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Contract Maintenance December 15, 2022

Plant engineering, manufacturing M&A: December 2022

The Bundy Group reported 13 transactions in the month of December. Analysis on the acquisitions and reports are highlighted below.

By Clint Bundy
Contract Maintenance November 2, 2022

Manufacturer opens facility for integrated use

The Motion Ai facility in Eden Prairie, Minn., allows for integrated use and engineering labs for customer product and demonstration engagement.

By Motion Industries
Contract Maintenance October 22, 2022

Manufacturer investing in two plants to increase circuit breaker production

Schneider Electric is investing $46 million in its Lexington, Ky., and Lincoln, Neb., manufacturing plants to increase circuit breaker and related electrical product output.

By Schneider Electric
Contract Maintenance May 26, 2022

Global manufacturing production to hit $44.5 trillion in 2022

Research from Interact Analysis projects that total manufacturing industry output will grow by 4% in 2022 to $44.5 billion.

By Interact Analysis
Contract Maintenance April 29, 2022

Metal additive manufacturing projected to reach $18 billion by 2032

IDTechEx's report finds the metal additive manufacturing market will recover from COVID-19 and hit $18.5 billion by 2032.

By Sona Dadhania
Contract Maintenance April 26, 2022

Survey reveals attitudes, experiences of design engineers

Tech innovation and new design methodologies have simplified efforts, but design engineering progress and innovation are being stymied by supply chain issues.

By Molex
Contract Maintenance April 26, 2022

Equipment finance confidence dips in April

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's monthly confidence index dropped to 56.1 in April, but optimism about the future remains high.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation
Contract Maintenance March 22, 2022

Semiconductor fab spending projected to exceed $100 billion in 2022

SEMI projects fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to jump to an all-time high of $107 billion in 2022 as demand remains high across the globe.

Contract Maintenance March 9, 2022

Manufacturing output strong in 2021

Interact Analysis reported an 8.3% growth for the manufacturing industry in 2021, which is a rebound from 2020.

By Interact Analysis
Contract Maintenance March 4, 2022

Five ways engineering can improve last-mile delivery

COVID-19’s impact has changed the supply chain and companies are looking to keep up with growing and sophisticated demand. Technology improvements can help companies get an edge on last-mile logistics. Five methods are highlighted.

By Devin Partida
Contract Maintenance March 2, 2022

Global manufacturing recovery is bumpy and deceptive

The road ahead for manufacturing is bumpy due to disrupted supply chains, labor shortages, and high shipping and energy costs.

By Adrian Lloyd
Contract Maintenance December 24, 2021

Global trends impact manufacturing in 2022

Manufacturing has gone through many seismic changes and more are on the horizon.

By Kevin Parker
Contract Maintenance October 27, 2021

Equipment leasing up double-digits year to date

The ELFA reports September new business volume is up 6% year-over-year, 8% month-to-month and 10% year-to-date.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance October 6, 2021

Chinese manufacturing rebound less pronounced than other countries

While manufacturing in China did well in 2020, Interact Analysis reports its growth will lag behind other countries in 2021.

By Maya Xiao
Contract Maintenance September 27, 2021

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment billings Aug. 37.6% YoY

Semiconductor manufacturing billings were up more than 35% in August 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Contract Maintenance September 17, 2021

Labor shortages are major barrier for manufacturing recovery

Manufacturing is digging out from the impact of COVID-19, but its recovery is being hampered by a labor shortage in many major markets.

By Adrian Lloyd
Contract Maintenance September 17, 2021

Smart factory institute to launch on Manufacturing Day

Peak Performance Inc., which launches on October 1, will be the first Smart Factory based in the United States.

By Peak Performance
Contract Maintenance September 10, 2021

Industrial consultancy firm acquired

SKF has acquired Rubico Consulting AB, a Swedish industrial consultancy firm that specializes in visualization and analysis of signal data.

Contract Maintenance July 27, 2021

Global semiconductor sales to pass $100 billion by 2022

Global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment by OEMs are forecast to surpass $100 billion next year according to a report by SEMI.

Contract Maintenance July 22, 2021

Equipment finance industry confidence higher in July

Confidence in the equipment finance industry rose to 72.9 in July as the industry as a whole is now close to full strength and shaking off the effects of COVID-19.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation
Contract Maintenance July 20, 2021

Inventory company acquires additive manufacturer

Würth Additive Group signs agreement with Markforged.

