baltimore, MD List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Dock doors

Brochure discusses the benefits and applications of a full line of high-impact dock doors. The literature explains how these doors reduce maintenance costs and offer total dock protection. TKO Doors www.tkodoors.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Be alert for subtle discrimination

Harassment needn't be blatant to qualify as discriminatory under Title VII of the Civil Rights law.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #17

Rough shaft alignment Problem : Two shafts must be aligned, but no alignment instruments are available. Solution : Wrap a short piece of #12 AWG solid copper insulated wire tightly around each shaft. Strip about an 1 in. of insulation off the “pointer” ends, and bend the ends at 90-deg angles toward each other.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

This will floor you

A free 64-p catalog is brimming with information, instructions, specifications, and prices on everything needed for floor repair, renovation, new construction, and maintenance.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #9

Hang the sign Problem : Ground level warning signs placed under a movable aerial work platform such as a cherry picker bucket have to be moved frequently. Solution : Use a fishing reel to suspend a warning sign at an appropriate height. The sign moves with the bucket, and height can be quickly adjusted as needed. Contributor : Clay Summerlin, Square D Co., Monroe, NC; 704-226-2700 List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #8

Tight moves Problem : A piece of equipment close to a column or other stationary object needs to be moved closer. The spacing is too close to use a come-along. Solution: Make a “Spanish windlass.” Pass a length of rope around both objects and tie the ends together. Place a bar or handle through the center of the loop and twist the opposite sides together.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #15

Tapping tight places Problem : You need to tap or chase a thread, but working space is very tight. Solution: Press a hex nut onto the square end of a standard tap, and then use a suitable wrench or ratchet setup to turn the tap. Make up a set of taps this way for your toolbox. Contributor : Carl Swanson, Rich Products Corp., Winchester, VA; 540-667-1955 List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #2

Pulling more wires Problem: Pulling additional wires through an existing conduit run can be a risky task, even if the conduit size and fill restrictions allow for additional conductors. Solution : Instead of a fish tape, use one of the existing wires. Attach the wires to be added (plus a replacement for the one to be removed) to an end of one of the existing wires. Pull the old wire out and the new ones in. Contributor : J.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #14

Ceiling tile puller Problem : Suspended ceilings make access to utilities easy because the tiles can be lifted out of the grid. But sometimes the tiles won’t drop back into place because of interference from suspension wires or light fixture clips. Solution : Use a wine bottle corkscrew to grip the tile from below and pull it down into place. A corkscrew with lots of pitch works best. Contributor : Vince Goodnough, Tennant Co., Minneapolis, MN; 612-540-1339 List of Tips & Tricks Plant Engineering.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1999

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 1999 – #3

Seeing behind machine guards Problem : It’s difficult to see things behind expanded metal machine guards, especially if the guards are painted a light color such as safety yellow or orange. Solution : Paint the expanded metal portion of machine guards flat black. (Leave the frames painted with safety colors.) The flat black absorbs light, allowing you to see through the expanded metal to check for abnormalities. Contributor : Sean A. Mullan, North Star Steel, St.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 1999

Pregnancy bias can be costly

Assistant Foreman Harry Swank was in the office when Maintenance Clerk Clara Rice was informed by her doctor that she was pregnant. Swank shook his head. "Evans is going to be fit to be tied when he hears about this." Rice frowned.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 1999

Business slowdown: Reduced work week or layoffs?

We have to face facts," Plant Engineer Ralph Cummings told Maintenance Foreman Al Gorman. "With orders off 20%, we can no longer support the current payroll load. We've got people sitting around on their butts." Gorman frowned.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 1999

Pyrometer has RTD input

OSP100 Series portable, noncontact, infrared pyrometer performs periodic process monitoring and maintenance. The circular or pinpointing laser option provides easy identification of the surface area to be measured.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 1999

Unforeseen leave of absence

A bout of pneumonia caused Maintenance Repairman Mel Holman to be out of work for 6 wk. His supervisor, Bill Riley, confided to his assistant, "I don't wish Mel bad luck, but between the two of us I won't miss him. The guy's a trouble maker.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy August 1, 1999

No sweat strainer

Maintenance-free Poro-Edge automatic, self-cleaning strainer removes dirt, debris, and other impurities as small as 30 microns from liquid streams. The strainer has high dirt-holding capacity while operating at a low, average pressure loss. R.P.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1999

