Product of the Year: Official Rules

Official rules for the Product of the Year program, including how to enter, voting eligibility and program schedule.

Updated: 1/10/2023

About the Product of the Year program

Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year (POY) program is the premier award for new products in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. The annual reader-choice program provides Plant Engineering’s audience with information about the top new product in their fields. 2023 will mark 35 years of the POY program.

Note: The date sequence of the awards has changed so that the award year reflects the year in which the awards are announced, rather than the year in which the products were introduced (as previously practiced). As such, there is no “2022” award program.

2023 Product of the Year program schedule

Note: Dates below are subject to change.

  • Oct. 3, 2022: Nominations open
  • Dec. 30, 2022: Nomination deadline
    • Deadline extended to Jan. 13, 2023 (final extension)
  • Jan. 23, 2023: Nominees notified via email regarding status
  • Feb. 1, 2023: Nominees announced and voting begins at
  • March 14, 2023: Voting closes
  • March 20, 2023: Winners notified via email regarding status
  • June 1, 2023: Winners announced online at

How to nominate

All nomination should be valid listings in the New Products for Engineers database, but it is not a requirement at this time. New Products for Engineers is a unique SaaS platform that provides valuable services to engineering users who are interested in discovering new products, and vendors who would like to promote their new products to engineers. Learn more.

Nominations are accepted via an online form created by CFE Media and Technology, publisher of Plant Engineering. The link to this form will be available October 3, 2022, at Note: Entries are no longer being accepted through the New Products for Engineers database, though having a valid listing is still a requirement.

All information requested must be provided. An incomplete form or a form providing misleading or false information will result in disqualification. The nomination process allows for a user to submit multiple products at once; there is no limit on how many products one user/company may nominate. An authorized representative of the manufacturer must complete the nomination form verifying all information. Nominations must be submitted on behalf of the original manufacturer or sole supplier.

Eligibility requirements

Products nominated into the 2023 POY program must meet the following criteria:

  • Products must have been made first available for purchase in the North American market between October 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022.
  • If the nomination is a new version of a previously available product, the nomination must represent a major modification or redesign of the product. New versions of software must offer new capabilities and significant enhancements.
  • Products must be available for purchase in the United States.
  • All information fields on the entry form are completed and accurate regarding the product and the manufacturer.
  • Products for the 2023 POY program cannot have been previously nominated for the 2021 POY program.

Nomination fee

The processing fee (i.e. nomination fee) for the 2023 POY program is $495.00 per product. If payment is not received, entry will be void. Payment is due upon submission of the entry form; entrants will be promoted to pay the fee with a credit card at the end of the form or may opt to receive an emailed invoice from CFE Media.


All nominations that meet the eligibility requirements are named Nominees. Nominees receive an official Nominee logo to use in marketing efforts promoting their status to customers. Nominees are listed in a special ebook released in February 2023.

Based on the voting results, one MVP Award winner will be named (the product that receives the most votes overall) and each category will have a declared Gold, Silver and Bronze winner. In the event of a tie, it is possible for more than one Gold, Silver or Bronze winner to be awarded in a category. All award recipients receive an official MVP, Gold, Silver or Bronze logo to use in marketing efforts promoting their status. Winners are featured in a special ebook released in June 2023.


Voting takes place through an online form created by CFE Media; the link to this form will be available upon release of the Nominees ebook in February 2023. Voting is strictly limited to qualified subscribers of Plant Engineering products (magazine—print or digital, e-newsletters, white papers, etc.). Qualified subscribers are encouraged to vote in as many categories for which they are qualified based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact. One (1) ballot per qualified subscriber will be accepted; multiple ballots from the same qualified subscriber will be invalid. Ballots received from non-qualified subscribers will be invalid. Employees of product manufacturers with a finalist in the current program and their properties, agencies, vendors, and representatives are not eligible to vote; hence any votes received by these parties will not be counted toward the final tally.

Program contacts

Questions regarding the POY program should be directed to McKenzie Burns, Marketing Manager, CFE Media and Technology™,