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The Energy Solutions Center is a non-profit organization comprised of 50 energy utilities that work together to bring new, energy efficient, natural gas solutions to commercial and industrial energy users.

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Selecting the Right Boiler
Few purchasing decisions for your facility have larger and longer-term energy consequences than purchasing a new or replacement boiler. Yet this purchase is often undertaken without complete consideration of all the options and possibilities. A typical industrial boiler, if properly maintained, has an operating life measured in decades. Thus, operating efficiency and suitability for the intended application are usually more significant considerations than just the first cost of the unit.

Infrared Heat Increases Comfort, Lowers Energy Costs
For many industrial and institutional facilities, space heating during the cold months is a major expense. Yet many portions of these buildings do not require continuous comfort-level heating.Examples are warehouses and high overhead spaces in manufacturing areas. Other facilities need heating only during certain times of the day, or during certain operations. Yet convection heating necessarily heats the entire space, and often has to continue to operate even when the space is unoccupied. An energy-saving solution is natural gas-fired infrared heat.

Burner Replacement on Existing Boilers
Few industrial processes consume energy at the scale of metal melting equipment. According to a recent DOE study, the metal castings industry uses about 55% of its energy in metal melting alone. Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal reprocessing facilities and specialty steel smelters use similar large proportions.

CNG Refueling Networks Are Expanding
To avoid confusion, let’s define what we’re going to discuss: bi-fuel engines -- sometimes called dual-fuel engines -- use diesel fuel and natural gas simultaneously for stationary on-site electric generation.  The terms “bi-fuel” and “dual-fuel” can have various meanings. They are both used at times to describe engines that can burn multiple fuels, but individually, or engines that use combinations other than diesel fuel and natural gas.

New Natural Gas Resources Spark Domestic Industry
Increasingly, we see evidence that recent expansion of natural gas resources and stable prices are encouraging industrial development in the U.S. and Canada. In some cases, industries with significant energy requirements are returning to North America from overseas locations.

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