Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Security Risk Publications Hit Street

There is now groundwork for a three-tiered risk-management approach that encompasses computer security risk planning from the highest levels of management to the level of individual systems

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Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Password Reuse – Control Networks Double the Risk

Some control system vendors continue to bury hidden “default” passwords in their system

By Eric Byres,
Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Mitigation Strategy Outlined: Stuxnet Video

Security experts remain locked into researching the Stuxnet worm. They learned how it can infiltrate a system, but now experts are learning more about mitigation strategies that can keep the nasty worm out.

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Cybersecurity February 1, 2011

Stuxnet: Joint operation nets victim

The newest and strongest clues point toward Stuxnet being an American-Israeli project to sabotage the Iranian’s nuclear program.

By Gregory Hale,
Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Security zones create ‘architecture of fear’

Parts of America’s most prominent downtowns remain largely sealed off as security zones, which has led to blighted landscapes, limited public access and a need for a new approach to urban planning, according to a new study.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

HDTVs vulnerable to hack attacks

Hackers can potentially use Internet-connected HDTVs to infiltrate malware into home networks, according to a new report.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Cyber security bill in Senate

A bill that would force the government and the private sector to require minimum cyber security standards for devices that connect to the Internet is out on the Senate floor.

Cybersecurity January 2, 2011

Password Reuse – Control networks double the risk

Control system vendors continue to bury hidden "default" passwords in their system which can fall victim to malware or hackers, making them the perfect backdoor into a company's operations.

By Eric Byres
Cybersecurity December 27, 2010

DHS Launches Cyber Center

To ensure a secure operating environment, there needs to be top flight communication and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking to do just that. DHS launched a cyber security center so it can communicate more efficiently with state and local governments about potential cyber threats to critical U.S. infrastructure.

Cybersecurity April 13, 2010

Data acquisition, display station

This data acquisition and display station features 400 MB of internal flash memory, custom graphics, alarm annunciator display mode and open network connectivity. An advanced security option enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.