A tip of the hat to “Tips & Tricks”

The "Maintenance Tip & Tricks" tip about the inflatable plug for piping (PE, March 1999, p 67, File 5550) takes care of a problem I've been worrying about ever since I took over our plant's domestic sewage treatment system 5-mo ago.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1999

Lubricants and sealants

Specialty lubricants and sealants for assembly and maintenance of industrial machinery are the subject of a 15-p brochure.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

"EAM/ CMMS Software and Services Global Outlook: Market and Analysis Forecast Through 2002," is among a number of recent studies summarized on this informative web site from Automation Research Corp.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Preloading springs

Problem: In many situations, compression-type springs must be partially compressed during reinstallation. This action can sometimes be difficult and dangerous to the personnel performing the task.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Traffic doors

An 8-p condensed catalog covers 10 classes of durable, high performance, low maintenance impact traffic doors. All models described are custom manufactured to exactly fit customer door openings.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

When is an anti-union message “coercive?”

An election to determine employee willingness to be represented by a union was scheduled 2-wk hence. A week before Election Day some supervisors handed out "VOTE NO" buttons to workers.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Can bumping privilege be contractually limited?

When Instrument Repairman Jeff Rankin's name was included on a maintenance department layoff list, he appeared at Foreman Ed Herrin's desk within minutes of the posting. "The contract says I have a right to bump an employee with lower seniority.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Not easy to resolve family vs job responsibilities

Senior Maintenance Engineer George Daly was a 9-yr veteran of the Plant Engineering Department. A staunch family man with roots in the community, he spent as much time as possible with his teenage kids and prided himself on being a good dad.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Handheld system monitors rotating machinery

Marlin portable monitoring system enables maintenance personnel to quickly gather, store, and analyze vibration and process data.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1999

Gripping parts

Problem: You need the gripping force of locking pliers, but don't want to mark or damage the part being held. Solution: Line the jaws of the pliers with several layers of medium grit emery cloth before clamping down.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 1, 1999

Repeatedly bypassed for promotion: Valid discrimination case?

Time and again, when a Carpenter Grade I job opened up, 9-yr veteran Grade II Arthur Gomez was turned down for promotion. He decided that enough was enough.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy May 1, 1999

Tips & Tricks contest deadline is June 11

To paraphrase a well known quotation, now is the time for all good maintenance people to send in their tips. Entries for Plant Engineering magazine's September Tips & Tricks article will be accepted until Friday, June 11.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 1, 1999

Keep machine tools running

Planned preventive maintenance services for all machine tools identify problems before they occur. Service agreements are tailored to fit specific needs, and can even place qualified technicians onsite as full-time resources.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

Angry? Count to ten — more than once

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Gerry Street was one of the most experienced and conscientious people in the department. Past tense. Street was gone, resigned, at age 36, with a seemingly bright future ahead of him.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

Can you bar an employee from working for a competitor?

With his son entering college and saddled with expensive dental work for his daughter, Instrument Repairman Grade I George Klein was strapped for funds. With this thought in mind, he found a second off-hours job with a competitor.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

-- This site, created by Logic Point, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999


Rust-Oleum, Industrial Business Group3700 System coating

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

Curing dangling wires

Problem: It's common for a tangled bunch of wires to drop down when the reflector or wiring cover is removed from an overhead fluorescent fixture. Getting them back in place without pinching any is a nuisance.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

“We have to take care of our own.”

When Group Leader Ed Keller opted for early retirement, George Kaplan kept expecting to hear the good news from Maintenance Supervisor John McDermott that his promotion to Keller's job was official. But weeks dragged by with no word from his boss.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

Transmitter provides accurate measurements

Model 5300 transmitter cuts installation and commissioning costs up to 60% while simplifying operation and maintenance. The transmitter provides mass flow with an accuracy of ±0.1% of flow rate, density with an accuracy of ±0.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

What the words mean

Glossary of Reliability and Maintenance Terms addresses a multitude of maintenance related terms, and provides definitions in simple, easy-to-understand language.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1999

“You’re fired!” “I quit!”

