Lean Maintenance

Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Lean Maintenance February 28, 2022

How Lean methods can improve safety: Creating a safety culture

It is important to create a safety culture that works for the employees and supports client success and satisfaction

By Ian Seuser and Jeremy Oliver
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Lean Maintenance February 14, 2022

How Lean methods can improve safety: Focusing on quality and productivity

By focusing on the three-legged stool of quality, productivity and safety, people can safely find a better way of using Lean methods.

By Ian Seuser and Jeremy Oliver
Courtesy: KMC Systems Inc.
Lean Maintenance December 2, 2021

How to develop and motivate employees towards Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing, when done right, can improve productivity and reduce waste on the plant floor. Successful implementation requires buy-in from workers. See three ways to change workers’ perception of Lean and build trust.

By Mary Donelan
Rather than traditional design/bid/build, alternative delivery methods may be necessary to meet start of production deadlines.
Lean Maintenance October 14, 2021

How to avoid COVID-19-related schedule delays using Lean

If implemented effectively, Lean planning practices can help meet critical production start dates and make up for delays caused by the pandemic

By Brandon Darroch and Brian Arend
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Lean Maintenance July 8, 2021

Six sigma principles could improve additive manufacturing quality control

Utilizing six sigma principles, team of university researchers and standards groups are working on finding ways to set standards for quality control when it comes to additive manufacturing.

By Miranda Buckheit
Courtesy: Daniel Penn Associates
Lean Maintenance May 7, 2021

Improved productivity through the kaizen multiplier effect

Team-led improvement ideas boost safety, efficiency and uptime for a precision molding operation.

By Daniel Penn Associates
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Lean Maintenance March 31, 2021

What to look for in a manufacturing operating system

Manufacturing operating systems have come a long way and can aid engineers in many ways. The right operating system will be intuitive, efficient and easy to use.

By Cara Winther
Courtesy: IoTco
Lean Maintenance January 19, 2021

Six steps toward the factory of the future

A solid foundation is required for any initiative

By Mohamed (Mo) Abuali
Courtesy: L2L
Lean Maintenance November 18, 2020

Mattress company adopts Lean system

Purple deploys L2L’s Lean execution system to great success

By Eric Whitley
Lean Maintenance December 16, 2019

Applying Lean tactics in the Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future can maximize the value and performance of every machine and production unit.

By Thomas Brown and Rodney Rusk