2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Safety

Finalists in the Safety category for the Plant Engineering 2016 Product of the Year competition.


Lockout Program Gap Analysis, BradyLockout program gap analysis

The Lockout Program Gap Analysis sets itself apart by taking the guess work out of which proactive enhancements a lockout program needs. Brady safety experts evaluate the compliance and behavioral application of a facility’s lockout tagout. For a complete view of the lockout program, this service analyzes three areas: program compliance, employee engagement, and program application. Each analysis is scored upon industry best practices to help customers easily understand areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. Once the analysis is complete, users receive a detailed report that includes breakdowns of each section, a comparative summary, and personalized action plan to help make improvements to the program.

Brady, www.bradyid.com

Handte Vortex Dual Wet Scrubber, Camfil Air Pollution ControlDual wet scrubber

The Handte Vortex Dual scrubber uses wet collection technology to provide high-efficiency and low-maintenance removal of dusts from the workplace. Handte Vortex Dual wet scrubbers are ideal for capture of very sticky dusts and fibers, for processes with high fire loads and flying sparks, and for filtration of highly explosive dusts—particularly for applications where NFPA standards state that dry dust collection systems are not appropriate. Because they provide wetting of combustible dusts, Handte Vortex scrubbers can eliminate the need for costly ancillary explosion protection devices. There are no filters to replace, reducing overall maintenance requirements. The units install quickly and are easy to operate.

Camfil Air Pollution Control, www.camfilapc.com

SmogHog SHM, CLARCOR Industrial Air | UASIndustrial media mist collector

The SmogHog SHM offers a comprehensive mist collection solution that effectively and reliably cleans air, is easy to operate, and reduces cost of ownership. The SHM features Peach Saturated Depth Coalescing technology, which is a proprietary synthetic filtration media that removes mist from the airstream in three distinct airflow patterns: radial, step, and helical offering high efficiency, low pressure loss, and extended life. The Peach filter technology reduces operational expenses through extended filter life, recovering large amounts of metal working fluids and continuously draining during operation eliminating the need for machine downtime. The industrial grade touchscreen controller provides operators visual indication of system performance including filter and blower status.

CLARCOR Industrial Air | UAS, www.uasinc.com

CSI 6500 ATG, EmersonCritical asset monitoring system

The CSI 6500 ATG is a stand-alone machinery protection solution that also allows users to cost-effectively introduce prediction monitoring of critical assets from the same system. Predictive intelligence is the key to increasing availability and improving the reliability of plant assets. With four reconfigurable cards the CSI 6500 ATG can acquire all the required TSI measurements, including prediction data measurements. The system comes with ATG View, a mobile application that receives data from the CSI 6500 ATG via Ethernet and/or wireless router. Authorized users can then see the protection status and health data on a PC or device of their choice anywhere on the plant's Wi-Fi network.

Emerson, www.emersonprocess.com

Pig Static-Dissipative Absorbent Sock, New PigFuel, solvent absorbent sock

The Pig Static-Dissipative Absorbent Sock is designed for fuels and solvents proven to dissipate static, making it safer for use when cleaning up volatile spills. This absorbent sock reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge, a critical precaution around flammable liquids and vapors. It absorbs and retains oil-based solvents and fuels—including acetone, benzene, gasoline, toluene, xylene, and jet fuels—but not water. The sock’s spunbond polypropylene skin is UV resistant for up to 12 months. The filler and skin are 100% static-dissipative polypropylene, and the sock passes NFPA 99 standards for static decay and surface resistivity, making it perfect for fueling areas, solvent cleanup, and in truck spill kits.

New Pig, www.newpig.com

LED Countdown, Rite-HiteLight communication device

The LED Countdown light communication system from Rite-Hite uses LED lights to let workers know exactly how much time there is before a high-speed door closes. Sometimes a few seconds can mean the difference between a serious accident and efficient operations. Now standard with all FasTrax High-Speed Doors, the LED Countdown works in conjunction with the door's internal timers. This system is an alternative to—or can be the perfect complement to—high-speed doors that use clear plastic vision panels. LED Countdown timers are typically placed just outside of the door's frame, but they can be set up anywhere that promotes the easiest visual for forklift operators and personnel.

Rite-Hite, www.ritehite.com

Safe-T-Signal, Rite-HiteIntersection warning signal

The Safe-T-Signal ceiling-mounted system alerts workers when traffic is approaching from other directions using LED lights in the shape of red stop signs (octagon) and amber yield (triangle) signs. The Safe-T-Signal helps make material handling areas safer by providing a clear signal in all directions so workers know if the intersection is safe to enter or if they should yield or stop to wait for other traffic to proceed. Safe-T-Signal uses unidirectional microwave sensors to differentiate approaching traffic in all directions. In addition to high-visibility 40 lumen LED stop/yield signals, the Safe-T-Signal is equipped with a high-intensity 440 lumen blue signal that projects on the floor of the intersection.

Rite-Hite, www.ritehite.com

Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5370 Controller, Rockwell AutomationIntegrated safety, motion controller

The Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller helps to simplify and standardize safety across machines and systems by combining safety, motion, and standard control on a single EtherNet/IP network. Users no longer need separate networks and controllers for safety and motion in applications with up to 16 axes. A single programming environment for both safety and standard control removes the need to manually manage separate standard and safety memory, or partition logic to isolate safety. The Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller helps users meet global safety standards. It achieves Safety Integrity Level 3, Performance Level e, and Category 4--the highest ratings for machine safety.

Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com

AccessXpert, Schneider ElectricMobile cloud security system

The AccessXpert security management system uniquely merges security and building management systems via the BACnet communications protocol to drive information sharing that leads to better building efficiency. AccessXpert is a cloud-based integrated security management system which simplifies and streamlines security management for mobile security staff. The solution leverages secure, cloud-based technologies to provide building owners, managers, and security personnel with anywhere, anytime access to video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, alarm management, and other systems. In addition, it merges security with the SmartStruxure building management system to enable clearer decisions, faster responses, and maximum facility efficiency.

Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.com

Ultra-Containment Wall, UltraTech International Inc.Spill containment barrier

The Ultra-Containment Wall is a modular, hard-walled system that provides long-term and high-capacity spill containment. The polyethylene wall sections and corners can be easily assembled to form almost any size/shape spill containment area needed. Molded-in locking pegs allow systems to be setup quickly and easily without the need for special tools or equipment. A heavy-duty, 30 mil, textured polyethylene liner provides rugged, impermeable barrier to capture leaks and spills. The versatile system creates large, semi-permanent containment areas and provides much more gallon capacity than shorter walled containment systems. This helps meets SPCC requirements and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175.

UltraTech International Inc., www.spillcontainment.com

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