When Maintenance Supervisor Sam Sharpin instructed Utility Worker Joe Belson to scrape the rust, apply red lead, and paint the railing in front of the plant, the worker balked.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

Must a shop steward be paid for after-hours service?

Bill Couglin was a conscientious shop steward. Every Thursday afternoon union and management representatives met from 4:00-6:00 p.m. to discuss grievances and other matters of mutual interest. One day, the union president invited Couglin to sit in.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

Can vacation illness be charged to sick leave?

Toolroom Attendant Marge Evans returned from her week's vacation with a note from her doctor confirming that she'd had to defer a planned trip because she was laid up for five days with a virus.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

How well qualified must a promotable be?

When Group Leader Ed Honig took early retirement, Tom Phillips seemed a sure bet to step into his job. Tom was thus understandably stunned when Maintenance Foreman Pete Russo tapped Pat Greene for the promotion.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

Heard on the street…

(A collection of anonymous commentaries on outsourcing from plant engineers) ...One good reason for outsourcing is that it's easy to blame a contractor when something goes wrong.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

Hail to the best

A year ago, six plants made a commitment to maintenance excellence. Six plants began a process to evaluate their maintenance operations and compare them with some of the best. Six plants entered the North American Maintenance Excellence Awards program.

By Richard L. Dunn
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

CMMS – 1999-03-01

Computerized maintenance management system is easy to use and available in standard or client/server versions. CK Systems, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1999

Picking layoff candidates: How equal is equal?

The workload had declined considerably. Maintenance Supervisor Al Kagen decided the department was overstaffed and posted Bill Fallon's name on a layoff list along with two others. Fallon was quick to protest.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 1999

Can employee decide when his day’s work is done?

Electrician Grade II Ben Tarpol was assigned a rewiring job in the lab that took 2 days and 6 hr. When he completed the assignment 2-hr before quitting time on Friday, he decided to take a quick nap before the end-of-shift buzzer sounded.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy February 1, 1999

Lubricant extends equipment service life

Krytox RFE family of lubricants are synthetic, fluoropolymers formulated to increase the service life of critical equipment and dramatically extend relubrication intervals.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1999

Can an employee refuse to work overtime?

Carpenter First Grade Jim Arthur was building a rig for the production department. At 3:00 p.m., Maintenance Supervisor Bill Creed passed by and asked, "How are you doing with that rig?" "It's going pretty well so far.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1999

Basic concepts of benchmarking

Definition Benchmarking is a systematic, continuous process for measuring, evaluating, and comparing business practices against recognized leaders to determine the extent to which you can improve your organization's performance.

By Richard L. Dunn
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1999

Data collector provides redundancy

DC100 data collector provides remote, historical data retrieval in Microsoft Excel-readable files. Its 4X redundancy is provided by a built-in RAM (1, 2, or 4 MB) with full file maintenance, standard 3 1/2-in.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1999

For benchmarking help…

These organizations provided significant data and other information for the preparation of this article. A.T. Kearney, Inc. Lincoln Plaza, Suite 4170 500 North Akard St. Dallas, TX 75201 www.atkearney.

By Richard L. Dunn
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1998

Can an employee bump himself into a promotion?

When the company discontinued one of its product lines, management decided to cut back on the number of mechanics in the maintenance department.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1998

Put chronic gabbers in their place

If it's true that "the business of business is business," then the bottom line key is productivity.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy December 1, 1998

Software creates reports on all process data

SmartPlant Explorer 2.0 is web-based client/server software for accessing and creating reports on instrumentation, design, operations, and maintenance data throughout the process plant life cycle.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Worker quits in the heat of the moment: Can he change his mind?

Welder Jim Gordon's problems were too numerous to list on one sheet of paper. He drank too much, smoked too much, and partied too much.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Spray tank eliminates pressurization

NPT-30 portable, nonpressurized, noncorrosive spray tank eliminates inspections, certifications, and safety liability and maintenance. The 30-gal. tank is graduated for visual liquid level readings.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Software manages steam trap data

TrapBase 97 for Windows maintains all data regarding steam traps, including old surveys, master data, maintenance data, and repair data. It tracks leaks and calculates their cost, as well as the expense of makeup water.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Employee on his way out: How fast must he leave?

