2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Material Handling Systems

Finalists in the Material Handling Systems category for the Plant Engineering 2016 Product of the Year competition.


Silverback WV-E40T Wheeled Vehicle, AeroGo Inc.Wheeled load transporter

The Silverback WV-E40T wheeled vehicle is completely self-contained and equipped with technology to enable loads up to 40 tons to be moved easily, precisely, and safely by one operator. This transporter is designed to allow total flexibility in manufacturing processes and eliminate fixed move paths on factory production lines. The Silverback is equally suited for direct load or support skid applications. Integrated hydraulic lift actuators safely raise the load mere inches from the floor, and provide self-loading capability, making it possible to share the wheeled vehicle with multiple payloads. Wheeled vehicles do not require permanent installation in the facility and they can be relocated and used in multiple facilities.

AeroGo Inc., www.aerogo.com

WAV 60 Series Work Assist Vehicle, Crown Equipment Corp.Work assist vehicle

The Crown WAV 60 Series (Wave) is a mobile productivity tool that allows one person to safely and efficiently accomplish the work of two, traveling nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed. Operators can move efficiently around a facility while raising and lowering to the appropriate heights in one smooth, seamless operation. It can be easily charged via a standard 110-V power outlet and is ideal for retail or manufacturing settings where workers receive, ship, and stock/shelve small loads or products in busy, confined spaces. The Wave load tray supports up to 200 lbs while the load deck holds up to 250 lbs.

Crown Equipment Corp., www.crown.com

FC 5200 Series 4-wheel Sit-down Electric Counterbalance Forklift, Crown Equipment Corp.Counterbalance forklift

The Crown FC 5200 Series is a sit-down rider counterbalance forklift with exceptional maneuverability, power, speed, and durability that increases productivity from dock to aisle. Featuring a near-zero turning radius, it performs well in congested staging areas, crowded docks, and tight aisles with sharp turns. It is also ideal for use in right-angle stacking, feeding assembly lines, or other demanding material handling and manufacturing tasks and warehouse environments. Dual-drive motors and enhanced steer-axle geometry provide improved turning, allowing the Crown FC 5200 Series to move large loads with ease and spin 360 degrees without disturbing surrounding pallets.

Crown Equipment Corp., www.crown.com

Xtreme RE 7, Eriez ManufacturingMagnetic tube separators

High-strength Xtreme RE 7 permanent Rare Earth magnetic separators are capable of extracting the very smallest of ferrous objects and even work-hardened stainless steel from product flows. Xtreme RE 7 magnetic separators are up to 40% stronger than other magnets. Eriez employed sophisticated finite element analysis to produce this incredibly powerful magnetic circuit intended for applications demanding the highest levels of product purity. Xtreme RE 7 magnetic circuits are available in tube, grate, liquid-line trap, and a wide variety of self-cleaning designs.

Eriez Manufacturing, www.eriez.com

Ergo-X2 Swivel Caster, Hamilton CasterSwivel caster

Ergo-X2 Caster Series is intended to reduce the force needed to push or pull carts. The patented swivel caster design features two precision machined offsetting ball races in a compact assembly to minimize one of the final unresolved issues with swivel casters: lock up. Lock up in this context occurs when the cart is brought to rest and at least two casters rotate to positions in which two or more wheels become substantially misaligned. A typical swivel assembly in a caster has only one pivot point. The Ergo-X2 Caster essentially provides a second pivot point that reduces the startup force to get the cart moving when lock up is present.

Hamilton Caster, www.hamiltoncaster.com

EKX 514/516k/516 Man-up Turret Truck, JungheinrichTurret truck

Equipped with maintenance-free synchronous ac motors, the EKX 514/516k/516 man-up turret truck operates with increased performance and extended run times. The motor technology converts approximately 93% of the energy consumed into actual output, cutting energy losses by half and resulting in an up to 15% reduction in energy consumption compared to the previous generation. The EKX man-up turret trucks use RFID transponder technology for continuous and precise recognition of all guided warehouse areas. The trucks are effectively controlled in the aisles, including end of aisle control, lift and drive cut-outs where overhead obstructions are present and automatic speed reduction through pedestrian crossways.

Jungheinrich, www.mcfa.com/en/jungheinrich

Yale MPE080VGSelf-guided end rider

As warehouse operations contend with increasingly rigorous fulfillment requirements, the Yale MPE080VG harnesses the power of Driven by Balyo technology to operate as a robotic lift truck that helps deliver improved productivity and dependability while reducing total cost of operations. Instead of using tape, wire, or magnets for guidance, the infrastructure-free technology relies on existing structural features such as walls, racking, and columns to self-navigate. The truck is equipped with both manual and automatic modes for efficient operation in shared environments alongside employees and manually operated trucks. The Balyo architecture can also scale according to operational demands, providing the flexibility to manage a single truck or an entire fleet.

Yale Materials Handling Corp., www.yale.com

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