Lean Maintenance

Lean Maintenance September 21, 2017

Create a winning culture on the plant floor

Maintenance can be improved if companies focus more on improving their operations rather than maintaining what they have.

By Chris Vavra
Lean Maintenance July 13, 2017

Five questions to understand the data that drives business performance

Data crunching enables manufacturers to make better choices when it comes to their operations.

By Michael Mantzke and Robert Jonas
Lean Maintenance July 13, 2017

Creating a culture of service and engagement

Cirtronics has grown into a 175,000 square-foot facility with 200 employees and was recently recognized by the New Hampshire Business of Social Responsibility for its people-centric culture.

By Tim Piotrowski, AME
Lean Maintenance June 28, 2017

The other approach to Lean manufacturing

Using data analysis to find out what the dominant products within a facility are and the processes used to create them and how they flow within a plant facility is a useful way to make a company Leaner.

By Nicole N. Snurkowski, Daniel Penn Associates
Lean Maintenance June 26, 2017

What companies need to know about food processing ERP systems

Companies should look for the food enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides the best process visibility.

By George Trudell
Lean Maintenance June 21, 2017

Finding the right engagement strategy

A Lean-minded board of directors can have an influential impact on the direction of an organization and its future.

By Jamie Flinchbaugh and Orry Fiume
Lean Maintenance June 16, 2017

Welcome to the summer of innovation

While we take comfort in familiar ideas, what drives are society is innovation and new ideas that allow us to move forward.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Lean Maintenance June 8, 2017

Three steps for developing a food manufacturing plan

A food manufacturing plan should include situation analysis, goals and objectives, and function and scope to ensure that the plan goes through smoothly.

By Jonah Petoskey, Stellar
Lean Maintenance May 25, 2017

Lean manufacturing becoming Leaner

Lean manufacturing has changed the plant floor in many ways and the future promises everything will become Leaner as companies use real-time data to improve operations.

By Eric Whitley, Leading2Lean
Lean Maintenance May 19, 2017

Find a path to compromise on the plant floor

Nolan Lestage, a utilities supervisor for West Liberty Foods in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, shares his story of his manufacturing experience and the pride he has in his work.

By Leading2Lean