An employee resigns. How long do you want him around? It depends. In most cases, not for long. Usually, the more important the job, the faster you want to get rid of him. Failing to appreciate this point can be costly.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Multimodule CMMS is Y2K compliant

ProTeus Expert uses client/server technology to provide asset tracking and computerized maintenance management functions.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Aluminum safety mat withstands heavy traffic

Diamond Plate Safety Mat features a heavy gauge aluminum deck plate construction for heavy traffic situ- ations, such as fork lifts, steel-wheel carts, pallet loaders, and more.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Drunk driver on his way home from work: Is company liable?

Fact One: The company had a strict policy that forbade employees from drinking on the job. Fact Two: It was generally known throughout the plant that Maintenance Department Utility Man Karl Blayman was a heavy drinker. One day at 5:15 p.m.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy November 1, 1998

Uncooled IR camera designed for PM uses

ThermaCam Ultra X95 uncooled, infrared focal plane array, predictive maintenance system includes a microbolometer for precision temperature measurement.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy October 1, 1998

In and out filtration

An 8-p bulletin describes a line of bag-in/bag-out filtration systems for containment of hazardous materials. The systems isolate personnel from contaminants during filter operation, service, and maintenance. Farr Co.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Preparing to fire a dud? Use full documentation

John Dudley was aptly named, Maintenance Foreman Al Russo thought. The mechanic qualified as a dud better than anyone he knew. Decision time had arrived. Russo checked the repeated notes he had made in Dudley's file for one infraction or other.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Creating gaskets

Problem: How can I get a replacement gasket when the storeroom is bare? Solution: Create your own. Place blank gasket material over the face of the surface needing a replacement. Lightly tap on the inside and outside edges with a ball-peen hammer.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Worker disagreement? Be wary of unlawful restraint

Tools and personal items were disappearing and Maintenance Foreman Clint Dexter wanted to know why. "Do you have any suspects?" his boss, Plant Engineer Ed Morrow, asked. "No real suspects," Dexter replied.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Does strike time count as continuous service?

Two weeks' vacation after 1 yr on the job was the company's clearly stated policy. It was a generous entitlement.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

About Tips & Tricks

Plant Engineering considers "Tips & Tricks" to be an ongoing editorial project.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Rack design improves pallet flow safety

SK3400 series storage rack reduces installation and maintenance time, as well as improve safety in flow storage applications.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Maintenance tips & tricks for you and your PC

It's 8:00 a.m., and with your morning cup of coffee in hand, you turn to your computer, start your Web browser, and head off to find your fill of daily news or some needed product information.

By Len O'Neal
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Test equipment – 1998-09-01

A 52-p catalog covers a line of instruments for maintenance use. Included are multimeters, current clamps, insulation resistance testers, thermometers, hygrometers, and telecom/datacom testers and tools. A.W. Sperry Instruments, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Composite bushing bearing is self lubricating

FluoroNyliner bushing bearing provides smooth, low-friction movement in linear and rotary modes. The bushing does not require lubrication when operating in hostile, contaminated, submerged, washdown, or vacuum conditions.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Check under the hood

If you spend spend a fair amount of time browsing the Web, then it's safe to assume that your PC could be on the verge of overheating. How can you tell? Check the level of your disk cache.

By Len O'Neal
Maintenance Strategy September 1, 1998

Employee absence: How frequent is frequent?

Utility worker Charley Asch tried to sidle into the plant alongside another employee so he wouldn't be seen by the boss. But Maintenance Supervisor Alexander Reed spotted him nonetheless.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1998

Catch a faulty bearing

Condition Monitoring Bearing Fault Detection video introduces predictive maintenance concepts and practices for early detection and analysis of problems.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1998

Promotion decision: What role should attitude play?

"Attitude," says author Alfred Montapert, "is more important than aptitude." Maintenance Foreman Louis Creskin agrees. It was his basis for bypassing Harvey Scheer for advancement to a senior troubleshooter's job.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1998

Absence: When is a “reasonable” excuse unacceptable?

Mechanic Grade II George Melrose was a chronic absentee. He often failed to call in when he was out. Or he offered "personal business" as an excuse.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy July 1, 1998

Tool cart provides easy access to bulky parts

TRX1406 is a six-drawer maintenance tool cart with storage for large or bulky items. Two adjustable, roll-out shelves pull completely outside the cart on full-extension ball-bearing slides, making bulky equipment easy to reach.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1998

Employee purchase plan: Should resale be prohibited?