By Wurth Industry North America
Contract Maintenance July 16, 2021

Annual equipment and software forecast strong for 2021

Annual equipment and software investment growth of 13.3% is forecast for 2021 as manufacturing demand remains very high.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance July 15, 2021

Electromechanical group announces officers, executive committee

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) has chosen a new chairman of the board, vice-chairman and secretary/treasurer for 2021-2022.

By Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)
Contract Maintenance July 13, 2021

Regional finalists selected for social innovation show

Sustainable agriculture, medical treatment, reliable water supply, and wildlife conservation among causes tackled by 2021 ASME ISHOW Regional Finalists.

By The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Contract Maintenance June 27, 2021

Benefits of smart factory investment

5G will help manufacturers will be able to dynamically adapt their production areas to current circumstances at any time and create smart factories.

By Neli Ivanova
Contract Maintenance June 23, 2021

Equipment finance industry confidence remains steady in June

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation released the June 2021 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance June 17, 2021

How Southeast Asia is helping lead a manufacturing expansion

Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam are expected to see their overall economies expand next year compared with levels prior to the COVID-19 outbreak according to a report by Interact Analysis.

By Adrian Lloyd
Contract Maintenance June 8, 2021

Propane council shares free resources for Forklift Safety Day

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is encouraging material handling professionals to take its new Mission Zero Pledge and commit to a safe, incident free workplace.

By Propane Education & Research Council
Contract Maintenance June 1, 2021

Manufacturing index continues solid pace in May

The purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) stayed above 60% for the fourth straight month, finishing at 61.2%.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance May 19, 2021

Tribology group appoints president for 2021-22

Ken Hope, a 30-year industry veteran from Chevron Phillips Chemical, has been appointed as president of STLE from 2021-22.

By Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)
Contract Maintenance May 19, 2021

Cutting tool orders make large jump in March

U.S. cutting tool consumption jumped almost 20% in March according to the U.S. Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI) and Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT).

By Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI)
Contract Maintenance May 4, 2021

Manufacturing index stays strong in April

The purchasing manufacturers' index hits 60.7% in April as new orders, production and employment continue to grow for manufacturing.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance April 28, 2021

Cutting tool orders increase in February

The U.S. Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI) and Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) reported a 3.3% increase in February over the prior month, but it remains down by almost 20% compared to the same period in 2020.

By Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI)
Contract Maintenance April 5, 2021

Manufacturing index continues positive trend in March

Purchasing manufacturers' index jumps to 64.7% in March as demand, employment rise.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance February 18, 2021

Equipment finance confidence rises to 2-year high in February

Confidence in the equipment finance market jumped almost five points to 64.4 in February thanks to high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance February 12, 2021

How we work now

Manufacturing demand remains strong in spite of the COVID-19, but workers are still adjusting.

By Kevin Parker
Contract Maintenance February 1, 2021

Manufacturing industry records growth for eighth straight month

January manufacturing index slides a bit from December to 58.7%, but industry still showing strength.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance January 25, 2021

Cutting tool orders decline in November

Cutting tool consumption in the U.S. declined almost 10% in November compared to the previous month and almost 20% compared to November 2019.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance December 22, 2020

Semiconductor market projected to have record 2020 growth

Global semiconductor sales by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is expected to increase 16% in 2020 with solid increases expected in 2021 and 2022.

Contract Maintenance December 2, 2020

Manufacturing index stays strong in November

The purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) drops from the 2-year high in October to 57.5%, but still records its seventh straight month of growth.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance November 22, 2020

How to maximize people power with digital capabilities

Why human capital is key to prospering in the new manufacturing normal

By Johannes Papst
Contract Maintenance November 19, 2020

Equipment leasing confidence steady in November

General confidence in the equipment leasing industry stayed steady in November with an index of 56.1, which is a slight increase from October.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance November 2, 2020

Manufacturing index hits highest point in two years

The purchasing manufacturers' index jumped almost 4% to 59.3 in October as new orders, production and employment grow.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance October 15, 2020

Equipment finance confidence drops slightly in October

The equipment finance market's confidence dropped to 55.0 in October, as concerns about the economy's long-term health remain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance October 12, 2020

Manufacturing orders slide in August

Manufacturing orders totaled under $300 million in August according to the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which is down more than 20% from the same period in 2019.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance October 2, 2020

Manufacturing index records fifth straight month of industry growth

The purchasing manufacturers' index registered at 55.4% in September, down slightly from August, as cautious optimism abounds due to COVID-19.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance September 16, 2020

Eight tips to stand out at a virtual career fair

Making meaningful connections requires planning and research requires a little extra planning and preparation when it comes to a virtual career fair and a slightly different mindset.

