Cybersecurity June 1, 1999

Maintenance paints and coatings

Since ancient times, paint has been used to protect, decorate, and identify surfaces. It is also the number-one method of combating corrosion. The term coating is often used interchangeably with the word paint.

By Gary Weidner
Cybersecurity May 1, 1999

Meet OSHA safeguarding requirements

Visual OSHA Interactive Machine Safeguarding course on CD-ROM is available for use in a network environment. This fully narrated software contains hours of live action scenes.

By Staff
Cybersecurity April 1, 1999

Communicating your environmental risk management program helps make your plant a welcome neighbor

Industry faces many challenges these days, from domestic and foreign competition to the myriad complex regulations that affect the workplace One of industry's biggest challenges comes from right in its own backyard.

By Anthony J Sadar
Cybersecurity April 1, 1999

Asleep on the job: Is dismissal too harsh?

Maintenance Utility Worker George Maris was assigned the disagreeable task of removing the sludge from two tanks in the lab. An hour later, Maintenance Supervisor Carl Hoffman found him asleep on a steel shelf nearby. Hoffman nudged him awake.

By Raymond Dreyfack
Cybersecurity February 1, 1999

National Plant Engineering Show and Conference Preview

The 1999 National Plant Engineering Show and Conference, one of four events comprising National Manufacturing Week (NMW), will be celebrating 50 yr of providing solutions to the plant and facilities engineering community.

By Staff
Cybersecurity January 1, 1999

Glossary of terms

Representative best practice. A typical value reported by outstanding plants. Not necessarily the "best of the best" or an absolute target. Representative range. Range of values typically reported by plants.

By Richard L. Dunn
Cybersecurity January 1, 1999

Basic guide to maintenance benchmarking

Benchmarking has become a common practice in all kinds of businesses, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in manufacturing.

By Richard L. Dunn
Cybersecurity January 1, 1999

Reaching toward six sigma performance: Screen-saver tool keeps employees informed and connected

While looking for ways to enhance internal and external work performance, members of the communications team at GE Plastics Crystalline plant identified a need to get important information in front of employees more effectively.

By Scott S. Haraburda
Cybersecurity December 1, 1998

Machinery mounts reduce noise and increase productivity

Today's sophisticated equipment and machine tools have performance, repeatability, and precision designed in. These features cannot be realized without a proper installation specifically suited to that equipment's requirements.

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Cybersecurity August 1, 1998

Finding the safe way

Safety Answer Book helps determine -- in a matter of seconds -- which OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations affect a plant. It provides answers to basic compliance questions on 71 workplace topics.

By Staff