Lean Maintenance

Lean Maintenance December 6, 2016

Throughput is mindset based on passion and process

Rapid changes in the market and in technology require managers to continuously troubleshoot, as throughput is a mindset based on passion and process.

By Gary Winslow, Ghafari Associates
Lean Maintenance November 23, 2016

The effect of performance management reviews on Lean manufacturing

Performance management reviews may have mixed results with people, but they can have a very positive effect when trying to apply Lean principles to an organization.

By Cheryl Jekiel
Lean Maintenance November 7, 2016

Using CAPEX as part of a maintenance management strategy

When it comes to managing all aspects of maintenance, capital expenditures (CAPEX) remains one of the key priorities.

By Smartware Group
Lean Maintenance November 3, 2016

Diagnose bearing failures beyond root cause analysis

Take a ‘CSI’ approach to root cause analysis to look beyond the obvious to determine why bearings are failing. Six types of failures and 12 tips for determining the root cause are featured.

By Richard R. Knotek, Motion Industries
Lean Maintenance October 21, 2016

Dos and don’ts for making permanent process improvements

Making process improvements that stick within maintenance organizations is a long-term commitment that requires a cultural change with a specific plan and a strong mandate from management that encourages workers to keep making positive changes on all levels.

By Steve Mueller, Daniel Penn Associates, LLC
Lean Maintenance October 17, 2016

Create a culture of purpose-driven excellence

Building a purpose-driven excellence culture requires leadership to be proactive and engage with their workers and create a culture built on trust.

By Greg Williams, AME
Lean Maintenance October 12, 2016

Six ways to build a manufacturing culture from the bottom up

Companies need to establish an environment and culture where workers are just as active in creating a positive, safe environment as the executives and managers. Consider the six tips below to get started.

By Jill Bellak, AME
Lean Maintenance September 27, 2016

How to overcome potential food plant design construction problems

Companies that are able to communicate clearly and be flexible with their clients during a food plant design construction will have the most success in overcoming potential challenges.

By Justin Landowski, Matt McGrogan, Stellar
Lean Maintenance September 15, 2016

2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: George Parada, 34

Business Unit Maintenance & Reliability Leader, Cargill Salt Inc., Newark, Calif.

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media
Lean Maintenance September 1, 2016

New product development: How to form and manage your creative team

Focus on growth through new product launch readiness and leadership capabilities.

By Lea Tonkin, AME