By Becca Harrison
Contract Maintenance September 14, 2020

Manufacturing orders slide in July

Manufacturing technology orders dropped by almost 2% in July compared to June, but the industry seems to be stabilizing overall.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance September 9, 2020

Equipment leasing confidence rises in August

Confidence in the equipment finance market jumped to 48.4 in August according to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA).

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance September 2, 2020

Manufacturing index rises for fourth straight month

The manufacturing sector reported its fourth straight month of growth, rising to 56%.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance August 26, 2020

Software in support of survival

The software industry is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in new and interesting ways.

By Kevin Parker
Contract Maintenance August 26, 2020

Equipment leasing business down, but confidence rising

The ELFA's monthly report shows overall business volume is down 3% YOY, but confidence is rising in spite of potential COVID-19 challenges ahead.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance August 12, 2020

Survey shows manufacturing optimism in spite of COVID-19

Research reveals nearly three-quarters of manufacturers are working remotely and reporting optimism for the future after COVID-19.

By InfinityQS
Contract Maintenance August 11, 2020

Manufacturing technology orders reach its highest point in 2020

Manufacturing technology orders soared to $346.7 million in June, a 56% increase over the previous month, but still down 6% from the same period in 2019.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance August 3, 2020

Manufacturing index grows for third straight month

The Institute for Supply Management's purchasing manufacturers' index reported a 1.6% increase to 54.2%, which is the third straight month of growth.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance July 23, 2020

Manufacturers looking to be more flexible, analytical in wake of COVID-19

A survey of German and U.S. manufacturers found many have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking to become more flexible and more dependent on data, maintenance models.

By Relayr
Contract Maintenance July 11, 2020

Three university projects launched to advance flexible hybrid electronics

SEMI FlexTech announced the launch of three projects to accelerate sensor and sensor system innovations for new applications in industries including healthcare, automotive, industrial and defense.

Contract Maintenance July 9, 2020

Virtual meetings are the rule rather than the exception

COVID-19 has forced virtual meetings to become the primary focus of interaction with co-workers and clients, which means an adjustment for many. It also represents an opportunity for companies.

By Annette Manz
Contract Maintenance July 1, 2020

Manufacturing index rises in June as industry rebounds

The Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) registered at 52.6% in June, which is up almost 10% from May's reading of 43.1%, as the industry rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic and look to pick up where they left off.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance June 22, 2020

Four lessons to take from working at home to improve the workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things for people who worked at home, but there are some valuable lessons to take from this unique experience that can make the work environment a better one.

By Ken Crabiel and Michelle Rotherham
Contract Maintenance June 22, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles June 15-21, 2020

Articles about COVID-19 business impacts and upgrades, ferrography fundamentals, planning an energy assessment and the Product of the Year winners were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from June 15-21, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance June 16, 2020

Research institute releases survey findings of COVID-19 business impact

The ACEC Research Institute released its report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected manufacturing companies and what the future looks like for the industry.

By American Council of Engineering Companies
Contract Maintenance June 8, 2020

Employee reviews: The right way and the wrong way

Engineering employee reviews, when done right, give the manager and the employee a chance to build and strengthen a relationship and carve a path for future success. Incorporate these six tips to improve the review process for engineering employees and those around them.

By Jon Breen
Contract Maintenance June 3, 2020

National Safety Council president and CEO delivers statement on respect, inclusion

National Safety Council president and CEO Lorraine M. Martin releases a statement for respect and inclusion in the wake of the events in Minneapolis and the subsequent nationwide response.

By National Safety Council (NSC)
Contract Maintenance June 1, 2020

Manufacturing index rises slightly in May from April

The purchasing manufacturers' index rose to 43.1% in May, but the general mood remains cautious and uncertain as COVID-19 continues to cause havoc on global supply chains.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance May 19, 2020

Utilizing VDI and cloud technology for pandemic preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many employees to work from home, which can be an issue for companies that require high-end graphic design.

By Israel Sumano
Contract Maintenance May 19, 2020

Career advice for engineers: Step out of the comfort zone

Looking wider, at engineering career development requires looking at other perspectives, understanding customers, finding a mentor, and having fun.

