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Manufacturing is about one thing—transforming raw materials into something useful. Sometimes that means bending steel or shaping wood. Sometimes it means blending chemicals and herbs for medicine. The outcomes are different in size, form, and use, but the process of manufacturing—and the opportunity for manufacturing excellence—remain the same.

Both ends of the manufacturing spectrum are represented as Plant Engineering announces its 2012 Top Plant award winners:

It’s obvious that pharmaceuticals and cabinets are very different products with different processes. What the selection of Masco Cabinetry and Pfizer Global Supply demonstrate that it is not the product that determines manufacturing excellence. The manufacturing process itself makes a great product better.

Safety is a core principle for the Top Plant program, and should be a core principle for all manufacturers. We believe a safe plant reflects well on overall productivity. Our 2012 Top Plant winners are excellent examples of how safety management is reflective of overall operation excellence. Masco Cabinetry has operated more than 1 million hours since its last lost-time accident. Pfizer has been recognized by the Michigan OSHA Voluntary Protection Program as a STAR plant. It is the largest plant in Michigan to earn that recognition.

Pfizer Global Supply, Kalamazoo, Mich. Courtesy: Pfizer Global SupplyMasco Cabinetry, Sayre, Pa. Courtesy: Louis Quattrini, MACH III PHOTOS
Pfizer Global SupplyMasco Cabinetry

What helped set Masco and Pfizer apart in our most competitive year ever for Top Plant nominees was the commitment to all of the key issues facing manufacturing today. These plants excel at energy management and maintenance excellence. These areas deliver cost savings and increase productivity and output for any plant. They both do an excellent job of training, retaining and developing employees.

What they make, and how they make it, is starkly different. Shaping wood requires different levels of PPE than pharmaceutical manufacturing, which requires the cleanest of environments and must adhere to strict federal standards.

Getting to a finished product always is a challenge. The road to get there, however, can be navigated more easily with a commitment to an excellent process as well as an excellent product.

Achieving an excellent product through excellent process will make any plant a Top Plant. The achievements of Masco Cabinetry and Pfizer Global Supply are proud examples of that excellence. We are proud to honor both of these fine manufacturers and add them to the roster of past Top Plant winners.

— Bob Vavra

About the program

Plant Engineering
's Top Plant award program honors the outstanding manufacturing facilities in North America. The 2012 Top Plant Award will be featured in the December 2012 issue of Plant Engineering and will be formally honored at the 2013 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing event. 

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