Mobility September 15, 2002

The wireless revolution invades the plant

Since the invention of the cellular mobile network by AT&T Bell Labs in the 1970s, the demand to provide voice communications to anyone, anywhere, at anytime has increased, with an explosion in consumer-level products during the past decade. The installed mobile phone base is approaching 1 billion, and soon the number of mobile phones will exceed hard-wired ones.

By Russ Agrusa and Bob Braier, ICONICS, Foxborough, MA
Mobility July 15, 2002

Information Engineering

Web-based architectures — why should you care? There is a not-so-quiet revolution blazing its way across the IT world. It is a concept called web services, and it involves constructing applications that are designed to operate on the internet. This transformation shouldn't be confused with enhancing or enabling existing applications so users can access them via a web browser.

By Tom Singer Contributing Editor, Principal, Tompkins Associates, Oak Brook, IL
Mobility April 1, 2002

10 FAQs on water treatment

There are some commonly asked questions relative to water quality within a plant. Jerome Kovach, of Kinetico, Inc., asks and answers them. He defines how water quality can be improved and outlines some of the benefits of such improvement. Benefits include reduced maintenance and improved equipment reliability and product quality.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Mobility November 1, 2001

Maintenance Products – 2001-11-01

Click the above link to see Product of the Year finalists in this category.

By Staff
Mobility July 6, 2001

Updating crane systems for optimal performance

This article offers several tips on how to update the crane bridge system by replacing components such as the hoist, controls, and electrification.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Mobility March 1, 2001

Wireless LANs come of age

Whether you like it or not, information systems are a pervasive element of today's workplace. From e-mail to parcel shipping, there is a plethora of applications ready to meet most business needs.

By Tom Singer Contributing Editor, Principal, Tompkins Associates, Oak Brook, IL
Mobility September 1, 2000

Mobile data collecting: Power in the palm of your hand

Key concepts Wireless solutions are experiencing unprecedented growth.

By Jeanine Katzel, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Mobility June 1, 2000

Maintaining cleanrooms and clean manufacturing areas

Key concepts Cleanrooms and clean manufacturing areas require special maintenance considerations. Sources of contamination are environment, process, tools, and people.

By Greg Helgeson, Manufacturing Plant 4, Entegris, Inc., Chaska, MN
Mobility April 1, 2000

Simple steps keep compressed air clean, dry

When it comes to compressed air systems, equipment performance is only as good as the quality of the air itself. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that air compressors produce high-pressure air that is both wet and dirty.

By Doug Ward , La-Man Corp., Port Orange, FL
Mobility March 1, 2000

Good reasons to join a skilled workforce:security, earnings, quality of life, and satisfaction

A recent Plant Engineering editorial on today’s skills shortage (July 1999, p 10) prompted a reader to respond with the question: “As parents, why would you encourage your children to join the ‘skilled workforce?'” Together, the editorial and the question prompted Author Tom Huey to give the matter of skills shortages some serious consideration. His thought-provoking remarks on this issue are presented here. Why would a parent encourage his children to join the skilled workforce ? I can give four good reasons: job security, earnings potential, quality of life, and job satisfaction. Growing roots Job security may not now be at the top of the hit parade for every 20-yr-old entering the workforce, but eventually it will be for many. In a recent poll by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 72% of the respondents said that they would like the security of long-term employment with one company.

By Tom Huey