By Dileepa Prabhakar
Contract Maintenance May 8, 2020

Mastering the role of the virtual meeting host

The meeting host is not only responsible for sending invites, they are also responsible for establishing the meeting etiquette and strategy that are crucial to creating the best possible meeting experience and outcomes for the client.

By Elizabeth Scarce
Contract Maintenance April 30, 2020

Effective remote workforce: Key steps and strategies for success

Public and private organizations from all industries, sectors and geographies are encouraging their teams to work remotely to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

By Erica Bond, Cameron McKee and Swapna Sathyan
Contract Maintenance April 16, 2020

Equipment leasing confidence index hits new low in April

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's monthly confidence index dropped more than 50% in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic shutdown.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance April 1, 2020

Manufacturing index falls in March as COVID-19’s effects hit suppliers, consumers

The purchasing manufactuers' index had a slight decline in March, but the specter of COVID-19 continues to loom over the manufacturing industry as the pandemic spreads.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance March 27, 2020

Coronavirus’ effect on supply chain varies by industry, according to expert

Supply chain concerns depend on the industry according to an MIT expert on the topic. While food availability is not a major concern, the lack of critical medical supplies is and needs to be addressed quickly.

By Peter Dizikes
Contract Maintenance March 24, 2020

Equipment leasing drops sharply in February due to coronavirus worries

The ELFA reported a drop of 26% in business volume in February as concerns about coronavirus and its impact on manufacturing take hold.

By Equipment Leasing & Finance Association
Contract Maintenance March 16, 2020

Cutting tool consumption in January increases

U.S. cutting tool consumption totaled $196.5 million in January, which is up from December, but down almost 10% compared to January 2019

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance March 10, 2020

Manufacturing orders drop to lowest level in three years

Manufacturing orders dropped by a third in January 2020 as anxiety about the coronavirus outbreak, as well as other manufacturing challenges, threaten to weigh down on general economic optimism.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance March 9, 2020

Supply chain’s role in controlling coronavirus

The supply chain is being impacted by coronavirus, but manufacturers can keep their supply chain going by improving visibility and taking advantage of automation technologies.

By University of Houston
Contract Maintenance February 27, 2020

Capital planning: A beginners guide to understanding the basics

Capital planning should be done annually and there are many aspects to consider when putting together a comprehensive plan.

By David Keith, AIA
Contract Maintenance January 29, 2020

Asset management can help manage infrastructure projects

Asset management is helping city and state government prioritize spending and budget management, but they have a long way to go, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

By American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Contract Maintenance November 12, 2019

Five tips to ensure regulatory compliance with international codes, standards

A critical step in managing international projects is understanding how regulatory compliance changes across borders

By Amreen Grewal, Hedgehog Technologies, Burnaby, British Columbia
Contract Maintenance September 24, 2019

Four engineering industry trends to watch

Are you ready for these technologies to change the way you work?

By Neil Churman, 7 Mile Advisors, Houston
Contract Maintenance June 10, 2019

Manufacturing technology orders fall to lowest level since 2016

Manufacturing technology orders fell to under $300 million in April 2019, which is a sharp decline compared to the previous month and April 2018.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Contract Maintenance June 3, 2019

PMI slips again as tariffs have an impact

Manufacturing index stays in growth range, but slides to a 17-month low of 52.1%.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance May 31, 2019

3D printing presents industry opportunities

The recent broadening in knowledge and understanding about 3D printing and additive manufacturing have generated new business ideas and opportunities ranging from home hobby machines to printing buildings on other planets.

By Andrew Watts, Newtecnic, Los Angeles
Contract Maintenance May 1, 2019

PMI stumbles to 2 ½-year low as border concerns emerge

On 10th anniversary of manufacturing rebound, the purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) falls to 52.8%.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance March 11, 2019

Female engineers as leaders

It’s never been a better time to be a woman in engineering or any STEM career.

By Anthea C. Stratigos, Outsell Inc., Burlingame, Calif.
Contract Maintenance March 7, 2019

Brexit outcome has implications beyond Europe

Analyst sees looming issues for manufacturing beyond EU-Great Britain dispute.

By CFE Media
Contract Maintenance March 1, 2019

PE names Malinowski to advisory board

John Malinowski has been named to Plant Engineering’s Editorial Advisory Board.

