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Lean Maintenance

Lean Maintenance June 25, 2013

Quality is ingrained, rewarded by top manufacturers

ASQ study finds training, financial incentives help boost quality improvements

Lean Maintenance June 19, 2013

Develop and execute a sound lubrication strategy

Ahmet Guven from Shell discusses lubrication strategies and methods for companies looking to improve efficiency and maintenance

By Plant Engineering
Lean Maintenance June 19, 2013

Investing in economic efficiency

State-of-the-art specialty lubricants contribute to economic, success, or how a small investment makes the difference

By Florian Held
Lean Maintenance June 19, 2013

Bulk lubrication storage offers several advantages

New containers make the 55-gallon drum obsolete, and can improve safety and reduce risks in the process

By Patrick Fasse
Lean Maintenance June 19, 2013

The process of proper lubrication

The right work procedures drive consistency and ensure success

By Stacy Heston
Lean Maintenance June 13, 2013

Set a sound strategy for spill containment

Switching absorbents can save time and money, and reduce waste

By Karen Hamel, New Pig
Lean Maintenance June 6, 2013

Detect safety motion; don’t try to work around it

A sound system requires operator compliance with the safety protocol

By Helge Hornis, PhD, Pepperl+Fuchs
Lean Maintenance May 23, 2013

GE Aviation expands in Delaware to build engine components

$27 million ‘Lean Lab’ will prove out manufacturing techniques

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Lean Maintenance May 14, 2012

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Maintenance as a profit center

Implementing a Lean system requires leadership and patience

By Jack Smith, BIT Writing and Editing Services
Lean Maintenance May 1, 2009

Lean maintenance offers savings, eliminates non-value activities

When the word “Lean” is mentioned, what thoughts are typically brought to mind? Is it to be able to do more with less? Downsizing? Cost reductions? If so, then the true meaning of “Lean” is missed. If an organization is considered to be Lean, it operates with minimum of waste.

By Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners, LLC