2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Productivity and Training

Finalists in the Productivity and Training category for the Plant Engineering 2016 Product of the Year competition.


Pig Response Tactics for Hydraulic Spills on Soil (TRN101), New PigHydraulic spill response tactics training

Pig Response Tactics for Hydraulic Spills on Soil (TRN101) offers specific, effective, real-world tactics to respond to hydraulic spills in soil, including the use of UV dyes to effectively trace spills in permeable substrates like soil or road base. Original content teaches workers the right way to respond to hydraulic hose bursts, fitting failures, and other spills in the field. Runtime is broken into short modules lasting 1 to 3 min each; fast-paced training that's informative, educational and entertaining. State-of-the-art 3-D animation shows real-world tactics that apply to everyday workplace applications. Automatically adapts to play on any computer, projector, tablet, or smartphone regardless of connection speed.

New Pig, www.newpig.com

PLC Test (Form A4), Ramsay Corp.PLC knowledge exam

The PLC Test (Form A4) offers an easy way to screen for qualified candidates for PLC positions. Ramsay Corp. worked with a PLC expert and instructor to extensively revise the test, updating questions to ensure that it is current with technology trends and adding a new category with 10 new questions. The six categories included in the PLC Test each have 10 questions in the following areas: PLC and I/O Basics; Ladder Logic; Programming Basics; Peripherals and Systems; Troubleshooting; and Relays and Controls. This 60-item test allows customers to test candidates for the fundamental knowledge requirements of the job in less than 1 hour.

Ramsay Corp., www.ramsaycorp.com

Rockwell Software Studio 5000, Rockwell AutomationAutomation system developer

The Rockwell Software Studio 5000 development environment has three new applications—Architect, View Designer, and Application Code Manager—to reduce the need for multiple tools when developing automation systems. The Architect application is the central point where users can view the overall automation system; configure devices such as controllers, HMIs, and EOIs; and manage communications between the devices. The View Designer application is the design and maintenance software for Allen-Bradley PanelView 5500 graphic terminals. The Application Code Manager speeds system development by helping users build libraries of reusable code that can be managed and deployed across their entire enterprise.

Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com

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