By CFE Media
Contract Maintenance March 1, 2019

PMI slips in February, but fundamentals remain solid

Trade wars, supply issues among the concerns, but index firmly in growth mode.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance February 20, 2019

How to write compelling engineering job descriptions

When it comes to finding qualified candidates for a job, it all starts with a job description that draws people to your position. Below are the top five ways to attract the best talent in the industry.

By Evan McDowell, Austin Nichols Technical Search, Kansas City, Mo.
Contract Maintenance January 3, 2019

PMI plunges in December over manufacturing slowdown concerns

Index drops almost 10% to 2-year low as production, new orders slump.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance December 17, 2018

ABB to realign around digital industries

Four divisions focus on robotics, electrification, industrial automation, and motion.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance March 1, 2018

PMI hits 14-year high in February

Index jumps to 60.8% as production, employment expands.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance September 12, 2017

Smarter service management improves customer outcomes

All companies should form solid customer relationships for success, but the field service industry faces more unique barriers to establishing a good word-of-mouth reputation.

By Mrinal Gokhale, MSI Data
Contract Maintenance May 8, 2017

The path to prescriptive maintenance

Three steps to drive reliability while preparing for IIoT.

By Will Goetz, Emerson
Contract Maintenance March 9, 2017

Top 5 mistakes made when collecting vibration data

Tom Hoenig of GTI Predictive Technology talks about the five most common mistakes maintenance professionals make when using an analyzer. These include proper mounting for accelerometer, ski slope spectrums, finding the right RPM or point location, no FMAX set and using the wrong sensor.

By GTI Predictive Technology
Contract Maintenance October 20, 2016

CMMS adoption enhances maintenance strategies

CMMS enhances maintenance strategies of all types and not enough companies have come to realize the benefits that they offer.

By Smartware Group
Contract Maintenance April 11, 2016

2016 Maintenance Study: Seven key findings

Respondents to the Plant Engineering 2016 Maintenance Study identified seven important, high-level findings impacting the manufacturing industries.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Contract Maintenance September 7, 2015

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, August 31 to September 6: Electrical systems and IIoT, predicting equipment lifecycle, college grads salary, more

Articles about optimizing electrical systems through the IIoT. predicting equipment lifecycle, engineering pay for college grads, achieving world-class manufacturing maintenance, and Lean's relevance in today's economy were Plant Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, August 31 to September 6. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Contract Maintenance September 5, 2015

Vertical turning machine for manufacturers and subcontractors

The VL 2 vertical turning machine is a universal production that includes automatic loading and unloading for workpieces.

Contract Maintenance July 8, 2015

10 questions to help understand efficiency problems

If Lean manufacturing is initiated with the wrong problems in mind, the problem is exacerbated rather than improved. Here are ten questions aimed at helping uncover the true source of causes.

By Shawn Casemore, AME
Contract Maintenance February 26, 2015

A beginner’s guide to lean: Lean lessons learned

Now that we have begun a new year, it’s a good time to reflect on lean lessons learned in 2014.

By Mark Doman
Contract Maintenance December 22, 2014

How to build a better capital budget for your food processing plant

When estimating your numbers for food processing projects on the horizon, don’t just base your predictions on what you did the last time around.

By Scott Mark, Stellar
Contract Maintenance November 19, 2014

Guide your talent: sustainability in 5 straight steps

An honest, realistic evaluation of skills and consistent reinforcement are the key factors

By Dirk Frame, T.A. Cook Consultants, Inc.
Contract Maintenance July 14, 2014

Cavitation by design creates value, avoids destruction

A valuable cleaning tool, cavitation must be properly used to be effective. First of two parts

By Jack Goyette, Spirax Sarco
Contract Maintenance June 4, 2014

AME Job Board looks to match professionals with opportunities

Online resource driven by increase in skilled worker need

Contract Maintenance February 10, 2014

2014 Maintenance Study: Planned maintenance leads to uptime, safety, productivity

Plants utilize multiple strategies to keep facility up and running.

By Plant Engineering
Contract Maintenance February 7, 2014

2014 Maintenance Report

Plant Engineering performed this research to better understand maintenance practices and strategies currently in place in North American manufacturing facilities and the effects of maintenance on productivity and profitability.

By Plant Engineering
Contract Maintenance January 31, 2014

Emerson opens Innovations Center to enhance collaboration

New Texas facility builds on concept of integrated operations to help align process manufacturing information.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance January 6, 2014

Companies invest in optimism, study finds

Positive rhetoric in governor’s speeches tied to more investments, hiring.

