2012 Salary Survey results

Take a look at the 2012 Salary Survey results


The 2012 Salary Survey results are here! Below is a slideshow of the graphs and charts with the most result salary survey data. 

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Who We Are:

Plant managers are well-educated, experienced, loyal—and older than at any time in the history of Plant Engineering’s Salary Survey. Almost six in 10 plant managers and plant executives are over 50 years old; 21% are over 60. That experience may be one reason manufacturing has lead the U.S. economy out of recession, and why it continues to grow. But the extreme aging of the workforce over the next five years may present some critical issues for plant operations. Among them are adapting work spaces and procedures to meet the needs of an aging worker, and continuing to address the issue of bringing the next generation of workers to the plant.


What We Make:

After two years where overall compensation slumped, plant management earned higher bonuses in 2012, and combined with a modest increase in base salary, earned almost 8% more in total compensation in 2012 to a new record high for the Salary Survey. The Southeast and Southwest regions continue to show impressive gains as manufacturing makes its way out of the Rust Belt, attracted by an educated workforce and favorable tax and wage environments.


What We Think:

There is little doubt that plant managers are inspired by a number of challenges. Their overall feeling of accomplishment and the technical challenge of their work continues to be the major incentives for their jobs. The need for more skilled workers in the plant continues to weigh as their biggest concern—larger than taxes and regulations combined.  Whether those concerns result in a policy shift at the federal level remains to be seen.


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