Cybersecurity April 8, 2008

AAM, UAW plan to return to negotiations

According to an Associated Press report, UAW and American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. will return to negotiations April 9.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity January 11, 2008

Welcome to the era of the industrial athlete

Like his counterparts on the gridiron or the diamond, the Industrial Athlete looks for every edge to stay competitive on the job. It’s a term coined by Randy Kates, the manager of safety business for Kimberly-Clark Professional, a leading safety and personal protective equipment provider for manufacturing.

By Patrick Lynch, Staff Intern
Cybersecurity January 4, 2008

ABB consortium to fund advanced SCADA security research

Twelve of ABB’s utility partners have formed a consortium to privately fund research and testing into securing supervisory control and data acquisition systems that protect the nation’s electric grid.

By Staff
Cybersecurity March 2, 2007

Blog! Five Fast Things for March 2, 2007

1. Manufacturing is cool! I know that. You know that.

By Bob Vavra, Editor, Plant Engineering
Cybersecurity February 15, 2007

Plant Engineering Exclusive: Wireless sensor detects open circuits, alerts maintenance

Cooper Bussmann announced its venture into wireless technology on Feb. 15 with the launch of the Cooper InVision system. This system detects when a circuit protection device has opened, and alerts maintenance personnel which device has operated, where it is located, the part number of the replacement device and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment to wear to replace or reset the device. The Cooper InVision system includes wireless sensors, mesh routers and gateway.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity September 10, 2003

Getting into e-learning for workforce training

As the shortage of skilled workers grows and the complexity of industrial jobs increases, new methods are being developed to provide the training these workers need. The field of e-learning is at the forefront of this effort.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine
Cybersecurity August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #16

Protecting eyesProblem: When grinding or cutting metal, employees would occasionally get particles in their eyes, even when wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Is there a way to prevent this potentially serious problem? Solution: Place a small, inexpensive magnetic strip (about 1 in. 3 1 in.) on the bill of the worker's hardhat.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Cybersecurity August 1, 1998

Finding the safe way

Safety Answer Book helps determine -- in a matter of seconds -- which OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations affect a plant. It provides answers to basic compliance questions on 71 workplace topics.

By Staff
Cybersecurity June 1, 1998

Security resources

An 8-p publications supplement presents recent titles in educational and training materials for security. References are offered for both experienced security practitioners and those new to the field. American Society for Industrial Security www.

By Staff