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance June 19, 2013

Investing in economic efficiency

State-of-the-art specialty lubricants contribute to economic, success, or how a small investment makes the difference

By Florian Held
Contract Maintenance May 1, 2013

PMI Index: Steady, but slower manufacturing growth

Index declines for third straight month, but stays above growth threshold

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Contract Maintenance December 4, 2012

Manufacturing contracts in November, ISM reports

Economic uncertainty blunts two straight months of growth

Contract Maintenance July 16, 2012

Starbucks attacks jobs issue on two fronts

Company announces new Georgia plant investment, works with Ohio ceramics company to make mugs

By Starbucks
Contract Maintenance June 20, 2012

M2M market potential drives further consolidation

In the last three years, there have been have been numerous acquisitions in the M2M module market.

By Josh Builta, Industry Analyst, IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Contract Maintenance June 15, 2012

PMA Business report sees a summer slump coming

Association blames global instability, lack of U.S. government action

By Source: Precision Manufacturing Association
Contract Maintenance June 15, 2012

Fast-track training program rolls out in Philadelphia

M.O.S.T. works to speed training and placement for manufacturing jobs

By Source: M.O.S.T.
Contract Maintenance May 11, 2012

ISM forecast: Spending, revenues both expected to keep climbing

Manufacturing sector to keep building on three-year winning streak, report finds.

By Institute for Supply Management
Contract Maintenance April 20, 2012

Metalforming business seen slowing, PMA report says

Metalforming companies anticipate a dip in business during the next three months, according to the April 2012 Precision Metalforming Association Business Conditions Report.

By Metalforming Association
Contract Maintenance March 15, 2012

Cisco to buy NDS, sell STB manufacturing?

Value creation in pay-TV distribution is shifting from CPE to software. Cisco is not alone in thinking this.

By Stephen Froehlich, Senior Analyst, CE Group
Contract Maintenance September 1, 2011

2011 Leader Under 40: Jason Murphy, 37

Plant Manager, Zeller Plastik

By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance July 11, 2011

Content distribution disintermediation, likely winners and losers

Disintermediation isn’t a buzzword, its very, very real. Now it has come to video content distribution. It happened to stock brokers, travel agents, and eventually Borders and other booksellers. Blockbuster has already fallen victim, but now the threat of disintermediation looms over the major over-the-top video service providers.

By IMS Research
Contract Maintenance October 16, 2009

MAPI Business outlook survey climbs off the bottom

Still in contraction, business index up 63% since June

By Bob Vavra
Contract Maintenance August 6, 2009

Executive survey: Manufacturing likely to lag when economy improves

Nearly 60 percent of manufacturing executives believe the economy will improve over the next six months, though they are slightly less optimistic about the prospects for the manufacturing sector.

By Sidney Hill
Contract Maintenance February 4, 2009

Marketing matters: Tracking & reporting tools let small businesses dig deep into data

In this economy, there’s not a company out there with marketing dollars to spare—particularly when it comes to small business. But cutting marketing hinders growth, and even leads to loss in market share or revenue. VerticalResponse says its solutions let small businesses proceed with marketing in the smartest, most precise, most cost-effective way possible while removing the guesswork.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Contract Maintenance January 13, 2009

Bob Fei named president at Life Cycle Engineering

New position will helkp continue to drive client growth

By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance January 5, 2009

“Nauseating detail”: Credit index shows widespread carnage in manufacturing, service sectors

While both the services and manufacturing indexes fell to record lows to finish out 2008, and all 20 of the collective components fell below 50 as indicated by the index,  2009 may offer signs of hope for the business landscape.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Contract Maintenance March 25, 2008

Tax-time advisory: Business services leaders help midmarket companies boost returns on R&D investments

Because manufacturers perform the bulk of private sector R&D to drive new products and process improvements, taking full advantage of the R&D credit is crucial. The fact is IRS scrutiny of this tax incentive has risen in recent years. As tax time comes to a close, RSM McGladrey and Axiom Solutions are offering tax credit services that some companies can take advantage of now. 

