Asset Management

Asset Management March 1, 2000

Mobile maintenance

New eSaver mobile workflow solution allows maintenance workers to accept work orders and provide feedback via the internet using a handheld PC. The program is a fully web-enabled enterprise asset management system. Mainsaver www.mainsaver.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 1999

EAM software provides web portal for universal access

iEmpac software uses a web-based interface to allow users to access the enterprise asset management (EAM) functionality in real time, regardless of their client.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 1999

Asset management program is internet-based

TabWare OnLine offers best-of-breed CMMS/EAM functionality as a completely outsourced application via the internet for a low monthly fee. The software meets all of the expectations of a traditional system with a simple internet connection.

By Staff
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Strides to successful business: Six steps to implementing work process control

How do we gain control of our business problems? Business consultants are regularly retained to answer this question by either improving or defining a multitude of options.

By Thomas L Munsey
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Touring NPEM 1999: Information technologies for maintenance management show promise, innovation

Because in part it coincides with the end of winter, I always look forward to attending National Manufacturing Week and the National Plant Engineering and Management Show at Chicago's McCormick Place.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management April 1, 1999

Enterprise asset management system increases equipment uptime 15%

Implementing an enterprise asset management system has yielded a 15% increase in equipment uptime for a Michigan pigment manufacturing plant.

By Staff
Asset Management March 1, 1999

Reliability services

A 16-p brochure details how a company can increase profits through improved performance of its people by using various services. Proactive maintenance, benchmarking, and asset management are among the activities described.

By Staff
Asset Management February 1, 1999

Moving beyond TPM to total plant reliability: Redefining the concept to optimize benefits

Total productive maintenance, a methodology originating in Japan to support its lean manufacturing system, was introduced to this country in the late 1980s.

By John Roup
Asset Management January 1, 1999


Colorful 16-p brochure depicts a roofing contractor's capabilities. Included are technical services, types of roof systems offered, installation services, planned maintenance and asset management programs, and warranty information.

By Staff
Asset Management December 1, 1998

Three priorities for 1999

There's a lot of talk these days about a downturn next year. And that kind of talk always gets us thinking about such things as cutbacks, downsizing, and outsourcing.

By Richard L. Dunn