A cosmetics company had a generous employee purchase plan. Workers were permitted to buy company products at a 40% discount and "specials" at a lower price.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1998

Reader suspends belief at worker’s suspension

I was surprised at the plant engineer's decision to suspend Alex Corning in the Human Side of Engineering case, "Is an error sufficient grounds for dismissal?" (PE, January 1998, p 15).

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1998

On an errand for the company: Is he still at work?

Bill Talbot, a mechanic in the maintenance department, was packing up his tool kit, preparing to leave as his shift drew to an end. Shipping Supervisor Jack Diamond approached.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy June 1, 1998

Workstation cranes serve robotic systems

A new line of robotic workstation cranes includes two series. CLR Series is designed with a limited number of moving parts, which minimizes maintenance, and has a capacity of 2000 lb with an 8-ft vertical lift.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 1, 1998

Cleanroom accessories

An 80-p color catalog includes over 1500 products designed for cleanroom needs. Products range from shoe brush machines to pass-throughs. Accessories described apply to cleanroom maintenance, operation, and contamination control. Liberty Industries, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy May 1, 1998

Environmental compliance

Environmental compliance brochure describes available inspection and maintenance services. The 8-p piece details environmental assessments and checks of tanks, monitoring systems, wastewater, spill control, process equipment, and air emissions.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998

Uncommon side: The tricky Tylers — part II

Part I of our case was presented in the November 1997 issue of Plant Engineering. Readers will recall that Grace Tyler had a fine job. The pay was good and she was well treated. Those circumstances sounded just fine to her husband, Frank Tyler, too.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998

NAME Award encourages operational excellence

Chances are your organization could use some much-deserved recognition. You could probably also use some meaningful benchmarking data and other feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

By Richard L. Dunn
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998


SAP R3 manufacturing solutions are process and information management tools that can integrate materials management, plant maintenance, suppliers, and more to help companies work more efficiently and profitably.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998


PlantSpace solutions for the plant life cycle provide solutions and services for life-cycle design/build through operations/ maintenance and are designed to meet enterprise-wide needs and to integrate data from multiple formats. Jacobus Technology, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998

Enterprise MPAC

Enterprise MPAC is a scalable, client/server asset care solution that lets organizations implement best practices maintenance automation on an enterprise-wide basis. Indus International;

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy April 1, 1998


Protean is an object-oriented application set for manufacturing, logistics, finance, and maintenance. Prismenterprise resource planning solution is directed at the process industries and is fully integratable with other software. Marcam Solutions, Inc.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1998

How much employee negligence warrants discharge?

The ultimate employee discipline is termination. Under what circumstances is it justified? Dishonesty, certainly. Violence resulting in damage to person or property, assuredly. Sexual malfeasance, decidedly.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1998

Should extra work require extra pay?

It had long been the practice for department heads to divide the tasks of employees who reported sick or were on vacation among coworkers on duty.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1998

Crane inspection

Cas-Pro maintenance and inspection program is designed for users of cranes in the process industries. The program consists of dedicated onsite management of process crane inspections integrated with preventive/predictive maintenance and repairs.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy March 1, 1998

Get the facts, just the facts

Automatic Data Collection (ADC) can simplify the operation and distribution processes in maintenance operations. Fundamentals of Automatic Data Collection for Maintenance Management helps determine if ADC is appropriate for your organization.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1998

Restoring roofs to health

Repair Manual for Low-Slope Membrane Roof Systems contains instructions for more than 150 repairs, accompanied by a set of photos for each type. The manual presents repairs for built-up, modified bitumen, thermoplastic, and thermoset roof systems.

By Staff
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1998

Is an error sufficient grounds for dismissal?

Instrument Repairman Alex Corning had an exemplary record over his 6 yr of employment. But one unfortunate day, he dropped a delicate and expensive lab instrument while it was being serviced.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Maintenance Strategy January 1, 1998

Chiropractic treatment: do sick benefits apply?

Maintenance Utility Man Charley Colman was out five weeks because of a neck ailment. When he returned to work he put in for sick benefits. "Where's your doctor's note?" Maintenance Foreman Greg Richards asked. "I don't have one.

By Raymond Dreyfack