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Contract Maintenance August 10, 2007

Manufacturing survey indicates industry confidence on the rise

The National Association of Manufacturers/Industry Week business outlook survey for the second quarter of 2007 points to confidence edging up from both large and small companies after declining during the prior four quarters.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance August 9, 2007

NAM outlook: Overall industry confidence rising

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)/Industry Week business outlook survey for Q2 2007 points to confidence edging up from both large and small companies, after declining during the prior four quarters.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Contract Maintenance June 1, 2007

Current conditions EBCI slides in May, but six-month outlook improves

The Electroindustry Business Confidence Index for current North American conditions slipped to 38.6 in the latest month, down from 62 in April, its highest level in a year. However, evidence suggests that the present deterioration in conditions may be short-lived, according to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance January 13, 2006

Hulit named Fluke president

Barbara B. Hulit has been named president of Fluke Corporation, with responsibility for the Fluke Industrial and Fluke Precision Measurement businesses. Hulit comes to Fluke from The Boston Consulting Group, where she was a vice president and director with responsibility for the firm’s packaged goods sector.As president of Fluke, Hulit will report to Jim Lico, executive vice president for Danaher Corporation, the parent company of Fluke. “Barbara’s experience, business acumen and keen insight will be invaluable as Fluke continues to strengthen its traditional business and expand into new markets,” said Lico.“While at BCG, Barbara has had a long and productive relationship with Danaher and has been an effective business partner in helping drive Danaher’s growth in new market opportunities.Barbara has partnered with many of our senior leaders in strategy and business development, as well as having played an active role in developing our Danaher Business Systems (DBS) Growth Tools initiatives.” Over the past seven years, Hulit has worked extensively with Fluke and was instrumental in the identification of the company’s new indoor air quality and thermography businesses.At BCG, she helped grow the global packaged goods sector by roughly 20% annually, leveraging her expertise in uncovering and driving new business opportunities.Her background also includes senior positions in sales and marketing for Noxell Corporation, Frito Lay and Marketing Corporation of America.Hulit holds an MBA from the KelloggSchool at NorthwesternUniversity and a BA in Marketing from the University of Texas-Austin.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance December 7, 2005

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By Plant Engineering Staff
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Advertising Staff

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By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance November 1, 2005

Study: Metalforming business steady

Metalforming companies are forecasting little change in near-term business conditions, according to the October 1 Precision Metalforming Association Business Conditions Report. When asked what they expect the trend in general economic activity to be over the next three months, the response from metalforming companies in October, 26% of participants reported that business conditions will improve...

By Staff
Contract Maintenance December 10, 2003

Measuring overall craft effectiveness

This is the final part of a three-part series. Part 2 appeared in the November issue, p 31. World-class overall craft effectiveness is still being defined, since the concept of OCE is rather new. There are a limited number of case studies outside the real-world experiences of Maintenance Excellence Institute staff and alliance members.

By Ralph W. "Pete" Peters
Contract Maintenance December 15, 2002

Contract maintenance update

Every plant outsources some maintenance services. It frankly doesn't make sense — financial or otherwise — to try to do everything yourself. But when we talk about contract maintenance, we're talking about a long-term commitment to have nonemployees take over substantial responsibilities for normal maintenance operations, perhaps even all of them.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering
Contract Maintenance November 11, 2002

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By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance December 1, 2000

Outsourcing maintenance: How it can improve the bottom line

In a global economy, there is no question that companies must continually improve to remain competitive. When a company is in financial danger-and even when it is not-internal analysts look for opportunities to minimize expenditures.

By Bruce Caspersen, Performance Center Manager, Siemens Westinghouse Technical Servicesa business of Siemens Energy Automation, Alpharetta, GA
Contract Maintenance March 1, 1999

Vendor selection

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before entering into an outsourcing contract.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance January 1, 1999

NAPM reports show that business activity slowed in November

The monthly surveys that the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) compiles for both the manufacturing and nonmanufacturing sectors of the economy suggest that fourth-quarter 1998 GDP growth was considerably lower than the third quarter's 3.9% rate. Preliminary figures on total economic activity in last year's final three months will be released on January 29th. The NAPM's nonmanufacturing index of business activity slipped to a level of 53 in November -- a full six points lower than in September. And the closely-watched NAPM manufacturing index dropped to a much weaker 46.8 in November.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance March 1, 1998

Economic growth during 1997 hits a 9-yr high

Real GDP is estimated to have increased at a solid 4.3% annual rate during the October-December period of last year. This preliminary estimate from the Commerce Dept. was just the latest in a long string of better-than average reports on U.S.

By Staff